Sammy’s Birthday Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: As stated in the previous chapter, all characters in the following story are 18 years of age or above.


I awoke sharply with a sweaty brow. Groggily looking over to the bedside table, my eyes squinted at the LED numbers on my small alarm clock. As my eyes adjusted, I could faintly read out ’10:37 am’. Midmorning light poured through the parted curtains. My skin chafed against the crinkled and rolled suit I’d yet to remove from the previous night. I didn’t drink that much last night did I? My head told me otherwise, giving a sharp jab every few seconds. I unsteadily stripped off my formal attire and placed it atop the chest of drawers sitting across the room. I picked out an old pair of khaki shorts and a red flannel shirt together, not bothering to button it up.

My nose led me down the hall to the smell of sizzling bacon. Mandy stood over the stove in a tight white blouse and grey track pants, leaving very little to the imagination.

“Morning sweetheart.” I said, walking up behind her.

“Morning honey, I made you bacon and eggs if you want some.” It doesn’t get much better than that. I put my arms around her, giving her a soft kiss on the neck.

“This is the reason I married you.” I chuckled.

“I thought you married me just for my good looks.” she said sarcastically.

“Yeah, those too.” I made my way over to the fridge and poured myself a glass of orange juice.

“How’s your head feeling.”

“Been worse.” I said, grabbing my plate of heaven off the counter and setting it down on the table. Mandy let out a small giggle. “Do you remember that one time with all your old work mates, you know, when…”

“Oh Christ, don’t remind me.” I sputtered. She giggled a lot louder. A few minutes passed until Sammy sauntered into the room. She was wearing a fitting pink tank top along with a pair of little denim shorts that barely even covered her ass cheeks. My comfort seemed to shatter as I scrounged together what memories I had left of the previous night.

“Morning mum, morning Daddy.” She said chirpily, giving a guilty little smile my way. She’d obviously not forgotten what happened last night either.

“H-hey kiddo” I stuttered.

“Breakfast’s on the counter darling.” Mandy said with a smile.

“Thanks mum, I’m starving.” She said gratefully. I couldn’t help but notice how much her ass looked like her mothers, except more… sort of plump and round. I mentally scolded myself for staring. What was wrong with me? I recomposed myself as she sat down.

“So, um, how’d you sleep?” I asked.

“Yeah, uh, not too bad Daddy. I had this weird dream that kept me up a little…”

“What kind of dream?” her mother queried.

“Ohh um, nothing special really…” She looked down at her plate and continued eating. Breakfast continued much the same if not a little awkwardly for the remainder of the meal until Sammy finished off her plate and stood up. “I’m gonna go shower, gotta meet Jasmine later.” She walked off out the room, a little more rush in her step.

“What’s up with her lately?” Mandy asked turning her gaze at me as she left the table.

“Wouldn’t have a clue.” I said, feeling oddly guilty.

“First with last night and now at breakfast. She’s a tad worrying, that girl.”

“Agreed.” I said, hoping for a new subject. There was a short pause for a while.

“You remember I’ve got my book club on tonight. You’ll have to cook something up for the both of you for dinner.” A previous conversation came to mind. “Oh, yeah that’s alright, I’ll find something in the freezer.” I stood up and cleared my plate. “Better go love, got work to do. Thanks for breakfast.” I kissed her on the cheek and headed out to the backyard.

For the next few hours I worked around the house, fixing whatever I could find that looked out of place. I’ve always found weekends to be a bit of a waste. There’s so much time that I could use to do something useful like work more hours, but Mandy says I work too hard as it is. Both her and Sammy seem to handle free time easily. If they aren’t out shopping or at one of their social clubs, they’re at home watching TV and relaxing.

By the time I came back inside the house the sun had already started to set. From the looks of it, Mandy had already left and Sammy had gotten back from her outing, judging from the sound of the music blasting out from her room. Apart from that the house was relatively quiet. I walked down the hall and knocked on her door.

