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Riding with Strangers, a story by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Eight — Sunday Morning Glory 🏳️‍🌈

At 6:15 on Sunday morning, the parking lot at the shopping center was mostly empty, save for a few early shoppers and the employees who were on the clock. My ass was lubed up and I was dressed in my absolute sluttiest cutoffs. I was wearing a powder blue shirt that I”d tied off right above my midriff and my waistline was barely covered by my denim shorts.

I was in the supermarket, standing at the magazine rack and reading the newest issue of Tiger Beat while the smell of fresh baked donuts and bread wafted into my nose. A male associate in his 40″s kept walking by as if he were making sure I wasn”t stealing anything, then I noticed him studying my suggestive attire. The third time he passed by in the aisle I smiled at him and sweetly said, “Hi.”

“Hey buddy, you doing okay?” he asked with a jovial smile, and I nodded. I turned the magazine and showed him a color photo of Jonathan Taylor Thomas with a dreamy sigh, then went back to browsing while he swallowed hard and walked away.

He passed by me one more time, so I put the magazine back and asked him, “Can you show me where the restrooms are?”

Giving me a knowing smile, he motioned with his head for me to follow him. He walked into the men”s room with me and we stood at side by side urinals and peed. I made no effort to hide that I was checking out his package while he had it out, loving how it was long and thick even in its flaccid state.

When he shook off, I gave him a questioning look and he said, “I”m taking my lunch break in 10 minutes. My car”s in the parking lot out front if you feel like getting to know me a little better.”

I nodded in understanding, then we washed our hands and I made a beeline back to the magazine rack to wait for him to take his break.

The air was crisp and the windows of the car were covered with a cloudy layer of morning dew as he unlocked the passenger side door and opened it for me. I smiled at him and got in, then he closed the door and I realized that no one would be able to see inside the car. He got in on the driver”s side and closed the door, then he tilted the steering wheel all the way up while I licked my lips.

“You sure about this, kid?” he asked.

I nodded with a hypnotic gaze as I waited for him to unbutton his pants and take his dick out. As soon as he unleashed his one eyed monster, I moaned submissively and looked up at him questioningly. Seeing that I was waiting for his permission to proceed, he nodded at me and I smiled.

My torso was brimming with carnal energy as I curled my feet up and prepared to go down on him. He lifted the arm rest so I could lay across the front seat and wrap my lips around his manhood, and I quickly took advantage of his courtesy. As I brought my lips up to his trophy, a warm thrust of man musk rolled into my nose and I shivered hard. As soon as my lips made contact with the head of his prick, I let them part and received the head in my mouth while precum danced on my palate.

“Mmm,” I moaned again as the warm goodness of his dick filled my watering mouth. I took the time to savor the head by giving it a delicious French kiss. I was loving how strong his glans felt as my tongue swirled around it over and over again. He combed through my messy head of hair with his fingertips, letting me know that he was enjoying my ministrations.

Satisfied with his show of appreciation, I went all the way down his pole with my lips. I could feel his veiny shaft filling my mouth, then moving into my throat, and I loved it. When my lips were pressed all the way down, I felt them smashing into his pubic mane and scrotal sack. The smell of man musk intensified in my nose, and I could taste it in my mouth, too. He hissed with pleasure as I enjoyed letting his dick rest in my mouth and throat, then I began a passionate sucking up and down his length.

My head was spinning with pleasure and my ass was burning with need as I enjoyed every inch of his pole with my mouth and tongue. His hand had moved from my hair to my back, where he ran it up and down while I cupped his warm nutsack with my right hand.

“Damn, kid, you know what you”re doing, don”t you?” he marveled, and I paused my up and down blowing to cast my horny gaze up at him and nod, then I went right back to it.

I felt his flat palm lingering against the small of my back, right by the top of my crevice, and loved it. I reached back with my hand and pulled my shirt tail up, exposing the waistband of my slutty cutoffs so he”d know I wanted him to play back there. Much to my delight, he slipped his hand down the back of my shorts and explored my crack.

“Do you get fucked, kid?” he asked, and I nodded without stopping my blowjob. “You in the mood to get fucked this morning?”

