Seducing Mr. Price

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After four weeks of this, Derrick Price was about to go mad, or at least that was how he was feeling. Sitting in the front row of his English 212 literature class was Lilith Anne Duvoy and her deliciously short skirt. Every day she took that same seat at the far corner of the room, next to the open window. Most of the time she didn’t even seem to be paying attention, and when she was it was doubtful that her thoughts were at the required reading on hand.

Like clockwork, every afternoon at 2’oclock, Mr. Price would take his seat after the class’ daily discussion on whatever title was at hand, making himself available for any questions that the student’s had while completing their notes and filling out the study sheet handouts that Mr. Price was so fond of. Just as he predictably followed his afternoon routine, Lilith continued on with hers.

In contrast to all of the suntanned bodies and highlighted hair that usually filled the seats of his class, she was definitely a girl set apart. Maybe it was unfair for Derrick to think of her that way, but with his life experiences, 20 years old was still very young. Being nearly twice her age, Derrick price chided himself severely the first time that he found his eyes inexplicably drawn to her dark hair and pale skin, but it didn’t last for long, the mental admonishment.

Lilith was a strange creature, and surprisingly bright, aside from the impression that she gave to the world. While her essays were brilliantly structured and rich in vocabulary, her manner of expression during class was one of utter boredom. Not bothering to talk to any of the trendy and preppy girls with their fake nails, high-priced clothes, and colorful cell phones, she tended to sit alone instead, sketching nonchalantly in her quiet corner. It was understandable that no one really tried to befriend her, as she truly created an intimidating visage. With straight black hair that hugged her heart shaped face in a short bob, everyone was amazingly startled when she turned back to them, looking them straight in the face. The softness of her hair played off of the hardness of her eyes, eyes that were like ice in their bright transparency, so brilliant a blue that they glowed nearly white. Making them even more striking was the fact that in an almost religious manner, she painted her eyes with thin line of black eyeliner all the way around. Aside from that, she wore no makeup, her skin flawless in it’s creamy whiteness. Her lips were the palest pink, and against his better judgement, Mr. Price from time to time found himself wondering if her nipples were the same soft color. Of course, he always felt ashamed of himself afterwards, but it never stopped his mind from traveling back to what his imagination composed of Lilith’s naked body.

In direct contrast with her softness, Lilith wore a thick leather collar buckled around her long, sleek neck. Worn as one would a strand of pearls, she had a slender steel chain clipped to a ring on the collar and then draped around her neck time and again before disappearing into the unknown recesses of her cleavage beneath her button down shirt. With a white, knotted shirt, a blue and black plaid skirt, and high black leather boots, she looked like the poster child for depression. The only thing that ruined the image was the way her eyes sparkled with mischief when Derrick accidentally met her gaze, usually after being caught staring.

It was a ridiculous thought that a relatively decent looking man of almost 40 years of age would be lusting after one of his students, especially when he had a wife at home. On the other hand, what most didn’t know was that his wife had next to nothing to do with him, and only greeted him at the door on payday, with hand out-stretched. In all truth, they hadn’t even slept in the same bed in two months, his wife- Sarah, choosing to spend most nights at her sister’s house after hitting the bar earlier on in the evening. He didn’t know if she was having an affair or not, and if the truth were told, he had given up honestly caring years ago. So, each afternoon, while spinning his wedding ring on his finger, he stared out across the classroom absentmindedly, time and again being drawn back to the long set of legs that were crossed lazily at the ankle.

She knew he was watching, just as she had known every day before. It was fun, this stupid little game that they played, both mentally undressing the other, while both pretended not to notice that they were being watched. But, while it had been entertaining up until this point, the weeks had taken their toll, and Lilith found herself bahis siteleri taunt with frustration upon leaving Mr. Price’s class each afternoon, only finding comfort in the goodies that she kept tucked away in her top drawer of her night stand. It had been a long time since she had been with a man that could keep her attention, so having the good luck of being assigned to this particular teacher’s tutelage was a welcomed relief.

