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I had been in Europe on business for over a year, my house being looked after by the couple next door while I was gone. They and their two young children had moved in barely a month or so before I had to leave, and I had been telling them the problem I was having finding someone to hire to house-sit for me. Rachel, the wife, quickly volunteered to take care of it for me, with her husband, Scott agreeing after only a moment’s hesitation. My company paid to have the grounds maintained, and for a housekeeping service to stop by once a week to keep the place clean, so they would only have to keep an eye on the place, look after the mail, etcetera while I was away.

I got back into town very late on a Friday night, so I just collapsed into bed. I didn’t wake up until well into Saturday afternoon. I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to sit out on the patio in my back yard. The patio is slightly raised, so I can see over the fence separating my yard from Scott and Rachel’s. As I casually glanced over, I noticed that the drapes on the sliding glass door to their master bedroom were wide open. As I watched, Rachel came out from the master bath wearing only a towel.

I know I shouldn’t have watched, but I couldn’t help myself. She is an incredibly beautiful woman, and extremely friendly, to boot. S he must have been in her early 30’s, but it was obvious from the muscle tone that she worked out regularly. As I stood there, unable to tear my eyes away, she unwrapped the towel, revealing her incredible body, slick with the moisture from the shower. Slowly, she began to rub herself, drying every inch of her body. Her hair was piled on top of her head, as she started drying first her face and neck, then her arms. The towel slid across her skin as she wiped the droplets from her chest, then from around her breasts, lifting them slightly to dry underneath. Her flat stomach came next, then she had to arch her back as she maneuvered the towel to reach her toned shoulders and back. I watched in awe as her large nipples crinkled as the cool air swept over them.

Her hands guided the towel over her firm ass, then she lifted her right leg up, resting her foot on the edge of the bed, and leaned forward, her breasts falling gracefully as she ran the towel up and down her shapely thighs and calves. She exchanged legs, drying the other. I was transfixed, seeing this beautiful woman in all her glory before me, totally unaware of the show she was providing.

After she finished drying, she sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. She reached up and undid the catch on the barrette holding her hair in place, letting her long, full blonde hair cascade down. Having freed it, she fluffed it, then stood and disappeared back into the master bath. I waited for a few moments, hoping that the show would continue, but she did not reappear.

I was so incredibly turned on, I knew that I had to do something. I considered the masturbation route for a moment, but knew that wasn’t what I really wanted. I figured, what the heck, I might as well go pick up my mail next door. At least that way, I’d get to see Rachel again. I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, brushed my teeth and my hair, and headed over to their house. I noticed that one of their cars was not in the circular drive out front, so that meant she was probably home alone.

I rang the doorbell, the mere thought of this gorgeous creature answering the door when she was home alone, after having just seen what I had seen, enough to induce an incredible erection in my shorts. Part of me hoped that she would notice, but only if it led somewhere.

I didn’t have to wait long before the door opened and Rachel stood there, wearing only a short, silk robe. The garment clung to her breasts, dipping low between them, as well as showing off almost her complete thighs, barely covering her rear end. She was obviously very surprised to see me.

“Randy! Hi. I wasn’t expecting you. When did you get back?”

“Late last night…make it early this morning. How have you been?”

“Pretty good. You have to excuse the way I look, just got out of the shower.”

I smiled at her, looking her up and down, “Nothing to excuse. You look pretty damn good to me.”

She sincan escort bayan smiled back. “Why thank you, sir. I guess you’ve come for your mail?”

“Is there a lot of it?”

“Only a few truckloads. Come on in.” She stood aside, holding the door, and I entered. As I passed I could see the sides of her breasts as her robe had fallen slightly further apart. I knew she saw me look, but she made no move to fix the robe. My anticipation increased. She closed the door behind me, then motioned for me to follow her through the family room and out into their pool room. Their house had an indoor pool, and the sliders from the family room led right out into it. Sliders from the pool room led into the back yard in three directions.

As I followed her through the family room and out into the pool room, my eyes were glued to the way her body moved underneath the silk. She spoke to me over her shoulder, “Scott’s at work today. He’ll be sorry he missed you.”

“The three of us should get together and have a drink later this week.”

“Hmmm, sounds great.” She walked me out to a round picnic table upon which sat three large baskets full of my mail. “Wow.” Was all the marvelously witty dialogue I could come up with at the moment.

She turned back to me, “I told you it was a lot.” Her robe had opened ever so slightly more, now molding itself around each of her breasts, and a thin opening running its entire length, showing off her stomach, as well as the sexy undies she had thrown on. I could see the way the inside of her thighs curved in at the top, making them incredibly shapely. “I’m just going to throw something on. Why don’t you start winnowing some of the junk mail out?”

