Sally’s Sr. Sex – My Brother Jack

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As my brother Jack and I drove cross country together, I dozed in my seat thinking of our last trip together. We had been young, I was 23 and Jack was my younger brother. That time I was driving and we were going from the West Coast to Florida; this time he is driving and we are going from Florida to the East Coast.

Mom and Dad had given me their car and were moving to Florida. Jack was riding with me as my protection. We had driven all day. That was before air conditioning was standard equipment in cars and I felt dirty and sweaty. We shared a room with two beds. Jack showered first and went to bed while I showered because I tended to take longer showers.

Back to reality. Now I am 65, he is 57. He is driving and we are planning to be overnight, but this time we plan to take separate rooms. We stopped for an early dinner and agreed to drive as long as we could before getting rooms for the night. I was dozing in the seat about 11 PM when Jack pulled into a well-lit motel parking lot with a vacancy sign. I opened my eyes and Jack said, “Finally one with a vacancy; everyone has been full for hours. It must be because of Spring Break.”

To make a long story short, they had one room with one king size bed; it was the only available bed that they knew of for miles and the only reason it was available is that they had just had a canceled reservation.

We took it. Jack showered first and was asleep when pendik escort I came out in my sleeping T-shirt and crawled into my side of the bed. I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. End of story, right?

Wrong. We were both used to sleeping with our spouses, so it was natural that we migrated toward each other during the night. I woke in the early hours of the morning with a hard cock pressing into me from behind and several wet fingers sliding in and out of my vagina.

“I’ve been pretty dry lately, how did I get so wet?”

“I helped with some saliva.”

“Feels good; wanna do some more?” I moved my behind around until he was in more of a direct line behind me, bent a little at the waist, and said, “Is that a better angle?”

I always sleep commando, so there was nothing in his way. Jack slid home, fully inserted, and began slowly pumping his hips back and forth while he caressed my breast with one hand.

I wanted more involvement, so in a few minutes I asked if we could change positions. I wanted to ride him while he toyed with my breasts. We shared a nice kiss and I slid down on his cock. I was rocking back and forth and he began moving up and down. Quite a combination and it really felt good to me.

It had been about 20 minutes since he woke me and I knew our alarm would be going off soon, so I said, “Why don’t we finish this off; we have at least one more night escort pendik together on the road. We could stop early this afternoon and take our time.

That said, Jack rolled me over on my back and began pumping into me with a mission. I wasn’t even close to cuming, but I wanted to enjoy his release; I encouraged him and met him as he pushed in. Slap – slap – slap, we were audible. Finally, I felt him swell; he stopped on his downward stroke and started spurting hot cum deep into me.

I kissed him and told him I wanted to shower before we went to breakfast. “Let’s continue this when we stop this afternoon.”

Before we go any further, let me tell you a little about myself. I have always loved sex and right from the first have separated sex from love. I love my husband and nothing will change that! I have sensitive, heavy, full natural breasts and they hang much lower than they did when I was 30 years younger. I have never had a child, although I may have been pregnant a time or two. I used the pill in college and a diaphragm until I married in my mid 30’s and tried at that time unsuccessfully to get pregnant. I have had numerous sexual encounters throughout my life, but was sexually loyal to my husband until he got prostate cancer and encouraged me to find relief with other men.

Now, back to our story.

We stopped early and this time ask for a single room with only one bed. We stripped as soon as pendik escort bayan we got into the room and showered together, exploring each other’s bodies as only sexual intimates can do.

My brother is average size in the equipment department with a larger than usual helmet on his circumcised penis. It has a deep definition between the edge of the head and the trunk of his shaft. His penis is smooth and the head feels smooth as velvet.

As we shower, I wash his equipment and help him get hard with my hand. He on the other hand, is washing and exploring my vagina. By the time he has three fingers in me, I suggested we take this to the bed.

We dried each other, he was still rigid and engorged and as I lay across the bed he gently pressed his rod against my vaginal lips and ever so slowly entered me as my lips flowered for him.

He kissed my breasts and suckled as we thrust our hips together in the language of love. As we both approached our climax, we were slapping together so hard that we could hear the slap of our flesh coming together and the squish – squish of his rod sliding in and out of my extremely wet vagina.

Suddenly he froze on the down stroke and fully inserted, his cock began to pulse as he sent ribbon after ribbon of cum deep into my open vagina. This triggered my response and I wrapped my legs around him to hold him close as our bodies gradually returned to normal and he began to shrink.

We napped for a bit in each other’s arms and showered together before calling our spouses and going out for a bite to eat.

After dinner we returned to our room and spent a loving naked evening together.

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