Sensuous, Seductive and Sublime

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She unzipped him expertly yet the smile on her face suggested she had never done this before. There is an exquisite tension between a young woman’s consciousness of her own beauty and an older man realizing fantasy can become reality.

She moved like a gentle flowing stream across the room. A hundred pairs of eyes followed her, drinking in the wellspring of her youthful beauty. They recognized her from photographs. Mitchell gazed at the unmistakably familiar angelic face radiating like a painting of a classical nymphet creature, unifying innocence and sensuousness, temptation with desire. Something about it was familiar. Not just from his leering over her magazine spreads but a deeper memory was awakened that he could not bring to consciousness. He became lost in the white silk evening gown that was sprayed onto her petite curvaceous body. Longed for the hint of her shapely legs and thighs appearing momentarily as she walked from the slit down one side. The halter strap around her neck pulled her pert round breasts together in a breathtaking cleavage and her firm flesh cupped within the filmy silk triangles of fabric. The faintest trace of her nipples making an outline against the filmy silk stretched over them tightly. The neckline plunged to her navel where a jeweled butterfly stud glistened in the ballroom lights.

Like all the men here tonight Mitchell had donated a fortune to see her and the other models that scattered the ballroom glistening like diamonds and sashaying around the dance floor. All the men were older than 40 and totally entranced by the wanton display of youthful flesh that surrounded them. The dance cards they had purchased saw to it that they could hold these lithe young creatures for a few moments and shiver as they inhaled their perfume and drooled over their luscious bodies. Mitchell had danced with a few this evening but his mind was perpetually drawn back to her.

Mitchell noticed that towards the end of the evening the men fuelled by alcohol began to grind against their partners. The girls, some of them gold-diggers encouraged them. Some couples disappeared into dark corners and the garden terrace. Tiffanie had had her share of over enthusiastic men who pawed her clumsily and pressed their hopelessly erections against her warm lithe body. She did nothing to encourage them. She didn’t have to her image and the fantasy each man held for her drove them to it. She remained the picture of grace the image of innocence and the pinnacle of desire. Mitchell looked at his iPhone to see the image of his next dance. Tiffanies image smiled at him from the screen. He walked towards her as she finished the dance with a man who was almost shivering with desire, reluctant to let go of her, enchanted by her. He pulled his jacket around to conceal the unmistakable lump in his pants.

” Hi, I’m Tiffanie I guess you are my last dance for this evening.”

Mitchell nodded and inhaled the sweet scent of her perfume.

“I’m Mitchell O’Toole. My company sells lots of your family’s garments.”

Not a great opening line he mused but thinking and acting in her presence was difficult. She smiled warmly and took his hand, leading him to a darker part of the dance floor. He took her hand and slid his other around her slender waist. The warmth of her body beneath the sheer white silk, the curve of her hip made his hand quiver. The scent of her was not like any perfume he knew. It was more overt than that it was clearly the scent of a woman’s sex. He inhaled it feverishly as she gazed up at him. Wordlessly he held her and she moved against him with a familiarity and warmth that only long time lovers know. She smiled up at him and rose up to kiss him sweetly and gently on the lips. It was a kiss so short as to barely brush his lips, but the taste was strangely familiar and he felt a feint tingle that made him sigh and his heart rate quicken. The dance found them lost in each other’s eyes. Her body moved against his with the grace of a prima ballerina and the sensuousness of a private dancer. The band stopped playing and she stood on her tiptoes to whisper into his ear.

” I want you! Lets go into the garden for some fresh air.”

She kissed him again. This time for a longer time and filled with the proof of the words she had whispered to him. His lips tingled even more he was reluctant to disentangle himself from her but he shakily did so and took her hand and let her lead him to the Terrace garden. Here and there in the moonlight young women were seducing men. Men groped them wantonly. Tiffanie glided past them smiling and leading him deeper into the garden towards a summerhouse. It was empty; no others had thought to move further beyond the lighted garden. She turned and kissed him again and he took her in his arms and melted into her lips. The desire to move his hand from her slender waist to her delicious ass overtook him and he felt the curves and warmth combine beneath his touch. She moaned quietly encouraging him. Her body pressing against bahis firmaları his, she broke the kiss and turned so that her hot buns pressed against his manhood, which was already painfully hard. He kissed her slender neck and found her lips again and they kissed longingly.

