Roommates Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Test

“Have you used more than three sexual positions in a single session? Yep. Had more than 10 sex partners? No. More than 100? God, No!”

Chris clicked the appropriate boxes with the mouse. He and Heather were taking an on-line purity test which rated your sexual exploits. She had already taken it and now she peered over his shoulder, giggling at some of his answers. They had been “together” about 4 months; but had known each other for years. They had always been pretty close but they didn’t know much about each other sexually except they both liked it; a lot. They figured this would be this best way to learn about each other in a fun manner and create a “to-do” list at the same time. Chris continued down the list.

“Had sex with a virgin?” He grinned at her, “NO!”

She smacked him playfully. “Hey! You’re lucky I took pity on you!”

She had been his first, an educator into the wonderful world of sex. He had learned a lot in the past few months. She wasn’t learning anything new about him but it was still fun to see how much he had been corrupted the past few months. He skipped over the next question.

“What?’ Heather joked. “No anal? Not even in the boy’s locker room?”

“As I recall…” he retorted, you answered “no” to that as well!”

“That’s true”, she said. “Have you ever even thought about it?”

“Well, I heard it’s supposed to feel AMAZING for the guy but very painful for the girl. I wouldn’t want to put a girl through that for my sake. Besides I have never really been all that interested in the idea. What about you?”

She thought for a moment. “I don’t know. I have thought about it, and I am really curious to know what it is really like. I have heard that it’s painful. I have always been too scared to try or been with guys I didn’t really trust not to hurt me. I read that you really need to trust your partner and communicate to make it as painless as possible.”

“Wow”, he said surprised, “You have thought about it.”

He got to the final two questions. “Bestiality and Necrophilia, still can’t believe you would only get one point for that!”

He left the boxes unchecked and submitted his answers, a score of 35 out of a 100.

“Angel!” she joked.

She had had a slightly higher but very comparable score of 38.

“Hey considering that my score was zero four months ago, that’s pretty good!”

It was a decent score to say the least, in order to get higher you had to pretty much be a cheater, or some sort of sexual deviant.

She straightened herself and gave a little moan of discomfort. She had been hunched over for a while and now her back was feeling the effect. He noticed her rubbing her lower back.

“Aww, do you want a back massage?” he asked.

“Oh, bahis siteleri that would be great!” she said.

They walked back to her room, the room they now shared and closed the door. She loved his massages and he loved giving them. He loved the feel of her pale soft skin and the wonderful curves of her body. Usually she would lie nude or simply in a pair of panties while he straddled her mid-section.

He waited for her to strip down to noting but smooth silky skin and lie face down on the bed.

“I think I’ll join you if that’s alright.” He said quietly. He wanted to feel her skin against his.

He stripped down as well as climbed over her body putting his legs on either side of hers. She laughed as his freely hanging penis touched and tickled her back.

“Sorry!” he chuckled.

He started at her shoulders, hard and deep and continued down her spine. She let out soft moans of contentment and her face twisted in pleasure. As he continued to touch her, he became more and more aroused, especially with her moaning that way. After a few moments the flaccid penis that had tickled her back was now firm and pressing into her.

She wriggled a little beneath rubbing its head against her skin

“Mmm”, she moaned playfully, “That feels nice.”

He leaned over her body and nibbled lightly on her ear. She giggled for a moment then gave way to long shallow breaths as he slowly kissed down her neck. He could tell she was getting very turned on. He sat back up and rubbed her neck and shoulders for a few more moments. He slid his hand over her curvy butt cheek down between her legs. As he reached further she instinctively raised her butt a little; allowing him better access. He could feel right away that she was nice and wet with excitement. She pushed back a little, forcing his fingers further into her body. She groaned while he teased her with his fingers. Then he withdrew them. He wanted to be inside her.

She felt his fingers slid out of her, warm and wet with her juices. He paused for a moment and she was puzzled as to what he was doing. He leaned into her as if he was going to kiss her neck again but instead slid his hands underneath her exposed hips and pulled upwards a little. Now her butt was at a slight incline. She felt the head of his penis barely grazing the hole that he just been fingering. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as he used his large frame to slam into her in one easy motion.

She gasped in surprise at how good it felt from that angle. She loved doggy-style sex but she had never done it this low before. Chris hadn’t even been sure if this would work but he saw an opportunity and decided to chance it. From her reaction, it had worked just fine. He continued his thrusting, watching Heather wiggle canlı bahis siteleri and moan. Her knuckles were turning white from the tight grip she had on the surrounding covers. He felt his legs starting to tired a little and his erection starting to fade from the strain of this angle. He looked down at Heather, who was sweaty and flushed in post-orgasmic bliss. Good, she had been thoroughly satisfied by this experience. That was really all that mattered to him. He withdrew from her and laid on his side beside her.

