Richard’s Girls Ch. 02

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Brianna desires something more

Brianna’s new job as a personal assistant to a wealthy businessman wasn’t the only thing she was excited about. She’d developed a close relationship with him and his much younger wife. A business trip arrangement provided both an opportunity and a threat to their relationship. Complicating the situation, her boss’s wife was also under Doctor Love’s care.

I discovered the Practice a few months ago, soon realising what a wonder place it was. Doctor Love provided counselling and therapy after being dumped by my partner. We just weren’t right for each other. I must have known and that’s why I was easily tempted. It was a silly thing but I’m a bit like that. I’m a free spirit with a sense of adventure, particularly when it comes to relationships and the inevitable sex. I slept with another woman and that’s what ended it for Liam.

I’m a bit excitable and impulsive. It’s an enjoyable combination, more often than not. The casual sex was just one of those things and we haven’t seen each other since. I’m not normally into one-night stands. There have been others in my life, guys and girls, and at 26 I’m comfortable with my sexuality. I was raised in a strict Indian family and they have come to accept me for who I am. I’ve still got plenty of time to find what I really want. It just wasn’t Liam.

The sessions with Doctor Love have been wonderful and helped me cope with the split and move on. I didn’t have a partner at the time and the sexual therapy at the Practice helped me cope. I haven’t needed to visit the Practice for a while but I’ve an appointment this afternoon. It’s just another situation to share with Doctor Love and for us to work through.

My new job as a personal assistant has been a helpful distraction. Richard’s the director of a property management business and we work well together. He’s a wonderful boss and understanding of my situation. I started the job only a couple of weeks before the split. Little did I know how much of a distraction the job would end up being.

My previous job as a receptionist was boring and I wanted something more exciting. I was fortunate to get the job really as I’d never worked as an assistant before. I suspected at the interview that there was something else that Richard liked about me. It just added to the excitement when he offered me the job.

Richard bought out an interstate company and it’s been busy. I’ve had to learn being his assistant while helping with the take-over. Work hasn’t been boring! We’ve spent a week each month at the business and I’ve help with the transition. It’s exciting seeing how well Richard’s been handling things. Everything about the business trips has been exciting. Richard’s very generous and looked after me considerably well. I’ve been to nice restaurants and stayed at lovely hotels. It’s been an enjoyable distraction, actually.

Richard’s young wife, Amber, isn’t much older than me. He seems to like young and attractive women around him. I’ve got to know them very well and they’re an interesting couple, in more ways than one. Richard’s about 25 years older than Amber and they’ve been married almost 12 months. They met after he lost his wife through illness. Amber worked as a model, a beautiful long-haired blonde with a bubbly personality.

I can see what attracted her to Richard. He’s handsome for his age and blessed with a lovely smile and warm sensual eyes. Richard’s a real gentleman and quite a charmer. He’s very generous and it helps if you’re wealthy and lonely. The three of us are more than good friends. Richard calls Amber his A girl and I’m his B girl. I didn’t book separated rooms for our business trips, if you know what I mean.

While I’m enjoying being away with Richard, his absence was an issue for Amber. She’s happy with our arrangement but missed sex terribly. I can certainly appreciate how she would have felt. I naturally thought of Doctor Love and mentioned the Practice to Richard and Amber. Doctor Love is so much like Richard. Maybe a little older, but I was sure she would be pleased with him.

Richard asked me to make some appointments. It was an unusual situation really, arranging for Amber to see my therapist while I . . . well, kept her husband entertained for her. Then again, our business trip arrangement couldn’t be described as usual either. Amber had her first appointment while we were last away and couldn’t be happier with the treatment. I knew she wouldn’t be disappointed with Doctor Love and the Practice.

It was with a mixture of my usual excitement and some anxiousness as I drove to the Practice for my appointment. Just the thought of seeing Doctor Love again had me in a dull state of arousal. Not many women could say that about their doctor. I knew Amber felt the same way about him. But things had changed since I was regularly seeing him after the break-up.

This was a different situation. I was getting as much fantastic sex as I wanted, even if crammed into one week each month. I’d also become close to Richard ataşehir escort bayan and Amber and wondered where our unusual arrangement and friendship would take us. The trips weren’t likely to continue more than a few more months. I was very aware of the complexities of the situation. I parked my car and only had a short walk.

