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Story Code: M/F, MM/F, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Oral, Anal, Incest, Father-in-law/Daughter-in-law


I packed Sarah and Dawn off to have their bath before bed and as soon as the living room door closed I mumbled, to no one in particular, “God I’m so fucking bored!”

Johnny closed his newspaper, “Is it getting to you?”

“Yes, the chance of me finding a job seem to be getting further away rather than closer. I was sure that by now I’d be back in my old job or any other office job but look at today’s job adverts, three jobs for office juniors in the county and they all need NVQ level one in administration, when I left work fourteen years ago even the CEO of my old company wouldn’t have been able to pass that qualification and now they demand it for filing Clerks.”

“I was chatting to Mike in the Three Feathers earlier, he’s looking for a dolly bird to work in the pub, why don’t you pop down there and have a chat to him, have a drink or something, if nothing else it’ll get you out of the house for an hour or two, take your mind off of things!”

“God I’m thirty-eight years old, even through rose tinted spectacles I wouldn’t pass for a bird, never mind a dolly bird!”

“Come off it, you have the same shape you did when you were eighteen, in fact, your breasts are bigger, a better shape and firmer than when you were eighteen!”

Johnny put his newspaper away, “Come on, come with me, I’ll prove to you that you’re every bit as sexually desirable as you were the day I first met you.”

I followed Johnny to our bedroom, he opened my walk-in wardrobe and went back in time, he dug his way right to the back of the cupboard and brought out my little black dress, “Here, try this on, you wore this in our first week together.”

I took my blouse and skirt off and struggled into my dress, I was surprised that all but the top button up the front of my old dress fastened easily, I’d obviously grown bigger breasts since I was eighteen and because of that difference, more of my bra cups were on show above the low scooped neckline, especially since one button wouldn’t close making the low scooped neck now a cupid-bow look, Johnny loved how I looked in the dress but I thought it looked ridiculous.

“The first time I saw you wearing that dress you didn’t have a bra on, that was the first thing I noticed about you!”

I turned and looked at my reflection in the mirror; the back strap of my bra was clearly on display over the back of my old dress. I reached back and undefended my bra and slipped it off, there was a little more of me on display than I liked but the bulge in the front of Johnny’s trousers told me that he loved what he saw peeping over the top of my dress.

Johnny went over to my top drawer and again he dug deep, once again going back in time to the bottom of my drawer of drawers and fished out a small ball of black lace, “I think you should change into these panties, they always looked great and I was always turned on when I saw you were wearing them, they always turned you on as well when you wore them!”

“There’s no point wearing them unless you can see further down the front of this dress than I thought you could.”

“Close but not quite!” Johnny chuckled at his snappy answer.

I changed my knickers to the ones Johnny asked me to wear, I still wasn’t sure that I would be walking to the pub to talk to Mike about the possibility of working for him part time but even if I didn’t go up to the pub, the way I was dressed was certainly having a great effect on my husband so it wouldn’t be a total loss.

“You’d better get going or the girls will be out of the bath and you’ll never get way!”

Johnny was totally serious, he had dressed me about as sexily as he could possibly imagine and he was ending me out for other men to look at and fantasise about.

“I almost forgot, shoes, very important that you are wearing the black four inch black patent shoes, they give your calf muscles great definition and don’t make your bum stick out too far.”

I was really turned on as I walked out of the house, I’d wanted to hide inside my summer coat for the nine hundred yard walk to the Three Feathers pub but Johnny wouldn’t let me, no handbag to hide behind either, just me, just my twenty year old black dress and equally as old black lace bikini-brief panties. Johnny was right about the effect my lace panties had on me, just remembering what happened every time I wore them got my juices flowing like a river and the feeling between my thighs as they rubbed against the soft lace just magnified the effect on me.

I looked through the windows of the feathers pub before I went in, Mike was all alone, standing behind the bar, reading a magazine, no customers in the place but then it was nine o’clock on a Monday evening. It might actually have been easier to go in if there had been a few customers there; asking about a barmaid’s job vacancy in an empty pub seemed totally ridiculous.

I took a deep breath, girded my loins and forced myself anime porno to push the door open before I chickened out and ran back home.

