Serendipity Ch. 30

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 30 The Message

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


30 – The message

Tuesday I woke the feeling of shuffling women. Sam and Brittany had a flight to catch. They scurried off somewhere for a bit, as I cuddled with Nicole and Maria. Maria enjoying stroking my morning hard on, all though it was more cuddling than anything so I was more firm than hard. Of course I totally objected to being fondled by a naked woman with milk filled tits…

Maya began to wake as Sam and Brittany came back down. Maria had just rolled back over to us nursing Maya when they came in the room.

“WOW!” Sam and Brittany, had their hair done up nice, just the barest touch of make up except for some bright red lipstick and nails, and not a stitch of clothing on, their collars and body jewelry standing out against their tanned skin! “If I wasn’t still half asleep I’d be blowing my load on the ceiling…”

They turned back and forth, letting me look from all angles before turning to moon me as they slipped their bikini bottoms on. Evidentially there were the bottoms to match the tops they had been wearing with the skirts. Barely covering their mounds, and a narrow strip up their ass doing absolutely NOTHING to cover their rosebud. Thin enough to let the shine of Brittany’s pussy jewelry show through, and topped with those oh so familiar and loved micro bikini tops, again letting the shine of their jewelry show through.

Unfortunately those had to be covered today, Brittany in the vest and skirt Nicole had worn the first time, and Sam with her newly trimmed down jacket, VERY low neckline letting the string of her bikini top show just a little, and the skirt that only came an inch or so below the jacket hem, and neither of them would cover anything if she bent over very far.. “Damn Maria, that’s the sexiest pilots uniform I have ever seen. You might have to market them somewhere..”

She gave me a quick peck and a grin, “Don’t think there are many that would be brave enough to wear them.”

I turned back to Sam, “You could always use the jacket for your X rated Halloween party outfit…” she just stuck her tongue out at me. She was going to say more, but a honk from outside meant Justin was here. They grinned at each other and scampered out the door like to kids off to summer camp away from mom and dad…

We laid there a bit, me with two and a half women with me. Nicole on one side laid over partially on my chest watching Maya nurse, and Maria on her back on the other side, cradling Maya nursing on the far tit.

Nicole reached over and stroked Maya’s hair, “She sure is getting big…”

Maria reached over to stroke her daughters hair as well, the two girls fingers bumping into each other with no notice. “Yea, she’s about outgrown her carrier. Going to be putting her in a bassinette or playpen soon.”

I reached around her neck to stroke her tit just above the nursing Maya, feeling her draw a quick breath at my touch. “How soon are we going to need to go shopping?”

Maria smiled at me and snuggled a little closer, putting her head on my shoulder and bringing my hand to her other tit, but not close enough to actually touch that nipple standing up like it was going to burst. “No shopping necessary. We have plenty in the family. Uncle Martin is going to bring a couple over next week for both here and over in my shop.”

My stroking her tit above the nipple was beginning to have an effect on her, in a most interesting way. I could see her areola trying to crinkle up, but when it did her nipple would swell a bit. And after about the third try and standing up, a drop of milk formed at the tip of her nipple like a little white jewel.

“Now see what you’ve done. I’m going to dribble all the way to the kitchen.” She said with just a hint of a smile at the thought.

“Well we can’t have that.” And I pulled my arm out from under Nicole’s neck and rolled over to take her nipple in my mouth. I could feel her milk squirting against the back of my mouth when I had barely touched her, and almost blasting against it as the weight of my mouth settled on her tit before I had even began sucking.

There was a sharp hiss from Maria, then a soft running dialog of Spanish as she put her hand on the back of my head. I got several nice swallows of milk, enough for her not to be squirting when I wasn’t sucking, and pulled my mouth away from her tit. I looked up at Maria, eyes closed, breathing fast, and some perspiration forming on her upper lip. She cracked an eye to look at me, and I smiled back. “No more dribble problem!”

Maria closed bahis firmaları her eye and groaned and Nicole chuckled behind me. Maria sat up without dislodging Maya and headed for the kitchen. I heard her getting her stuff out as I rolled back over to Nicole. She had an accusatory grin on her face, I just shrugged making her smile and shake her head.