The Practice is an old double-story terrace house converted into an exclusive medical practice for women. They call the women Guests and it’s an intimate and discreet place to meet with Doctor Love. He’s old enough to be my father but ever so charming and handsome. There’s just something sexually intriguing about an older and attractive man. Richard reminds me of Doctor Love in so many ways. I wasn’t surprised Amber’s appointment went so well.

‘Hello Maddisyn,’ enjoying her gorgeous smile that always welcomed me.

‘Come in. It’s nice to see you again Brianna,’ she greeted me in her usual soft and gently manner.

Maddisyn is about the same age as me and manages the Practice. She’s attractive with long black hair and an athletic build, the benefits of her running interest clearly visible in her lean and toned body. She was wearing a short black jacket and matching mid-thigh skirt. Her long, toned and silky-smooth legs looked amazing in the short skirt and high-heels.

What caught my attention was her slightly see-through white blouse, unbuttoned enough to offer a glimpse of some cleavage and a lacy white bra.

Maddisyn had featured in so many of my dreams and fantasies. I smiled as I recalled one of my favourites and I felt my pussy moisten. She always makes me feel welcome with her gentle and caring nature, almost spiritual, which I find intriguing. I hadn’t otherwise shown any further interest in Maddisyn.

‘I haven’t been for a while. Busy with other things,’ I answered, smiling to myself at the actual reason I didn’t require Doctor Love’s therapy.

‘We’re here anytime you desire treatment,’ she replied, the subtle innuendo obvious to any Guest.

‘Thank you for the appointments for Amber,’ I mentioned as we moved out of the entry hall.

‘That’s okay,’ she simply answered, her normal soft and gentle tone even more reserved.

‘She’s very pleased with the Practice and particularly the treatment Doctor Love provided,’ I continued, feeling my lips curling into a knowing smile.

I could appreciate her slightly anxious look. ‘I’m pleased but I’m sorry I can’t comment on other Guests.’

‘That’s okay. I understand,’ reassuring her with a polite smile, aware of the sensitivity of my personal involvement.

We went into the Sitting Room. It’s a lovely area to wait for an appointment. The period furniture and furnishings are beautiful. There are two comfortable couches where Guests could sit and enjoy a coffee or glass of wine in front of a white marble fireplace. I just love the chandelier and decorative plasterwork that is also throughout the building.

‘Can I get you anything?’ She kindly offered as I took a seat on the couch.

‘A glass of red please?’ Returning her smile.

‘Certainly,’ she answered and went to the kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room.

Maddisyn’s revealing outfit and our brief discussions about Amber had put me in a particularly frisky mood. It doesn’t take much to get me excited. I admired the swing of her hips as she walked away, stirring something more within me than on other occasions. Her high-heels added to her sexy walk, drawing my attention to her tight little backside.

I’d often wondered if Maddisyn and Doctor Love were lovers or even partners. I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s still tempting to the eye, despite being much older. Just the thought of Maddisyn and Doctor Love being intimate was adding to my arousal.

Maddisyn soon returned with my drink on a silver tray. Some chocolates caught my eye. Suddenly something else took my interest as Maddisyn bent over to place the tray on the coffee table in front of me.

I gazed at a gorgeous pair of rounded breasts nestled in her white lacy bra. ‘I hope you like Shiraz?’ She smiled, pausing with her eyes lingering on mine.

‘Does that turn you on? I teased with a naughty smile, adding. Nice tits,’ while rolling my eyes.

‘Oh . . . I’m sorry. I didn’t realise,’ she apologised with a surprised look, either so sincere or worthy of a stage performance.

I gave a reassuring smile and Maddisyn returned to her desk.

The Practice always seemed to bring out that extra wickedness in me. It was that type of place. I loved visiting and having Doctor Love’s sexual therapy. That’s why I suggested it to Amber. It was great to let my hair down and go a bit wild. I could wear a sexy outfit I wouldn’t dream of wearing anywhere else, just to please Doctor Love. I was wearing some casual clothing but I’d brought a short white dress to wear that hardly hides anything. I know its naughty going there for sex. I think that’s part of the reason I like the Practice so much.