“Hi Mike, Johnny said you might have some part time bar work on offer.”

“I did tell your husband that I was looking for a woman but not to work as a barmaid, There’s little enough work back here for one never mind two! No, I’m looking for more a ‘Social Service’ kind of appointment.”

“God, I’m so sorry, Johnny must have got the wrong end of the stick, I feel a little silly right now!”

Mike laughed, “No, I don’t think your husband got the wrong end of the stick, we had a good long chat about what I need in an employee, the kind of work I need doing. Mind you, I knew that Johnny wouldn’t be the kind of man who would need the use of my proposed new service but when we were talking about it he actually said that it would be such a great turn on for him imagining you doing that kind of work!”

Now I was really confused, “What exactly is the job then if it isn’t serving drinks?”

Mike lost his smile, “The thing is, village pubs like this can’t survive on beer sales alone, they need an edge, a gimmick. Some pubs try gourmet food, some try music or Sky sports showing major sporting events. None of those things would work here, we have three Michelin Stared restaurants in the area, a world renown music venue three miles away and most families round here have all the sports they could ever watch on their own home cinema. The thing I know I have an inexhaustible supply of around this village is, men, divorced men, separated men, single men and men who just married the wrong woman.”

“So, what kind of new service are you planning to offer your customers?”

“Company, a pretty face to look at, a shapely body to dance with, a willing woman to share their troubles with… I’ve got rid of the pool table and I’m having the dividing wall put back to provide a private place to party.”

I leaned back to look at the end of the bar where the room turned the corner into a thirty foot square that had held the pool table for as long as I could remember. Before I married Johnny the feathers games room was the centre of teen life in our area, pool, darts and table skittles and all apart from the pool had been totally free, the pool only cost ten pence a game back then. The last time anyone had mentioned the pool table in my hearing was to complain that the brewery had increased the cost of a game to one pound and fifty pence, little wonder that no one had played pool in the pub for an age. What had been just an open space was now framed out to build a stud wall but the frame wasn’t the usual three inches by two, they were four inches by three.

“The new wall looks a little over the top Mike, who’s building it?”

“Your Johnny, he told me that if I give you a job he’ll only charge me for materials!”

‘Johnny must really want me to do this, how come he’s never mentioned it before?’

“Can I borrow your phone please Mike? I need to talk to Johnny.”

Mike handed me his phone, “Johnny’s work mobile is star twenty-two and your landline is star twenty-three!”

I took Mike’s phone and wandered over to the old games room, all that was left was an oblong of cleaner carpet with four deep indentations where the pool table had stood and a circle of pinholes in the wall where the dart board had been hanging. I dialled the landline number and Sarah answered the phone.

“Hi Sarah, how come you aren’t in bed yet?”

“Grandpa Ron came round so daddy said we could stop up a little later, when will you be home?”

“After you’re in bed, I need to talk to daddy please!”

Sarah took the phone from her ear and called out, “Daddy, mum is on the phone for you.”

“Hi darling, something wrong?”

“Erm, I’d say so, this isn’t a barmaids job…” I covered the phone with my other hand and lowered my voice, “…Johnny, Mick is looking for some kind of sex worker, not a barmaid!”

There was a silence from the other end of the phone for a minute and then Johnny said, “I think you’d be perfect for the job, every one of my friends have told me that they have wet dreams just thinking about you!”

“Oh, so you’re happy for me to work as some kind of prostitute for Mike then?”

“God, just hearing you say that made my cock jump. It’s up to you but I think that you need something like this to free you up to having a little fun, give you a little excitement in your life and bring my sexy wife back to me. We could get back to how we were before the girls were born!”

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

Johnny sounded guarded, as if something he had said had upset me.

“That, again, a beeping sound.”

“Are you calling on a mobile phone?”

“Yes, I borrowed Mike’s mobile.”

“Probably someone trying to call Mike, there’s no beeping at my end, try pressing the green button, if there is someone just use the green button to switch between the calls, if you press the red asyalı porno button you’ll drop the caller you’re talking to at that time!”

I pressed the green button, “Mike, has the latest mag…”

“I’m sorry, this isn’t Mike but I’ll pass you over in a few seconds.”

