Rhonda’s Crush

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“Do you have any idea what it’s like to have a crush, like I had on you – do you?”

I didn’t move a muscle. She was the one holding the gun. The big gun. They must all look big from this close up.

She squinted her eyes. Big, beautiful green eyes, actually. “I asked you a question!”

“Well I . . . .” I stammered, “I’m not sure I knew just how you felt, I guess I knew you liked me, but . . .”

“Liar!” she snapped. “You knew I was in love with you. You just couldn’t see yourself with me could you? I wasn’t your type. I was a little too motherly for you, not spontaneous enough – not fun enough. A little too possessive. I asked you too many questions.”

“No . . .” I responded.

“It was my looks? You didn’t like my big, thick glasses? You thought I dressed too frumpy? I was 19 – my mother picked out my clothes! She didn’t like me exposing my breasts. She always told me that they were too large and didn’t look right on me. ‘Dress to minimize them’, she said. How do you like the way I look now?”

The truth was that now, years later, I was the one who would probably have the crush. The glasses were gone, replaced my contact lenses, and her shimmering eyes were made-up and lovely. Her dark brown hair, once too long and straggly, was layered and meticulously arranged off of her face, highlighting her always-perfect complexion. Her lips, which had always seemed awkwardly big and chapped, now appeared full and soft, enhanced by lipstick. Her face was, truthfully, beautiful. Rhonda had made herself over.

Her body, which seemed too large and middle aged in her mother’s choice of clothes, was slimmed down and voluptuous. She was never a small girl and never would be, but I kind of liked that. I’m not attracted to the size-four starvation victim looking girls. Rhonda had broad shoulders, which looked strong, while still feminine. Her breasts stood out straight and proud, at least a size D, I’d guess. Her low cut top did nothing to hide her fabulous cleavage. And her legs, which I don’t ever remember seeing in her stupid dresses and starched jeans, were long and shapely. Her calf muscles looked strong, flexing each time she tapped her foot, which she was doing as she spoke.

“I think you look beautiful now, Rhonda,” I said genuinely. “I always thought you were a good kid,

I just – – – “

“Bullshit!” she screamed at me, shaking the gun uncomfortably. “You never thought anything about me at all!”

I had to think back, what – eight or ten years? How had I thought about her? She lived across the hall in our coed dorm at the University of Hartford, on the girl’s side. I had friends who lived there who were much cooler than Rhonda, straight off the bus from Brooklyn with the accompanying accent. “Howa you?” she’d say. “Noice day, huh?”

I found her kind of annoying. She seemed to inject herself into the conversations we were having in the lounge between the bedrooms. I knew she liked me, and it was flattering, I admit. I was a good looking guy, fit and strong, with curly blonde hair. I always made her laugh. When I would walk past her in the dorm, sweating with my shirt off after playing football or Frisbee, I could see her practically drool.

The fact is, I would have loved to fuck her, but she was the type who would be picking out china patterns and setting up a bridal registry the next day. Her umbilical cord still stretched from Connecticut to Sheep’s Head Bay. Definitely not my type of girl.

Then I met Dina, and she became the sun, moon and stars to me. I forgot all about every other girl. Before I knew it, college was over. I don’t think Rhonda ever had a boyfriend there, now that I think about it.

“It was a long time ago,” I concluded. “I don’t remember exactly how I felt. As I said, I thought you were a good kid, but I met Dina and – – -“

“Now you’re going to tell me it was because of Dina?” she ranted. “I knew you a year before you met her!” She was right – and armed. Oh boy, wrong move. Then she let it all out.

“I used to watch you – study you. In our dorm, in the cafeteria, anywhere I saw you. I knew all of your clothes, and I had my favorites, like that black shirt with the gray piping. Your faded black jeans. Your ripped Grateful Dead T-shirt that you would never throw away. I knew all of your expressions. That smirk of yours. Your grin. I knew every freckle on your face. Your smile. I could tell when you were sad, and it broke my heart. I just wanted to see you happy – to make you happy – and I could have done it.”

“Rhonda,” I said, standing up.

“Sit down!” she said, waving the gun perilously at me. “I’m not done.”

I obeyed. This wasn’t a movie. Chuck Norris was not going to burst in and help me. How did I get here? When Peggy invited me to her NJ shore house for a fun weekend, I didn’t know who would be here. She mentioned some ‘old friends’ from college. I was actually happy to see Rhonda. And my, how she had evolved. Even her Brooklyn accent was toned down. She sounded like a confident, mature sincan escort bayan woman. When she asked me to help her bring her suitcase up, I innocently agreed. I was happy to help. Until she pulled the pistol from her purse.

