Sam and Lisa Ch. 03

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****all sexual participants are 18 or over****

The next day, Sam went to work early so he could get off around 3:30. At about 2:45 the phone rang. It turned out a client had a flat on her car, way out on a country road, about an hour and a half from the shop.

‘DAMN!’ Sam thought as he drove through the country, ‘I’ve gotta call Lisa.’ He dialed her number and told her what happened.

“I’m sorry baby.” he said.

“It’s okay Daddy,” She said, “Mom will be asleep when you get here then we can play.”

After speaking with Lisa, he called his wife to tell her. He had just hung up when the customer, Alexis’s car came into sight.

As Sam pulled up behind Alexis she climbed out and smiled saying, “Wow you got here fast.”

He smiled and stated, “I couldn’t keep my favorite customer waiting.” as he pulled out the tools he needed.

As he repaired the tire, Alexis said “Gees it’s so hot today!”

She took off her blouse, drawing Sams attention to her, then she pulled her shorts off.

Sam hurried to put the tire back on. “That’s better.” she sighed, standing there in her bra and panties. Sam’s pecker instantly got hard.

When he tightened the last lug nut he said, “All finished Alexis.”

“Not yet” she whispered, as she cupped her hand over his rock hard rod, “Aren’t you gonna patch my hole?”

Sam leaned in to her groaning into her mouth. Then Alexis began to unbuckle his belt as he reached around and unhooked her bra, releasing her 32 C tits to his hands.

She swiftly had his cock out and was stroking it as he backed her against the car, sucking greedily at her nipples. “Oh yes Sam.” She moaned.

Sam then grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up onto the car saying, “Now I’m gonna work on that hole!”

Sam slid her panties down and off, as he pushed her back onto the hood and spread her legs. Her pussy was trimmed neatly, but the lips were still smaller than his wife’s.

“Nice hole. Can I prep it?” he asked.

“Please do.” She moaned. So he lowered his face to her groin, and flattening out his tongue, licked the length of her twat.

“Oh yes do it please.” She whimpered. Just then Sam pointed his tongue, burrowing it between her labia and onto her clit.

“Oh fuck.” Alexis grunted, pushing her hips up at Sam’s face, then Sam ran his tongue down her slit and jammed it into her tight hole.

“I’m cumming Sam” she hollered. So Sam ran his tongue in and out of her hole rapidly. Sam felt her pussy gripping his tongue, bursa escort like it was trying to pull it in deeper.

As he stood up between her legs, she said, “Yes baby put that thing in me! I need it now!” Sam decided to tease her a bit, so he laid his cock between her labia, and rubbed up and down, as she kept swiveling her hips, trying to get it to go inside.

“Come on Sam,” she whimpered, “Please put it in me now.” So He pulled back, and put the head against her hole, purposely holding back, making her groan and wrap her legs around his waist, pulling him deep into her belly.

“Ahh yessss,” She hissed “that’s the way i like it.”

Her pussy was hot, wet, and tighter than his wife’s pussy. Sam began humping his dick in and out of her velvety hole, as she hunched her hips up at him, causing him to go deep inside her tunnel of love. Her pussy gripped his rod with such intensity, that he was cumming in no time.

As he shot his load inside her, she began to shake and shiver, Yelling, “Oh God Sam! I’m cumming all over your cock!” Then she moaned something inaudible, before sagging down onto the car, still shivering as her pussy milked his cock dry.

Sam returned the service truck to the shop, and cleaned up in the restroom, before going home. By now it was almost 9:00. when he opened his front door, Lisa was standing there in her baby-doll nightie.

Standing behind her was Toni and Dina, and a sexy blonde about 5’4″ with about 28 C boobs and a 22″ waist.

“Dad this is my friend, Ali. Mom said we could have a slumber party, as long as we didn’t disturb you.” she smiled.

“Where is your mom?” He asked, casting a nervous glance toward his bedroom.

“Oh, she was called into work again, so we can play around for a while,” She said grinning, “If that’s okay with you.”

All he could do, was shake his head yes as Ali walked up to him, and asked “Can I call you Daddy?” before guiding him to the sofa, and pushing him down onto it.

She stared into his eyes, unzipped his pants, and freed his hard on “Oh wow! That’s the biggest one I have ever seen!”

“Do you think it will fit in my mouth?” She asked, as she stroked her hand up and down his length.

“Only one way to find out.” She whispered.

Sam moaned as Ali opened her mouth, and popped his cock-head between her lips. “Oohh!” Sam moaned, as she started sucking him in and out. She could only go down half way, so Dina and Lisa got on each side, and licked the rest of it.

