Sarah’s Big Backdoor B-Day Ch. 02

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Backdoor Sarah 2: Anus The Menace!

The three of them had stopped by the bakery for donuts and coffee on their way to work, and were leering at her from aside the service counter. Sarah had her back to them as she set the pastry tray down, keenly aware of their presence. She knew exactly what they were gawking at. Even in her black, ill fitting work pants her highly packable little pumpkin butt could easily command the attention of the average horny male.

Deciding to have some fun with her admirers, she reached back, picking her thong undies from her butt crack, really digging in, and then wiped her powdered sugar coated hands on her ass cheeks. She snuck a quick side glance to meet their gaze, offering them just the faintest implication of a cheek spreading motion, topped off with a few quick smacks on the sides of her slender yet shapely hips. With her head turned to prevent them from seeing her sly grin, she bent at the knees to grab a towel from a lower shelf, pushed her butt out, presenting her best asset to them. Too bad they didn’t stop by for hot dogs, she mused. She would’ve gladly provided the buns, especially if they were packing cheese filled foot-longs.

She had awoken this morning from a most sensuous dream. In it, she entered the bakery where she works, only not as an employee, but a customer. Two men waited on her, and when she ordered a coffee, one of them winked at her and asked if she preferred cream. Of course, she had replied, and took a seat by the front window. When she took a bite of a custard filled pastry, she found to her surprise that it was instead nearly filled to the bursting point with warm, gelatinous semen. The two men watched her take bite after bite, the moist smacking sounds of her chewing, licking her lips and fingertips as she savored her gooey treat. Then the two were standing alongside her, their erect cocks face level with her. Her appetite was considerable. Maybe they could glaze her face like a donut? That was when she heard her mom calling to her from downstairs to get up so she wouldn’t be late for work.

Today was going to be a special Saturday indeed, a foursome! It would mark the third time she’d be sodomized by Tommy. She absolutely loved his enormous horse cock stuffed up her little derriere. Her best friend Laura would be there too, and better still, so would Tommy’s hung friend Clayton! Being the little butt slut she was, they were going to tag-team hammering her petite ass with their big dicks. She’d been moist all morning in anticipation. It would also be the first time Laura took Tommy’s monster cock in her ass also…oh, lucky day for her, she thought. Laura had been so jealous.

Her life had felt like a dreamscape ever since receiving Tommy’s present on her nineteenth birthday. It had been the most incredible sexual experience ever! At her request, he had ruthlessly butt fucked her with his thirteen inch long, seven inch around schlong. Her greedy little butthole, not even the size of a dime, had been thoroughly ravaged, and she came harder than ever, through and beyond the stratosphere. Although she had been sore the following morning, the discomfort was surprising mild given the merciless pummeling her tiny anus had taken. By the time she had showered and got moving the discomfort had dissipated. After volleyball practice she went to the mall, and by late afternoon her little bungus was horny for another round of anal pounding that only a horse cock the size of Tommy’s could deliver. What could she say, she was a butt slut after all. She may not have known much, but she knew that to be true above all else. She recalled the events of last week, waiting for him to call. He’d finally come through Monday, catching her by surprise on the way to volleyball practice.

“Hey Sarah. How’s things?”

“Good, baby. On my way to practice right now. I was beginning to wonder if I’d hear from you.”

“Ya know, you had me so dazed the other night, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday…so, happy birthday, Sarah. I really enjoyed giving you your present.”

“Auh…Baby, you really gave it to me alright! You made my wish come true,” she said with a horny giggle. “I had so much fun. It was awesome.” She was thrilled to hear his voice again and immediately felt that special tingle of anticipation in her bottom. “My present was amazing! Thanks.”

He laughed. “As an afterthought, I probably should’ve tied a bow around it before delivering it up your ass, right?”

“That would’ve been perfect! Really though, it’s by far the best birthday present I’ve ever had. Laura really had fun too,” she added. He’d better be calling to invite me over this week, she thought. She was sitting in her car, stopped at a red light.

“Did you really mean it, that I’m the only girl who can take it all in her ass, cause, I mean, it’s okay if I’m not. I’m sure other girls have, you know, would like to try too, cause you have such a great cock. And you don’t need to tell me that if it’s not exactly true …but you did me in the ass so good…”

“Yes Sarah, it’s true. Calm down,” he interrupted her. “You officially hold the reigning title. I know other girls erotik film izle who enjoy it, but you’re the only one who can take all of it.”