She broke the kiss and smiled and turned around so he could press up against the shiny silk that clung to her perfect ass, his cock pressed between the cleft of her ass and half way up her back. His hands moved from her waist to her breasts, the smooth skin and the weight of them in his palms as he lifted them and teased the nipples sending shivers of pleasure through him. His cock trapped in the tuxedo pants touched silk clad ass and she ground against him lightly to tease his burgeoning erection even more. Her lips sliding across his sensuously nibbling his lips and lancing her tongue into his mouth emulating how she wanted his cock to penetrate her. He felt the warmth of her skin beneath the flimsy silk he moved his hand to the slit in her dress at her hip sliding it onto her warm smooth skin and finding her tiny silk panties and feeling the trace of dampness seeping through them. He resumed fondling her breasts and kissed her neck and ears as she gyrated seductively against his thick cock

She began kissing him excitedly as his dexterous fingers moved below to dance across her ever-dampening panties. Her own fingers traced teasing outlines with her fingernails over his bulging cock. She sighed breathily and circled his throbbing cock with her free hand, wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to tease his cock trapped in his pants. He was hopelessly excited as her expert fingers stroked his cock slowly then rose to a frenzy. He groped feverishly at her tits and lost himself in her wet mouth as she kissed him as frantically as her fingers were moving up and down his distorted shaft. He kissed her again and again pressing his hugeness against her shivering with desire. She ground against him wantonly and leaned back as he covered her neck with kisses and slid a hand beneath her halter to pinch her nipple. She giggled sweetly.

” Make me cum.” She whispered sexily between kisses.

His fingers were already caressing her damp panties. He had parted the sweet young pussy lips and found her clit and began to massage it. He was encouraged by her sweet moans and pushed his fingers inside the diaphanous panties. His fingers encountered her abundant wetness and the smooth pleasure of her labia. He massaged her clit expertly. He prided himself on pleasuring his women with his fingers and mouth and in moments she writhed like a snake slithering against him. Her breathing quickening her sweet moans and breathy sighs punctuating the night air, she began to shiver and then was ceased by a convulsion. Her orgasm was violent and as if her whole being had escaped from her, as he pinched her nipple hard and pressed his finger tightly against her clit as she convulsed and felt the spray of her excitement cover his hand and seep into her tiny silk panties. She finished her pleasure by breaking from his arms turning and kissing him more passionately than ever before and with an urgency that revealed the depth of her desire for him. When the kiss ended she stood back and reached beneath her tight dress and slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She smiled at him and twirled the tiny white silk g –string around her fingers. She kissed him again and held the wet panties against his face. The perfume he had inhaled when he had first met her filled his senses. His imagination flooded by images of her curvaceous body writhing beneath his insistent thrusts. She reached down and ran her long pink painted fingernails across the over excited lump in his pants. He shivered with expectation. She unzipped him and slid her hand inside and he felt her flesh against his hard cock. She took the panties from his nose and smiled as she pushed them into his pants and wrapped his burgeoning cock in them. She slid the soft shiny silk up and down his shaft a few times until he moaned loudly and his cock throbbed violently, then quickly withdrew her hand and zipped him up again.

” You’ll find my cell phone number in gold on the string of those. Call me after midnight and I’ll tell you where to come.”

She kissed him sweetly again. So gently as to almost evoke a dream, so passionate restrained, so exquisitely sensual. The postponement of their encounter burning inside them both slowly and seductively, the deep want and desire filling every pore alerting every sense.

Mitchell removed the silken panties in the bathroom and copied the number into his phone, pausing repeatedly to inhale the scent of her that lingered on them. Each breath preempted and fueled his excitement. He half expected to hear his alarm ring and awaken from the dream that had just unfolded but the scent was present as was the insistent and aching erection in his pants. At thirty seconds to midnight he pressed the speed kaçak iddaa dial and lay back against the leather upholstery of his cars rear seat as the driver awaited his instructions.

” Hello… Tiffanie?”

“Still want me Mitchell?” She purred.