Then Toni climbed up, bursa escort bayan and pressed her sweet chocolate pussy to his lips. Sam wasted no time, jamming his tongue deep between her lips. Toni bucked hard against his face, making his tongue go deeper, and his nose pushed against her clit

“Oh God Daddy!” she screamed, “That feels so good!”

With three mouths on his rod and a pussy on his mouth, Sam soon shot his wad into Ali’s mouth. She couldn’t swallow fast enough, so the other girls licked up what leaked out.

As Toni began to quiver against his mouth, the other girls kept sucking him to keep him hard. Then as Toni began to cream into his mouth, he felt movement between his legs.

Toni climbed off and Dina climbed up, but not before he saw his dick slip balls deep into Ali’s asshole. Ali looked back at him and whispered breathlessly “I hope you don’t mind, I’m saving my cherry for my husband.”

As she slowly slid up his cock, He groaned, “Any way you want it baby.” Then Dina sat on his face, and he ate her out, as Ali kept fucking her ass up and down on his prick.

Soon, Dina’s orgasm squirted into his mouth, and she climbed down. As she did, he saw Lisa stand up from between Ali’s legs, Then Toni took her place eating her as she rode his cock, every now and then, licking the exposed part of his cock.

Then Ali started moving faster, moaning “Oh Daddy, here I cumm!” Then she slammed her ass down on his bone, Her ass muscles massaging his cock, causing him to spend his seed deep into her colon. Ali shivered and shook, as she was cumming.

Sam moaned into Lisa’s snatch, giving her a trembling orgasm, at the same time. Soon Ali stood, letting his dick slide out.

Dina quickly sucked it into her throat, cleaning it thoroughly, as Toni pushed Ali down, and planted her lips on her asshole, sucking out his sperm and making her cum again.

By then it was 4 am and Sam knew his wife would be home soon. He left the girls doing a daisy chain, so he could shower and go to bed.

Sam woke up an hour later, as Linda climbed into bed. “Hey Honey.” he said.

“Hey Baby,” she answered. “what a week this has been.”.

“Tell me about it.” Sam said smiling, as he drifted back to sleep. He was awakened after a few minutes by Linda sucking his already hard cock.

“Mmmmmm” he moaned, as she swallowed his length in her throat, until it was all in.

“Damn you do that good” He said, as she began to move her head up and down. “Spin around so i can escort bursa eat you.” He whispered.

Linda spun around, without taking his cock from her throat, and she straddled his head. He admired her pussy, with flaming red hair and pink lips, thinking how much it looked like Lisa’s, before stuffing his tongue deep inside of her.

“Unnggh” she gurgled around his cock. Then Sam heard a noise behind him, and tilted his head, only to see the four girls standing by the door, and all of them were masturbating.

Then Lisa turned, and ran her hand down Ali’s belly to her crotch, then she began fingering her twat. Ali spread her legs wide, before returning the favor. This action, along with Linda’s throat fucking, made him cum, causing Linda to gag a little before swallowing his load.

She kept sucking and soon had him hard again, before she came on his tongue. As she started to roll off of him, he said “Wait Babe hold that position.” then he slid from under her and got behind her.

As he pointed his prick at Linda’s pussy, he looked again. and now Dina was licking Toni’s pussy, as Lisa and Ali were fingering each other. He smiled as he slid his pole into Linda’s pussy, causing her to push back, taking him in to the hilt.

“Oh Sam that’s sooo good!” she wheezed, “Don’t move yet please.” she begged, as her pussy massaged his cock.

Sam could tell she was cumming, by the gripping muscles caressing his dick, so he started sliding in and out, making her cum many times before she collapsed onto the bed. Sam followed her, and kept pumping into her, as she kept cumming.

After a few more strokes, he shot his load deep inside of her. When he finished, he saw that she had passed out cold so he pulled his cock out before looking toward the door, only to find that the girls were gone.

Sam went into the bathroom to pee and was greeted by Lisa, “I want to see what mom’s pussy tastes like.” She grinned, dropping to her knees.

“Okay.” was all he could say, as she opened her mouth and sucked him in.

She then pulled her mouth off and said “yummy! her pussy tastes good,” then “Someday I wanna taste her in person.” then she sucked all the juices off his rod before saying, “I think I will.”

Sam peed and cleaned up a little, then he heard moans coming from the bedroom. He walked in to see Linda still on her tummy and Lisa between her legs, eating her snatch. She was sucking Sam’s load out like she was starving.

Sam quickly grabbed his camcorder and recorded the whole thing. Soon Lisa had Linda cumming again. Lisa climbed off the bed, and Sam moved over to lie down with Linda,

Linda snuggled up to Sam, then they both drifted off to sleep. Sam wondered what would happen tomorrow.

{to be continued}

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32