I said goodbye to Johnny and pressed the red button as I was walking back towards Mike standing behind the bar, “Are you there? I’m going to pass you over to Mike!”

I offered the phone to Mike, “It’s a call for you, somebody called Dan!”

“Oh, thanks Vicky… Dan, I was just about to call you, your new magazine arrived today, you can pop over and collect it tomorrow or I’ll drop it off at the farm when I collect my potatoes on Wednesday… that, that was Vicky… you must know her, every man in the village… yes, that’s right, Johnny Clark’s wife… here to talk about doing that new job I was talking about… no I don’t think she’s wearing one… that I can’t say for sure one way or another…” Mike looked me over for a moment, “… I’m not sure but I think so… okay, see you then!”

Mike ended the call, “That was Irish Dan, you know him?”

“No, I don’t think so; I don’t think I know any Irish people.”

“He isn’t actually Irish, the first time he came in here he asked if we had Irish whiskey and he was given the nickname Irish.”

“No, I don’t think I know him!”

“He was driving around the village all last year on his quad bike with his old Collie dog on the load rack, always looked like the damned dog was about to fall off on every corner!”

“Tall guy, wavy blond hair, late forties and handsome, runs one of the farms between the village and the A14!”

“That’s him, what do you think of him?”

“In what way?”

“How would you feel if he was your first customer?”

I smiled, “I didn’t think that a woman doing the kind of work you have in mind could be picky, I’d have thought that her job was to make every man happy whatever she thought of him.”

Mike’s grin widened considerably, he poured me a half pint of his guest beer and handed it to me, “Very true, but it couldn’t hurt if you already thought your first customer was handsome, could it?”

I chuckled, took a sip of the very strong beer, “You’re right, couldn’t hurt!”

Mike came out from behind the bar and took me back to the old games room, “I’m going to call it the party room when it’s finished, the window in the side wall and the doorway out to the toilets will both be bricked up so there will only be one door into the room and I’ve already got that, a four inch thick, solid oak door, no keyhole on this side and just a thumb-wheel to lock the door so that the door can only be locked when someone is in the room using it.”

“Why is the framing so thick and why is it bolted to the floor rather than the base-plate being nailed down?”

“For the same reason that the rails around the opening have been made double thickness and the vertical rails are rebated into the top plate as well as the base plate. If we ever get raided, there will be no way anyone will get in unless someone inside the room unlocks it.”

We were close to the door from the games room to the toilet when a voice from the bar called out “Shop, anyone there?”

Mike smiled at me, “Sounds like a customer, could turn out to be my busiest Monday evening since I took over the place!”

Mike closed the blinds over the window in the games room and grinned at me before shouting out, “Coming, hold your horses.”

I was left alone in the games area looking around but as there wasn’t really anything to see yet, just two tables and four chairs that had been moved into the games room because they had stood in the way of the new wall that was going in. I got into the bar just as Mike handed over an A5 sized envelope that looked like it was well filled out by its content.

“What can I get you DAN?”

The name echoed in my head, partly because Mike had stressed the name and partly because I’d heard him mention over the phone that the guy he was talking to had a magazine to collect and finally because Mike had told me that Dan wanted to be my first customer.

Dan tore open the envelope and pulled out the contents, I only saw a flash of the cover of the magazine, it was a simple dark green, rough paper stock with the title, ‘Schoolgirl Parade’ printed in white.

Dan had ordered a pint of guest ale and as Mike pulled down on the pump handle Dan flicked through the first few pages of his magazine. Mike did a non-verbal dance for Dan’s benefit, I read it easily but it took Mike three runs through to pass on the message to Dan, ‘Take your drink and go and sit in the games room!’

I was fighting to stop myself laughing out loud and telling Dan outright what Mike was struggling to get across to him. Dan closed his magazine and paid two pounds fifty for his beer before taking his stuff and heading for one of the two tables in the old games room.

Mike gave me a massive grin and then said, babes porno “Right, it’s up to you, I pay ten pounds an hour, cash in hand, I’m only guessing for now but I’d say I’ll need you from nine PM until… well, let’s say ten-thirty but you’ll have to be prepared to work on if the customers are still willing to pay, Johnny understands everything I have in mind and I’m sure he wouldn’t expect you home much before midnight if things take off!”

