Revenge (Parallel Universe) Day 07

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Day 7 — Thursday

Miami, Florida 2012 — But not our universe

Ray Williams awoke alone in his motel bed with a raging erection. He probably shouldn’t be too surprised, yesterday had been filled with interrupted sex and his balls were now aching. Fortunately, that meant that he would have a substantial load of cum to shoot up the ass of Nick Cooper’s wife.

Determined not to take any chances missing Christine Cooper, he headed out straight away, quickly brushing his teeth and getting dressed.

As he stepped out the front door of his room he almost collided with a buxom Latino dressed in a sexy black and white maid’s uniform.

“Oh, very sorry sir,” the maid said hurriedly.

Ray chewed his lower lip in frustration. The way his balls were feeling he would have liked nothing more than to bend her over her cleaning trolley and give her a sound rogering. After the last few days he figured he’d probably regret it, but he took a deep breath and left the curvy maid untouched, driving straight to the Cooper’s beach house.

As Ray settled in outside, hoping that their angry neighbour Dave wouldn’t spot him again, he saw Nick and Christine emerge from the beach house carrying their luggage. Damn it! They were leaving!

Staying low in his car seat, Ray watched as Nick opened the trunk and loaded up their suitcases. They pulled out and drove off, this time Ray was ready for them and pulled in right behind them. He wouldn’t be losing them today. Hopefully he’d find an opportunity to split them up so he could have his way with Christine.

They drove right across the city to the airport, and Ray followed them inside to the checkin counters to confirm they were indeed on their way back to L.A. At least that meant he’d arrive back ahead of his wife’s return home.

Ray queued up and purchased a ticket on the same flight as he’d seen Nick and Christine check in on. Unfortunately there were only a few seats remaining and he’d been forced to buy business class tickets. It had cost him a pretty penny, but no doubt the rich Cooper’s would be travelling business as well.

Ray was seated in the very front row of the plane. As he was clipping up his seat belt he saw Nick and Christine come past him down the isle. Nick was in front and fortunately didn’t spot Ray, but Christine paused and gave him a friendly greeting.

“Hi Ray!” she said socially. “I’m so sorry about having to run off without fucking you last night. The cops still haven’t found my car I’m afraid.”

“That’s too bad,” muttered Ray, conscious of the fact that she was with Nick.

“I’ll see you later,” she said with a friendly grin, moving off and taking her seat beside her husband, about four rows behind Ray.

A couple of minutes after takeoff the stewardess leant over towards Ray’s seats. “Can I get you anything sir?” she asked welcomingly. She was quite beautiful. An attractive brunette who looked to be in her late twenties, with immaculate makeup and her shining brown hair tied up in a tight bun. She had a nice looking body, slim, with a generous looking rack straining out against the pale blue blouse of her stewardess uniform.

Ray was quite stunned. He’d never actually been offered anything on a flight, the stewardesses were usually quickly put to work by the fasted moving male passengers. The contained space and limited female options putting the lovely hostesses in hot demand.

“Yeah, can I get a glass of wine please?” he asked. Ray glanced around the business class cabin and saw that there were a lot of stewardesses. Clearly the extra cost of the ticket allowed for a much higher stewardess to single male passenger ratio.

There was an old guy in the seat on the opposite side of the isle who already had a pretty asian stewardess bent over into his lap, her mouth bobbing over his vertical erection.

The brunette stewardess returned a moment later with a glass of merlot. As she passed it to him she slid one hand into his crotch, squeezing his cock through his trousers.

“Can I get you anything else Mr Williams?” she asked, licking her lips teasingly.

Ray quickly calculated the chances of Nick needing a toilet break and leaving Christine alone. “No thanks. The wine will be fine.”

“Of course,” nodded the stewardess, she looked a little insulted. No doubt she didn’t get turned down very often.

Ray settled back in his seat, sipping his wine and watching the in-flight movie. It was some boring true-story about a kid with some terminal illness, but he needed something to take his mind off his sore balls. About mid-way sincan escort bayan through the flight he strongly considered calling the stewardess back, but there was no sign of her, no doubt he had missed his chance and she’d moved off to economy class where she was sure to find a passenger in need.

