Reunion in Hawaii Ch. 04

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After so much has transpired between Aimee and Chad they relaxed for a little while before continuing again. They sat down at Adrianne’s computer and began to look through erotic websites. Coming upon Literotica they discovered that it was Earth Day that morning. Aimee twisted around on Chad’s lap and smiled at him, it was a kinky smile he knew all to well. It meant she was feeling horny again and had an idea.

“Honey, you always write stories that get me wet and make me so incredibly horny,” she began, “now why don’t I give you inspiration for another chapter of our story, one that could be submitted for this contest.”

I returned her smile and asked her what she had in mind. She went to the bathroom and grabbed the handcuffs and then walked back into the living room, she had my silk necktie in her hands as well. I was listening as she told me that Adrianne’s backyard was fenced in and that she had loved the few times we had experienced outdoor sex, but now she wanted more. I watched as she reached into her overnight bag that she must have had Adrianne bring home one day from work. She reached inside and pulled out a small pair of clip on earrings and a bag that had her toys and my paddle in it as well.

“You thought about this ahead of time you little minx didn’t you?” I asked her.

“I must confess Chad, as I have read your stories again over the internet and denied myself the pleasure of even a finger against my clit, I thought again and again how it would feel to mix my first complete submission to you as well as having sex outside. Think about it sir,” she whimpered to me now as she bit her lip and paused, “I want to submit to you and where better to do it than out where some one could catch us at any moment.”

“If you really want to do this grab a t-shirt out of your bag there, preferably an old one that can be ripped and just barely hides your wet pussy from view and follow me outside,” I told her as I headed out the backdoor after pulling on my boxers.

Less than a minute later Aimee walked out onto the little patio and down the steps to me, her eyes never leaving mine as she crossed the distance between us. She asked where I wanted her and as I had already surveyed the backyard I instructed her towards a small thin tree, “It will be thick enough you won’t be able to pull it or break it and it will support your weight but it’s also small enough to allow a little movement.”

Aimee walked over to the tree and dropped her bag that had all the items she had shown me as well as a blanket in it. “First my little slut I want you to put your hands around the tree and be prepared to be cuffed.”

Aimee did this and waited, she was visibly shaking in excitement and fear escort sincan at the same moment. I reached around her body pressing my hard cock covered only by silk into her ass as I cuffed each wrist and bound her to the tree. She rested her cheek against the tree for a moment as I kissed down the back of her neck and ran my fingers through the folds of her pussy. Slipping a finger inside her as I reached back inside the bag. I reached up under her shirt and slid a clamp earring over her left nipple which was already hard. She gave a little moan and pushed her ass back in my direction as I rubbed her nipple and tugged the clamp making sure it wouldn’t slip free. I then tied the silk tie around her eyes to deprive her the privilege of sight.

Reaching into the bag again I found the paddle I was looking for, one that was just the size of my hand and I gave her a sharp swat with it. “THWACK!” I lifted her shirt up and forced her to hold it under her chin. Aimee jumped a bit and then whimpered, “Honey, I never knew just how erotic this could be. OHH,” she cried out as I swatted her again.

“You will speak when spoken to slut, is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

I began to give her light spanks up and down each asscheek, leaving a beautiful red tint under the moonlight. I made sure that this wasn’t going to hurt her too much just give her a pleasurable tingling. I watched as her hips began to rotate back with each swat, she was actually beginning to enjoy this, I thought to myself.

Dropping the paddle I slid behind her and dropped my boxers, I let my hot, hard cock press its way between her tight asscheeks for the second time that night and felt no resistance as she squeezed those sexy asscheeks around my shaft. I stepped back proud of my teasing and reached into the bag, I immediately found the two items I wanted and stood back up right behind her. Ripping her shirt open from behind I reached around her and tugged the ring on her nipple and began rubbing the other to match its mate. Once hard I began to bite her neck softly as I let the other earring lock and bite into her sensitive nipple.

She whimper unintelligible words as I ran the other item now in my hand up and down her wet slit. I brought it around her back and pushed her legs open wider, kneeling down I opened her slick lips below apart and turned on the vibrator, I eased it up inside her as I licked around the vibrating shaft inside. She was soon moaning and writhing as I rubbed her all over with my hands and licked her between her legs. Her juices were flowing freely as I teased and pushed the vibrator deeper inside.

“Chad, please take it out and fuck me sir,” she begged.

