Rinku – Brother’s Love!

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One afternoon, almost 3 months after I had been forced to prostitute myself by my brothers, I was alone in the house doing the cleaning & cooking work. My eldest brother Manish (Manu), his wife Sheetal & Neelu my 2nd brother Jitish’s (Jitu) wife were out of town attending a wedding. I was not taken along, as I had to spend 3 nights a week with Sheth, my brother’s business financer! I was also not taken as I was an embarrassment to my family after having been caught having sex with my husband’s nephew.

Jitu, had also not gone for the marriage as somebody had to stay back & take care of the business.

I had just had my bath & was wearing a thin white short kurta & knee length khakis when as usual Jitu came home for lunch!

As I served him lunch, he kept fiddling with his cell phone. A couple of times, when my back was turned towards him, I had the feeling he was staring at me but when I turned around, he was staring into his cell phone.

After lunch, instead of returning to office Jitu said “It’s so hot today! I will rest for some time & do not give me any calls! Keep the phone off the hook!” I did as I was ordered & began cleaning up after he went inside his bedroom!

While cleaning I saw the piece of paper fallen on the ground. On it was written ‘IMPORTANT…remember to call … in the afternoon …’

Even then, I was scared of both my brother’s tempers & knew he would make my whole week miserable if I didn’t show him the paper!

I knocked on his door but there was no sound so I tried the lock & the door opened!

“AAArrrgghhhhh!” I heard a painful groan as soon as I opened the door! Concerned that Jitu had hurt himself, I rushed in and…

…I froze…

… “Aaaahhh! Rinnkuuu! OOoohhh!”…

… my one hand went to my mouth while with the other I pulled up my kurta…

…My brother, Jitu was standing stark naked! One hand pumping his thick veined ramrod erect 8-inch cock while with the other he was caressing the images on the computer!

On the screen, photos were being displayed in a slideshow…I saw a photo of a cleavage of a girl as she bent, another photo of the same girl’s nipple slip as she poured water, yet another of her back in which her khakis were pendik escort stuck in the crack between her bums…& finally the face of the girl…ME!

Jitu, my brother was not groaning because he was hurt, but because he was masturbating, fantasizing about me, his own younger sister. The images on screen were the photos he had snapped when I was serving him food! “J..I..T..U…!” I mumbled, embarrassed!

My naked brother turned towards me, his hand came off his erect cock, which was moving from side to side as if trying to hypnotize me & I was mesmerized by it.

I did not realize as Jitu moved in between the door & me & locked it.

I did not react as Jitu came close to me I could feel his hot breath on my body as he moved his lips just millimeters away from my skin; as if soaking in my bodily scents! I sucked in my stomach as a wave of pleasure coursed through my body as Jitu placed his hands on my rounded bums & sank his teeth into the elastic of my panties & pulled them down revealing my hairless tight clit! I stepped out of my panties & Jitu hung them on his cock which seemed to grow thicker & longer! Then he arose, his hand exploring his sister’s naked bums & back & then stopped on my bra strap while his face reached my forehead. He licked at a wisp of hair, which had fallen over my forehead & pushed it in place! Below his hands unclasped my bra letting my firm upturned boobs bounce out!

“Umm.ssss!” he gasped as I shamelessly caressed his bums & pressed myself against his naked body!

“Ohhhh…!” I moaned as my erect nipples were crushed against his hairless chest!

I put my fingers in the crack between his bums while his hands caressed & fondled my full naked body!

Gently he made me sit on the edge of the bed! I tried to stop, say no but words failed me! My brother kissed my forehead & thrust out his nipple towards my mouth! I squeezed his nipple in between my fingers & felt him shudder at my touch!

Then he pulled the clip holding my hair in a bun & let my silky brown hair cascade on to my shoulders. He bent & did something nobody has ever done to me! He kissed my hair & then began licking it from the top of head right to the end. He moved behind me & pressed my boobs & continued escort pendik licking my hair making sure every strand of my hair was damp with his spit!