Ray unfastened his seat belt and headed for the bathroom. As he passed Nick and Christine’s seat he saw the busty blonde bent over her husband’s lap, assiduously bobbing her head over his lap. Nick was leaning back with his eyes closed contentedly, his hand resting on the top of Christine’s head.

To Ray’s surprise there was also a stewardess crouched down between Nick’s legs, licking his testicles as his wife sucked his cock. Lucky asshole.

Ray scowled and continued on to the toilets. Typical of his luck they were all in use. He had to stand there for about ten minutes, dancing from leg to leg to avoid pissing his pants.

Finally one of the doors popped open and Ray was surprised to see the beautiful stewardess that had first propositioned Ray emerge from the toilet. She looked a little dishevelled, her previously immaculate hair was coming loose from her bun and her lipstick was slightly smudged. Following her out of the bathroom was a chubby looking young man, about eighteen or nineteen, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt that was unbuttoned, revealing his protruding belly.

If Ray wasn’t so desperate for a piss he would have taken the chance to shag the stewardess, but instead he rushed passed them, hurriedly shutting the door behind him and then letting out a long satisfied moan as he relieved his stressed bladder.

On his way back to his seat he saw that Nick hadn’t progressed much. His wife had swapped positions with the stewardess now however, so Christine was munching on her husbands balls as the stewardess slurped on his cock.

Ray returned to his seat, jealously glancing over at the old guy in the opposite row who was being ridden by the now topless Asian stewardess, his wrinkled old hands squeezing her perky tits as she bounced in his lap.

Ray returned to his boring in-flight movie as the stewardess orgy continued all around him in the business class section.

Much to Ray’s disappointment, Nick didn’t leave Christine’s side throughout the entire flight. At one point, Ray heard Nick’s loud moans as he exploded. But whether it was Christine or the stewardess swallowing the former quarterback’s spunk, Ray didn’t know.

Depressed, Ray disembarked in a miserable mood. He was returning home a failure.

It wasn’t until he was almost all the way through security and customs that he cheered up. Just in front of him he saw a ginger haired young customs officer pulling aside a pretty young blonde. The customs officer was wearing a rubber glove on his right hand. Ray could barely suppress a smile.


Approximately fifteen minutes later, Ray watched as Christine Cooper emerged from the security and customs area alone.

“Hi Ray,” she greeted him, obviously a little surprised to see him waiting there.

“Hi Christine. Where’s Nick?”

Christine cringed a little at his question. “He got pulled aside by customs,” she explained. “I’m not sure why, but they said the interview could take a couple of hours.”

Ray grinned. “Fancy that…you need a ride home? It’s on my way.”

Christine brightened at his offer. “That’d be great Ray. I don’t fancy waiting alone here at the airport, and Nick’s got the car keys.”

Ray’s smile was unpreventable as he led Christine back to his car. As they drove out of the airport car park, he pulled the lovely blonde’s head down into his lap to tend to his impatiently erection penis. The feel of her soft lips sliding down his hard shaft almost made him swerve off the road.

By the time they reached Christine’s mansion, Ray had already cum heavily into the former cheerleader’s mouth and she’d then spent the rest of the journey licking him back to hardness once again.

“Thanks babe, that took the edge off things so I should last a bit longer in your ass,” he told Christine as he pulled her head up out of his lap.

Ray took Christine by the hand and led her up to the front door where they were greeted by the Cooper’s rather surprised looking butler.

“Mrs Cooper?” he murmured in surprise at the sight of Christine arriving home without her husband Nick.

“Hi Jeeves,” greeted Christine as Ray’s hand slipped down behind her to squeeze her firm ass through her skirt. “Mr Cooper will be another couple of hours away and I’ll be busy giving eryaman escort Ray here anal sex in the meantime. Can you make sure we’re not disturbed?”

“Yes ma’am,” the butler watched in amazement as Christine led Ray upstairs, the accountant’s hand slipping up under her skirt to squeeze her ass as they departed.