Nicole gave me a nice kiss, and began to turn down like she was headed for my cock and a morning blow job, but I stopped her. “Babe, as much as I enjoy your morning blow jobs, there is another female nectar I’m thirsty for this morning.” And I reached down to cup her mound.

She put her hand over mine, pushing my finger into her slit, then pulling it back out and bringing my own wet finger to my lips. “And I suppose you don’t want just a taste do you? You want it direct from the source.” with a big grin.

“Best way there is…” pulling her over me a bit.

“Oh I guess… I could sit on your face and let you put your tongue in me and see what you could find,” trying badly not to crack a smile…

Nicole knee walked up me. I kept one hand behind my head and the other beside me as she stopped above me and looked in my eyes as she slid her knees apart to lower herself to me.

“MMMMMMMM…MMMMMMMMM…mmmmmmmmm…” as I was silenced by her delicious pussy, those pink inner lips surrounded by her chocolate skin. I brought my hand up to her ass, and cupped and squeezed as I slid my tongue between her lips enjoying her dripping nectar. Running my hand over her soft firm cheek, letting my fingers run through the crack of her ass.

“Nice…” she moaned.

I brought my other hand up to her belly just above her mound. I could feel her trembling as my hand slowly slid up to her tit. “DANNY! That’s not fair playing with my niiiiii…” I caught her nipple between my middle fingers, the heel of my palm against the base of her firm little mounds.

Nicole leaned forward into my hand a bit, giving my other better access to her pussy below my chin. God it was soooo terrible to be trapped below a flowing pussy, her juices starting to run down my cheeks.

I started to slide my finger toward her pussy, just clearing my chin. “NOOOOOO, NOT YOUR…OH FUCK YESSSSS. STUFF MY PUSSYYYYYY. YOU KNOW THAT’S NOT FAIR. ” I was working her pussy with different fingers making sure they were well lubricated with her juices.

Nicole was twitching every time my palm bumped her crotch, then I held back a second and lined up for the good one. Middle two fingers to her pussy and index toward her ass, I barely touched her ass and…

“NOT MY ASS TOOOOoooooooo…” Nicole fell forward again the couch trapping my hand between the cushion and her chest as I drove my fingers into her. There we such lovely noises escaping the cushions as I kept fucking her ass and pussy with my fingers as she flooded my mouth and face with her juices faster than I could swallow.

I kept going as long as my arm could take it, then pulled my fingers from her and kept licking and sucking at her, Nicole didn’t have the strength to move off me and couldn’t control her twitching as I flicked her clit with my tongue. After several little jumps she got the energy to roll off me and sit beside my head.

Nicole looked down at me and started giggling, taking a corner of the blanket to wipe my face. After a few wipes I took her hand and kissed the back of it, getting a nice smile. That turned to a giggle when my tummy growled. “Come on, let’s get some real food in you.” She pulled on me a bit, but I had to get her up off the floor and guide her to the kitchen.

There was Maria leaning over the counter with the cones on her nipples, tugging and sucking the milk from her. Maya was really starting to cut back, there were two nearly full bottles in front of her, and the start of the next pair hooked to the machine. She was also breathing hard and a bit of a sheen on her face.

I cupped her ass and gave her a kiss on the neck above her collar, and she shuddered and groaned under my hand. I winked at Nicole, “You know little one, I think Maria got a little turned on listening to you in the living room.”

She smiled back at me getting in on it. “You think? I wonder what part. Do you think it was when you reached up and began playing with my chest?”

I kept one hand massaging her ass, and brought the other up and cupped her tit like her shelf bra would just below the pump cones, feeling the pulses of suction through her tit. Maria dropped her head and let out a low hiss.

“I don’t know, it might have been when I slid my fingers in you while I was licking your clit.” I left the hand cupping her tit, and slid my other hand down her ass a bit then let my fingers dip into her dripping pussy, NOOOOO resistance there! “yes Masterrrr…” I heard softly from under her head hanging over the pumps.