I nodded again, this time with an urgent moan as the tip of his middle finger pressed up to my moist, hungry hole. I picked up the frantic pace of my cock sucking, loving how it felt to be throat fucked by this stud and wanting him to bend me over for a buttfuck, too. I cupped his balls again and he hissed. malatya escort

“I wish I had the time to fuck you, buddy,” he lamented. “Maybe we can do it some other time.”

I moaned again and nodded in agreement, then I tightened the muscles in my throat and drove myself down on his length and thickness. With every thrust of cock in my throat, my body burned with passion and my hard little dick sizzled in my cutoffs.

Suddenly his ass came up off the seat and he exhaled sharply, then his balls got hot in my hand and his load exploded in my mouth. I pulled my lips all the way up to the ridge below his glans and felt volley after volley of cum squirting against the roof of my mouth and flood the surface of my tongue.

When it stopped, I cast my horny eyes up at him and moaned with desire, then I swallowed my mouthful without spitting his dick out. When his thick, tasty load was swallowed, I went back down on him, swallowing his dick a few more times to make sure there was no wasted sperm. At his urging, I pulled off of him with a slurp and licked my lips, then I sat up in my seat and smiled.

“That was fucking amazing, buddy,” he complimented me. “I get off at 10:30 and don”t live far from here. You want to come by and let me slide my dick into that nice ass of yours?”

“Yeah,” I said with an enchanted smile, and he winked at me. I gave him my beeper number, then he used his thumb to wipe the sperm from around my lips before I got out of his car and walked straight to the rest stop to man the glory hole.

The smell of bleach was permeating the air around the men”s room when I made it to the rest stop. I walked around the building to make sure it was safe and didn”t see any cleaning staff there. As soon as I knew the coast was clear, I went inside and made a beeline for my usual stall.

I was so horny that I kicked my sneakers off and dropped my cutoffs as soon as I set the latch on the stall door. My little boner was standing up and dripping with precum, as well as little spurts of pee that were dribbling from the end and running down my seam. I picked my bare feet up from the floor and placed them flat on the toilet seat in front of me so I could play in my hole while I waited. My desire for a man to service was starting to overflow as I worked two fingers around in my stink hole, then three.

Mercifully, I didn”t have to wait too long for male company. With my fingers strumming my slicked up hole, I heard the sprockets of a ten speed coasting up to the building, then the door opened and I could hear someone rolling it into the men”s room. I let loose with a soft moan to alert whoever it was to my presence, and listened as they went into the stall next to mine. I wiggled my finger through the glory hole and felt him tap it with his hard prick. I responded by wrapping my fingertips around the head and fondling it, then I pulled my hand back and watched with animated eyes as it emerged through the hole.

Without putting my feet down, I wrapped my lips around the flesh sword and lustily sucked it. My lips were dripping with saliva and my mouth was producing spit at an accelerated rate as I enjoyed its length and thickness. I was in a state of sheer need as I sucked this stranger off through the glory hole, moaning uncontrollably while he hissed on the other side of the stall.

“You in the mood to get fucked?” he asked, and I quickly pulled off of his dick.

“Yes!” I hissed, then he withdrew his dick while I unlatched the stall door and crawled onto the toilet seat with my ass in the air. He came in and mounted me without even closing the stall door. He simply grabbed me by the hips and positioned my ass, then he pushed in with no trouble. My body was on fire as he fed me delicious strokes of cock, over and over again while my hard little dick dribbled pee into the toilet below me. I could hear the moist crackle of friction with every in and out thrust he treated me to, adding to my pleasure until he buried his prick up my ass and came. When he pulled out, I turned around and sat on the commode so I could suck him clean with a satisfied smile. I reached out and caressed his hairy sack while his man meat raged in my mouth.

Before he left, he planted a rough kiss on my mouth, using his tongue to probe it for what felt like a full minute while I fondled his prick. Finally, he put his package away and took off on his bike.

When he was gone, I set the latch on the stall door and stood in front of the toilet, strumming my ass with my middle finger and moaning with depravity. It was still so early that I could hear the morning birds chirping while the occasional car passed by on the highway. With my finger lodged in my rectum, I heard the sound of a loud muffler as someone pulled up to the building and parked.