As soon as they were upstairs Ray threw Christine onto the bed and stood over her, kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt. “I’ve been wanting to do this for the last twelve years,” he breathed heavily as he looked down in awe at the gorgeous woman lying in front of him. He was finally about to fuck THE Christine Taylor. The hottest girl in high school. Captain of the cheerleading squad. The quarterbacks wife.

Christine smiled up at Ray as he threw off his shirt and started to take off his pants. “You are rather persistent Ray Williams,” she told him as she kicked off her shoes.

Ray dropped his trousers and stood naked over the still clothed beauty, his hard four and a half inch cock jutting out towards her, still erect from her prior oral attentions. He was pleased that Christine didn’t make any comment on the size of his member.

His small cock was almost quivering in excitement as he climbed onto the bed and straddled Christine. He reached out and started to unbutton her blouse, revealing a hint of a very sexy black lace bra.

“Is this the lingerie you bought for Nick?” asked Ray as he pulled open her blouse. Christine’s ample boobs thrust upward from her chest, the bra holding her breasts together into an impressive cleavage.

“Yeah, I was going to surprise him with it when we got home,” admitted Christine.

“I guess I get to enjoy it first,” Ray grinned as he reached down and grabbed hold of Christine’s delicious bra-clad tits, giving them a firm squeeze. He moaned softly to himself as he massaged them for a few moments through her bra before leaning over and running his tongue up her cleavage, tasting her soft flesh.

Ray moaned again as he moved up her body, pressing his lips tenderly against hers. Christine kissed him back as his tongue slid impatiently into her mouth. He couldn’t believe he was kissing Christine Taylor.

Ray ground his exposed erection against the front of Christine’s skirt as his tongue explored the inside of her mouth and the lace of her bra rubbed against his chest. They made out for about five minutes before Ray finally lifted himself up, he was eager to see the rest of her.

He climbed off, noticing a slimy smear of his pre-cum on the front of her skirt. Ray pulled down the zip on the side of her skirt and stood up, pulling it off her so that she was left wearing only her brand new lingerie, a very sexy black lace bra and panty set.

“Poor old Nick is really missing out on something special,” murmured Ray as he admired the quarterback’s incredible wife. Her body was perfect. He briefly wondered if the customs agent had put on the rubber glove yet.

Ray reached out and stroked Christine’s panty-clad crotch, feeling the heat of her pussy against his palm. He leant over her and began to kiss her mouth again as he slipped his fingers down inside the waistband of her new panties.

Christine moaned into his mouth as his fingers slid down, rubbing across her clit and the moist lips of her pussy. She let out a moan as his middle finger penetrated her. This was certainly more intimate than the typical public shag she was used to from strangers.

Ray’s finger moved slowly in and out of Christine’s pussy as he rubbed her clit firmly with the heel of his palm. At the same time he greedily kissed her mouth and rubbed his hard cock into her hip. Christine moaned louder as he slipped a second finger inside her, they were soaking wet from her juices and slid smoothly back and forth into her cunt.

Christine arched her back and reached underneath, hooking the piece of lacy lingerie and pulling it off, unleashing her big tits. Ray immediately dipped his head down and swiped his tongue over the closet nipple, sucking it into his mouth as he continued to work his fingers at the juncture of her smooth thighs.

“Oh Ray!” moaned Christine as he nursed on her nipple, rubbing his face into the soft melons of her chest.

Christine reached down between them and grabbed hold of Ray’s hard shaft, stroking it in her soft hand as his fingers pushed into her pussy.

Ray moaned, licking his way across Christine’s chest to taste her other nipple, feeling the dark bud harden against his tongue.

“You should hurry up and stick it in me Ray,” breathed Christine.

Ray’s etimesgut bayan escort fingers slipped out of her cunt and she gasped at their sudden absence. He reached down and peeled off her soaked panties, spreading her legs wide and slipping between her silken thighs.

Christine moaned loudly as Ray suddenly surged forward, his rock hard erection sliding smoothly into Christine’s wet pussy.