She withdrew the phone from her face and made a YES! motion. “I’m the only one who took all of what…where?” she asked, masking a giggle.

“You are such a dirty little thing, you know that?”

“Yes, I do know that. Took all of what…?” she persisted, enjoying their playful banter.

“You Sarah, are the only girl who can take my entire cock up her ass repeatedly…”

“And love it!” She beat him to the punch. They were both laughing now.

“Damn right, and you better be inviting me over to pound me again. My little ass is hungry for your monster meat, Tommy.”

Realizing what an anal whore she must sound like, she felt a slight blush wash over her face. What the hell, she though, I’m finally having some real fun and I’m going to enjoy myself. She was aware of how ridiculous she likely sounded to him but didn’t care. He was so cool, he could play her just right. She shifted anxiously in her car seat, unable to wait for the next time he’d shove his huge cock up her butt again.

“Well, there’s another reason I’m calling, Sarah. I saw an old friend over the weekend, right, and I’m telling him about this hot little fuckin’ blonde volleyballer from Jefferson High …this little princess butt slut who loves nothing more than huge cock in her ass…”

“Yeppers, that’s me,” she added.

“…and this buddy of mine, well, let’s just say it piqued his interest quite a bit, if you follow.”

She was all aglow as her mouth fell open, heart pounding in her chest with excitement. Was this going where she thought it was? “Okay, yes…and..?”

“Now I hope you won’t be upset, but my buddy Clayton, he’s an ex football player, he’s black, and older. He’s got a thing for white meat, ya know. He’s got a big ole anaconda, and I mean big. I showed him your picture and….”

She couldn’t believe she was hearing his words correctly. Her thighs were quivering, pussy moistening, anus tingling. Being sodomized by a hung black man had long been one of her favorite fantasies, and her mind was now filled with visions of a big, black dong wrenching in and out of her petite white ass. Awash in desire she decided it would be better to pull over onto a side street and park to finish this important call.

“…and he got real excited when I told him about you, what your specialty is. So I was wondering if your sweet little rump could use some extra anal-intensive TLC?”

Her mind boggled over this wonderful offer that came out of the blue. Everything felt otherworldly, but then, her life had taken on a surreal cast over the past few weeks. She was so through dating boring nice guys like her previous boyfriend, Steve. Guys like him always developed crushes or fell in love with her. In fact, most boys she knew or had dated seemed pathetic next to Tommy. Too predictable, too sensitive. She used to try to deny that she preferred the attention of jerks and jocks over nice guys or artistic types, which was ironic given she was something of a jock herself. However, she was no longer in denial over what she was looking for in men.

First Tommy, and now his hung friend wanted to sodomize her too. She must’ve made quite an impression on him if he was recommending her to his friends! He’d better not be teasing me, she thought. Although she loved how he was so crude with her. He effortlessly new exactly what she really wanted, something most guys were clueless about. That he was so casually blunt with her, her all encompassing desire for huge backdoor sex, and didn’t reserve himself around her or hesitate the way most guys would, made the difference. Well, that, and of course his enormous horse cock jammed up her little ass. Outwardly she knew the impression people had of her was that of the average, cute blonde next door who played volleyball, worked at the bakery and would go off to college next fall. Tommy, however, really understood her, which allowed her to further nurture her inner butt slut cravings. The magic bonus was that he also had the goods to deliver. And then some. She could barely form her response imagining the two hung jocks taking turns butt fucking her with their huge cocks.

“Oh, Tommy, yes, I’d really…”

“Really?” he cut her off. “You? Are you sure you’d like a big black cock up your ass?” he ribbed her sarcastically.

“Yes, don’t tease me. You know my ass would love the extra TLC. How big is he? What’s his name again, Clayton? How big is big? Like yours?” Oh please say yes, she thought. She was salivating, her voice wavering. He had her eating from the palm of his hand, and they both knew that as a size queen who demanded butt slammings of Herculean size and effort, she was helpless in the face of such gloriously wanton temptation.

“Huge, baby. You’ll go ga-ga over it. Doesn’t quite have all my length, but equally thick, if not more so. We’ve, auh, dated the same girls before, frat parties, you know” he said with a wicked chuckle. “He’ll definitely tap your ass big time, Sarah. You game?”

“Yeah, of course. film izle But I want both of you.”

“I know baby. Yeah, it’ll be both of us. Don’t worry. Bring Laura along too, that little girl needs some major ass fucking.”

