Releasing Rhonda

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Originally, I planned to enter this tale for the Nude Day contest, but Life got in the way. Anyway, I’ve finished it now, and offer it here for your enjoyment. At least, I hope you enjoy it.

“Jerry? Phone,” his mom called.


“Hi, Jerry,” said a familiar voice.

“Hi, Rhonda,” he said, feeling his prick twitch in his shorts at the memory of the three nights he’d spent in Rhonda’s bed. Over now, her kids back from summer camp, but he’d known all along it was a temporary thing. “What can I do for you?”

“Come over for a swim this afternoon. There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

“Oh, yeah? Who?”

Rhonda chuckled. “Wait and see. About two? Sorry, Jerry, but bring a suit.”

“Okay. Two o’clock it is.”

“See you at two. ‘Bye, Jerry.”

“Bye.” He hung up, remembering the swims he’d already had in Rhonda’s pool, the two of them naked. But that was before Beth and Tony came back from summer camp. He liked Rhonda’s kids and got on well with them, despite them being only eight and ten years old.

“What did Rhonda want?” said his Mom, a load of laundry in her arms.

“She asked me to go for a swim this afternoon, said there was someone she wanted me to meet.”

“Why not?” said his Mom. She grinned. “You only get in the way here.”

“Thanks, Mom. Remind me to be nice to you some day.”

“Don’t worry, son, I will. Do me a favour? Put the trash out. The guys are due this afternoon.”

“Sure, Mom.”

At two, he rang Rhonda’s doorbell. He heard a patter of bare feet in the hallway and Beth opened the door, still wet from a dip. She smiled. “Hi, Jerry. Mom said you were coming over. Come on through.” She spun on her heel and dashed back through the house, leaving him to close the door and follow.

The Jackson pool had more people in it than Jerry could remember. Beth and Tony, and a girl about the same age that Jerry had never seen before, Rhonda, and a man, looking to be in his mid-forties, another stranger. Rhonda spotted Jerry and waved, then spoke to the man and they swam towards Jerry. The man hauled himself lithely from the water as Jerry extended a hand to help Rhonda.

“Jerry,” said Rhonda, “I’d like you to meet Tom Harrison. We met at the summer camp. Tom, this is my friend and neighbour, Jerry Carr. He’s been helping me with the heavy yard work, those kind of things.”

“Hi, Jerry,” said Tom, holding out his hand.

Despite the instant jealousy that had coursed through Jerry, he felt an immediate liking for Tom, acknowledging to himself that Tom and Rhonda looked good together. “Hi, yourself,” he said.

“Still at college?” said Tom, his manner friendly and open.

“Yeah. Home for the summer.”

“The girl in the pool is Tom’s younger daughter, Lisa,” said Rhonda. “Remember, I told you. Tony’s girlfriend? From camp?”

Jerry laughed. “Yeah, of course.”

Rhonda looked over Jerry’s shoulder, smiling. “And this is Tom’s older daughter, Judy.”

Jerry turned and struggled not to let his jaw drop. Smiling shyly at him was a slender knockout in a green bikini, red-blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, a dusting of freckles across her nose.

“Judy,” said Rhonda, “this is Jerry Carr, my friend from next door. Jerry, meet Judy.”

She held out her hand and he shook it. “Hi, Judy,” he managed to say, willing his prick not to go for instant lift. No two ways about it, Judy Harrison was gorgeous.

“Hi, Jerry,” she said, her voice low, musical. “Rhonda said she’d asked you over.”

“Judy starts at college after the summer,” said Tom. “Computer science.”

“Same as me,” said Jerry.

“Rhonda told me,” said Judy. “She said you wouldn’t mind answering my silly questions?”

“Of course not, and as one of my tutors said, the only silly question is the one that doesn’t get asked, so don’t hold back.”

“That’s great,” said Judy, smiling. “I’ve got a load of them!”

“Jerry?” said Rhonda.