As I sipped my wine and escort kadıköy enjoyed a chocolate, my mind began to ponder. Was Maddisyn flirting with me? She’d be well aware of my sexuality as she maintained my personal records. Her words, we’re here for you, were also resonating through my mind. Was she available for my treatment? Did she offer to join me and Doctor Love in the sexual therapy? Maybe it was just me taking more interest, not really have a partner. Had I subconsciously had a thing for Maddisyn? Or was it just simply my wild and fertile imagination?

I finished my drink and decided to go over to Maddisyn.

Maddisyn slowly looked up from her computer screen and her smiling eyes met mine as I approached. ‘I’m sorry if I embarrassed you before.’

‘That’s okay. I should have been more careful,’ she replied, a little smile forming on her lips and displaying something in her eyes that delighted me.

Oh . . . you are a tease! I thought, feeling a little shiver of excitement through my already aroused body.

I smiled and gave a soft laugh. ‘I’ll just go to the Guest Lounge to get changed and then go through to Doctor Love.’

The lounge is off the Sitting Room and a lovely room to freshen up before Doctor Love’s appointment. There was another door that conveniently opened into the passageway that led to his suite at the back of the building. Removing my clothing and bra, I slipped into my seductive dress and changed to my high-heels. I reapplied some of my makeup using the lovely cosmetics that were available for Guests.

A glance in the mirror brought a sexy smile to my face. It was just the look I was after. The reflection showing shapely long-toned legs with high-heels and slender hips packaged neatly inside a short and body-hugging dress. The open back and neckline displayed enough of my soft coloured skin to get any man, or women excited at what may be beneath the silky-smooth fabric. My nipples were hard nubs pushing through the dress. I softly sighed as I tweaked them between my fingertips, arousing them even more and adding to the moisture in my panties.

I left by the side door and loved the erotic sound of my heels striking the polished floorboards as I sashayed confidently towards Doctor Love’s suite. It felt naughty dressing seductively and tempting Doctor Love with my young body. Finding the door open, I entered and shut it behind me.

Doctor Love got up from his desk to greet me. ‘Hello Brianna. What a lovely dress and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Please take a seat.’

As soon as I saw him my pussy tingled with the memories of our last sexual therapy session. The image of his soft lips teasing my nipples and the moans of pleasure that escaped mine came to mind. There was just something about Doctor Love that turned me on. Maybe it was his charm and flattery or how his eyes light up when he saw me. It might be the inappropriateness of him being my therapist or a much older man. My eyes were drawn to his heart-warming smile, just one of many delightful things that fuelled the wanting building within me.

‘Thank you,’ I sensually smiled, making my way to one of the couches.

I enjoyed Doctor Love’s warm gaze as he studied the swing of my tight backside and my long sensual legs as I walked ahead of him. I realised as soon as I sat on the couch opposite him that my dress was much too short. Resisting the urge to tug it down, I just crossed my legs and decided to give Doctor Love a little more of a thrill than intended. I felt naked under Doctor Love’s gaze as he ran his eyes slowly over my naturally coloured body.

‘It’s been a couple of months since we last met,’ he commenced, his eyes still wandered.

No man had made me feel so desirable as the look Doctor Love could delight me with.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and drew a breath. ‘Yes, I’m over Liam and moving on and the new job is great. There’s just a little . . . complication,’ I hesitated, choosing my words carefully.

‘Please, go on,’ he prompted with an undeniable knowing grin.

‘You know about Amber and Richard and the arrangement when I’m away with him on business?’ I continued, excited at where the conversation would take us.

‘Yes, but I’m sure you understand that I can’t discuss another Guest and their treatment,’ he advised.

‘I understand. I don’t think you could tell me anything I haven’t already heard from Amber,’ giving him a generous smile that would have convinced him.

Unfazed, he continued. ‘Tell me about the complication.’

I explained that while we were all happy with the business trip arrangement and Amber was pleased with her treatment, I was concerned at where our relationship was going. I certainly didn’t want to cause any problems with their marriage. I loved my job and we were getting along very well together. I just didn’t want things to go bad for any of us. I’d even had thoughts of progressing our relationship a little further.

‘Where would you like the relationship to go?’ Doctor Love inquired.

I bostancı escort hesitated, searching for the words. ‘I’ve wondered if they’d be interested in a threesome,’ my tone lacking my usual confidence.

Doctor Love’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully. ‘What makes you think they may be interested?’

‘Amber and I are both having a sex with Richard and she’s okay with that. I know Richard’s very happy,’ I explained.

