Redhead Ch. 02

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My friends John and Libby invited me to opening night of a play. They lived in a small, historic town about 25 miles from me, called Cadiz. Their little town has revived itself as an artists’ enclave, featuring artists of all media, musicians, thespians even buskers. There was always some event in their town.

This was a rare summer theatrical opening. It was a fundraiser. After we saw a pretty good community theatre performance of “12 angry men,” we attended a champagne reception in the outdoor garden behind the theatre. There was of course a silent auction. Everyone who ate canapés and drank champagne was expected to write a several-hundred dollar check as well.

After several glasses of wine, Libby said to me, “Carrie-Lynn is in town. She wasn’t coming until tomorrow, but things got crazy. She arrived right before we left to come here.”

“It will be good to see her again. I’ll be here again for the gallery opening tomorrow, “I replied, trying not to reveal my surprise.

Carrie, as I called her, was a woman I had tried to get with a few years before. We did a couple of plays together there in Cadiz. I thought I had gotten somewhere with her, but she turned kind of weird and left me behind. I really liked her because she was smart, quirky and very pretty. We spent quite a bit of time together. She let me feel her up a few times, but it never went beyond that. She got all religious. Then, we had one incredible night of sex, and she walked out of my life. I had moved on I told myself, but it would be nice to see her again.

The food was great, the wine and champagne were fine. I wrote a check for more than my budget allowed, and bought some crap I would later sell at a yard sale.

As the event wound down, Libby took my arm. “You can’t drive home just yet. You’ve had a bit to drink. Come over to the house and have some coffee before you try to drive home.” She was right.

We walked in the living room and Libby headed for the kitchen. “I’ll make some coffee.” John was right behind. “I’ll get some crackers and cheese.”

I looked into the living room, and there was Carrie, asleep on the couch. She was dressed in one of John’s white dress shirts and that was all. I could see her beautiful ass cheeks peeking out from under the tail.

With the noise and commotion, she awakened. “Oh gosh, Michael, I didn’t think I would wake to find you here. What a pleasant surprise! I must look awful! I’m jet lagged. My makeup is a day old, and I’m sure my hair is everywhere!”

Carrie was about 5’5′, maybe 110 lbs, red hair (real red, not magenta), with a spattering of freckles, a perfect ass, smallish but beautiful breasts. Her hair was cut in a pixie style. And it was sticking out everywhere, but that made it sexy.

She sat up on the sofa, and I sat down on the other end. “I’ve missed you,” I said. “I’ve missed you, too,” she said. And with that, she moved over toward me. “I think about you often, more than I should,” she said. By then, she basically mounted my bare leg (shorts, it was summer) and I could feel her pubic hair rake across my skin and her pussy lips spread across my flesh. She reached down and squeezed my cock through my shorts.

“I’m really sorry I left when I had the chance to be with you. I heard from friends that you quit theatre and didn’t date.” I didn’t know what to say. But I did reach up and squeeze one of those beautiful breasts.

“Do you want cream in your coffee?” Libby called from the kitchen. “Yes,” I was able to manage to squawk. Carrie climbed off and curled her legs under her, the picture of perfect innocence. Then she arranged the shirt tail so I could see her pussy while no one else could.

John and Libby came in just then with coffee and snacks. “Michael, why don’t you stay the night? We can all catch up, and you can have amaretto in your coffee instead of just cream. Carrie-Lynn is in the den, but I can make up a bed for you on the couch. Stay, please,” Libby asked.

Considering that Carrie, with whom I had had the most amazing night of sex in my life, was sleeping down the hall, and she had already rubbed her pussy on me, I could hardly pass on the opportunity.

“Sure! I’d like that,” was my answer.

“Well,” Carrie said, “if we are going to stay up a while, I’m putting on jeans. My ass is cold. I’ll be right back.”

When she left the room, I said, “She seems like the old Carrie. What do you guys think?”

John said, “She seems like the old Carrie to me. She wasn’t supposed to get here until tomorrow. She called this afternoon with an airline horror story, everything had gotten screwed up. She asked if she could come earlier. We agreed. She got here right when we were leaving for the theatre. She said she needed to sleep, so we went on with our plans. She seems fine.”

“Maybe all that weird stuff is behind her now,” Libby said.

“You know I’ve always liked her. I hope the weird stuff is gone,” I answered.

Yes, my ass was cold. I was almost kaçak iddaa naked. I needed to be more proper, especially because my pussy had gotten wet when I first saw Michael. And I had sure let my pussy lead my actions. Maybe I was the slut the Temple of God told me I was.

I went back to the den and looked for the jeans that made my ass look the best.

Actually, I fell for Michael about two years before. But, I was on the rebound from Jack. Michael was everything I had wanted Jack to be; attentive, caring, intelligent, articulate. Jack hadn’t been any of those things, but he was an incredible fuck. I put up with a lot for a long time because he could send me into sexual paroxysms.

