Scot’s Daughters

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Disclaimer: This is NOT to be taken literally in any way. This is nothing but mind porn. Forget Freud; incest erotica is not really about fucking your family. In my judgment it’s really just a lazy plot device meant to create a short-cut between the intense emotions of people who love each other, thus making their sexual union more emotionally charged and true-ringing. Instead of using long descriptions to gradually make people who’s just met each other grow intimate, you use people who’s lived together for years and already know each other intimately. Presto!


Scot had two daughters, both still living at home. Flat-chested Tammi was 21 and petite Tiffany was 18.

Tammi was a sex fiend. Not long ago she’d approached her father matter-of-factly, asking him outright during a cozy father-daughter talk (when her mother was away) whether he’d ever thought about what it would be like to have sex with her.

He hadn’t, but she pressed on: wouldn’t he like to know how it felt? After some pussyfooting around, he admitted that the idea appealed to him.

At this point, he didn’t seriously believe she would attempt to go through with it. But they talked about sex, and when they went to bed – separately – it was obvious that both of them were hot and bothered and would probably fantasize that very night about having sex with each other.

After Scot had gone to sleep, Tammi simply decided it was no use waiting, so she went into her parents’ bedroom and got into bed with her father.

Tammi was naked, and she crept quietly into bed so Scot wouldn’t wake up right there. Then she cuddled up to him, hoping that he would react instinctively as if it was his wife on any normal night.

He did. Even when Tammi reached down to cop a feel of her father’s penis, he started breathing heavily without waking up – and the boner wasn’t long in coming.

So Tammi poured on the heat. She went down on him and took his semi-swelled male shaft into her mouth. Very quickly daddy’s penis got quite a bit harder, and he woke up to the feel of his daughter’s soft tongue licking the family jewels.

His first reaction was that it must be his wife doing it, but he soon realized that something wasn’t right.

He looked up, and for a while couldn’t make the image of his daughter match the reality of the act she was in the middle of.

But when he did understand, he let out a yell.

“Tammi! What are you doing!” He demanded. She lifted her head and said “I’m doing what we both want. Don’t deny it – lay back and enjoy it!”

Scot made as if he wanted to say something more, but gave it up. Trembling, he leaned back and found that he could quite easily surrender to the pleasurable sensation. He allowed himself this stint of incestuous fellatio, and closed his eyes.

Tammi, of czech super models porno/ course, wouldn’t settle for a blow-job, so without much warning at all she straddled her father’s glistening, rigid manhood and sank herself down on its shaft before Scot even realized what she was doing.

When he felt it – and it was a quite different feeling, Tammi being very tight – his eyes flew open, and for several seconds he just gawked at his impaled daughter in complete astonishment.

“My God!! Tammi – let’s not… we can’t do this… please… I… I…”

But Tammi would not be budged. Her hips pistoned up and down on her dear father’s shaft, which by the way was in no doubt as to what it wanted.

She locked her eyes on his, smiled wickedly, and extended her tongue as she moved her face up close to her father’s.

“Kiss me”, she mumbled passionately, and connected their two mouths.

Scot was still stunned, but natural response was taking over. His hips were wildly set on thrusting into Tammi’s pussy; it was a feeling of animalistic gratification mixed with the taboo of the extremely forbidden, and his mental protestations one by one died away into nothingness.

Oh how he wanted to just madly fuck his daughter! So he did. And did. And did. And…

“Awwwwooooooaaaarrrrrhhhh!!!!” He orgasmed inside of her with a force he’d never suspected himself capable of, his hips bucking wildly and savagely against his daughter’s sexy groin.

He wouldn’t have been surprised if the blast of roiling semen had blown Tammi clean off of him, but she rode this bull like a born cowgirl and stayed on top of him long enough to undergo a long, exquisite ecstasy of her own, throwing her head back and forth, left and right, with wild abandon as the pleasure rose from her clit and spread like molten volcanic lava throughout the rest of her body.

The next morning Tammi got up while Scot was still asleep, resolved to pretend for a while that it was like any other morning, wanting to tease her father into believing that it was all a one-time thing which would never be referred to again.

She couldn’t keep up the charade for long, though.

She’d gotten her younger sister, Tiffany, into the whole idea from the get-go, and that afternoon, as the three of them sat watching a good movie on TV, 18-year-old Tiffany innocently asked, “Dad? I think it’s unfair that you’ve only fucked Tammi. I want you to fuck me, too.”

Scot looked at Tiffany in horror, pale-faced and looking like his heart might stop. Then her looked at Tammi, who looked back all innocently.

Then Scot’s face reddened, and he understood that they had planned this together. Not that he liked it, though. For a split second he believed it was all just a joke, but his better czech tax porno judgment told him it was not.

Sighing, he sat back on the couch, finding it extremely difficult to meet the girls’ gaze. His daughters, however, sat on either side of him, and started caressing him while cooing sexily.