“Yeah?” he said, reluctantly turning away from Judy. Rhonda had a warm smile on her face.

“Got your swimsuit?”


“Get changed in the downstairs bathroom. No reason why the two of you can’t swim and talk at the same time, is there?”

“No, indeed,” said Jerry. “Don’t go away,” he said to Judy, grinning. She smiled back at him, shaking her head.

It was the work of moments to discard his clothing in the bathroom, bundling it neatly into his carryall with his towel. Glad he’d brought his sleek new Speedos, glad too of his regular running and cycling, he made his way out to the pool. The three youngsters seemed to be involved in a circuit race, which involved a lot of jumping and splashing, Tom and Rhonda were sitting talking, heads together, and Judy was waiting for him.

Jerry decided later that spending an afternoon swimming and talking with a pretty girl who actually seemed to like him, and didn’t think computer science students were nerds or geeks, gave a new definition to time dilation, because what seemed like a few minutes turned out to be over three hours.

He and sincan escort bayan Judy were just concluding an animated discussion about the relative merits of various programming languages when Rhonda called across to him. “Jerry, your Mom was just on the phone, about dinner. I said you could eat with us. That okay?”

“That’s great, Rhonda. Thanks.”

“It’s okay, I have an ulterior motive. Tell you later.” She turned back to her conversation with Tom Harrison. Jerry had noticed that she and Tom seemed to be getting on well and when he turned back to Judy, saw that she was eyeing the adults, too.

“They’re getting on well, don’t you think?” she remarked as she turned back to Jerry.

“Great, it seems.” He had a sudden thought and frowned, hesitating. Judy correctly interpreted his hesitation and smiled.

“My Mom?” she said. Jerry nodded. A shadow passed over Judy’s face for a moment. “She died of cancer, six years ago.” She looked up at Jerry. “I still miss her, but I’m glad that Dad seems to have found someone. He’s never dated since Mom died, but I think he might ask Rhonda.” She stood. “I think I’ll get a shower and get dressed. What about you?”

“Sounds good.” Jerry grinned. “Together?” he said lightly.

Judy flushed, but her eyes were sparkling as she shook her head. “Not this time, buddy. Rhonda said I should use the shower in her bathroom.”

“And I’ll use the downstairs bathroom. See you in a little while.”

When Jerry came out of the bathroom, comfortable and casual in jeans and a t-shirt, Rhonda was waiting for him, still in her bikini. He let his eyes travel up and down her now-familiar body, then grinned at her. “Just adding another memory to my collection,” he said.

She smiled. “Idiot. The memories without the bikini are better, I trust.” She frowned. “Jerry, Tom has asked me out to dinner.”

“So go.” Jerry realised that the jealousy he had felt for Tom Harrison had evaporated. In fact, he hoped for Rhonda’s sake that the relationship developed.

“What about the kids?” Rhonda frowned. “Lisa’s staying with us for a couple of days. She’s sleeping in the bunk bed in Beth’s room.”

“Don’t worry about the kids, I’d be happy to babysit. Not that they’re babies, of course. They’re good kids, I like them.”

“They like you, too. It would be nice to go out.”

“Like I said, go.”

“Go where?” said Judy, suddenly appearing behind Rhonda, looking great in tan shorts and a mint-green t-shirt, damp hair loose and long about her shoulders.

“Oh, hi, Judy. I was just telling Jerry. Your Dad asked me out to dinner.”

“And I said I would look after the kids,” said Jerry.

Judy grinned. “I’ll help, too. Keep Jerry company. The three monsters can look after themselves for fun, while we keep an eye on them and keep on talking about computers.”

“Oh, great,” said Jerry, rolling his eyes in mock horror. “Spend an evening with a good-looking girl, talking about computers.”

Rhonda laughed. “Yeah, right.” She sobered. “If the two of you are serious, I’ll tell Tom ‘yes’.”