“Where is Dina now?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I responded, “we broke up many years ago.” She smiled.

“Your lips, how I wanted to kiss them. They were made for me, you know. I memorized every inch of your body,” she continued. Your shoulders. Your strong chest. I loved the way your muscles flexed when you moved your arms. Your cock, though, I never saw your cock. I wanted it inside of me. I wanted to touch it, to lick it. I used to lie in bed alone at night, dreaming of your cock inside of me, and your body lying on top of mine. My legs spread wide for you – only you. I used to rub myself until I came, dreaming it was you making me cum – making me scream your name.

“Did you like fucking Dina? Did she make you cum hard? I used to sneak over to your room and sit outside your door in the middle of the night, just to hear you two make love. Did you know I was there? I could hear her – ‘Oh Billy, Billy, that feels so good. You’re making me feel so good. Give it to me. Harder – yes – faster – yes. I’m gonna cum now baby – Oh God – Oh God – I’m gonna cuummmm.’ Remember?”

She had been there all right. Dina was a noisy one. This was bizarre.

“She must have loved your cock deep inside her pussy. Did she suck your cock, your beautiful cock? The one I never got to suck, never got to see. I’m going to see it now, though.”

“Rhonda, I pleaded, “this is going a little too far . . .”

“I’ll decide when it’s gone too far,” she commanded. “Pull down those shorts.”

I complied. I slowly pulled down my shorts, revealing my dark blue underpants.

“Those,” she waved the gun at my briefs, “pull those down too.”

Again, I granted her wish. I lowered my briefs to my knees. My cock flopped out, soft and long. I saw Rhonda’s eyes flash a moment as she squirmed in her chair, staring at my cock.

“Pull them all the way off,” she directed. “Throw them over here.”

I stood naked from the waist down.

“Take off your shirt and throw it over here, too.”

Rhonda studied my bare body. Her eyes went from my face to my neck, down my chest and rippled stomach until they stopped at my cock.

“Turn around,” she said.

I turned away from her, hearing her inhale deeply as she studied my ass. I was intimidated – confused – aroused. Didn’t anyone wonder where we were? Perhaps they heard us and thought we were just talking – catching up. She was catching up, all right.

I heard noises behind me, but I could not make out all of them. Locking the door, I computed that one. Then the rustling of clothes or something. I felt her nearing me, smelled her perfume. Gone was that disgusting musk perfume she used to marinade in – I called it ‘dead wet animal’ perfume. Now she wore a fresh, feminine scent, and not too much of it. I smelled her powder.

Rhonda was standing in back of me. She put her lips on the back of my neck and kissed me gently. I still didn’t move. Then I felt – her large bare breasts against my back. The hardness of her erect nipples. Her hands wrapped around my waist and rubbed my stomach. I didn’t realize it, but she had put the gun down.

She rubbed up and down my torso. Her hands caressed my chest and squeezed my nipples gently. All the while she was softly kissing my neck and back.

“Wanted to make you happy,” she mumbled, her breath uneven. “Just wanted to make you happy.”

Her hands rubbed my stomach as they made their journey down to my crotch. She must have been kneeling now. I felt her breath on the small of my back. Rhonda’s hands finally found my cock, and I heard her groan.

“Your cock, your beautiful cock,” she breathed.

Her hands softly – dare I say it, lovingly – caressed my cock and balls. Rhonda began to lick the crack of my ass with her warm, wet tongue. I spread my legs instinctively, and she continued to lick a path to my anus. It felt so wonderful.

“Close your eyes,” she demanded. “And keep them closed.”

Rhonda’s tongue swirled around my anus, bathing it with warmth, while she stroked my rigid shaft with both hands. Then she stopped. I squeezed my eyes closed.

Momentarily, I felt that hot breath again – at my crotch. Rhonda’s hands cupped my ass cheeks, as her mouth found my cock head. Masterfully, she swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock, swelling it to major proportions. She was murmuring softly, “mmm, mmm” as she went along.

Her mouth began to slide down the length of my cock, her teeth lightly rubbing as she went along. Down, down, she went. I couldn’t believe how far. Then back out again. She licked her way down my shaft to my balls. Taking each one in her mouth, she licked and sucked them tenderly. When she heard me moaning, she knew she’d hit the mark, and went back to work on my cock with gusto. Slobbering and slurping eryaman escort on my engorged meat, Rhonda’s head traveled up and down my entire length, sending shivers through me. My legs trembled, and I began to breathe heavier. Finally, I had to say it.

