Rita and the Mouse Ch. 01

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Rita was growing up, but her parents hadn’t really noticed. To them, she was still just bubbly little Rita, the gymnast, the social butterfly, the solid B student. She was a late bloomer at age 18, but her development was finally beginning to show. It wasn’t just that the old princess pajamas she always wore around the house were getting threadbare. They were also getting short in the ankle and filling out in all the right places.

Her mother Cheri didn’t notice. She was working 12 hour shifts as a nurse and trying to keep a roof over their heads. And her step dad Brian didn’t pay much attention either. He had never been much of a lady’s man, which is partly why she married him after an acrimonious divorce from Rita’s father. Cheri needed someone who would be a force of stability for their family, someone who was not given to fits of violent rage like her ex.

Brian was sweet and kind, and Rita liked him. He wasn’t much in bed, but that wasn’t the most important thing for Cheri at this point in her life. She only wished that he could find a decent job. With the little money he earned, it made more sense for him to stay at home and keep house than to work. He was handy and a decent cook and kept the place clean. That’s why her idea to convert the basement rec room into an AirBnB was so brilliant. It would take advantage of all of Brian’s talents and earn a steady income while allowing him to stay home with the kids.

They settled on Nick for a lodger. He had recently relocated to their town for a job as a computer security expert. His job allowed him to work from home part of the time, but he sometimes got called in at odd hours to attend to a security crisis. His contract was for a year, so it seemed like a good way for them to try things out before committing to a long term lodger.

Nick was in his 30’s, confident, friendly and charming. He knew magic tricks, which won the children over to him immediately. Brian felt uneasy around him from the beginning, but he wasn’t sure why. Maybe he envied Nick’s stocky physique, or his confidence and easy charm.

The downstairs bathroom was right over Brian and Cheri’s bathroom, and the sound of Nick urinating was easy to hear if the house was quiet. He wasn’t sure if it was because the sound was muffled by the intervening floor, but Nick seemed to have a much stronger urine stream than his. It was a growl compared to Brian’s tinkle. Brian wasn’t worried about Nick hearing him since he usually sat while he peed. After hearing Nick, he resolved to sit every time.

Some kaçak iddaa months passed and they adjusted easily to having a lodger. Nick was quiet and clean and friendly, but mostly kept to himself. It was Covid time and the kids were doing school from home on the computer. Cheri was working one of her long shifts. Brian was trying to fix the dishwasher, which wasn’t draining properly. Rita came in and asked if he would help her with her algebra homework. Brian said he was busy and suggested she see if Nick was around since he was a computer expert and so must be good at math.

So Rita knocked on the door to the basement and called down, “Nick, can you help me with my algebra homework?”

She heard a muffled ‘sure,’ and so tried the door knob and it was open. The door could be locked from either side, but they weren’t consistent about locking it. Rita wasn’t shy about going down there since it used to be her rec room.

Rita was a willowy blonde whose Latin sounding name didn’t really suit her, but she liked it better than Margarite or Marge. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt with a picture of a princess on the front, her old threadbare pink pajamas, and blue flip flops. The t-shirt only half covered her outstanding little bottom, which was more revealed than concealed under the thin clingy pajamas. It was like her bottom was trying to become a woman while her hips remained those of a boy. It was impossibly plump compared to the rest of her body, which was otherwise thin and bony. If she had much in the way of breasts, the only thing that showed through the baggy t-shirt was an occasional sharp nipple stabbing Princess in the eye.

Nick was at his desk in front of his computer scrolling through lines of code. He was wearing a thick fleece jacket over his t-shirt, since it was always a little chilly in the basement, and gray sweatpants. He used an infrared space heater under his desk to help stay warm. Rita put her laptop on his desk and stood next to him.

“I don’t understand the quadratic equation,” she said.

“No problem, I can help you with that,” Nick replied.

He did his best to be his usual cool and casual self, but he was actually feeling a little uneasy with this young maiden standing next to him. He could smell her shampoo, and it was difficult for him to keep his eyes off her body. Her protuberant bottom was a source of endless fascination, and once he received a glimpse of something soft and pink through the loose sleeve of her shirt, his eyes searched hungrily for more.

She sidled right up to him kaçak bahis since they were both working on the same laptop, and also it was cold. After 10 or 15 minutes had passed and they were making some headway with her homework, Nick found that she was half sitting on his thigh.

