Settled Friday: Sex With My Ex-Husband

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My Friday started like every Friday before. Get up at 6 a.m., wake the kids and my ex-husband Joseph, cook breakfast, get the kids on the bus for school, and start my daily chores as a housewife.

Around 9 a.m. I received a phone call from my husband’s new wife, Rima, reminding that we needed to pick my stepdaughter up after her basketball game instead of at home.

She said she couldn’t stay on the phone long because she had just stepped out of the shower and needed to get ready for work but wanted to remind me where to pick her daughter up that evening.

We made idle chit chat as always, I always try to be friendly with the new to keep tension out of the air.

We have actually become good friends from just chatting over the phone and the usual conversation while I pick up and drop off my stepdaughter.

After my divorce with Joseph he used to visit me in every Firday and Saturday.He stayed with us and rest of the days in a week he stayed with Rima and Rima’s daughter.We are all accepted it.

Now I have to admit that I have always admired her figure. She wasn’t exactly what you would classify as thin, but she had a great full figure body.

Her breasts were as large as mine, 38D, her legs were great, even at 5’3″ she appeared to have long legs. Her thighs were my favorite part of her body.

Nice and firm and parted just under her privates even when she stood with her feet together. She had a great smile with sexy lips that always seemed to have an erotic shine.

Her black hair was shoulder length, thick and never a mess!

While we spoke on the phone I imagined her body soaking wet from the shower and her could picture her nipples on her large breasts hard from the cool air when you step out of a warm shower.

I felt a tingle in my neither regions while she spoke! I was actually getting turned on while talking to my husband’s new wife, thinking about her nude body.

My thoughts turned to picturing my husband having sex with her! I was fully aroused and ready to relieve some sexual tension when we said our good byes on the phone.

I felt a little guilty as I hung up and realized my panties were wet from thinking about her naked and with my husband.

Now I have heard most women talk bad about their man’s new wives or new girlfriends, saying things like “I don’t know what he gets in her” or “how can he likes that lady?”

I on the other hand have always thought my husband had great taste. I had no reason to bad mouth the new.

Whatever reasons they had for started the relationship was in the past and both have moved intensely in to our new relationships. erotik film izle

I would like to watch the sexual play between my ex-husmand and Rima. The guilt kind of subsided as I slid my hand into my panties to feel my moist cunt lips.

I walked into my bedroom and got out my ex-husband’s old picture albums .I wanted to throw them away but I kept them to give to his daughter when she was older.

Glad I did too he had tons of pictures of his new wife in there who is also his co-worker in the office. She was even hotter before their daughter was born. She wore low cut shirts to show off her large tits and short shorts that stopped just under her ass cheeks.

I flipped through the album while I touched my pussy lightly and came across a photo of my husband kissing her.

That turned me on even more. I began furiously fingering my cunt and could hear the slippery noises my juices were making between my fingers and my lips.

I stared at the picture wondering what it would be like to see them kiss like that in person, and again my mind wondered back to them fucking.

That was all the encouragement I needed to let loose. I lay back on my bed, spread my legs and slipped a second finger into my twat.

I pumped away firmly for just a few minutes and I felt my sticky juices flow down my fingers and out of my pussy.

That was great! I washed up and continued my daily chores and errands.

Now this is a side of me that only my husband knows about.

So later that night after we put the kids to bed and retired to our bedroom, I confided in my husband about my earlier behaviour after speaking with his new wife.

I didn’t get finished with my story before he had a full hard on making a tent under the sheets.

I threw the sheet back and grabbed his cock and began to nonchalantly jerk him off while I finished telling him about how the fantacies of sex between him and his new wife made me horny and wet.

He was lying there with his hands behind his head quietly moaning while I jerked his cock and spoke unhurriedly into his ear about wanting to see the fuck between him and Rima.

He was exceedingly turned on while I asked him to remember what it was like to fuck me and to think about fucking her, I asked him to imagine the two of us as one with him.

And with that thought in his head he came all over my hand and squirted several streams of his thick cum onto his flexed stomach.

I have always enjoyed watching him cum and enjoyed the taste even more. So I got on my knees beside him and decided to clean him up.

I first licked the head of his cock to film izle clean the last few drops that escaped from his stiff prick, and then I straddled his legs and leaned over enough to feel his dick between my tits and little by little licked his cum from his belly.