A month after I finally separated myself from Jack, I met Michael when we were in a play together. I really liked him. Emotionally, he was exactly what I wanted in a man. But, because of Jack, I had sworn off men.

Michael and I spent quite a bit of time together. We had dinner a couple of times a week. We even went on weekend trips together. We even slept together. Unfortunately, I mean we slept together, as in sleep. One room was cheaper than two.

It’s not like we didn’t make out. We kissed, a lot. I let him feel up my titties, which felt absolutely wonderful! My pussy got really wet. But somehow, I just couldn’t bring myself to touch his dick, although it was really hard and tempting. And I couldn’t open up and let him fuck me, even though I wanted it. He even tried to go down on me, which I wanted. But I stopped him.

I was just confused at that time. Michael was patient. But, when Temple of God came into my life, he kind of gave up.

I tried the Temple of God thing. I really thought it would make me whole. I moved to Memphis to do my missionary work. I decided my physical desires were evil and I had to defeat them. I was sure I could become a submissive wife to some strong Temple man.

None of that worked out very well. First I realized that I thought Templeism was just sexist at heart. I rebelled. Second, I hated trying to get people to believe in a religion I wasn’t sure of. Third, I was horny absolutely all of the time. I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking Michael. Finally, I hated Memphis.

I love barbecue, but that is where my love of Memphis ends. I love jazz, but hate the blues. I grew up in a river town, so I understand summer hot and humid. But in Memphis, it lasts about three months too long. I love the black culture of Memphis, but I cannot handle the redneck, stars ‘n bars culture. After a year and a half, I had to get out – Temple, Memphis, all of it.

I left Memphis and went to California. I didn’t like that any better. I decided that the geographical cure didn’t work for me.

I got an interview with a company in Cincinnati. That’s why I found myself in Cadiz that weekend. My interview was the following Monday morning. I thought I could get together with old friends, re-establish some connections in case I got to come back to the area.

I sure didn’t anticipate encountering Michael. I probably got a little carried away. But I hadn’t had sex since that night with Michael. That was almost three years. Thank god Libby had suggested Michael stay over. Maybe this time, I’ll explain everything

It was just like old times. We talked about the plays we had done together. I loved John and Libby. And I loved Carrie. We had been through some amazing times together. We talked for hours, drank wine, ate cheese and crackers, and generally had a fabulous time.

When Carrie had come back into the living room, she was wearing jeans and John’s shirt, with no bra, like she had on before. The more animated her conversation, the harder her nipples became. I tried to ignore it. We were both hot for one another, but it would have been rude to pursue that while we were guests.

It came 2 am, and John and Libby said they were headed for bed. I went for the couch. Carrie headed for the den. I hoped she wouldn’t stay there.

My god, I was the whore the Temple deacons said I was. I really wanted to have sex with Michael again. I wanted to feel his hands on my tits, my nipples. I wanted him to suck at my pussy. And I really wanted his cock deep inside my cunt.

I took off the jeans, crawled between the sheets and resisted the urge to rub one off. Would he come in and take me, or would I have to go and take him?

I stripped to my shorts and crawled between the sheets Libby had put on the couch. My shorts were tented by my raging hard-on. What the hell? I wondered. She’d rubbed her pussy on me and told me she thought often of our time together. Wasn’t that an invitation? I stood and went into the den.

The den door opened and there stood Michael, wearing only his underwear, with an obviously raging erection. I was a slut, but I was going to be a happy one.

“Carrie, I’ve never stopped wanting you. I hope you are willing, because I’ll explode if you aren’t,” I said quietly.

“I’m kaçak bahis very willing,” I said as I leaned back, drew my knees up and parted them wide. I still had on the shirt, but my tits were visible with their hard nipples. I spread my pussy lips and stroked my clit.

“God damn!” was all he said as he dropped his shorts to reveal a massively raging hard cock. He pressed it up against my spread pussy as he attacked my hard nipples. OMG! This man could suck some tit! I almost came from tit play.

“For god’s sake, do it now and do it hard! I’ve wanted this for a long time!”

Again with the questions. I wanted to know why we had wasted so much time. We had just come together and discovered we were amazing, then she was gone. But I really just wanted to fuck her before I asked the questions. Fuck her hard, then ask questions later.

John and Libby lay in bed. John said, “So, do you think they’ll do it in the den or the living room?”

Libby answered, “I don’t care. I just wish they would do it and move on. Fuck each other’s brains out on my fold-out couch. I don’t care. I’m just sick of all the pheromones in the air. Did you see how hard Carrie’s nipples got when she talked to him? I guarantee she has shown her twat to him at least once this evening.”

“I’m thinking we could generate some pheromones of our own,” John said.

“Well, if there’s fucking going on in our house tonight, we should get our own.” She turned and kissed John while her hands traveled to his special parts.

