Secrets Pt. 02

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Secrets, Part 2

(fetish, chastity, catheter, latex, anal, threesome)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Synopsis: Dave with his own secret fetish, keeps falling for women who have their own secrets.

Read Chapter 1, first.

Meeting up with Neighbor Kathy.

As Dave and Emily spent more and more time together, they wore a path between their back doors, right across the hallway. They were lucky in that their building was quiet and their neighbors, hardly ever travelled past their doors, on their way to the parking garage.

A couple of times they run back and forth between their two condos in the nude in a hurry to retrieve and use the keys that just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. It was always a happy adventure. And they were usually laughing as they ran.

Of course, Emily was never fully exposed. Although her breasts might be bare, her sex was always covered in pink latex. Dave, on the other hand was most often on display in his cage, or even fully uncovered on those rare occasions when he was already unlocked, but Emily wasn’t.

There were a couple of near misses, that left the two of them collapsing behind a hurriedly slammed door, gasping and laughing and hugging at their just missed humiliation.

But, then one Sunday afternoon, with a total lack of situational awareness, they pulled open his door to make a run for her place, where his keys were stashed, and ran right into the woman who lived three doors down from Emily.

And to make matters worse, she was hauling two full bags of groceries. It was as if an explosion had occurred! Bodies and groceries flying everywhere.

The three of them wound up in a tangled mess in the middle of the hallway, surrounded by various food groups.

They had met Kathy on a couple of occasions, when they were fully dressed, passing each other and saying, ‘hello’. But this meeting was on a whole new level.

The three of them slowly began to untangle themselves from the pile of bodies they found themselves in.

As soon as she had recovered from the impact, with no bodily injuries, thank heaven, Kathy got a good look at the naked man and woman who had crashed into her. And her eyes went wide as she surveyed them. Glancing from Emily’s tits to her latex panties, and then to Dave with his shiny, caged cock, she was stunned and astonished.

Emily and Dave were also only slowly recovering from the surprise. Of course, their first action was to beg forgiveness from the poor woman who they realized was the nice lady who lived down the hall. But after only a couple of utterances, it struck them that they were laying on and next to her, naked.

They made things worse, if that was possible, as they scrambled to get to their feet, amongst the cans, and packages and bags.

Kathy found herself sitting, leaning against the wall, watching as the couple fumbled about, mumbling a continuous stream of apologies. She was actually quite entertained, and she began giggling as she reached out and first brushed Emily’s breast and then Dave’s caged cock, as they were raising to their knees beside her.

Dave jumped and fell over as he felt the touch. While Emily froze on her knees. She was the first to actually look Kathy in the eye, and seeing that the victimized woman was actually smiling, and then laughing, she breathed a sigh of relief and then couldn’t help giggling, herself.

When she looked over at her boyfriend, she shifted to laughing too, as he was sprawled, with his ass squashing a loaf of bread and a plastic bag of once-whole tomatoes.

Rather than laugh, he was cursing, mortified. At least until he too got to his knees and had a chance to look at the two women, now sitting side-by-side, laughing at him.

Then, embarrassment set in and he mumbled one more, “I’m sorry.” Before standing and bending to pick up one of the spilled grocery bags, and beginning to refill it. In so doing he quite effectively mooned both women. Who glancing at each other broke into even more uproarious laughter, in unison.

Still laughing, Emily then got to her feet and began helping Dave, while Kathy also stood up, straightening her dress.

“I’m happy to see you two having so much fun. Although I’m jealous.” Kathy said.

Dave remained too humiliated to speak, so Emily took over for the two of them. “We are really sorry about this. We got caught up in our games and forgot to check before we rushed out. We’ll be happy to pay for the damages.”

Kathy just shook her head, smiling all the while. “Oh, it was kind of fun for me. Actually, it still is,” she said as she stood and examined them in all of their glory.

Emily giggled, while Dave blushed, as they izmir escort continued to pick up.

“I have to ask though. What kinds of games are you two playing? I see a chastity device and a pair of latex panties, and it makes me curious as well as horny.”

Emily didn’t know what to say to that. She was now embarrassed, and she knew that Dave was even more so.