She giggled. “Well Duh! Yeah, she’s been so jealous since you didn’t do her on my birthday too. Cool! …two monster cocks. Oh my god I don’t believe this. And maybe we could try to get both of you in my ass at the same time?”

“You don’t ask for much, do you?” he replied in astonishment over her outlandish suggestion. “Yeah, Clay and I have DP’d a few chicks before. But both of us up your ass at once? …you won’t shit right for a week, baby.”

Snickering, she could tell she caught him off guard. “Good. Then it’s settled. You’ll both fuck my ass together. Both of your big cocks in my ass at the same time,” she excitedly emphasized, knowing that it would take her beyond her limits.

“That’s what I like about you Sarah, you don’t hold back and always force things in the opposite direction of where they’d typically go. You’re a very rare girl. You were really incredible the other night…your little ass literally devoured me. I’ve never had better. Seriously, and I don’t impress easily. And Clay, man. Clayton can’t wait to tap your ass. Oh, also, could you send me some of those pictures Laura took so I can forward them on to him? He wants to see your little ass all overstuffed and stretched out.”

She was swelling with pride, beaming as she absorbed his high praise. Her anus felt ticklish. “Well thanks, Tommy. Sure, I’ll foward them to ya.” She looked at the dashboard clock. “Shit. I’m supposed to be at practice in ten minutes…but I’m so horny I can’t think straight. When are we getting together? Soon, I hope…”

“Clayton can’t make it until next week. How about a week from this Saturday, around noon-ish at my place?”

“You know I’ll be there, Laura too. But…can I see you before then? Tommy, that’s over a week away.”

“You need it that bad? Hell, I would’ve thought you’d still be walking funny after your birthday present last Friday night.”

“Ha-ha. Very funny. Nope, guess you didn’t slam me hard enough baby, cause while I was shopping the next day all I could think about was having it again.”

“Well, my dorm is out tonight cause my roomie will be there. Do you want me to meet you someplace?”

“Meet me at my parents house in ninety minutes. I’ll be done with practice by then. Don’t worry, they won’t be home.” After providing him with the address she raced off to volleyball practice.

* * *

Afterward in the girls locker room, she overheard two of her teammates talking about anal sex. Must be something in the air, she thought, measuring her feelings of coinicidence as she listened to Annie talk to Amy about her boyfriend DJ.

“That’s disgusting!” Michelle exclaimed, overhearing their conversation. “I’d never let a guy do that! Gross.” A few of the girls immediately signalled their agreement. Sarah could never figure out why girls were taught to hate anal sex.

Amy chimed in to defend Annie. “It’s not disgusting. When I was seeing Dan he fingered my ass twice while I went down on him, and I loved it. I wanted more. I was always hoping he’d give it to me back there but he never did.”

There were a few laughs among them as no one was expecting to hear such a pro-backdoor declaration from shy little Amy.

Annie was cleaning her glasses, expounding upon her newfound anal interest. Her first time had been in her boyfriend’s car, lying stomach down in the backseat. She had asked him to do it to her, and from first insertion the hook had been deep. She’d been requesting it a lot over the past two months.

Michelle, however, wasn’t about to concede. There was an accusatory venom in her tone as she bit off her words with tightly pursed lips.

“It’s not normal. Your ass isn’t made for that, you know. It’s sick! That’s where you shit. Only freaky pervs and homos do it like that. And sluts,” the barb clearly directed at Annie.

Her harsh criticism stung Annie, who now appeared quite uncomfortable and alone, standing there with her head down, water droplets running off her glasses. Sarah had heard just about enough of Michelle. She’d heard similar tirades from her before on bus trips to out of town tournaments. She set the shampoo bottle down and stepped toward her as she was self righteously chastising Annie’s anal preference.

“Listen you hateful cunt, leave her alone. If she likes it backdoor than that’s how she likes it. What does it matter to you anyhow…it’s like cause you hate it you think everyone else has to hate it too just to justify your own prejudice. Why can you hate something you know nothing about?”

The entire locker room had grown silent except for the sounds of the shower heads spraying water against tiles and naked flesh. They were all thinking the same thing: first Annie’s strange admission, then Amy had spoken up, and now Sarah was stepping into the spotlight. What had gotten into everyone?

Michelle delivered one of her trademark eye-rolls. “Oh, and I suppose you take seks filmi izle it up the poop chute too?” She spat the words out.

“Yes I do, and I love it. It’s okay Annie,” she consoled her teammate. “I know exactly where you’re at, what you’re experiencing. My first time was awesome too, and ever since I’ve preferred it to regular sex. Don’t listen to her. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” she motioned to Michelle.

