Returning Home

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I’d been in the Orient for two years, finishing my Doctorate degree. Initally, I had been shocked at the sexual openness of the Orient. I had been sponsored by one of my Professors; and thus lived with he and his family during my stay.

My first night with them, he explained the Oriental philosopy. Women were to please and service the men of the household. He pointed out his son, who was now married, had been fucking his Mother and Grandmothers once he came of age. As Professor Liu explained, why should his son be uncomfortable or risk the potential of an unwanted pregnancy or disease.

So for the two years I was there, I screwed his wife, mother, and mother-in-law. Just about daily, I’d had one or more of them to ease my sexual appetites.

Now I was flying back to the states; and I had a massive hard on. I’d not had pussy or a blow job in 5 days. Watching all of the stewardesses and female passengers made me horny as all get out. It showed.

I was being picked up at LA International by Kathryn, my 62 year old grandmother. But, she really didn’t act that age or like a grandmother.

Although tuzla escort I had not fucked her, we had a great relationship. I always called her Kathryn or Kate; that seemed to make her happy. And when I was at the house, she was not shy at all. I’d seen her nude many times; and felt comfortable being nude in front of her. She even left her stash of condoms on the night stand so I could grab one on short notice. She never seemed to mind if I brought a woman home to fuck.

The first time or two it was a little strange. Fucking a woman all night was one thing; and then sitting down at the kitchen table with her while Kate made breakfast.

She liked to talk about my various conquests; and even gave me some pointers. I remember how she spread her pussy lips; showed me how to manipulate a pussy; and how to stimulate the clit for later oral servicing.

I’d often wondered how she would have reacted had I tried to fuck her.

Damn, I was horny.

I had shipped most of my belongings back to the states. After the plane landed and taxied to the terminal, I grabbed my carry-on bag and computer bag as I headed to the tuzla escort bayan exit.

I was walking toward the terminal gate when I saw her. I’d expected her to look older; but if anything she looked younger. How could that be?

She was jumping with excitement as I approached. Damn I thought, she’s had a tit job. They were bigger and more firm than I remembered. She was wearing heels, a black mini-skirt, and a sheer silk blouse. It was sheer enough; I could see the tips of her nipples and the goose bumps which were forming.

She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the lips. She seemed hot; and I swear, it felt like she brushed my lips with her tongue.

We walked to the terminal entrance and parking lot. Her arm was through mine as we walked. We were more like lovers than family.

We reached the car; and I put my bags in the boot after she’d opened it. I declined to drive as I was so sore and tired from the long flight.

I got in and looked over as she slid into the driver’s seat. Her skirt slid up; and if she had panties on, they were brief and high riders. My dick started escort tuzla throbbing at the thought.

“Is that a pistol in your pocket? Or are you glad to see me?,” she asked as she stared at my hard on.

Just horned up was my response. I haven’t had sex or even jerked off in 5 days. When we get to the house, I will have to jack off as soon as we get in the door.

She smiled, as she responded “I’ll help”.

What did she mean by that?

I headed to the bedroom upstairs to drop my bags. And then, it was into the bathroom to jack off.

I shed my clothes; and walked naked down the hall to the bath. My dick seemed to be pointed up at a 45 degree angle. I was horned up.

I pushed the door shut as I entered. But, I was so eager to get a load off, I failed to hear it not close.

I took a small amount of cocoa butter creme and began to spread it on the base of my cock. It was rock solid as I began a slow stroking motion up the shaft.

I’d been stroking for a couple of minutes when I felt a kiss on my back. But I was so horned up, I just kept stroking.

Kisses were being worked up and down my back. I felt a tongue at the top of my ass crack; and it ran down to my asshole as the ass cheeks were spread.

I parted my legs, slightly; and a hand reached through and began massaging my nut sac.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32