This always got him fully aroused again and ready for another round.

So after I cleaned him up I sat up and positioned my pussy over his erect cock. Before I lowered myself onto him I told him I had a bizarre request!

He gave me a puzzling look with his eyebrow cocked up.

I lowered my cunt onto his hard dick and leaned forward, I pushed my huge 36D boobs hard into his chest and put my face right next to his left ear and whispered my request calmly to him.

“I want you to call me by her name while I’m riding you!”

He turned swiftly to face me and asked me if I was sure. I know most women would slap the hell out of their man if he called her by someone else’s name.

But I was requesting, essentially demanding for him to call me Rima. At first he kept quiet, maybe a little uncomfortable with my request.

But the faster I rode him and the harder I slammed down on his thick prick, the more into my demand he was becoming.

He grabbed my tits with both hands and told me how much they are like Rima’s, he leaned forward and sucked my right nipple into his mouth and this sent chills down my spine, I fucked with more passion and that was all he needed.

“Oh Rima, fuck me harder, harder Rima. Fuck! Oh fuck Rima you’re so good!”

That turned me on beyond belief! I pulled him up by his shoulders to where he was sitting up and wrapped my arms around his neck and began fucking with no inhibitions, I completely let myself go.

I threw my head back and fucked him harder than ever before. “Oh fuck yeah Rima, ride that cock. Fuck me, fuck me Rima!” I was on the verge of a wild orgasm; I kissed him hard shoving my tongue as far as I could get into his mouth.

I was grinding my cunt into him as rough as possible feeling the friction against my clit and the head of his cock was working on my G spot perfectly.

I threw my head back again and moaned loudly when he said, “I’m cumming Rima, I’m fucking cumming, Oh God Rima, here it comes. Ahhhhh! Rima!”

We both came together! We sat in that position for a little longer kissing passionately and holding onto each other tight.

I finally climbed off of him and we lay next to each other still holding onto one another.

It was one of the most passionate nights we’ve had in a while. We fell asleep holding onto one another.

The next morning we awoke seks filmi izle still sticky from the night before. We kissed for a moment and he suggested showering together, something we haven’t done in a long time because our lives had become so routine lately.

We quickly got to the master bathroom hoping to get a quickie before the kids awoke. Still naked from last night we both got in the shower and quickly started the water.

We were rubbing on each other’s asses while the water poured down my back and he was kissing my neck. A spot that always got my blood flowing. Between the warm water and his warm breath on my neck I was ready.

I turned around and faced the showerhead, I pushed my ass toward his hard on, and he bent me over and grabbed my hips tightly. I felt him trying to push his cock head in my asshole instead of my pussy!!!

Instead of stopping him I decided to relax and let him give it a go. It’s not something we indulge in very often.

There was lots of resistance from my ass not being accustomed to the size of his thick cock. I told him to grab some shampoo or something to lube my ass up. No hesitation!

He quickly grabbed a bottle of shampoo off the shelf in the shower and squirted it onto my asshole. He used his middle finger to work in, and began fingering my ass until he thought it was ready enough for him.

He rubbed the remaining shampoo on his throbbing cock and pushed it in hard! It didn’t hurt like I expected. I braced myself with one hand on the shower wall, spread my legs as far as I could and worked on my clit with the other hand.

I began thinking about last night when he was calling me Rima… between the randy thoughts in my head, the warm watering splashing off my back and the big dick pumping in and out of my ass I didn’t last long.

I began coming almost instantly! I moaned loudly not worrying if anyone would hear me, my knees began to buckle and I felt a little weak from my orgasm.

He wasn’t ready for it to end so he wrapped an arm around my waist stood me up and began pumping madly into my back door. He bit me on the neck and grabbed my tits with his free arm and exploded into my ass.

I could feel his hot cum being sprayed into my butt. I loved it! He pushed a few more times trying to release all his sperm into my rectum. I tightened my ass around his cock to milk out the last drops of his cum.

That drove him wild and he came a little more than we both expected. He held me on his cock for a few minutes before he released me and told me he loved my tight ass. He pulled out and we began to wash.

While dressing after our shower, he asked me is I was serious about watching his sex with Rima or was it just something I wanted to use to get off.

I told him I was very serious and would love to watch at least once. He said he would invite her next Friday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32