“Go,” said Jerry. “I’ll ring Mom, tell her what’s happening.”

Rhonda paused. “The kids.”

“What about them?”

“They’ll need feeding.”

“Have you got a barbecue?” said Judy.

Rhonda’s face brightened. “Yes, and lots of suitable food for it in the freezer. Good thinking, Judy. Beth and Tony love a barbecue.”

“So does Lisa,” said Judy. “Hey, so do I!”

“And me,” said Jerry. “Problems solved, Rhonda. The kids, big ‘uns and little ‘uns, will have a barbecue, while the older folk have a boring, civilised dinner.”

“With wine,” said Rhonda dreamily. She grinned. “There’s beer in the fridge. I’ll trust the two of you not to drink to excess.”

“And why would they do that?” said Tom Harrison, appearing from the direction of the pool. He gestured. “I’ve told the three human dynamos to take it easy for a while.”

“They could drink to excess because there’ll be no responsible adult to stop them, because you, mister, are taking me out to dinner.”

Tom beamed. “Great!” He gestured at Jerry and Judy. “They’re both adults anyway, so how do we stop them?”

“Never stopped you trying in the past, Daddy,” said Judy with a grin for her father.

Tom shrugged, grinning. He turned to Rhonda. “Where shall we go, and when?”

“What do you like?” said Rhonda.


Rhonda laughed. “Italian? Chinese? Thai?”

“Yes,” said Tom, grinning. He sobered. “Italian tonight, I think.”


“I’ll ring them, if I may use your phone?”

“Of course,” said Rhonda. “I’ll go and shower, then I can get things ready for the others.”

“Things?” said Tom.

“We’re doing a barbecue, Daddy,” said Judy, “then me and Jerry, we’re watching the terrors until you and Rhonda get back. We’ll be fine, Daddy, so no need to rush back.”

“I’d better see what time I can get a table for, first,” said Tom, and he and Rhonda headed for the house.

“Jerry?” said Judy.


“We don’t have to eryaman escort talk about computers.”

Jerry grinned. “We can talk about anything you want. What time shall we aim to have this barbecue? And what time do we send the unholy trio off to bed?”

“Lisa usually goes at nine.”

“I seem to remember Rhonda telling me that’s Beth and Tony’s time, too.”

“Fine. We’ll give them a treat. Nine-thirty. Then we can watch TV or something.”

“Or something,” said Jerry, thinking that he was at least going to try to kiss Judy sometime during the evening. “We’ll have the barbecue at seven.”

Tom came back looking bemused. “Earliest I can get is ten. I’d like to have a drink first, but I won’t drink and drive.”

“No problem, Daddy,” said Judy. “I’ll drive you and Rhonda into town in our car. You and Rhonda can have a drink, maybe a dance, before your meal. Come back here in a cab, and I’ll drive us home. What do you say?”

“Thank goodness my daughter can drive, that’s what I say. Thanks, sweetie.”

“De nada, Daddy.”

“If we can’t get a table before ten, it will probably be midnight before we get back here. Are you both okay with that. Jerry? What about your folks?” said Tom, concern in his face.

“I’m just next door. I’ll tell Mom what’s happening. As long as she knows, she doesn’t worry.”

“Sensible woman,” said Tom.

“Dad agrees with you there,” said Jerry. “Most of the time, anyway,” he added, laughing. Tom grinned.

Rhonda came back then, looking good in the dress Jerry remembered from the Roadhouse, two weeks earlier. He smiled at the memory, and Rhonda winked. Tom Harrison looked at her and beamed.

“You look great, Rhonda. Um, we have a slight problem, but I think we’ve sorted it. We can’t get a table before ten, but I thought we might have a drink first. Judy says she’ll drive us in, we can get a cab back, and Judy will drive me home, so I don’t need to worry about a possible DUI charge.”

“Sounds good, but a ten o’clock means it will be midnight before we get home. I know how relaxed Antonio’s is. Jerry, you okay with that?”