Now Nicole was starting to breath a bit harder. “You know little one, I think our sexy seamstress needs me to make a deposit…”

Maria’s kaçak iddaa head came up quick and she pushed back against my fingers in her pussy. “Please Master…” Nicole and Maria looking eye to eye…

I started sliding my hand down from her tit and over her waist. She rolled her ass up to give me full access to her. I put that hand on her ass cheek, then brought the other one out from her pussy and spread her ass wide. I slid slowly into her, feeling her quiver around me.

Maria dropped her head again, “Fuck me Master…”

I leaned over her back, pressing deep into her. “I’d rather love you…” and began sliding slowly in and out of her, still quivering under me on her elbows to support herself.

I put one hand on her shoulder to give me some leverage, and brought the other around her arm to cup her tit again below the suction cone. I could feel the pulses and started timing my thrusts to the suction, driving in as the machine was sucking the milk from her.

Seems Nicole’s moaning and groaning and our running dialog on it all over again along with my groping her lovely body had the desired effect. She didn’t last four strokes when the Spanish kicked in and her legs spread, taking her entire weight on her arms and rocking back to meet my thrusts into her.

She was cumming around my cock two strokes later, with a few squirts here and there to wet my balls.

I pulled my hand from her tit and put it under her belly, supporting and lifting her a bit, bringing her rosebud into view while feeling her belly tighten as she clamped down around my cock.

You see, for a while when I had been playing with Maria’s pussy I had been lightly playing with her ass as well. The first few times she clenched, then accepted it, but the last few she just enjoyed my stroking her, teasing her rosebud just a little, even pushing back against what ever finger was playing with her ass.

With a grip on each cheek still keeping my timing with her breast pumps, I slid my thumb in to see what kind of reaction I would get.

As my thumb touched her rosebud there was a momentary break in the Spanish as she sucked in a deep breath, then started bucking and grinding against me, the tip of my thumb just barely in her ass. The Spanish turned into something else and got a whole lot louder.

The wild Mexican woman thrashing on my cock and the sight of Nicole squeezing and playing with her tits right in front of me… “HERE IT COMES!!’

I pulled my thumb tip from her ass and got a good grip on her hips and just started empting into her. Load after load, thrust after thrust, draining my balls into that spasming Mexican pussy.

I leaned forward on her back keeping my cock buried in her, but keeping my weight on my arms since she had the pumps still going under her.

Maria reached out and flopped her arm around without looking until she found her machine, and after a bit of fumbling it shut off. She pulled the partially full bottles and cones out from under her and collapsed on the counter, dragging me with her.

There was a little Spanish mutter from Maria that sounded like there was a bit of English mixed in.


“That would have been a baby maker…” I heard from her. “…I wish I could take you with me all day…”

When I raised my head, there was Nicole in front of us on the other side of the island just pulling her glistening fingers from her swollen pussy. ‘Plug’ I mouthed to her.

Her eyes flashed open, then that ornery grin I’ve seen before came over her face as she dashed up the stairs. I was really starting to soften in Maria and was about to fall out despite my best efforts when Nicole came bounding down the stairs, plug in one hand and something else in the other.

There was some noises I didn’t recognize behind me, then a little slap on my ass. I pulled back just as Maria was ejecting my soft cock from her pussy.

Nicole was there on her knees beside me sliding the plug up into Maria. Evidentially it was still a little cool from Maria’s reaction, then a satisfied groan as it seated into her and her head went back down.

Leaning back against the counter I realized what the noises were and why it took Nicole a bit longer to get the plug. She had grabbed her little white garter belt as well. She was going to strap the plug into Maria like she had done to herself back in The City.

Nicole pushed on the outside of Maria’s legs getting her to bring them together to keep the plug in, then twisted on her hips to get her to turn around. Maria groaned the groan of the exhausted and pushed herself up from the counter to turn around, although it was more rolling along the edge of the island rather than turning in place.

Nicole clipped the other clips to the front of the plug and pulled the waist band around her and fastened it, then slid her hands down her belly toward her thighs. But she didn’t stop at her thighs like I had anticipated, instead she kept going to her knees to get her to spreading them kaçak bahis slightly.