“Oh my God, Rhonda. You suck my cock so well. You’re making me feel so damn good.”

I broke the rules. I opened my eyes and looked down. I saw Rhonda squatting in front of me, her shining hair cascading down her shoulders, her huge tits standing proudly. Without thinking I reached down and caressed them, which made Rhonda suck even harder and with more purpose. Hormones were flooding my system. I didn’t care if Rhonda was holding a cannon on me at this point, all I could think about was how good she was making me feel.

As she immersed my cock between her soft lips, Rhonda took the fingers of her left hand and rubbed it on my wet shaft. Then she took those fingers and lightly played with my anus, making me shudder and moan.

Rhonda looked up and stared at me with soft, bedroom eyes. She kept blowing me for a minute this way, reading the overwhelmed expression on my face. Sliding her lips off my soaking wet cock, she kept pumping it with her hand while she softly spoke to me.

“Do you like the way I suck your cock – do you?”

Yes, Oh God yes, I nodded positively.

“I had a lot of practice, Billy. I wanted them all to be you. I pretended that they were you. I would close my eyes and imagine it was your cock I was sucking, your ass I was licking.”

I just grunted. Her wet hand milking my cock was making it hard to concentrate.

“Do you know that I could have been sucking your cock all along this way. That I would have lived to suck your cock day and night – all the time?”

Closing my eyes, I again nodded in the affirmative.

Rhonda placed her lips on my cock once again, licking around the head on her tour down the shaft. Without warning, one of her wet fingers found its way into my anus, making me buck and wobble. I was trying to hold back my orgasm, but it was a formidable battle. Rhonda must have sensed my plight, because she slowed down her oral assault in time to delay the inevitable.

Standing naked in front of me, she asked, “Do you like my body now, Billy? Does it turn you on?”

There was no way it couldn’t. She had matured into a stunning young woman. Her face was handsome, with large features – eyes and lips. Her nose was unremarkable, her hair dark and thick, framing her perfectly. Her body – sumptuous. Amazing curves and breasts, with alluring tan lines. Rhonda was large but tight, not heavy, and voluptuous in all the right places. Even her pussy was exquisite, with fully shaved lips and neatly trimmed triangle of hair on top. The only feature I didn’t like was the stainless steel gun she was clutching.

“Yes,” I honestly admitted, “it turns me on.”

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“I would,” I declared. “Yes, I would.”

“What would you to do to me – describe it to me in detail.”

“Well,” I started, “I would start at your face. I’d take your face in both my hands and kiss you like you’ve always wanted me to. I’d swirl my tongue all the way around you mouth. Then I’d find your tongue and suck it, drawing it into my mouth. I’d lick your lips. Then I’d kiss all the way down that beautiful neck of yours, past your shoulders to your breasts.”

“I’d hold them in my hands,” I continued. “I’d caress them, I’d massage your nipples with my fingers. Then I’d draw each nipple at a time into my mouth, where I’d suck and lick it until it stuck out like a roll of pennies. By this time, your pussy would be getting wet and starting to tingle.”

“Oh my,” Rhonda whispered, getting a glazed, far-off look in her eyes. “Go on.”

“Then I’d lick my way down your stomach, holding onto your hips for balance. I might even park my tongue on your navel a minute, just for fun.”

A fleeting smile flashed across her face, but she was still absorbed in the moment.

“I wouldn’t stay long though,” I said. “I’d start again at your feet and kiss my way up those gorgeous, shapely calves and thighs until I got to your pussy. I’d stop there and linger. I’d kiss it, I’d touch and lick it. Oh, I’d lick it long and hard, from top to bottom. I’d use my tongue like a cock, and stick in into your hole until you cried and begged me to stop. I’d make your pussy mine. Then I’d lick your anus until you shivered with delight.”

“Oh my God, Billy,” Rhonda panted, lowering the gun. “Would you? You’re making me so horny, so hot.”

“Yes I would,” I pledged. “I would spread your legs wide and stick my cock in you. Just a little – just a little – then all the way in. I would pump you slow and easy, then hard and fast. You wouldn’t know what to expect. I’d turn you over and lick your ass, then stick my cock in and give it to you doggie style.”

“Giving it to me – giving it to me,” she chanted, her mind drifting off into that other place, where we were together.