The minutes seemed to tick by at an excruciating pace, but at 2:45pm, Mr. Price stood up and sloppily wrote down the next reading assignment for any who were irresponsible enough to have lost their syllabus. Turning to accept the stranglers who decided to turn in their study sheets at the last possible minute before filing out the door, Mr. Price was confused and more than a little anxious when he noticed that Lilith hadn’t moved from her seat. Setting the papers on his desk, he nervously wiped his hands down the front of his gray slacks.

“Yes? What can I help you with Lil?” he said in a tight voice.

Slowly standing up, Lilith made her way over to Derrick’s desk and began to trace the gouges in it’s surface as she looked up at him with a wickedly innocent face.

“Actually, Mr. Price, I was wondering what I could help YOU with. I’ve seen you staring at me. You do realize that some would consider your leering to be a form of sexual harassment, don’t you?” she said in a dangerously flat tone.

Immediately, Derrick felt his heart thud against his chest in a sickening manner. ‘That little bitch,’ he thought, as he looked down at her, stunned beyond words.

“I…I have no idea what you are talking about. And I sure as hell haven’t been doing any type of harassing toward you in any matter, let alone sexual,” he said with a slight stammer, not knowing whether to be afraid for his job or just plain angry.

To his complete surprise, she began to laugh, a soft lilting sound that he had never heard before.

“Oh, for God’s sake….I’m just playing with you! You need to lighten up,” she said off handedly as she hoisted herself up to sit on the edge of his desk.

“You know, you have this terrible problem Derrick……I can call you Derrick, right? Anyway, you know what your problem is? You are just too damn uptight.”

In mild amusement, Mr. Price crossed his arms across his chest and looked down on her with the barest hint of a grin.

“Oh, is that right. And I’m sure that you know exactly how to cure my problem, is that correct?” he said with biting cynicism.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” she quipped, picking up his discarded pen, rolling the tip around on the desk top before sliding the capped end between her pearly teeth.

“Ok, what is your sage wisdom for me, oh learned one,” Derrick tossed out in reply as he settled himself into his desk chair, leaning back to look up at her thickly made-up eyes. “Well,” she said, “ First, I think that you need to loosen your tie a bit,’ she joked, scooting across the desk and leaning over to tug at the slip of polyester.

“You know what you need to do next?” she said teasingly, as she slid her long legs over his side of the desk, resting the heel of one boot on a drawer pull.

“No, but I’m sure you are going to tell me,” he said in a somewhat distracted voice, his eyes drawn to her small, dimpled knees and the way that her skirt had rode up. He could catch the barest hint of her panties if he just turned his head a little to the side to look along the underside of her legs…

“I think you need a good fucking,” she said in a no-nonsense tone, parting her thighs slightly. There was no more need to play around at getting a look, as he could now clearly see the softness of her pale blue panties and the shape of her pussy as the material molded to her skin. Sucking in a deep breath at her boldness, Derrick sat up straight, readying to get up and show her out.

“You know as well as I do that it is against school policy for any instructor to get involved with a student. As flattering as your suggestion is, I think that it might be best…” With a firm nudge of a booted heel, Derrick found himself again laying back in his chair, nearly falling over with the force of his weight as it shifted.

“Well, I don’t really give a shit,” she said icily as she slid from the desktop to stand in front of him.

“ Have you ever given any thought to the fact that maybe I needed a good fucking too? After all, I have a very demanding English lit. class. I spend and entire hour every day being gawked at by my horny instructor who has to stay seated for canlı bahis siteleri almost the whole class just to keep everyone from seeing his hard-on. Do you know the effect that that has on a girl?” she said, grabbing hold of the arms of the chair as she straddled his legs and sat down over his thighs, looking squarely into his startled brown eyes.

“You know that I am not offering anything that you don’t already want,” she said with a little pout, slowly dragging her index finger down the buttons of his starched white shirt.