I heard the voices of a man and woman and sighed when I realized it was a husband and wife. I heard him approach the urinal and unleash his piss stream while I twisted my finger back and forth in my ass, then he zipped up and washed his hands before he left. Their car started and they pulled off, so I curiously came out of the stall and approached the urinal to see what he”d left behind. The puddle in the bottom of the urinal was dark yellow and smelled powerful, and I was loving it. I slipped my finger back up my ass and gave myself a good strumming right there in the middle of the men”s room floor. It felt so hot knowing that if anyone walked in, they”d find me naked from the waist down and fingering my ass.

About 10 minutes later another car pulled up so I quickly hurried back to my stall. This time I heard footsteps and the jingling of keys that were hanging from a belt. The stranger entered the stall next to me and before I could even slide my finger through the hole, his dick slid through and flopped over against the stall. I maltepe escort quickly lifted it up with my hand and wrapped my lips around it with an eager moan, working the head with my tongue and feeling it stiffen in my mouth. Less than 30 seconds later, his dick spouted with cum and I swallowed with a satisfied sigh.

When he was gone, I resumed my anal masturbation by climbing onto the toilet seat and fingering my ass while I moaned like a whore. When the next car pulled up I quieted down and kept my ass in the air, rolling it around while I listened. Much to my delight, the footsteps came my way and the stall next to me was occupied by another man. I moaned softly and turned to sit on the seat, then I saw him look through the hole at me. I licked my lips and put my mouth up to the hole, then he asked, “Are you the same kid I fucked here a couple weeks ago?”

I nodded slowly, not sure who this man was but almost positive he”d given me his cock.

“Put your ass back up to the hole and I”ll fuck you again,” he instructed me, so I quickly backed up to the hole and spread my cheeks. When I felt his dick slip in my ass, I made a point of rolling my hips around and riding his cock like a bitch in heat until I secured his load. When he pulled out, I sucked him clean, then he withdrew his dick through the hole and was gone.

Five minutes later I listened as a car pulled up to a parking space right by the entrance and parked, then the car door opened and closed. Feeling a little daring, I unlatched the stall and let the door drift open. Seconds later, I found myself looking up from the toilet seat at a hot brunette stud with a massive bulge in his pants. I thought he was going to have me suck it, but when he pulled it out, he picked my legs up and pushed them back. I could feel the back of my head come to rest against the rim of the toilet seat while my ass and legs dangled in the air. He pointed the end of his massive rod at my entrance and pushed through with no resistance, then he started to move his hips.

Each and every thrust he fed me forced a torrent of sexual endorphins through my system that encapsulated every inch of me. Goosebumps spread rapidly across my body and the hair on the back of my neck was standing up, as if being pulled by static electricity. At the same time, a roaring heat was circulating around my groin, emanating from my ass and wrapping itself around my little boner and my hairless balls and taint.

There was a moist sloshing sound that accompanied his inward strokes, telling me that the cum loads that I”d scored earlier were still in tact. We were both hissing as my hot, hungry rear end squeezed his shaft with spastic contractions. I could feel my adrenaline racing as my ass opened and closed, trying to pull him deeper into me. Finally, he threw his head back and groaned as he fed me a final, forceful thrust, then buried his rod up my ass.

I watched through half opened eyes as his chest heaved under his shirt. It was expanding and retracting in perfect time with the pulsating of his cock while he unloaded inside me, gifting me his seed while my legs shook violently. Every throb of his cock seemed to match every contraction in my ass, and I felt like our orgasms were feeding into each other and making it more intense for both of us.

When he pulled out of me my feet fell to the floor and I sat straight up, resting my forearms on my quivering thighs while I wrapped my lips around his trophy. I smiled around his thick shaft and cast my satisfied gaze up at him while I moaned like a whore and swallowed all eight inches. When he eased me off of it, I sat back on the toilet and tilted my head back just in time to accept a deep French kiss that only added to my bliss.

While his tongue was stirring in my mouth, he rubbed my chest with one hand and ran his fingers through my hair with the other. Finally, he withdrew his tongue and smiled down at me while I smiled dreamily at him and sighed.

“I take it you come here all the time,” he said, and I nodded up at him. “You want to meet me here tomorrow morning?”

“Yes please,” I answered, my eyes fluttering and my tummy glowing with the afterglow of the sex we just had.

“How does 7:30 sound?” he asked me.