With the two of them unresponsive, Kathy took the lead. “Tell you what. You can make it up to me by having dinner with me, at my place tomorrow night and telling me your story. I’ll cook. I’m a single woman, always looking for interesting company, and I’m sure you two are just that.”

Emily smiled. She felt bad about the crash and also that they owed Kathy, some recompense, so she said “Sure. We owe you at last that much.”

Emily saw Dave give her a horrified look, but didn’t think Kathy noticed.

“Great, now you two run along before someone else bumps into you. Oh, and it’s Emily and Dave, right? I just want to make sure I know who just assaulted me.”

When she saw them react as she had expected, she laughed. “Just kidding, I’m fine. There was no assault, just a happy accident. Have a good night.”

Saying that, she took her groceries, or what was left of them and stepped into her condo, closing the door behind her, still chuckling.

Dave and Emily looked at each other for just a second, and then made a mad dash to Emily’s door. Where they had originally headed to retrieve Dave’s keys and free his straining cock. Of course, the poor thing was now shrunk down to its smallest size.

There was no more sex that evening. Instead, they spent their time laughing about the accident, and trying to develop a plan for what to tell Kathy, over dinner the next night.

When Dave tried to talk Emily into letting him go to Kathy’s without his cage, she turned him down, flat.

“Oh no, buster. I’ll be wearing my panties, as I always do, so you’ll be wearing your cage, as you always do.”

He couldn’t argue with her logic, but the idea did make him nervous.

“Besides, Kathy may just want to check on you,” Emily said, with a wicked little smile.

“Oh, no.”

“Lover, it’s the least we can do after you threw that cross-body block into her in the hallway.”

“Me? Wasn’t it you who led the way into that collision?”

And as they continued to argue, good-naturedly, they slowly wound up in each other’s arms, kissing passionately like lovers do.

They actually had a very nice evening, at Kathy’s.

She’s a very good cook, selects nice wines to accompany her food, and is pleasant company. They learned too, that she’s only six years older than they are, an attorney, divorced and lonely, and that she appreciated their fetishes, and the stories they told her about their games. Emily did most of the telling, as after sufficient wine, she in particular is a very sharing guest. Dave, did eventually also join in. And before long Kathy knew far too much, or so he thought.

At one point she even took advantage of the situation to cop a feel of Dave’s groin, smiling happily as she felt his metal-covered cock. “Emily dear, you must really enjoy playing with this thing.” She said, chuckling, and ignoring Dave’s weak protests.

“Oh, I do.”

“I envy you so.” Kathy replied as she released her hold and moved on to refill her glass. “My ex-husband was too much the macho man, and it got to be too much for me. I found that I really prefer more domesticated, guys.”

“Domesticated?” Emily said smiling. “How so.”

Kathy laughed. “I’m not sure if that’s the right term. Neither is docile. What’s the opposite of macho?”

“Trained?” Emily said, laughing. But then she got serious, “how about ‘loving’?”

Kathy nodded, smiling, “I like both of those descriptors.”

Dave remained silent, not sure how to take the women’s banter. He liked the ‘loving’ descriptor, but ‘docile’ and ‘trained’?

It was late when Dave and Emily finally left, holding onto each other for balance. Lucky that they only had a few steps to get to their beds.

As they departed, Kathy gave each of them a long and lingering kiss, and expressed her desire to see them again and often.

Dave’s and Emily’s happy days turned into weeks and before long a second month was drawing to a close.

The two lovers, and they began admitting that they were falling in love, spent all of their time together, outside of work hours. Usually in Dave’s larger place.

They established daily routines they were both comfortable with, and that fit in with their unique sex lives. Dave remained in his chastity cage all week, and during the weekends whenever his cock wasn’t in use. As he was never allowed to masturbate, he was always horny and very focused on Emily whenever she unlocked him, and in between, too.

Dave unlocked Emily’s panties more often, and licked and kissed her to wonderful orgasms, several times per week. On weekends she returned the favor, sucking him until he came. Also, on weekends, he was able to take her in the izmir escort bayan ass, which got them both off.

Of course, sex wasn’t their only activity. They did all of the things lovers do. They ate out regularly, and visited bars and clubs. They both enjoyed hiking, and Emily was pleased that he had no problem accompanying her on window shopping excursions to the nicer malls around town.