“Hey pendik escort Sammy!?” I half shouted. The volume of her music went almost silent and she opened the door. “Yes Daddy?” she said, giving me another look like last night. Why’d she have to look at me like that?

“Uh, what do you feel like for dinner sweetie?” conditioning myself to completely ignore the way she bent forward, showing off her perky D size tits. It wasn’t working that well I’ll admit… She started to blush, obviously noticing my efforts.

“Well, I don’t mind Daddy, what do you want to eat?” she giggled.

“I’ll just cook up some Nachos or something.” I said, trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

“Oooh I LOVE nachos!” she cooed. “You’re the best Daddy ever.” She came in for another hug. I love Sammy’s hugs, always have but now I just feel wrong about all of it. I pulled away after a few moments, and withdrew back to the safety of the kitchen.

‘What the hell is going on? I’ve let this get way out of hand already.’ I thought to myself, prepping the nachos to go in the oven. ‘Tonight I’ll have a talk with her, tell her it’s wrong to think of her father like that. That’ll sort it all out. Then we can go back to the totally average, normal, non-awkward life like before.’ I stared at the half empty bottle of Whisky on the kitchen shelf. ‘You’re staying there tonight, ya little bloody trouble maker.’

I walked into the lounge and flicked the TV onto an old cartoon Sammy used to watch as a kid. Cartoons were a safe bet, no sex scenes to make things even more awkward. I walked back to her door and knocked again.

“Hey kiddo?” She opened the door again, equally as happy to see me.


“Wanna watch some cartoons or something while we wait for the Nachos? I’d like to have a talk with you anyway.” Her face dropped a little when I mentioned the ‘talk’.

“Oh, um yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” she said shyly.

I went back down to the lounge and made myself comfortable. A few minutes later she came down and sat in the middle of the three seater sofa I was sitting on. I could smell the perfume she’d put on. It was almost intoxicating, really didn’t help with having to tell her off.

“Oh my god I used to love this show!” She said excitedly.

“I know.” I laughed. “So, sweetie, about last night…”

“Oh no Daddy, don’t worry. I love the necklace, really, I do.” she said apologetically.

“Uh well yes, that’s really great but it’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Ohhh,” She said, her cheeks went bright red. “the goodnight kiss right?”

“Yes, but it was a bit more than that wasn’t it?” I calmly scolded.

“Well; yes but I love you Daddy and well, I didn’t really mean to kiss you like that. It just sort of happened: and I kind of liked it a bit.”

“Look, I love you too baby girl, but you can’t kiss me like that.”

“But, why not? We love each other and you’re the best man I’ve ever met. You’re way better than any of the boys at school. You treat me and mum like royalty.”

“Well that’s very sweet of you baby, but we just can’t okay? It’s just… It’s wrong. Think of it this way; I treat both you and your mother like royalty because to me you both are. You’re both very special to me. Your mother is my queen, and you are my princess. That being said, I can only have one queen and that has to be your mum.” Sammy’s face began to pout.

“Okay Daddy, I think I understand… does this mean you don’t love me as much as mum?”

“Of course not baby! Of course not… Ya know to tell you the truth, and don’t tell your mother this, but I think I love you just a little bit more than her.” I said with a cheeky grin. Her bright girly smile was back and it was staying there for good now.

“I love you so much Daddy.”

“I love you too baby girl.” I said, feeling genuinely happy with the outcome of the conversation. The oven alarm beeped loud, interrupting the Kodak moment.

“Nachos!” she shouted with excitement. Seeing her happy like this really made me feel… complete, like I’ve done my job as a father right. “You stay here and relax baby girl. I’ll go grab the nachos.”

“Okay Daddy.” She sat there smiling and watching her cartoons. I walked into the kitchen and pulled open the oven door. The thick scent of nachos hit me as a big delicious wall of herbs, charred mince and corn chips. I slipped on the oven mitts and grabbed the hot tray to lay on the counter. As I pulled it out I nudged my forearm on escort pendik the oven grill. The loud hiss of moisture on my skin quenching into steam was loud enough to hide the gritted groan I let out. I lay the tray down on the counter and served it up on plates before walking back to the lounge, not concerned about a tiny burn.