Suddenly she exclaimed, “Oh, I get it!” and slid her full weight onto him.

Now the two cheeks of her buttocks were straddling his thigh, and her flip flopped feet were dangling above the floor. He felt his cock growing. They kept working. They were doing sample questions now, and every time she got one right, she danced a little jig on his thigh. Soon, Nick’s cock was fully hard and straining against his sweatpants.

Rita had to hoist herself back up every so often as she slid down Nick’s thigh. When she put her hand down to do this, it landed right on Nick’s cock, and he let loose an involuntary groan – but not one of pain.

She pulled her hand back quickly and exclaimed “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” genuinely worried that she had hurt him or offended him.

After no more than a beat or two, when she realized he wasn’t offended, she said, “What was that? I mean, is that part of you?”

“Yes,” said Nick sullenly, ashamed and not sure whether he was in trouble.

Then Rita said plainly, “It’s much bigger than my daddy’s.”

Nick raised an eyebrow quizzically and said, “How do you know how big your daddy is?”

Rita shrugged and said, “I’ve seen it. I spied on him when he was masturbating in front of the computer, and also he put pictures of his cock on the computer for some kind of sissy website or something. It’s ok because he’s not my real daddy.”

It took Nick a few beats to digest all this. Then he said, “Mine’s not really that big. I bet it could fit it through that little hole.”

There was a small cigarette hole in Nick’s sweatpants part way down his right thigh (Rita was sitting on his left). She was used to Nick making outrageous claims for his magic tricks, then proving them right with a trick.

So she immediately took the bait, exclaiming, “You cannot!!”

While Rita watched in open-mouthed excitement, Nick took hold of the fabric of his sweatpants near the hole and forced it over the head of his cock. A reddish pink button about the size of a strawberry emerged with a pop and the stretched fabric held tight just under the corona.

Rita gasped and said, “It looks just like a little mouse! It’s like Ratatouille!” (referring to the cartoon movie about a cook who receives instruction from a rat living under illegal bahis his hat).

“That’s right,” Nick said, “I don’t actually know anything about programming computers. He tells me what to do.”

With that, he took a Sharpie marker from his desk, and drew mouse ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers on the head of his cock. The opening was the mouse’s mouth. Then he squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger so it looked like the ‘mouse’ was talking.

Using ventriloquism, he made him say in a thin reedy voice, “Hi, I’m Mick. Nick doesn’t know anything. I’m the brains around here. I tell him what to do.”

Rita burst out laughing, and such hilarity ensued that she fell off his lap and rolled around on the plush sheepskin rug in a pile of hysterical giggles. This went on for several minutes. Nick quickly put ‘Mick’ back inside, afraid that all the noise would attract attention from the people upstairs.

Once Rita regained control of herself, she came to rest facing away from him on her side with her bottom leg extended straight and her top leg flexed knee to chest. This gave Nick the perfect view of thin pajamas stretched over her perfect ass, and his erection raged so that he dared not get up from the chair and expose a scandalous ‘tent’. She convulsed a few last times with laughter. Then the mood suddenly changed. She got up sullenly and, without making eye contact, took her laptop and started to trudge reluctantly upstairs. Nick was worried now.

“Don’t tell anyone about my little mouse, okay?” he said sheepishly.

Rita turned around, looked him in the eye, and said “Don’t worry, I won’t tell.” Then she went upstairs, closed the door, and locked it behind her.

We have to talk about Nick’s little mouse, aka Mick. Nick actually had a very large penis, but it was a special type of penis. The head of it, the glans, was relatively small. But the shaft that supported it was much thicker, so that it looked a bit like a comic book hero with a tiny head planted on broad shoulders. That is why he was able to pop the head of his cock through that tiny hole, while remaining confident that the fabric would not slip further down his shaft.

To add to the freakish nature of his endowment, his shaft got thicker and thicker towards the base, so that at the point it connected to his body, it was very thick indeed. Among connoisseurs of cock, this type of cock is known as “the despoiler”, since the tip admits easily into the most constricted orifice, then the wedge-like shaft relentlessly pries it open. The owner of such an evil instrument has the option to gently despoil his consort with shallow thrusting using only the first portion of his cock. But the fires of lust are rarely satisfied with this kind of restraint.

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