“Okay!” I said excitedly, then he planted another long kiss on my mouth before making his exit.

Less than five minutes later, I heard someone pull up to the parking space out front and get out. I listened as they walked to the men”s room, then a familiar sounding set of footsteps made their way to the stall beside me.

I wondered if it was someone I”d sucked off before. Or if maybe it was someone whose cock I”d taken for a ride. As the latch was set on the stall door, I felt a powerful sizzle of desire and anticipation grip my small frame. I slipped my finger through the hole and wiggled it, then I pulled it back and watched as a huge, hard dick emerged.

I wrapped my dripping lips around the fleshy treat with a guttural moan and enjoyed the musky flavors and smells that were filling my senses. A hot glob of precum rolled out of the head and landed on my tongue, then I heard the man on the other side of the stall hiss. Encouraged, I used my tongue to bathe his glans, then I swallowed the entire length until my nose was bent against the metal partition. With my eyes practically rolling into the back of my head, I fell into a lust filled blowjob and gave my hips a stir. This felt like the most magical blowjob I”d ever given, but I couldn”t explain why. All I knew was that I loved having this hot dick in my mouth, and I wanted to take it up my ass.

I pulled off of it with a slurp, then I practically pleaded, “I want to ride it.”

Without a word, the stranger on the other end of the stall reached down and wrapped his hand around his dick, stroking it in approval while I shivered mamak escort with lust. Taking this as my green light, I turned to face away from the wall, then I settled my ass against the end of his prick. I felt my pucker bloom, then I pushed back with my hips and my hole swallowed his length. I heard him hissing through clenched teeth as I accepted his shaft, then pushed my hips all the way up against the partition and moaned.

I sighed with relief when he started thrusting. My whole body was on fire and my soft, feminine moans filled the men”s room as I scaled the heights of gay ecstasy. He fed me deep, pleasure filled thrusts for less than a minute, then he stopped moving and I felt his cock throb hard. A magical sensation gripped me as I accepted this stranger”s load and my own little wiener squirted a stream of hot pee that arched up and landed on the floor, splashing my cutoffs in the process. When he pulled out, I quickly dropped to my knees and watched as his dick re-emerged through the hole. I sucked it with lust filled moans, loving how thick strands of his seed were clinging to the side of his shaft for me to enjoy.

When he took his dick away, I was in an absolute daze. I licked my lips and listened as he walked out the door, then I sat back on my legs and tried to regain my bearings. My feet were resting in the puddle that I made, and my body was burning with the most powerful sensation I”d ever experienced. I was about to get up and sit on the toilet when I heard my beeper go off. I figured it was mom or dad paging me to find out where I was, so I reached over to my cutoffs so I could check my pager.

That”s when something caught my eye.

Right by the partition, just beside my cutoffs, was an unopened package of panties. It looked like someone had slid them under the stall when I wasn”t paying attention. I picked them up and examined them closer. They were my size. Next I picked up my pager and read the number. It was my home number, so I got up and steadied myself, then I slipped into my cutoffs and clipped my pager to my waist.

I carried my panties with me as I prepared to exit the men”s room and walk to the payphone so I could check in. As soon as I walked outside, I saw dad”s truck sitting in the parking lot. We made eye contact, and he seemed to have his gaze trained on my panties. I gave him a shy smile and walked to the truck to get in with him on his side. Dad opened his door and got out, then he smiled down at me while he waited for me to get in.

“You all set, Nicholas?” dad asked, and I nodded as I climbed into the truck. I sat in the middle of the bench seat and snuggled into his side while I clutched my new panties. As soon as he got in and closed his door, he wrapped his arm around me and held me close.

“Thank you, daddy,” I said, my voice jittery as I nuzzled my face into his chest.

“You”re welcome, sweetheart,” he said quietly. “Do you feel better?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “Daddy?”

“Yes Nicholas?”

“That was really special for me,” I said, then I felt him give my shivering frame a squeeze.

“It was special for daddy, too,” he whispered, then he kissed me on the head and started the truck. “Let”s go home and have breakfast, kiddo. I”m sure you”ve worked up an appetite.”

With that, I smiled up at him and nodded. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips, then he backed out of the parking space and drove me home while my body glowed with sexual contentment.

🏳️‍🌈 The End ota

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