“So I’m going to get a whole fifteen pounds a night and no stoppages?”

“Johnny said that you’d probably do it for free, just to get out of the house but the ten pounds an hour is from me for just being here, you’ll make a hell of a lot more if you’re anyway close to as good as your husband tells everyone you are.”

“Any idea what money I could expect to earn in an evening?”

“I’ve written a tariff schedule on the little blackboard on each table but I haven’t spelled it out in words of one syllable, the men will have to work it out for themselves.”

Mike handed over one of the little blackboards, I read the first line, ‘Thirty minute performance on stage – Ten.’

The stage part of the price took me by surprise and the fact that Mike hadn’t put pounds after the ten, I must have looked confused because Mike said, “The stage will be a king-sized mattress built into a sturdy wooden frame as soon as Johnny gets round to building it!”

“I was wondering about the ‘Performance’, what kind of performance and why have you just put a number rather than a value so everyone will know that’s the price and not some kind of code?”

“Trust me, it is a code but every man will understand what it means and why we have to do it. We can never advertise a price for sexual services and once the punters get used to our services I’ll clean off the boards. As for the performance, you’ll work that out for yourself but I’d say as a rule of thumb, the striptease part of the performance should last around fifteen minutes so in a thirty minute performance you’ll expect to do around fifteen minutes on the stage, you know the kind of thing, lots of rolling around, open leg stuff, perhaps even masturbation, the whole idea of charging just ten pounds for a thirty minute performance is to try and generate a few extra service requests.”

“Oh, well that makes sense, so the performance is a loss-leader to encourage the punters to want to do more!”

Mike nodded his head, “Are you happy with the rest?”

I shook my head, “Sorry, makes no sense to me. Oranges for ten pounds, strawberry for twenty pounds and apples for forty pounds!”. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders, the performance made sense but what did fruit have to do with it?

“Once we’re up and running, if a punter wants oral sex he can buy a wax orange from me for ten pounds, so an orange equals oral sex, strawberry is straight sex, you know vaginal sex and apple is anal sex, Johnny tells me you’re perfectly happy to have anal sex and that you’re really good at oral so you shouldn’t have any problems if you agree to work here, nothing should faze you.”

Things were starting to fall into place and make sense to me.

“So, it’s up to you, Dan’s looking for vaginal sex but I wouldn’t take his money because I wasn’t sure that you really want to do the work, if you do want to start working tonight, take your drink through to the games room and ask Dan if there’s anything you can do for him, take your cue from Dan as to what he wants!”

I walked past the framing, Dan was a typical man in a pub, he’d sat himself in a corner to defend his back. And so he only had two directions to look in, sadly he had totally missed the fact that one of the two walls making up his defensive position hadn’t quite been finished off, it was just an open ladder of framework and that openness meant that I could see the pages of his magazine that he was flicking through. He stopped flicking through the book when he came to a double page spread of the same girl, on the left, the girl’s face filled the A5 page completely, at the bottom of the page it said, ‘Elle, eighteen years old from Frankfurt’. The other page had Elle dressed as a St. Trinian’s schoolgirl, her tie unfastened but still trapped under her collar, four buttons of her blouse open and her cleavage and bra cups on show, her school skirt was far too short and her stocking tops and suspenders were on show.

I knew why Dan had stopped on Elle’s page, he, like me, knew that the girl’s real name was Elle but the rest of her biography was all crap. Elle was head girl at my daughter Sarah’s school she was eighteen, but lived in our village just a few houses away from the pub we were both in at that moment.

I turned the corner and cleared my throat, Dan was just turning the page to look at a third picture of Elle, this time, both her school blouse and her school skirt were missing and she had been posed in just her bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt holding a hockey stick over her shoulder.

Dan closed the magazine and pushed it to one side, “Hi Dan, is there anything I can do for you tonight?”

“Well, I’d come in for a nice strawberry but I was wondering if that came with orange on the side or if I had to pay extra for a little orange with my strawberry?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32