I decided at that moment ankara escort that as much as I loved hearing her beg I wasn’t ready for that yet, I slipped the silk tie down from her eyes and forced her to let part of it in her mouth as I tightened the not in back. She gave a muffled cry but her body continued to push back in all the right places. I went around to the other side of the tree and lay the blanket down and after doing so unlocked one of the cuffs. Bringing Aimee around to the other side I forced her down on her back with the vibrator still humming along inside her.

I watched as she looked up at me and I took the hand that wasn’t cuffed still and brought it down to her pussy. “Play with yourself baby, rub your clit as I watch,” I commanded her.

Aimee’s hand slowly began rubbing her smooth pussy, the juices already coating her fingers as she began stroking her clit. After about two minutes of this I couldn’t take any more and I grabbed her wrist and put it behind her head locking it back in the cuffs. As soon as she was bound again I pulled the vibrator out and placed it still on against her clit and rubbed my cock up and down her slit as I looked deeply into her eyes.

“You belong to now,” I whispered, “as you always have and always will.” As I spoke this I pushed my cock inside her and lifted her legs and had her wrap them around me. I could feel the deepest part of her as I penetrated her as deeply as I had ever before. Pulling her legs off after a moment I pushed them up higher so they were even with my shoulders and rammed fast and hard claiming her tight center as mine.

Aimee’s legs began to shake against my chest and her whimpers grew louder as I fucked her hard and deep. She stared into my eyes as I reached down and pulled the tie from her mouth. My cock swelling inside her as we locked in a passionate kiss conveying the words that hadn’t been spoken since we began.

She bit my lip between her teeth and tugged at it as her tongue ran over the edge. “Fuck me Chad, harder, faster sir, please don’t stop.”

I continued to thrust until the very last moment when I knew I was about to explode and I pulled out and began stroking my cock as I straddled her chest. Grabbing her by the earrings that worked as clamps I pushed her large breasts together and began to tit-fuck her. Her mouth opened with each upward motion of my hips and she tilted her head forward trying to get me inside her mouth. It only took a few strokes between her cleavage before I began to shoot my cum against her neck and towards her open mouth. I leaned up and allowed her to suck the tip of my shaft as I finished cumming.

Her lips like velvet around me managed to milk a few more drops before etimesgut escort bayan I slid off of her. I lay down beside her on the blanket and removed each clamp and began kissing the nipples, sucking on them and licking the ache away, creating a new need between her legs.

Quickly I removed her cuffs her I pulled her up in a sitting position and sat down behind her. I instructed her to lift up and sit on top of my already hard cock again and as she slid down over me I pulled her back against my chest.

“Don’t move honey, my little cock loving wife,” I growled in her ear, “I want you to clench inside your pussy around my cock while I make it bounce inside you.”

She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, kissing me as she gave the first few clenches. My hands roamed her body, going from her shoulders down to her neck, down to play with her nipples and cup her breasts. Aimee was struggling not to ride me as she wanted but was eager to please me at the same time. She cooed each time my cock bounced inside and hit the sensitive spots but remained motionless except for her depths. Rhythmic clenching was all she would do as we kissed until my fingers began to rub her asshole and clit at the same time. I had reached between us and began rubbing her asshole teasing her into higher levels as I found her clit. Her tongue danced over mine as she began to rock her hips. As she did this I slipped my finger harder against her asshole trying to gain access.

Once inside she went crazy on my lap. Her hips undulating wildly as all three of her openings were filled by one means or another. “Cum for me Aimee,” I told her as I momentarily broke the kiss.

Aimee’s fingers slipped through mine over her clit and we began to rub together furiously as she bit her lip and mine as she began to cum. As her pussy became even tighter I knew I was going to cum again and whispered that to her ear as I gave it a nibble.

“Do it Chad, cum inside me sir, please sir, cum inside me again,” she begged.

I knew she feared getting pregnant again but she wasn’t about to get off of me before I had done as she pleaded. Holding out as long as I could I quickly began to cum deep inside her as she shivered and pulled up spinning around on me without letting my cock slip from within her. I hadn’t even known she could do that until then but was amazed and driven to shoot a few more ropes of cum inside her as she did this.

As I finished cumming she lay down on her back pulling me with her without allowing me once again to slip from her insides. I lay over her kissing her as I began to slowly shrink and slip from her pussy. “I love you Aimee,” I said as we kissed.

“And I you sir,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye, “and I must say, what a way to celebrate earthday. A good way to get fresh air and great sex, celebrating the holiday and a visit.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32