A couple of times they dressed up and attended concerts at symphony hall. Dave didn’t particularly appreciate wearing a suit and tie, but like most women, Emily enjoyed getting all dressed up, and Dave did appreciate how beautiful she looked when she did.

It was all good. And they were very happy together.

One evening, they again had dinner with Kathy. On that occasion Emily really opened up and shared the full details of her handicap and the solution she’d grown to like.

At one point, she even held up her skirt so Kathy could get a good look at her catheter valve and even her rear plug.

Too much information, as far as Dave was concerned, but it was Emily’s story to tell.

He just sat quietly and allowed the two women to talk. Until, that is, they began a discussion over the plug in Emily’s ass. Then he started to get both aroused and embarrassed. It was just too strange to watch his girlfriend, describing sex and enemas with a woman they didn’t really know all that well. And to see that woman so very fascinated with that every erotic aspect of their private lives.

The more Emily talked, though, the more comfortable she felt, telling her secrets to her new friend. Kathy seemed receptive and interested, and sympathetic and even a little aroused, if Emily wasn’t mistaken. She could see herself becoming good friends with her neighbor. She decided that she liked having someone like Kathy to share her feelings with.

Once again, Dave and Emily staggered back to his place very late. It was certainly convenient to have a friend who lived so close.

Per usual, Dave was in bed well before Emily as it took her so long to complete her cleansing ritual. When she did finally join him, Dave kissed her and then brought up his concerns. “Didn’t it feel kind of strange? How interested Kathy was in your catheter, panties and plug?”

“Well, I think she’s lonely and horny and kind of kinky, too. And I like her a lot. I feel very comfortable with her. So, no, I didn’t think it was strange.”

She kissed him back.

“You know, as we were leaving and she hugged and kissed me, she whispered in my ear, ‘how about a threesome?” Emily said, in a whisper.

“Really?” he asked. And he could feel his cock rising at the thought. Despite his earlier misgivings about their nosey neighbor, she was attractive and sexy, so the thought of a three-way with her and Emily was fascinating, to say the least.

Emily looked at him and laughed as she sensed his sudden interest in their girlfriend, and her idea.

“Hold on, there bud. I like her, but I’ve never tried sex with a woman, and I’m not sure I want to. And I’m also not happy thinking about watching my boyfriend have sex with her either.”

He looked at her guiltily. “I love you. Not Kathy, but…” And he trailed off, not sure how to handle this situation.

“Yah, but…” she giggled. “Of course, I could just keep you locked up. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about you misusing that cock of ours.”

“Ours?” he asked. Then without waiting for an answer. “Keep me locked up? That wouldn’t be any fun.”

“Hah, no fun for you, perhaps, although you do seem to enjoy putting your tongue to good use. So, Kathy and I would be able to have a good time.”

She smiled and kissed him, before adding, “and since I own the key to your cage, I own your cock, too.”

And then she crawled on top of him and they settled in for the night cuddling and kissing until they fell asleep.

Several days later, Kathy called to invite them to get together once again. Emily agreed, enthusiastically, but suggested that they all go out for dinner and drinks to a club on Thursday night.

She thought she detected a touch of disappointment in Kathy’s response, but she did agree to the idea, so the two of them made plans for a dinner date. Emily knew that Dave would be pleased.

After work on Thursday, Dave and Emily took a quick shower together, and then dressed and met up with Kathy in the hallway.

She looked great. Dressed in a sexy knit dress that hugged her curves and showed off her long legs.

Dave knew that she had never had kids so she hadn’t lost her figure that way, and even though she was several years older than the two of them. She easily fit in, as she looked like she was her late twenties.

He couldn’t help think about spending a night with her and Emily. And that made his cock strain in its cage. He knew with these two, he had to maintain control and hide his bulge, lest he get a ration of shit from them. Damn!

The party of three enjoyed dinner and each other’s company. Dave felt lucky to be sitting with two gorgeous escort izmir women, among a crowd made up mainly of pairs and single guys.

When the band cranked up and people started dancing. Several of the young studs tried to get either Emily or Kathy to dance with them. But they were consistently turned down. Instead, Dave was regularly drafted to dance with one or the other. And sometimes both.