“Did that feel good?” he asked rhetorically.

She didn’t answer, just simply smiled, probably still recovering. She rolled to her side facing away from him and snuggled in close so their bodies were pressed together. Chris put his arm under her neck and around her chest. He gently caressed her breasts while he nuzzled her neck; he loved to lie like this. He loved feeling the warmth of her body and the soft skin of her butt pressed up against his penis.

She could feel his penis starting to twitch and stiffen again against her. She inched away to allow him a little more comfort.

“See what you do to me?” he laughed.

She took his hand and placed it between her legs. She was still dripping wet.

“See what you do to me?” she smiled.

He started teasing her; poking his erect penis into her lower back and butt with a fucking motion. She giggled and squirmed, pushing against him. With one of the pokes he slid into the crevice of her butt. Her giggling ceased and she waited, unsure of what he was going to do. He could feel his penis pressed up against the tight, little opening of her ass. He felt a little tingle of uncertainty pulse through him. After all, he never had really wanted to try anal sex, and he certainly didn’t want to hurt her.

Heather felt her body tense up a little as the tip of his penis tickled her ass, wet from a mixture of her excitement and pre-cum. He wasn’t pushing hard against her; obviously this had not been his intention. The longer he stayed, nestled between the warmth of her butt checks, the more she felt little tingles of longing course through her.

She took in a deep breath and pushed her body back against his hard and throbbing dick. Its slick head pushed its way inside about an inch or so, and Heather let out a scream of pain and dug her nails hard into his thigh.

He quickly withdrew in a panic, looking at her for a sign that he had not hurt her too bad. She let out a shallow breath and pulled him into her again, slightly further this time. Again, she let out an agonizing cry and he started to pull away again. Persistently she kept pulling him into her, a little farther each time, her painful shouts growing softer each time. He didn’t push at all, just watched in amazement canlı bahis as she adjusted herself to the pain. Although me was a little distracted by her face, twisted in pain; he couldn’t help but notice how good this new sensation felt. Although he liked her wet pussy much better, her ass was so much tighter and just as warm.

She had finally stopped her screams and had pushed herself back all the way against him. She quietly gave her approval for him to begin moving a little.

“Slow, please!” she begged.

“Of coarse I will baby.”

He began with a very slow thrusting, gliding gently in and out of her. Her grip on his thigh tightened a little as she choked on some words.

“How can this hurt so much…” she gasped a little, “and feel so good at the same time?”

“Do you want to stop?” he questioned

“No!” she moaned, “Keep going, it feels good!”

With her this cue, he moved a little more forcefully, causing her to moan with pleasure and pain. She tried to ignore the tight feeling and the slight discomfort and concentrate on the goodness. After a few moments, her sore ass was numb to the pain and a feeling of euphoria washed over her, covering her body in pleasure that she had never felt before.

Chris noticed that she had loosened her grip considerably and instead of painful cries he heard moans of a more pleasurable sound.

“Fuck me harder!” she begged, slamming herself back against him. Sensing that she was building up to a powerful orgasm, he reached between his thighs and hers. He found the opening to her pussy and rubbed furiously on the hard little nub between her legs. Her breaths became quick as she was bombarded with pleasure. He slid his index and middle finger far into her, searching for her G-spot. He felt the familiar rough ridges on her pelvic bone and rubbed his finger tips hard against it, sending her into a frenzy of sheer bliss. With his fingers inside her, he could feel the deep thrusts of his penis hitting his fingertips through the wall of her anus. As he continued fucking her, he too felt very close to an orgasm.

“I feel…” he tried to warn, “I feel like…”

“Just go ahead baby, its ok” she cooed. “I know you want to.”

His eyes rolled back and he gave up on trying to speak, letting his penis be milked by the tightness of her ass. In a rush of power he came hard and wet into the tiny space that his dick now occupied. She moaned with joy as warm cum oozed inside her and out over his quivering penis. He stopped for a moment to catch his breath, which had bad held in the overwhelming orgasm he had just had.

Heather turned to face him.

“Wow!” he said, amazed.

She smiled and closed her eyes, exhausted with pleasure.

They lay in each other’s arms, silent for a moment. Then she gave him a playful look.

“Butt fucker!” she jested.

“Butt fuck-ee!” he threw back.

They both laughed. Well he thought as they lied naked together: cross another one off the list.

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