‘So, it’s just a matter of Amber being interested and Richard prepared to share his wife with you,’ Doctor Love summed up so simply.

‘I think Amber would be interested; we’ve become quite close. She’s also happy having sex with her doctor while Richard was away,’ I added, giving him a wicked smile.

‘And what about you?’ He quizzed, remarkably maintaining his composure.

‘I’d like the three of us to be together. There is one thing that concerns me . . .,’ I paused.

‘And that is . . .?’ Urging me to continue.

‘I’ve never had a threesome,’ I confessed.

Doctor Love is a great listener and I felt relaxed talked about my intimate sexual desires. I was more than comfortable, finding our discussions arousing. My nipples and pussy would throb with the images that came to mind during our discussions. Often enjoying the feeling of wetness that filled my panties, a spare pair always brought with me.

I loved his thoughtful expression that formed. ‘They may never have either.’

‘I had thought of that. They may look to me to take the lead, knowing I’ve had experience with guys and girls,’ I explained confidently holding his gaze.

‘Are you concerned about the lack of experience and the effect it may have on establishing a new sexual relationship?’ He so eloquently asked.

‘Brilliant, that’s it!’ I exclaimed.

‘I recommend some sexual therapy with the techniques you’re interested in,’ he proposed, somewhat clinically.

It sounded intriguing. ‘Who else do you have in mind?’

‘How do you feel about Maddisyn?’ He replied with a glint in his eye.

‘Excited,’ was my immediate response and required no further words, my smile saying it all.

A smile slowly formed on his lips and his eyes seemed even more warm and sensual, sending my pussy buzzing with his slightly naughty look.

Doctor Love stood up and went to the phone at his desk. ‘Maddisyn, please secure the front door and join us. Thank you.’

What instantly occurred to me was how brief the conversation was. She’d obviously been called upon before to join other Guests. Her words, we’re here for you, were again playing in my mind.

My heart pounded in my chest as I heard the same erotic sound of heels striking the polished floorboards as Maddisyn came along the passage way. My pussy tingled at the image of her sensually swinging hips and that tight little backside above her long silky-smooth legs.

My eyes were instantly drawn to the knock at the door. We shared a smile as Maddisyn entered and I saw that same little sparkle in her eye that delighted me at her desk. Sitting beside me on the couch, we briefly held each other’s gaze before turning to look at Doctor Love.

‘Thank you for joining us. We’re about to commence sexual therapy,’ Doctor Love grinned with a definite hint of invitation.

Maddisyn turned towards me placing a hand on my thigh. ‘I’d love to join you,’ sending a shiver racing down my spine and leaving a tingle between my legs.

I returned her smile with the thrill of what was unfolding. ‘Thank you. It should be fun.’

Doctor Love stood up. ‘Why don’t you girls go through to the bedroom and I’ll join you when you’re ready.’

We stood up and Maddisyn took my hand as we moved towards the bedroom that’s off the suite. I briefly glanced back at Doctor Love and saw him admiring our sexy walk that normally accompanies high-heels, long slender legs and a short dress.

The entrance to the bedroom is through a lovely decorative archway. It’s a magnificent room, exquisitely furnished with period furniture. There’s a king-sized bed with a luxurious bedspread opposite a beautiful ornate fireplace with a large mirror above. Period chairs, upholstered in dark blue velvet matched the cherry-wood bedside tables. The bay window has velvet drapes and fine lace curtains. The room provided a beautiful and intimate setting where I’d enjoyed my other therapy sessions.

‘Please use the ensuite first while I get undressed,’ Maddisyn offered in a voice even softer than normal.

The ensuite is through a door off the bedroom. It’s another beautiful room. There’s a dressing table with a large mirror and a chair that is wonderful for grooming and makeup. The same assortment of cosmetics as were in the Guest Lounge is available. Guests could even bath in a white roll-top bath and there’s a double shower.

I slipped out of my high-heels and literally peeled off my dress. Standing only in my sodden panties, I hung up the dress and freshened up before joining Maddisyn. She was sitting on the bed in her matching white bra and panties. I gazed at her soft and supple breasts, tightly formed at the chest before melting into her lacy bra. Maddisyn gave a cheeky smile and went to use the ensuite. I noticed her clothing neatly hanging on the back of a chair. I smiled to myself realising that Doctor Love did the same.

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