“Finally, etimesgut bayan escort when you couldn’t take any more, I’d make you cum, Rhonda. Give you the strongest orgasm of your life. Make you cum so hard that your juices flooded the bed, and I’d lick them all off of you. Lick you clean, so we could start again. Start all over again.”

Rhonda couldn’t take any more. Her nipples were sticking straight out, and her body was swaying as though she were on a ship in rough seas. She rushed to me and threw the gun on the bed.

The gun I knew was nothing more than a cigarette lighter.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me so hard and passionately that she must have sucked all the oxygen out of the room. Our tongues intertwined like serpents, feeding off of each other. She kissed my neck and ears, while my hands found her nipples.

I held and squeezed as much of her tits in my hands as I could. I was not being gentle, and Rhonda loved it.

“Oh Billy, oh baby,” she panted, her arousal shifting into high gear, “this is what I’ve always wanted. Take me . . . and make me yours . . . yours to do with whatever you want.”

I took one large tit and sucked the nipple into my mouth. Wetting the fingers of my other hand, I squeezed and kneaded her other nipple. I continually switched off this way, squeezing one nipple while licking the other. Rhonda threw her head back, her knees trembling. I smoothly pushed her over to the bed and laid her down.

Just as I had promised, I licked up Rhonda’s lovely, strong calves. They were tan and smooth, smelling slightly from coconut moisturizer. By this time, the juices must have been streaming out of her – the fragrant smell was unmistakable – and a superb affirmation of how I was making her feel.

Arriving finally at that incredible pussy, I spread it wide with my thumbs to give me total access. I licked from the bottom to the top. I took Rhonda’s clit in my mouth like a piece of hard candy and sucked it hard.

Rhonda moaned low in her throat as her brain filled with thoughts of nothing but sex. Drowning out reason. Every fiber in her body, every cell, screamed for sex, begged for release. It was not to come too quickly.

I stuck my thumb in Rhonda’s pussy and wiggled it around as I worked my tongue down her slit. I took a moment to drench her taint area with my tongue, then headed south of the border. My tongue found her tight little anus. I licked around it at first, sending shivers through her body. Her legs quivered and shook.

Then I stuck my tongue in her rosebud – just a little – making her jerk and tremble. It was almost time to open up her senses and rock her hard.

Moving my tongue up her slit again, I kept my thumb moving in and out of her pussy. Once my tongue found her clit again, I took my index finger of the same hand and placed it at the now wet and fully prepped entrance to her anus. Sucking on her clit furiously, I stuck that finger in her rosebud just about an inch. That was all it took.

Rhonda’s hips began bucking on the bed like she was possessed. It took all of my coordination to hang on and keep going during her orgasm. She was grunting and moaning, speaking to me in tones that were – well – not quite so loving.

“Fuck – fuck you . . . . Billy . . . I’m cumming so hard and . . . . fuck . . . you sonofabitch . . . . look what you’re . . . doing to me . . . . making me . . . cum so hard . . . you fuck.” She was practically crying from the intense pleasure.

She finally began to settle down as her orgasm subsided. Her breathing began to normalize, and she raised her arms and stretched out on the bed with a broad smile, like a cat who had just finished her evening’s warm milk. She was about to get some warm milk of my own. Rhonda started this party, remember, and she was going to have to stay.

I put my hands around Rhonda’s waist and turned her over. Seeing her beautiful, pristine ass cheeks somehow incensed me. I gave three quick ‘thwaks’ to each one with the palm of my hand, eliciting an immediate redness that satisfied my urges. Rhonda cried out with each smack.

“Oh . . . ouch . . . ahhh . . . . ahhh . . . . ahhh.” But it wasn’t truly pain she was expressing. No, it was surprise, a little discomfort and . . . satisfaction. How did I know?

“Again, Billy . . . again.” That’s how.

“POP – POP – POP” Her ass started to show real signs of redness, and my hand stung as well.

“Mmmmm . . .oohh . . . .,” she responded. Enough. I lifted Rhonda up by her waist, so that she was supporting herself on her knees and elbows. Getting up as close as I could to her, I sunk my cock into her still drenched pussy. I must have pushed so hard that I expelled the air out of her lungs, because she opened her mouth and breathed out hard.

I held her by the hips and I slammed in and out of her. The feeling was marvelous, creating a hot zone from my lower stomach down through my genitals and ending in my upper thighs. The entire area tingled with delight. Rhonda’s tits swung freely underneath her with each of my thrusts, jiggling freely. Her skin undulated in waves from the impact of my strokes, much as the ripple effect a rock makes when thrown on an undisturbed lake. Her reaction was pleasingly vocal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32