“What’s wrong with what you have on? I kind of like it.”

She smiled, laying her hand on my upper arm, “You’re bad. Be right back.”

“You have no idea,” I thought as she went into the house, and I started to go through the mail. I tried to concentrate on sorting, but my mind was on nothing other than her and the way she looked in that robe. After a moment or two, a flicker of motion out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I noticed that the sliders on the side of the pool room looked out towards my house. They also looked directly on the sliders into the master bedroom. The motion that had caught my eye was Rachel entering the bedroom. She slipped out of the robe, leaving her in nothing but a thong pair of panties which showed off her legs and butt to perfection.

She strolled over to the closet and slipped into a short denim mini-skirt, with a slit off center to highlight her thighs, then shrugged on a white cotton tank top with spaghetti straps, which clung to every curve of her breasts. She slipped on some sling backed heels and then disappeared from view, so I went back to sorting through the mail.

About 20 minutes passed before Rachel came back into the pool room. I had managed to get through about one and half of the baskets of mostly junk mail. There was a small stack of mail which were items I needed to actually open and look at, and a huge pile of trash. But the mail no longer had my attention. Through the thin cotton of her shirt, I could see her nipples semi-hard. Her tank top had small hooks and eyes down the front, and she had left them undone about a third of the way, exposing the rising curve of the top of her breasts. She was a pretty woman with no make-up on, but she had taken the time to “put on her face,” and was now stunningly beautiful. This was a woman who knew how good she looked, without having the attitude that usually went along with that self-awareness. Comfortable, that’s a good word. She was comfortable with her looks, and she obviously enjoyed getting attention. We had flirted occasionally before I had left for Europe, sometimes even in front of Scott, who seemed not to mind.

I wasn’t sure, but I got the distinct impression that if I played my cards right, that this time she might allow the flirting to go a bit further. How much further remained to be seen.

“How’s it going?” She asked as she took one of the seats at the table, crossing her shapely legs.

“Getting there.”

“I’m going to have a wine cooler. Would you like a beer or something?”

“If eryaman escort it’s no trouble.”

She glided out of the chair and crossed the room to the refrigerator by the wet bar. My eyes were unable to look anywhere else as she bent over to the get the beverages from the bottom shelf, her skirt rising to reveal an extensive part of her thighs. While bent over she glanced back at me, “Regular or light?”

I knew she had caught me watching her, and it took me a moment to realize what she meant. “Light beer. Please. I have to watch my girlish figure.”

“And I thought you were watching mine,” she smiled, before turning back to the refrigerator. She grabbed the two bottles and headed back to the table, as I hastily averted my eyes and went back to sorting my mail. She came up behind me and placed my beer on the other side of me, causing her to press her breasts into my back. Up until that point, I was very unsure as to what, if anything, was going to happen. But she could have handed me the beer across the table, she didn’t. So it was at that moment, I knew she wanted to take this further than mere flirting as much as I did. Well, maybe not as much as I did, I don’t think that was possible, but I knew she wanted something to happen.

Rachel stepped back after placing my beer, so I picked it up and turned to her. Her eyes had a mischievous glint to them as she took a large swallow from her wine cooler. “So how was Europe?” She sauntered back to her chair and sat, then propped her legs on the table, crossed at the ankles, affording me an even better view of her legs.

“It was okay, you know. Was working most of the time, so I didn’t get to sight-see much, but I managed to take in the major cities, London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Amsterdam.” I was still unsure of how far she was going to take this. It could be her way of teasing, so I knew I had to wait for her to make the initial move. In the meantime, I was going to enjoy whatever show she was willing to put on for me. My eyes roamed up and down her legs, and she watched me take them all in.

“I bet you managed to see most of the sights, though.”

It was such a set-up line, I couldn’t resist. I looked her straight in the eyes, and smiled, “Not anything nearly as interesting as what I’m seeing now.”

There was a moment’s pause as we both realized that how far this went depended on how she reacted to that line. The way I looked at it, there were three possibilities. First, she could be indignant, which I highly doubted, since it was so obvious that something was going on. Second, she could act coy, which would mean she had just been teasing me. Or, third, she could play into the line, which was the reaction I was hoping for, for that would mean she had more than just flirting on her mind.

“Why thank you, sir.” Her eyes dropped from my mine, until it was obvious she was looking at the bulge in my shorts. “But I could tell that from the moment you arrived.” She shifted her legs to the floor and the rose. “Do you intend to do anything about it?”