Annie’s hurt expression from Michelle’s cruel words began to fade from her face. She looked at Sarah gratefully. Hearing her defend anal sex made her feel less weird for liking it up the butt as much as she did.

Michelle softened some. “I mean, why? Doesn’t it hurt? Isn’t it, like, messy? What do you possibly get out of taking it up the butt?”

“Unbelievable pleasure, that’s what! It’s the best. It’s a lot of deeply satisfying pressure. And then you open up and cum your brains out. It’s awesome, like a challenge to push your limits. And it’s not messy like you mean if you time it right. But yeah, it’s messy in other ways…the good ways sex is supposed to be.”

Some of the girls were noticeably uneasy and grossed out, while others stared glassy eyed, their attention held rapt. For good or bad she had struck a nerve among them. Openly declaring your preference for backdoor sex was still a major taboo in our society, Sarah thought bitterly. If you indicated you liked taking it up the ass, you were social pariah. Why? It was so unfair. Annie had been so brave and open minded to even bring it up as she had.

“Yeah, like you’re really being filled up too much. And it somehow feels wrong, and that makes it feel so right, so exciting” Annie offered.

“Definitely,” Sarah replied. “Filled up is the key. I’ve even had it with a guy whose cock is this big,” she said while holding her hands a foot apart, “and this big around. It’s the best.”

Annie’s eyes widened as a mischievous grin spread across her face. Her hands had slid down and back, slightly cupping her buttocks. “Oh wow…that big? I’ll bet it is the best.” The lenses on her glasses were fogging over.

“No way. Bullshit,” Michelle exclaimed, not buying a word of it. Defiant as ever.

“And why would I lie? …and guess who I’m going to meet when I leave here?” she said, smiling at Michelle.

“Whatever,” Michelle said, rolling her eyes upward again as she strutted off. It occurred to Sarah that Michelle was one of those pinched up haters who always needed someone to attack. Most of her team had finished showering and began returning to the locker room. But Annie was still daydreaming about the cock size Sarah had indicated with her hands.

“Really?” she implored, unable to disguise the zealous want of her tone, “it’s really that big? Wow. Is it better than with a regular sized one? Because DJ’s, his is pretty big, or, I thought it was…but honestly, nothing against him, but I could definitely handle a much bigger one. A really big one would be nice, like the size you’re talking about. I mean, I’d get a lot more out of it that way.” She looked slightly embarrassed.

Sarah comforted her. “Auh, sweety. There’s no shame in being greedy in the size department. Like I always say, size does matter. Definitely. If you really want that over-stuffed sensation for backdoor sex, you have to find a backdoor man with an extra large one who really knows how to use it. I can talk to my friend Tommy though if you want. He’s a junior at Madison. Not the cutest guy, but with a cock like his it doesn’t matter. You could probably hook up with him. I’ll give him your number if you want.”

“You don’t mind sharing?”

“No. We’re just friends with bennies. No strings attached.”

“Oh would you, Sarah? Thanks! Yeah, that would be great!” She grew a bit pensive. “Well, I’ve never cheated on DJ before, but still…it’s really that big?” she asked again, smiling as she imagined such a gigantic dong stretching her butthole, the forbidden pleasure she would bask in as the giant cock devestated her anus. Sarah recognized the desire in her eyes and went on to explain some of the finer points of being a Backdoor Girl. Annie was excited and admittedly somewhat relieved as she realized she wasn’t the only girl desperately in need of the intense butt love only an extra large cock could provide. As they dressed, Sarah imagined how good Annie’s fanny would look with Tommy’s huge dong plowing in and out of it. If they did hook up, Annie was going to be a very happy, lucky backdoor girl.

* * *

Sarah answered the door in a t-shirt and pink undies. Once inside he embraced her, kissing her fully while one hand slipped down her backside, found the back of her undies, two fingers finding her hiney hole. As she led him upstairs to her room he stopped her to put his tongue in her ass, driving her wild as doing so reminded her of her first butt fucking her sophomore year at a post game rally. Inside her room she closed the door, handed him a tube of Vaseline and bent over the edge of her bed. He grabbed her by her undies, hard, twisting the material over two fingers, pulling them taut into her crotch, around her thighs, exposing her tiny ass crack. She whimpered in anticipation as his grip on her panties lifted her little tushy slightly upward toward his already fully erect cock. He could tell she desperately required a severe ramming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32