He shook his head, but knew that, deep inside, he was insanely turned on, and he was going to let them do this to him.

“God! Tiffany?! Such a sexual creature so soon?” he thought to himself. “Well, if the girls are the ones taking the initiative, I guess there’s no way this will hurt them.”

Tammi put her hand in Scot’s pants, rubbing his swelling cock-flesh. “We want to have a little fun,” she said to him.

Then she pulled forth a piece of cloth and blind-folded Scot. “Now you have to use your imagination,” she told him.

The two girls made their father stand up, and then led him into the kitchen. On the counter, Tiffany sat herself up and rolled up her skirt. She was pantyless underneath.

She pulled her legs up and spread them so as to make Scot’s access to her pussy as easy as possible. She licked her lips. Tammi then steered their father in the right direction.

As he stood directly in front of Tiffany, Tammi took his hand and put it on Tiffany’s pussy. “Here, feel this,” she husked.

And he did. Standing stiff with excitement and hesitation, Scot ran his hand over his youngest daughter’s downy pussy, felt its warmth, its wetness and its sweet odor. He gently inserted his middle finger into the tightness of her young vagina, marveling at its beckoning, aromatic softness.

His penis jumped every time a beat of his heart infused it with blood, and he sweated and panted as if the air had suddenly become as hot and dry as in a desert.

“Do you want to see what you’re feeling?,” Tammi asked. Scot hesitated, knowing how hard it would be to look Tiffany into the eyes after his not-quite-unashamed groping of her privates, but he relented, and nodded.

Tammi removed the blind-fold, and Scot got a visual shock as he saw his youngest daughter like he’d never seen her before: Sitting on the kitchen counter, naked except for a token skirt, the nipples of her cute, smallish breasts standing at attention, her legs spread widely and lewdly apart, with her young blond-haired pussy pink and open to his stare and his touch.

He nearly buckled as he sew this vision. Reluctantly, he met her eyes. She was grinning at him with lust painted across her face – not a daughterly look at all. And yet, somewhere behind it all, the innocence and familiarity of his own flesh and blood daughter was looking at him.

Something in him screamed that this is wrong wrong wrong, but he knew that such objections were far too late now. The threshold had been defloration porno crossed. But somehow he still found it difficult to move. The whole thing was so… unreal.

Impatiently, Tammi offered a helping hand. She gently pointed her father’s trembling erection in the right direction, and lightly but insistently pushed him forward.

Just at the entrance, she stopped – and her judgment was perfect. The next tiny yet crucial step was up to Scot. If he took it, there would be no turning back.

Scot’s raging hard-on was out of control, it’s purple head demanding its due. He took the step, and crossed the point of no return. Panting with exasperation, he grabbed his youngest daughter’s hips and slowly, ever so slowly, ever so gently, prodded her soft vaginal lips with the head of his steel-hard shaft, savoring the feeling of the velvet female tissue just before he pressed onward into the tight but slippery canal.

Then, impossibly, he was inside. A final push, taking him in to the hilt, consummated the physical union. This was the moment when the trespass was complete; this was the moment when the memory of consummated incest became forever a part of their lives.

Scot then started the slow stroking. Pulling out, pushing in, pulling out, pushing in… the red, wet vaginal walls of his 18-year-old daughter were throbbing, their muscles oscillating, and she breathed in little whimpers of extreme pleasure and passion as the genital friction proceeded.

She hugged him tight and her petite body felt as if it was almost absorbed into his as his penis buried itself deep inside his teenage daughter’s flesh.

Quickly, his climax approached, and he was too far gone to even try and slow it down. So the moves and the breathing and the whimpers sped up, as Scot unrelentingly pummeled his daughter.

Tiffany in turn used his excitement to increase her own, and as Scot’s orgasm welled up in him, she drew from its power, too.

How can the ecstasy of an unrestrained climax deep inside your own, sex-oozing daughter ever hope to be described? Undulating waves of hot tickles; a sex itch that spreads throughout the body; a supreme instinctive power of sheer sensation taking you over, controlling your moves to ensure the completion of the procreational imperative.

In the end, the infinite emotional and sexual sweetness Scot felt as he made hard love to the flesh of his flesh sent him over the edge, explosively exhausting his white fluid, saturating his daughter’s loins with the fruits of his own.

In part blurry passion and part despairing shame at the unspeakable act, Scot moaned out his supreme sexual pleasure as he unloaded himself into sweet, sweet Tiffany in quaking burst after quaking burst.

“Uuurrrrrgghhhh, ourrrrrrgghhhhh, aarrhhrrrrrrr, yaaaarrghhhhhh!”

As he hazily dislodged his slimy shaft from his youngest daughter’s pussy, Scot finally realized, and accepted, that everything was different now. The time for regrets was past.

After that, nothing was forbidden. Scot could take his daughters, and they him, anytime, anywhere, as long as no one else were around…

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