I closed the two spaces between us and took her in my arms, my hands combing through her hair and caressing her face. Our mouths slowly, tantalizingly, moved towards one another, finally meeting, gently, softly. Taking my time, I slipped my tongue out, working its tip over her lips, before parting them, entering her mouth, to be hungrily met by her tongue. Her hands roamed my back, squeezing my butt, kneading my neck.

We stood like that for what seemed an eternity. Then I started to nibble on her lips, my mouth making its way down to her neck. “What about Scott?” I murmured.

“Don’t worry about him. He won’t be home for hours.” She mumbled as she nibbled an ear.

“What if he comes home early?” Part of me didn’t want bad relations with my neighbors. But it was a small part, and losing ground fast as the rest of me didn’t care, just wanting to be inside this beautiful woman.

“Scott and I have an…arrangement. As long as I tell him about it, I’m free to experiment.”

I stopped and looked at her. “Seriously?”

“Oh, don’t stop. Yes, serious. You can feel free to ask him yourself.”

I didn’t know what to think, but with the juices which etimesgut bayan escort were beginning to flow, I did the typical male thing and decided to worry about it later.

My mouth worked its way down across her chest, licking the tops of her breasts. I worked one hand around, opening her top to expose one breast, so I could begin to suck and lick on her nipple. It was large and dark. I rubbed it with my lips, before gently probing it with my tongue. She breathed in deeply as goosebumps appeared all over her body. “Hmmm, that feels so nice.” Her hand went in back of my head, holding my mouth against her breast.

As I rolled my tongue around her hard nipple, I deftly undid the hooks up the front of her blouse, letting it hang completely open. She shrugged and let it drop to the floor. I moved from one breast to the other, my hands sliding across the smooth skin of her toned back.

She moaned, then pulled my head up, her mouth hungrily, forcefully devouring mine. Her hands slid down my back, under the elastic waistband of my shorts, squeezing my ass.

I trailed my tongue down her lips, across the line of her jaw, then onto her neck. She whimpered, her hands stilled, as she stood there, feeling my lips and tongue on the small indentation where her neck met her shoulders. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Think we can make it that far?”

“I think we can try.”

She bent to pick up her shirt, then swayed into the family room. She knew I was watching her walk, and was exulting in it.

We walked down the hall to the master bedroom, where she walked over to the wing-backed chair near the bed to drape her top over the arm. I came up behind her and began to nuzzle her neck. She reached back with her hand running it through my hair, her ass grinding into the tented fabric of my shorts. She moved her hips back and forth, causing my erection to stiffen further, begging to be released from the confines of the fabric.

Standing there, she unzipped her skirt, dropping it to the floor. I ran my hands down her breasts, across her flat, firm stomach, lower across her abdomen, discovering she was not wearing any panties. My fingers found the sculpted V of pubic hair, rubbing lower to where the moisture started. She lifted her one leg onto the chair, making room for my hand. I slid it between her thighs, gently parting her lower lips, softly stroking along them, making tiny circles around her clitoris.

She ground her hips back into my pelvis, soft moans emanating rhythmically from her throat. She moved her hands down both sides of me, grabbing the waistband of my shorts, easing it over my hips. With a small effort, she managed to get them over the raging erection on which they were hung up.

Bending my knees slightly to make up for our height difference, I maneuvered my rod between her thighs, sliding it back and forth along her wetness. I worked my mouth up the muscle in the back of her neck, until my lips were kissing the soft skin behind her ear. I whispered, “You make my loins ache.”

She moaned, then reached down and guided me inside her. “Oh,” she breathed. Leaning forward, she rested her hands on the arms of the chair, her one knee still on its seat. This allowed me to penetrate deeply. I thrust inside her, her hips gyrating in time with mine. Her hair was wild, and her breathing ragged. “I have wanted you for so long.” She panted out.

I watched my cock going in and out of her. Her lips hugging it tightly. Careful not to put my full weight on her, I slid a hand up the front of her thigh, between her legs, searching for her clitoris. Finding it, she whimpered, “Ooooh.” And her rhythm began to pick up immediately. We rocked back and forth for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t believe this beautiful creature was bent over before me, me deep inside her.

All of a sudden, I could feel her entire body begin to quiver. Softly at first, then with increasing fervor, the tremors spread through her body. Her muscles tensed, and finally she threw her head back and let out a powerful, lengthy scream as her orgasm washed over her. Feeling her muscles contract around my cock sent my own will power out the window. With a deep thrust, I poured my seed into her, my rod throbbing in time to her body’s tremors.

Spent, I slipped out of her, then gently gathered her up in my arms. I laid her on the bed, kissing her deeply. Breaking the kiss, I delicately moved her hair from her face. She smiled up at me, “Welcome home.”

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