“I’ll let you do anything……” she said in a whisper, bending to trace her nimble tongue over the curve of his bottom lip.

Taking the initiative, Lilith settled her mouth over his, deftly slipping her warm tongue between his lips, sliding it over the warmth of his motionless tongue. Just when she was sure that he was indeed going to turn her down, his entire body came to life as he slipped one hand deep within her mass of dark hair, pulling her mouth down harder on his. While they hungrily devoured each other, his other hand came to rest on her hip, pushing her down into his lap as he slowly pushed his hips up into hers. Moaning softly, Lilith pulled away from his bruising kiss to catch her breath.

“Mmm… taste delicious,” she drawled.

“Did you mean ‘anything’,” Derrick asked as he tightened his hand into a fist and turned her head so he could run the tip of his tongue around the shell of her ear.

“Oh yes,” she groaned,” I meant ANYTHING.”

“Good,” he whispered, nipping at the lobe of her ear.

With a gentle firmness, he slid her backward until she was able to put her feet down on the ground. With a look of anticipation, she looked down at him.

“I want you to unbutton your shirt,” he said, staring as her hands began to move slowly over the buttons. As each inch of skin was revealed, his dick began to jump within his pants. When he thought that it was as hard as it could get, she parted the material, exposing small, perfect breasts with beautiful pale pink nipples that stood out in from her body proudly. His hands tightened on the arms of his chair.

“Now, unwind the chain and hand it to me.”

With sparkling eyes, Lilith slowly complied, seeming to take great pleasure in the task. With the chain in hand, Derrick wrapped it around his hand a couple of times and then gave a sudden yank., sending Lilith teetering to regain her balance before falling. Catching herself, she lowered herself quickly to her knees between his spread legs.

“I want you to suck my dick,” Derrick said bluntly, leaning back in the chair, pulling the chain taunt. At the pull, Lilith leaned in closer, her nose buried against the zipper of his pants. When given a little bit of slack, she enthusiastically dragged down the zipper and fished his swollen cock out, pushing down his pants enough to free his balls. His dick was of average size, only about 5 ½ inches, but it was monstrously thick, more like a baseball bat than a penis. It’s head was a large, tight mushroom shape, such a deep red that it bordered on purple. As she leaned over to touch her lips to him, Derrick slid a hand into her short hair, forming a fist, and slowly impaled her hot mouth with his throbbing dick. Opening her mouth extra wide to keep from scraping her teeth against his sensitive rod, she hesitated, but only momentarily. Eagerly, she wrapped her nimble tongue around the swollen head of his cock before sucking ever inch deep within her mouth, to the back of her throat. His pubic hair tickled her nose, but she didn’t have the leisure of thinking about it. With a roughness born of desperation, Derrick had tightened his grip on her scalp and began frantically fucking her face, driving his cock deeper and harder into her waiting mouth. As he began to gasp and groan with each thrust of his hips, Lilith moaned hungrily around her mouthful of dick. The vibrations slithered along his swollen flesh and buried itself deep within his balls, causing them to ache fiercely.

“Oh God, yeah. Suck it all down,” he panted, bucking desperately into her mouth.

As Lil fondled his balls with one hand, she fed off of his arousal, using the fingers of her other hand to furiously rub her clit, sliding back from time and again to plunge into her wet hole to lubricate her fingers. Just as she was on the verge of orgasm, and Derrick’s cock began to swell against her tongue, he suddenly stopped, pulling her head up. With a hand clamped around the base of his jumping dick, Mr. Price looked down at Lil with a face flushed with lust, his cheeks nearly canlı bahis as brightly colored as the head of his organ. When he noticed her fingering herself, he jerked the chain roughly, sending her sprawling across his lap, his wet dick sliding against the side of her face.

“Not yet,” he said tightly.

“Take your panties off,” he said, giving her the length of leash to do so. When she had slid the cotton down, she looked at him questioningly.