” More than anything!” he panted.

” I’m in the Honeyton apartments at the end of Fourth Avenue. The security guard knows you are coming come to the penthouse suite. Oh and stay on the phone. I want you to hear how excited I am. Ooooooooh!” She moaned sweetly.

Mitchell relayed the directions to the driver. The apartment was only a few blocks away in the trendy Art Deco part of town. Tiffanies family had built the Honeyton Apartments in the 1930’s. It was meticulously maintained and like the Honeyton women a work of art with its curves and interesting design. Tiffanie had begun masturbating and talking to him in breathy tones.

” Mmmmmmm, I’m so wet for you. Oh God my panties are soaked. Mmmmmmm oh yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming for you. I can’t wait to feel you inside me. Oh God its good. Mmmmmm.”

Mitchell didn’t dare touch himself. He was close to cumming in his pants back at the Ballroom but now he felt he would melt. The car came to a sudden halt outside the beautiful five-story building. The only lights that shone through the windows were on the ground floor and the top, in the penthouse. Mitchell instructed his driver to go home and he would take a cab later if he needed to. He hurried into the building and was waved past security towards a small elevator. He pressed the button to take him to the top floor and quivered with anticipation as the elevator rose up past each floor. Tiffanie had cum perhaps three times now on the phone. All Mitchell could utter to her was.

” God I want you. I want to be inside you so much.” Repeatedly.

When the elevator reached the top floor he burst through the doors towards the entrance of her apartment and knocked frantically. He could hear she was cumming again on the phone and the same sound was coming from just beyond the door. When her pleasure subsided the door opened. She was dressed in a short red silk baby doll. The top clenched her small pert breasts divinely; her bikini panties were damp and formed around her folds. They fell into each other’s arms and kissed longingly, breathing into each other and feeling the reconnection of their warm bodies against each other. He kissed and caressed her neck and felt her warm flesh and smooth lingerie with his hands. Felt the familiar curve of her ass, the warm firm roundness of her small perfect breasts, the nipples reigniting their prominence against the silk bra.

His body wrapped eagerly around her petite frame, his big hands caressing her superb ass cheeks. She had already begun touching his swollen cock. She licked his lips and clawed at his back urging him to touch her and feel her spilling wetness. They moved backwards to the bed and she lay back as he untied her halter and kissed her slender neck tracing a rapid line towards her pert little breasts. He slurped noisily tugging at the erect nipples with his teeth and sucking the pink jellybeans between his lips like a greedy child.

Tiffanie caressed his hair and moaned encouraging his insistent suckling. He kissed his way past her breasts. Her skin was so smooth and luminescent that it felt like warm butter to touch. He resumed kissing her creamy flesh beginning now at the succulent navel encrusted with a 24-carat butterfly. He lanced his tongue into her belly button and placed his thumb and palm between her legs to feel the dampness gathering there. As he kissed his way towards the damp patch of panty he recognized the familiar scent that filled his senses and thrilled his body. The sweet intoxicating odor was like a magnet pulling his face to her pussy with an overpowering force. The first taste of her through the diaphanous panties reaffirmed the intoxication of her succulent juices. Mitchell’s lips touched her pussy sensuously and he pressed against her lips as if he was kissing her mouth. He found her clitoris easily and sucked it through the damp panties. Tiffanie arched her back and drew his head tightly against her then shot a rich squirt of love juice that flooded her panties and filled his mouth with the intoxicating elixir. Every pore in his body tingled as if an electrical charge ran through him. He drank a deep draught of her sweet syrup and she came repeatedly beneath his lips.

His hand moved to cup her tiny ass cheeks whilst the other massaged her labia through the red silk eventually sliding it aside so he could finger her wetness. Two fingers inside her showed the promise of tightness his cock would encounter. He wriggled inside her so that he could find her G-spot he knew as she writhed in pleasure and elicited wanton moans that he had found it and her whole body now responded to his triggering orgasms after orgasm in her until she was gushing with wetness and shivering with pleasure. When she recovered sufficiently to talk kaçak bahis she simply pulled him to her face and kissed his cum soaked lips pulling him towards her opening her legs as he pushed urgently between her. She came easily and frequently each time he touched her. He licked and sucked the fine silk of her panties between his lips. Inhaling the sweet intoxicating scent and tasting her delicious love juice that flowed like a stream down her thighs as she arched her back and came with increasing intensity. Her eyes closed tightly her hands fondling her own breasts as she screamed and moaned with each of his exquisite roll of his tongue or touch of his lips.