It was exhausting, but he enjoyed it immensely. Especially when he and Kathy were caught on the floor when the band decided to insert a slow-dance song in the middle of the set. Kathy, smoothly snuggled up to him and he held her as they danced close. Partway through the song, Kathy snaked an arm down along his side and then between their bodies so she could grab hold of his cage, through his pants.

He missed a step and coughed, to hide his reaction. Kathy smiled and held on, gently massaging his metallic bulge.

She whispered in his ear. “Did Emily mention my idea?”

“Yes,” he gasped.

“Do you like the idea?”


“Good,” she said, before giving him one last squeeze before removing her hand.

She gave him a nice kiss, and a little tongue before they split up and headed back to the table.

Emily sensed something was off when Dave sat back down next to her, but as he settled down, and adjusted himself to sit more comfortably she left it alone.

He begged off when a few minutes later Emily asked him to dance.

Hearing his refusal, Kathy volunteered, so the two women headed out. Leaving him to rest and drink. And fantasize about a three-way with Kathy and his lover.

Eventually the two women returned, giggling and holding hands, and looking at Dave like they had something planned.

He hoped so. But didn’t dare ask.

They called it quits soon thereafter and headed back to their condos.

When they arrived outside Dave’s door, Kathy kissed them each goodbye, and they were lengthy and loving kisses, before she headed down the hallway to her place. Partway down, she stopped and turned. “Emily, my dear, call me. Please.”

“I will. Soon. Sweet dreams, honey.”

Closing the door to his place, he asked with a snicker, “sweet dreams? What do you suppose she’ll be dreaming of?”

“Why, the same thing you’ll be dreaming of. Sex between the three of us.”

He smiled and kissed her. “Is that a fantasy that we can fulfill?”

She reached over and grabbed his caged cock, very much like Kathy had. And immediately he grew hard. Holding him she leaned in and kissed him. Then whispered in his ear, “probably.”

“Oh goodie.” He replied before they walked into the bedroom, to prepare for bed.

As they snuggled under the covers, Emily whispered, dreamily, “yes, I really did enjoy that kiss. There’s something special about kissing a woman with lipstick on soft lips.”

“I know.” Dave said, before grabbing her and kissing her.

They finished off their night with a lot more intimacy before sleep came.

It was just a few days later, when Dave called Emily, during the workday.

“Hey, would you like to go to a baseball game tomorrow? A friend at work just gave me a pair of tickets to the Saturday matinee game, downtown.”

“I can’t. tomorrow my nurse is coming by, to replace my catheter. We’ve done this so often; we’ve become friends so she makes house calls.”


“Yes, although it’s a special design, it still has to be replaced every three months.”

“I’m sorry. It must be difficult.”

“I’m used to it. It’s just part of my life.” She said, shaking her head, sadly.

“I wish you didn’t have to go through this. I wish there was something I could do,” he said.

And she could tell he really meant it. He did seem to love her. And that made her love him even stronger.

On Saturday morning after breakfast, Jill, Emily’s nurse friend showed up at her door with a bag of medical supplies. Dave said ‘hi’ and then took off, headed for a run to the hardware to buy supplies for a project in his condo. Or so he said.

As he drove, he cursed the Gods for the trick they’d played on Emily’s body. It bothered him that he couldn’t really make love to her in a normal fashion. Oh, he enjoyed their kinky games, but longed for a simple fuck, with his girl.

When he returned, Jill was gone and Emily was fine. Happy enough with her catheter, and back in her latex panties.

It was on the following weekend that they got together with Kathy for dinner and some much-anticipated fun.

Dave ordered Chinese take-out and when he returned to his place, with the food, Kathy was already inside, chatting amicably with Emily.

She looked spectacular, in a very revealing dress, high heels and elaborate makeup.

“Wow. I thought this was a casual affair.” Dave said as he walked past them, giving the lovely woman a peck on the cheek.

She gave him a pat on the ass in return. “I was so looking forward to tonight, I got a little carried away, wanting to look my best.”

“You look beautiful.” Emily spoke up. And she was thinking, what she knew Dave was. She wanted to enjoy a night of sex with her new friend. She was a little nervous. She’s never tried sex with a woman, or a threesome, either. But the more she had thought about it, and fantasized about it, the more she liked the idea. Why not?

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