As Nicole spread Maria’s thighs I realized what she was going for, there was quite a dribble of our mixed juices running down Maria’s thighs. Maria was obviously running on auto pilot from her Mistresses gestures. When Nicole began licking up Maria’s thighs to get her treasure Maria screeched and grabbed the top of Nicole’s head.

Nicole was NOT going to be dislodged, she had a good grip on Maria’s thighs as she was licking her thighs like a cat at the cream bowl. There was another running Spanish dialog as Maria’s thighs were trembling again, and just as I thought Maria was going to collapse and slide down the island Nicole quit.

Instead of pulling back Nicole slid up Maria’s body, holding her hands along Maria’s sides as she slid up. She pulled Maria down for a quick but soft kiss, Maria responding out of instinct. Nicole pulled back to look at her, then pulled her back down for a little longer kiss. Maria hesitated for a second, then submitted to her Mistress.

Maria had barely relaxed into Nicole and she released her accepting her submission to her Mistress and helped her around the end of the island to a stool. Maria collapsed on the stool, and came right back up with a squeak, a grin, and then settled back down with a sigh. She looked up at me grinning and wiggling down on the plug.

She raised a finger shaking it at me with a grin and started something in Spanish. I raised an eyebrow and she stopped for a second then switched to English. “That was not nice playing with my ass Master.”

Nicole leaned over and lightly kissed her cheek, “But did you like it?”

Maria’s mouth dropped open, then she blushed and grinned before dropping her head. “Yes Mistress,” I heard quietly from under her dropped head.

I managed to walk around the end of the island and reached for Maria’s chin to raise it and look her in the eye for a second, then kissed Nicole and then her, still holding her chin up. “Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself,” I kissed her again and groped her tit while I did.

She moaned slightly into my kiss, then I kissed Nicole again still cupping Maria’s tit.

They both sat there with a nice contented look while I staggered to the cupboard to get my cereal. I filled my bowl and looked at my available milk supply with a raised eyebrow. Not only was there the first two almost full bottles, but two more almost three quarters full from our milk and fuck session.

I looked at them and then back up to her smiling. She grinned back at me, knowing I had been looking at the milk she produced while orgasming. I took one of the three quarter bottles for my cereal and used the other to top off the first two while I ate.

They watched me eat after Nicole got them both a cup of coffee. I was looking between the full bottles in front of me, Maria with her nipples still distended from the pumping, and my little chocolate pixie with her natural nipples standing out just about as much. I looked at Maria smiling, “I wonder how your Mistress would do with the breast pumps running…”

Maria grinned with her eyes lighting up, Nicole gasped and was going to say something when her computer rang. There was something muttered as she scooted to her desk, making Maria grin even more. I finished my cereal and rinsed my bowl, then came up behind Maria still recuperating on the stool.

I slid my hands up under her tits, lifting and squeezing, thoroughly enjoying the feel of them as I nuzzled her neck above her collar. I began to slide one hand down her belly toward her pussy. “Nice way to start the week. Milk chocolate pussy on Monday,” lightly stroking her mound above the plug. “Your Mistresses dark chocolate pussy this morning,” slipping my finger just barely into her slit above her clit. “And a cream filling chaser,” giving the garter a little soft snap, probably sending vibrations through the plug strapped into her.

I heard the groan from her, and I could see her expression without seeing her face, the ‘how do you come up with these things’ groan. I gave her neck a quick kiss and nipped her ear lobe making her gasp before heading up to get something to put on. It was still cool enough that jeans and a shirt were necessary outside.

I made it out to my platform and began roughing in the plumbing. With the house penetrations in, I laid the decking and went inside to finish the plumbing and drain hookups. I had just finished them when Maria called a lunch break.

I came back to the house to find Maria and Nicole dressed in jeans and t-shirts with Maria in a regular bra even, but turning to the kitchen I discovered why. Martin was here, but more importantly so were two of his helpers.

“So what brings you boys around today?”

“We have family weekend coming up,” Martin responded. “So we have to get all the playground equipment set up and anchored. We’re going to have all sorts of kids running around.”

I turned to Maria, “That reminds me, we still have to take your sisters stuff back…”

She smirked and raised her eyebrows.

“Do you want me to pack it up?” I asked.

“Naa, she may be a pain, but she’s still my sister.”

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