She was overcome with desire, she tore her top from her neck and shivered as his fingers entered her lancing her tight pussy with his fingers as he lapped and sucked her clitoris. It seemed like an eternity before she stopped orgasming, but she recomposed herself quickly with an unbelievable desire to fuck him like she had never fucked a man before. She finished undressing him, pausing with each article of clothing to kiss his flesh until he felt it shiver. She slid down before his distorted cock and began to kiss his balls and suck them into her sweet lips. She kissed it, covering each fragment of skin with tiny wet kisses. She caressed it tenderly feeling the insistent throbs, then ran her tongue up and down so lightly that she barely touched him. She listened to him moan helplessly. When she finally took him into her mouth he was shivering and moaning uncontrollably. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down his shaft until she felt the insistent throbs become spasms and she tasted pre cum. She swallowed and took a quick breath almost gagging from the swelling cock that filled her mouth and throat. .

She licked the tip greedily and guided his cock to her pert breasts pausing momentarily to run the tip around each erect nipple and then pressed her taut nipples against his cock hole.

“Do you want to be inside me?”

She teased as she slid his cock between her tits and squeezed them greeting the tip with her warm wet mouth and slurping loudly. ‘

“Oh God yes!’ he blurted. ‘God I want to fuck you so badly.”

‘”Mmmmm I know you do honey and I want you inside me too. I’m so wet, so tight, so hot- for you” She said seductively.

She let go of his distorted cock and returned lay on top of him and kiss him with her sticky lips. He pulled her to him desperately feeling her divine skin beneath his touch caressing her sweet curves and fondling her exquisite ass and kissing her as gently and lovingly as if this was his first kiss ever or his last. She moved against him and he was conscious of his hardness touching her wet silk panties- a mere fragment of silk separating him from impending paradise. They rolled over so he was on top of her. Her legs open to his cock against the sopping panties. She pulled the tip of his cock against her panty front and began to rub the tip up and down the outline of her labia. He throbbed as he felt the smooth silk and the dampness beneath. She reached down and let his cock feel the wetness and the pleasure of her folds. He felt a squirt cover his cock and he took over holding his cock and rubbing it between her folds as she writhed beneath his cock sliding up and down. She began to shiver again. Her sweet face contorted in impending pleasure as she came he pushed into her. The sweet young tender folds stretched to take him inside her. She squealed wildly as he thrust in her for a moment, felt her wetness envelop his cock then withdrew. She panted and moaned. He entered again this time a little deeper. A little longer, he let her moan and shiver again felt his own cock throb uncontrollably. He kissed her tenderly and he grabbed his face and lanced her tongue into his mouth, as she wanted his cock inside her. He pushed inside her again and pressed until every inch of his throbbing flesh was inside her and his balls rested against her flesh. They held still as they kissed wildly, his hands pawing at her delicious breasts toying with the nipples and the other cupping her luscious ass and pushing it against his body tightly.

He loved the unbelievable tightness of this sexy young woman the sheer excitement of her squirting pussy made him feel like he had the biggest cock in the world going into the tightest cunt on earth. As his cock slid deep into her she shivered and her pussy which at first relaxed to take his hugeness into her contracted around him like a vice.

“‘Oh god it’s so goooood your so big, so hard. Fuck me deep, deep, deep, deep!’ She squealed.

It was urgent now, they had waited for an eternity for this moment and now they both had to have it hard, fast deep and as urgently as possible. Mitchell slammed his cock into her as she requested, his balls slapping her clit as he thrust deep inside her. She gyrated against his thrusts and her pussy’s muscular contractions seemed to match his throbs. He felt like a stud in a porno film as his expert thrusts built her slowly and dynamically to climax. This wasn’t like the masturbation orgasms he had heard on the phone, short and intense, this built up, getting more and more exciting, more and more intense.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32