“Turn around and slide down your skirt.” Complying, Lilith slid down the small tube of material that covered her, baring her soft white ass to his gaze. Without saying a word, Derrick leaned over and took the cheeks of her ass in his hands, kneading the fleshy globes. With a firm pressure, he urged her down to the floor on her hands and knees. As he slid down onto the tile floor behind her, Derrick bent down to run his wet tongue over the curve of her ass, nipping lightly at the roundness of one cheek. Rewarded with a small yelp and the thrusting back of Lil’s hips, Derrick continued to explore her full posterior.

Moaning at his ministrations, Lilith ground her hips back into his firm hands. She lowered her head, concentrating on the delicious feelings that he was tormenting her with. Gasping in surprise, she arched her back as Mr. Price slid one hand up the inside of her thigh, stroking his long fingers the slickness of the lips of her clean shaven pussy.

“Mmm….please, Mr. Price…….fuck me,” she panted, like a seasoned whore.

In answer to her pleading, Derrick brought back a hand and smacked her smartly on her ass, leaving a bright pink hand print.

“I’ll do what I want with you,” he grunted, squeezing her hips tightly in his firm hands.

Sliding his rough fingers along her ivory skin, he dragged them down the curve of her bottom, pulling the cheeks of her ass apart, bearing the pink and puckered entrance of her anus. Using the slick lubrication from her dripping pussy, he bathed the tiny opening before gripping the shaft of his dick in one hand and gently pushing it against the tightly puckered rose. Arching her back with pleasure, Lilith helped Derrick along, letting him know that this wasn’t a first for her. With a delicious whimper, she shifted her weight back on her knees and leaned into his thick dick. Slowly, his swollen rod disappeared within the recesses of her body, and Lil moaned her pleasure as she felt Derrick slide home and groan deeply in his chest. With his head bent and his brown hair brushing his forehead, he purposefully withdrew and plunged back within, over and over until they were both writhing and incoherent with lust. Dropping to her elbows, Lilith gave him better access to her tight hole as she reached back with one hand to work her swollen clit with wet fingers. As Derrick’s pace picked up and he hammered harder into the warmth of Lil’s welcoming ass, he held her hips in an iron grip.

“Oh yeah, oh baby….fuck me……fuck me!” she cried through gritted teeth as her fingers worked at a feverish pace.

“Oo, mmm…you want it all? Huh, Lil? You want me to cum in your beautiful ass?”

“Yes, yes…..yes…..” she chanted, begging, on the verge of cumming herself. “Uh, Ooo…Derrick, I’m gonna cum,” she moaned, rolling her clit between her thumb and forefinger.

Listening to her hot exclamations and feeling her sweet body gripping his with every dip of his hard dick, Derrick was right on the edge. Holding firm to the strong bones of her hips, Derrick pounded her with a fierceness that was written all over his face as his breath exploded from his lungs and he cried out as his cock jumped within her, shooting hot jets of cum deep within her.

With the sounds of sex in her ears and the roughness of his touch, Lilith found herself hit with a monstrous orgasm, causing her legs to tremble beneath her. Slowly, she slid her heavy arm back up to her other to support her weight as Derrick slowly pumped in and out of her slick ass, the contractions of her body pulling every drop of cum from his erupting penis. After sliding free of her spent form, Mr. Price sat back on his heels, his slacks still around his ankles. With a devilish expression, Lil slid around on her knees to face him. Using the hand that she had employed to get herself off, she ran one slick finger over his lower lip until he greedily sucked the digit into his mouth, sucking it clean of her juices. Leaning over, she pulled her hand away, only to replace it with her mouth, kissing him deeply.

Then, just as there was the threat of an awkward moment, Lilith stood up and gathered her clothes, slipping back into them and straightening her hair.

“See baby, that was just what you needed,” she said as she walked nonchalantly out the door, leaving Mr. Derrick Price sitting in his desk chair with his pants up and shirt undone.

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