“God that smells so good…” she purred. I handed her a plate and she took it gratefully. “Thank you so much Daddy.”

“My pleasure, sweetheart.” I said happily. We watched the TV and chatted for a while until she saw the little brown scorch mark on my skin.

“Daddy! You burned yourself!”

“I know honey.” I laughed. “It’s hardly anything to worry about.”

“Give it here.” she commanded. She grabbed my arm and kissed it softly, her lips pressed against my skin. To my surprise, any pain I had of the burn was completely gone.

“Uhh, thanks baby.” I said, a little surprised.

“Anytime.” she said with a big smile, just glad to help her Daddy. We sat up watching and chatting for hours, even after finishing our meal. By the end of the night we were both getting quite sleepy, cuddling up into each other’s arms. My arm around her body softly stroking the bare skin on her waist. Her head laying against my chest and my head in turn resting over hers.

We sat like that for a long time, just happy to be in each other’s company. It got to about 11pm before we both decided to call it a night. I gave her a tight hug and a small fatherly peck on the cheek before saying our goodnights.

“Goodnight Daddy, I love you.”

“Yeah, goodnight Sammy, love you too.”

“Oh and Daddy?” she said gently.

“Yeah sweetie?”

“Thank you for tonight; I’ll never forget it.”

“Awh darling you don’t need to thank me, it’s what I’m here for.” I replied modestly.

“But still; Thank you.” she said gratefully, just to make sure I knew. And on that, we both turned off our lights and went to bed. I lay there, thinking of how this night turned out, smiling more often than not. I lay there for an hour or two before getting a little thirsty.

I got out of bed, wearing nothing but briefs. I made sure to keep real quiet as to not wake Sammy up. I made my way down the hall coming up to Sam’s room just before I heard a real small creaking sound. What was that? As I snuck closer and closer the creaking grew louder and louder. I tiptoed up to her door frame and listened through the small gap that she’d left the door ajar. Holy shit, my little girl’s masturbating… the small gasping moans were only just hidden by the soft shaking of her bedframe. She sounds just like Mandy, only with a cuter little moan on her. I stood there frozen and thought to myself: ‘what the hell are you doing? Just walk away. Just leave it, get your drink of water and go back to bed.’ I wonder if she’s got the same technique… My head was playing a game of reason vs. curiosity and curiosity won.

I stuck my head around the corner slowly, trying to gather my bearings as to what I was looking at. Sammy’s bedroom curtain was still parted, letting the moonlight give me a perfect view of her little midnight game. She was lying on her back, naked as the day she was born, long slender legs gripping each side of her bed, her left hand’s fingers pinching and pulling on her nipple, the right hand’s fingers buried inside her pussy. The moonlight made her flowing juices glimmer like a gooey river. She was picking up the pace, sliding her fingers in and out faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier.

She began to breath out huffed words like “ohhhh” and “yessss” before long. I was watching in bated breath, noticing the growing bulge in my briefs. Those huffed words became huffed sentences, turning into “ohhhh god mmm” and “yesss fuck my pussy”. I couldn’t believe that could be my daughter talking dirty like that. I enjoyed it regardless. I watched her pull and twist her nipple hard as she slammed her fingers inside herself and slapped her clit. “oh god yessss fuck me daddy!”

‘Wait what?’

‘Did I hear that right?’

“mmmm fuck me daddy! fuck my pussy harddd!”

I didn’t know whether I should be shocked, flattered or start jacking of there and then. I went with all three. I’d pulled my cock out of my briefs and had started stroking it’s length. Hearing her moan out for her Daddy made me harder than I’ve been for her mother in a long time. She fingered herself for quite a while before it started to really get to her.