“Ah! Oh Ray!” she gasped as he moved against her, his cock sliding as deep as his length would reach, her glorious body writhing beneath him.

“Fuck you’re so beautiful,” breathed Ray, holding Christine’s face tenderly in his hands and kissing her mouth once again.

Christine gently bit his lower lip as they broke off their kiss, then gasped as Ray gave a hard pump of his hips, shoving his cock deep within her.

“That wasn’t the hole you wanted Ray,” she murmured, punctuating the comment with a moan as Ray’s hips pumped between her thighs.

“What’s that?” he asked distractedly, sliding one hand down to squeeze a bare breast and rub his thumb across her hard nipple.

“I though you were going to fuck my ass?”

“Huh? Oh, right,” Ray was enjoying making love to Christine so much that he’d almost forgotten the whole point of his revenge.

Ray pulled out of Christine causing them both to gasp at the sudden separation. Kneeling between her perfect thighs, Ray lifted her long legs up, balancing them on his shoulders. The position lifted her bum slightly and as he leant back over her, her tight ass was lifted.

Ray reached between them, positioning his hard cock against Christine’s anus. He was already well lubricated from her sodden pussy so slowly pushed forward, penetrating the blonde’s tightest orifice.

“Oh fuck!” cried out Christine as Ray slowly stuffed himself into her ass. She felt so tight. It was amazing, even better than he had imagined.

Christine bit her lower lip as Ray pushed down, forcing his erection deeper into her tiny hole. She let out a small whimper and her breathing quickened as Ray slowly started to pump his hips, sawing his hard cock in and out of Christine’s perfect tight ass.

“Oh yeah!” he gasped as her tight back passage adjusted to his invading member and he was able to start thrusting into her. He was finally fucking Christine Taylor up the ass.

Ray moaned, he couldn’t believe how tight she was, and he wasn’t sure if he’d last long. He remembered how he’d felt when his lovely wife had told him that Nick Cooper had fucked her up the ass.

With a half lustful, half angry grunt Ray began to pound Christine’s ass. He’d teach that quarterback bully to bugger his wife.

The bedroom was filled with the sound of slapping flesh and Christine’s sharp and shallow breathing as Ray stabbed his dick hard and fast into Christine’s snug anus.

“Ah! Fuck Ray! Fuck my ass!” cried out Christine as Ray’s hips jackhammered on top of her. Her legs were up, almost over her head as Ray pummelled her ass with his cock, each thrust driving her down into the bed.

“That’s it Ray, fuck me hard!” she gasped. With each thrust, Ray’s dick bottomed out in her tight ass.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” Christine was writhing beneath Ray as he bashed her ass, her whole body spasming as she came.

“Fill me up Ray! Pump your cum in me!”

Ray gave a grunt and his cock surged deep into her ass. He felt her ass clutching against him as he tensed up and exploded, shooting his semen deep up her ass. Wave after wave of cum blasted out of his twitching dick, flooding Christine’s ass with his sticky jizz.

“Oh wow,” breathed Ray as he slipped sloppily out of her hole and rolled over. “That was magnificent.”

Christine was breathing hard beside him. “I’ve never cum from anal before,” she admitted. “I didn’t even realise it was possible.”

“I needed that,” he groaned, sitting up and turning to look at the naked beauty beside him once again.

“We should do this again sometime,” said Christine, surprising Ray.

He grinned back at her. “I’d better get going before your husband arrives,” he said. “You should tell him all about this though.”

Christine slumped back on the bed, breathing heavily and barely moving.

Ray got dressed and left her lying naked on the bed, his cum leaking from her ass. On his way downstairs he winked at the butler before heading out the front door of the mansion.

To his surprise he saw Nick Cooper walking up the driveway towards him. Nick looked like he was in a fair bit of discomfort, waddling slightly as if he’d just been probed up the ass. Nick looked very surprised to see Ray leaving his house.

“Ray..?” he murmured in shock, stopping in his tracks.

Ray grinned broadly. “Don’t worry buddy,” he told him. “Your wife will be walking the same way too.”


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