“Sure thing, Rhonda. I just need to put Mom in the picture. In fact, I’ll do it now, if that’s okay?”

“Fine, Jerry, do that.” Rhonda turned to Judy. “Okay with you, honey?”

“Okay with me, Rhonda. Jerry and I agreed we’d let the terrors stay up until nine-thirty, then we’ll just watch TV and chat.” Judy watched Jerry as he moved over to the phone to call his Mom.

Jerry’s Mom made no objection to his staying late. They both knew that she only worried if she didn’t know where he was. When he went back to the others, they were just finishing a timing discussion.

“Jerry,” said Judy. “Dad and Rhonda will help us feed the terrors, and then I’ll take them to the bar along the block from Antonio’s, about eight. We keep the kids under control until nine-thirty, then send them to bed. Dad and Rhonda come back by cab, so we just relax and keep our ears open for juvenile mayhem. Sound about right?”

Jerry nodded. “Sounds good to me. It’s almost six now, so should I get the mobile disaster area headed towards showers and dressing?”

Rhonda laughed. “If you can.”

“Come on, Jerry,” said Judy, “I’ll give you a hand.”

Two hours later, the five younger members of the party fed, Judy drove off in Tom’s Ford, to take her dad and Rhonda into town. Jerry and the three youngsters waved goodbye, and then Tony grabbed Jerry’s arm.

“Table tennis, Jerry? In the basement?”

“Come on then.” He turned to the two girls. “What about you two? Table tennis?”

“No,” said Beth. “I’ve got something I want to show Lisa. We’ll be in my room.”

“Okay. Come on, Tony.”

They’d managed five games, three to Tony, two to Jerry, when Judy got back. “Hi, guys,” she said. “No girls?”

Tony made a face. “They’re in Beth’s room, probably doing girl things.” The disgust Tony managed to get into the word ‘girl’ almost made Jerry laugh out loud.

Fighting a smile, Judy made for the stairs. “I’ll go see what they’re doing,” she said. She paused. “Tony? Have you and Beth seen ‘Shrek’?”

“No,” said Tony, “not yet.”

“Want to watch it tonight?”

“Oh, yes!”

“An hour and a half,” said Judy to Jerry. “It will be nearly ten when it’s finished.”

“We’ll go straight to bed when it does,” said Tony, very earnestly.

Judy looked at Jerry, eyebrows raised. He grinned, nodding. “Sounds good.”

They agreed later that it was an excellent way to keep the three youngsters quiet and out of mischief. Judy made popcorn and when the film ended, the three kids went off to bed without protest. It was about ten-fifteen by the time Judy and Jerry had said goodnight to the three and left them to sleep.

“I think Beth and Lisa will probably talk for a while, but I know my sister, she’s tired, so it won’t be for long,” said Judy.

“No problem, so long as they’re quiet. What about us. Want to watch a film, or TV?

“Not particularly. I’d rather listen to music, and talk,” said Judy. “Or something,” etimesgut bayan escort she added, quietly.

“Have a look through the CDs and I’ll get us some coffee,” said Jerry. “Or would you rather have a beer?”

“I’d rather have a beer, but I won’t because I have to drive Dad home later.” Judy shrugged. “Coffee’s fine.”

When Jerry carried the two coffees into the living room a few minutes later, Judy was sitting on the couch, feet tucked up, listening to some classical music. The drapes were drawn and she’d switched on a couple of low-wattage table lamps, so the room was in honeyed semi-gloom.

“Steppes of Central Asia,” he said. “Borodin.”

“Well done,” said Judy, taking her coffee. “A favourite, or did you just happen to know it?”

Jerry shrugged. “A bit of both, I think.”

“What else do you like?”

He laughed. “Heck, all sorts. I guess I have pretty catholic tastes in music. There isn’t much I can’t enjoy, at least a little.”

“What about books?”


Judy laughed. “I guess. If your library is anything like mine there will be a lot of computer books.”