“ohhhh yesssss, I’m gonna pendik escort bayan cummm Daddy! Fuck me harder!” I had to let go of my cock then before I blew a load all over the hallway wall. “I’m cumming. I’m cummmming. Oh god fuckkkkkkk yessssssss!…” I watched her seize and convulse as her orgasm rocketed through her body. She shuddered, a pool of sticky juices between her legs soaking into the sheets. I pulled myself away, and dissipated back to my room. I hit the bed quietly, still hard as a rock. I threw the covers back over me. What the fuck was that? I knew my daughter was interested but not like that. She was moaning out for her father’s cock, but what confused me more was that I wanted to give it to her.

I lay there for a while, contemplating what happened so thoroughly I was beginning to question my own character. I tried to strenuously justify my actions. She was a beautiful young woman after all. Even if she was my daughter, she was 18 so it’s not like it was paedophilic or anything. They were just fantasies between one man and one woman, that’s all. Just fantasies.

I heard Mandy’s key slide into the front door and turn. She wandered into our room and stripped off her clothes before climbing into bed next to me.

“You still awake honey?” She asked softly.

“Yeah baby.” I started running my hands softly over her side.

“How’d dinner go.” she asked.

“Really good, I made us some nachos.” I replied. My hands came around her belly and started massaging her breasts. I was still horny from watching Sammy.

“Mmm someone’s a little excited…” she purred. She could feel my cock prodding against her ass. I kissed her neck and rolled her nipples between my fingertips. Her breath grew heavy. My hands explored her body, rubbing and gliding over her soft skin. My hands lingered over parts of her body that no one but me knew how to play with. She was my wife of 19 years, and I knew every little pleasure point she had. I slid my hand up and down her thigh, inching closer and closer to her beautiful shaven pussy. My fingers toyed with her vagina, rubbing here, stroking there and pinching where she needed it. I buried my fingers inside her, teasing and playing with her body like I owned it. First one finger, then two, before ramming in a third and finger fucking her at the pace she craved for. I clasped her ankle and swung it over my head, my thick cock resting against her clit. She loved clit play. Ever since we started dating all those years ago, she could never get enough. She shuddered with every slap of my cock against her swollen pussy. I rubbed and stroked forward, then back ever so slow. Her pussy began to drip juices, giving me her sign to be inside her. I obliged, directing the head down to her craving hole.

“What’s gotten into you tonight?” she said, wincing in anticipation. “Whatever it is, keep doing it, I want more of this.”

Unknowingly, my wife encouraging what I was beginning to desire, pushed me to the edge. I grabbed a handful of her chestnut brown hair and yanked down, plunging all of my cock slowly inside her. With every pull of her hair, her pussy muscles clamped down on me like a tight, warm flesh vice, begging to be fucked. As I lurched forward, her arms shot around my back and dug into my skin. I began fucking her hard. Images of my daughter’s tits and pussy flooded through my mind and in that moment, I didn’t care if it was wrong. I saw my daughters face where her mother’s was. Mandy pushed her hips back into me with every thrust.

“mmm I’m gonna cum soon big boy!” she cooed.

“Me too, baby girl.” I growled. The thought Sammy could be hearing us fuck made it several times more exhilarating. Her toes curled and legs clenched around my waist, fucking her to orgasm. Her back arched up high, her body jolting in pure ecstasy for what seemed like ages. She had just finished her last wave of pleasure as I got to my first. My cock strained, shooting stream after stream of my hot cum inside her. The waves began to subside as I collapsed beside her, completely spent. There was a short silence filled only by our panting breaths.

“What the hell was that, John?” she sputtered out, staring exhaustedly up at the ceiling.

“Loved it that much, did ya?” I managed to huff out.

“You haven’t fucked me like that for years.” she said with a sly but grateful grin.

“I guess I can still surprise you…”

“That you can, big boy. I better go clean myself up.” she left with an embarrassed giggle, sprawling out of the covers to go wash up. I stared at her plump ass saunter away as I drifted off to sleep. The last thing that went through my mind before I drifted was simply; If there’s a hell, I just bought myself a one way ticket.

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