Although I felt messy as he licked my hair, the way he tweaked my nipples forced me to gasp & moan with uncontrollable passion & had me hurtling towards the first of many orgasms.

As my breathing quickened Jitu, kissed me on my lips. I was in the throes of an orgasm & only parted my lips & let my brother use me! His tongue slipped inside my mouth & tickled my tongue! My tongue slithered over his tongue while he withdrew, forcing me to follow his tongue with mine! I probed his mouth with my tongue & brother & sister dissolved into a frenzy of kissing, smooching, licking, biting & chewing on each other’s mouths!

Gasping with breathlessness, we parted our lip lock & I was surprised to find myself lying down on the bed, my damp hair sticking to one side of my face & shoulder while my brother pushed both my breasts together & began sucking on my nipples.

He tickled my navel with the tip of his tongue & then caressed the thin slit in between my fair thighs. “OOOhhh…UUummm…aaaahhAAAHHH!” I moaned shamelessly as my brother fondled my thighs & licked my pussy!

He knelt in between my legs & I waited in anticipation for his next move! He surprised me again! He placed his hands on either side of my shoulders & began kissing me! As I grasped his head & reciprocated, he flipped on his back making me sit on his chest. I smiled & just a look told me what he wanted.

I bent down to kiss him but slid lower & bit his nipples gently! I put one hand on one of his nipples as Jitu held both my nipples in his hands!

I slithered backwards still holding on to his nipples & raised my bums. I tossed my head & shook my hair making him moan!

I slowly lowered my soaking wet pussy on his upward pointing thick flag post! ‘Phat…Phat…Phat…Phat.Phat!’ My bums were slapping against his thighs as I quickened my pace.

As I bucked up & down, I held his hands & forced him to crush my boobs! “OOhhhh..Yeessssss!…OOhhh.AAAhhhhhh…aahhhhhhh!…Ummmmm!” we both were moaning, groaning & gasping as I impaled myself on my brother’s cock!

After what seemed an eternity, pendik escort bayan Jitu let go of my breasts & held my narrow waist tightly. He began thrusting upwards as I bounced on his prick!

I was rubbing the top of my pussy as my brother fucked me very mercilessly!

Then he gave a huge thrust upwards & at the same time, he pushed me down. He held me there for a short time & gave a huge thrust up again bringing me down at the same time! I crushed my boobs with one hand & bit on my own nipples as my pussy overflowed with another orgasm!

At the same instant Jitu, my brother released his sperms inside my molten pussy! I pressed down on his cock draining it, squeezing it of every drop of his cum into my hungry twat!

I collapsed above him as he still thrust weakly inside my pussy!

After a while, I felt his limp cock plop out of my pussy! I too, slid off his body & slipped off the bed too. I showed him my asshole and raised my eyebrows but he shook his head saying no!

I knelt at the foot of the bed & licked my lips as my brother sat up!

I began rubbing cum flowing out of my pussy & was licking it off as my brother stared at me in appreciation! Jitu sat on the edge of the bed as I bent forward & took his limp cock in my mouth! I sucked & licked his slimy shaft & even as his cock attained an erection, he splashed his last reserves of sperms straight down my mouth. Some of his cum splattered on my face & I wiped it off & ate it & for the third time that day he surprised me & all it took was one word from him! “Rinku!” my brother said in a lusty voice & my pussy squirted & splashed my cunt juice! I grabbed my boobs & moaned as I reached another incredible orgasm!

Jitu quickly dropped between my thighs & lapped up my juices & then fed them to me & we ended up kissing passionately!

We lay beside the bed, brother & sister, completely naked & completely satiated with our unbelievable encounter of incestuous love!

Then Jitu picked up his cell phone & dialed a number & said “Mr. Sheth! Jitu here! Just called to tell you that Rinku won’t be coming to you for at least 3 more nights! However, you can have her for the full weekend! No..no…she’s got a slight fever! Don’t worry! Bye!” he winked at me & continued “Rinku, now call at the office & tell them that I won’t be attending office for the next 3 days!”

As I dialed the office number Jitu began licking my hair & started to caress my breasts again!

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