“Yeah, there are quite a few. Okay, fiction. I like science-fiction, and I like fantasy. I guess Cherryh and Eddings are my favourites there, but I know there are a lot of others I haven’t read yet. Apart from that, if I pick a book up and it looks good, I’ll try it.” Jerry laughed. “I even picked up one of Mom’s romances and surprised myself by finishing it.”

Judy giggled. “Some of the romances can get quite hot in places.”

“Yeah. That one did,” said Jerry, imagining Judy as the heroine, himself as the hero in the steamy sex scene he remembered.

“Ever tried writing yourself?” she asked.

“A few scribbles, but most of my writing seems to be computer programs.”

“Hail, fellow geek,” said Judy, raising her hand in mock salute.

“Yeah, right.”

Judy put her empty cup on the coffee table and settled back again. Jerry drained his and did the same. They were about six inches apart and he half-turned to look at her, as she did the same. Whatever either of them had been about to say was forgotten as they stared at each other. Scarcely daring to breathe, Jerry leaned towards her. A half-smile appeared on Judy’s face as she mirrored his movement. The kiss was gentle, an exploration. Judy’s lips were warm and soft and inviting. At last, she broke the kiss and eased back a little, a smile on her face.

“I think I wanted you to do that since about half an hour after we met,” she said.

Jerry laughed. “About half a minute in my case,” he said.

Judy smiled. “Kiss me again, then. Let’s make up for lost time.” Her response to his kiss was hotter now, a promise, her lips parting and her tongue playing with his. The kiss seemed endless and Judy moaned soft and low, deep in her throat, her lips moving under his, seeking to deepen the kiss. Jerry’s left arm was around Judy’s shoulders, his right hand on her waist and as the kiss went on he moved his hand up, cupping her breast lightly. Her hand came up and covered his, pressing it to her for a moment, then lifting it off as she broke the kiss.

About to speak, Jerry opened his mouth but Judy laid her finger across his lips, shaking her head. She stood and Jerry stared at her, surprised.

“I’m going up to make sure the kids are asleep,” she said. “Back in a moment.”

Alone, Jerry wondered if he’d upset her by trying to touch her. Don’t rush things, he told himself. He leaned back, remembering the sight of Judy in her bikini, slender, lovely. Will she come on a date with me, he wondered. A soft noise brought his attention back as Judy sat down beside him again.

“All sound asleep,” she said with a smile. “Now, where were we? Ah, yes, I remember.” She leaned towards him and as his left arm went around her shoulders she took his right hand and placed it on her breast. Startled, Jerry realised the texture was different. She’d taken her bra off! Judy smiled at the surprise on his face. “That’s as much as we dare with the kids upstairs. Another time it will be different. Now kiss me again.”

Smiling, Jerry leaned into her kiss, hot, inviting, unrestrained, a promise. His fingers cupped her softness, feeling the nub of her nipple through the soft cotton of her t-shirt. He caressed her gently, not breaking the kiss, surprised when she lifted his hand off her, smiling into the kiss as she slid his hand under her t-shirt to cup the naked softness of her.

Her bra was back on when they the cab pulled up outside, but Jerry had the tactile memory of her soft feel, and the vision, too, for she had stripped off the t-shirt to don her bra, a touch of red in her cheeks as she paused to let his eyes devour her before dressing herself. They were listening to a rock broadcast when Rhonda and Tom came in, laughing at a shared memory of the evening.

“Hi, guys,” said Rhonda. “Kids behave?”

“Not a peep after they went to bed,” said Judy. “I checked them about ten minutes ago. Still sound asleep.”

“Anyone want a coffee or anything?” said Rhonda.

“Not for me,” said Jerry. “I’ll get myself off home, I think.”

“Daddy,” said Judy, “I’ll be in the car when you’re ready to go, okay?”

Tom nodded. “Okay, baby. See you in a minute or two.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32