Carrie was so ready for me. I poised my cock between her very wet pussy lips, but just rubbed the head up and down, letting it kiss her clit.

“Oh migod, now!!” she cried. At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore and plunged myself as deep into her as I could. “Oooooh,” was all she said.

With each thrust, she rose her hips up to meet me, her pussy pulling me farther and farther into her. We smacked pubic bones, and still her pussy sucked at my cock. In and out harder and harder. It was more than lust or horniness, her pussy seemed to have a hunger…

A hunger, that was the word for what I was feeling. My pussy as well as my spirit were hungry for all that he could give. As I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts, I knew that this wasn’t lust. This was a deep desire for all that each thrust implied. Michael had offered himself to me once before. My pussy was taking him up on that offer. Each time he drove inside me, I felt him enlarge, and I opened wider to accept him. My pussy wanted to pull all of him into me.

It was complete satisfaction on every level. I felt myself reaching toward orgasm. But, I wrapped my legs around him and held his hardness deep within me. Then I rolled us over so I was on top. I began to pump myself up and down on his hard cock, driving him into my utmost regions.

As I felt him moving in and out of me, I realized that I had been looking everywhere else for some sort of connection. But this, this was the connection I had been seeking. It wasn’t the incredible sex, but this man beneath me, who was showing me his devotion at this moment with his thrusts into me, but who had shown that devotion long before in so many ways I had not recognized.

When finally I could hold back no longer and let the waves wash over me, Michael erupted within me, bathing my innermost parts with his essence. His pulses and spurts seemed to go on forever, prompting more outbursts from me.

I had never had sex like this. Carrie’s pussy seemed to suck me deeper and deeper into her the harder I fucked her. I got harder and harder with each thrust as she brought me deeper and deeper into herself. I had never been so much a part of another human being. It was erotic and daunting at the same time. When she got on top, it was more intense. But when her pussy began to throb in orgasm and she began to writhe and moan, I could not hold out any longer, I shot inside her. With each pulse, her pussy sucked my dick more into her, and I came fully into her amazing, delightful, surprising pussy.

I wanted her. I wanted Carrie. Not just for sex, but for that completion of myself that sex with her made me feel.

She still crouched on top of me, my dick now softening inside her, her arms around my neck, and she said, “This is what I came home for.”

Next morning, which wasn’t very many hours from last night, we sat at breakfast (well, brunch) with John and Libby. Libby asked, “Did we have fun last night?” Before I could answer, Carrie said, “It sounded like you were the ones having fun.” I hadn’t heard a thing. I was busy giving Carrie my all.

“Thanks to you guys, I have to wash two sets of sheets,” Libby replied. Before I could say anything, Carrie winked at Libby. “Could have been worse, no laundry to do.”

“Good point,” Libby replied.

Somehow it arrived after brunch that John and Libby had things to do and Carrie was shuffled on to me. It wasn’t what I had planned, but it was okay.

“Let’s illegal bahis go get a couple of bottles of wine and things for a cookout. We’ll have an intimate outdoor event on your deck,” Carrie suggested. It seemed like a great idea. At this point, I couldn’t get enough of her. And she had never been as open to me. We went to the grocery and bought salmon steaks for the grill. “Fish is good for the libido,” Carrie said. “When you are around, my libido is just fine. But I like salmon,” I replied. We decided on steamed on the grill vegies and a cheesecake for dessert.

My house overlooks the river, and the highway. But I built the enclosed deck to be secluded from both the road and the neighbors. Carrie and I grilled our meal on my super-cool grill, and enjoyed more than one bottle of cabernet with our meal. We were very sated when Carrie went into the house and brought out the cheesecake.

With no ceremony, Carrier undid her halter top, revealing her beautiful taught tits. She reached down with two fingers and dipped a bit of cheesecake and smeared it over each nipple.

“Do you want dessert?” she asked me. Did I ever? I absolutely have been gaga for Carrie’s tits since she let me photograph them and play with them several years earlier. I love small tits on a woman. Nothing is sexier. Now Carrie invited me to suck on hers. This was great. And I love cheesecake.

Nipple cheesecake became sincere tit sucking in no time. Carrie actually came from me sucking her nipples. How cool is that?

Michael sucked my nipples so hard that there was no trace of cheesecake left. And he kept sucking. He said my small breasts were perfect, that they were the sexiest…and I came. And the more he sucked on my breasts, the more I came.

After I relaxed a bit, I realized I wanted more of him. So, being the whore the church told me I was, I knelt on all fours in the Adirondack chair and posed my pussy before him. I wanted him to fuck me animal style.

When Carrie knelt in the Adirondack chair on all fours and pushed her pussy up toward me, I figured out what she wanted. I stood behind her and pumped into her as hard as I could and as long as I could. Carrie breathed hard, pushed her ass out toward me and took me in deeply. But I sensed she wanted more.

I felt her come and could not resist coming into her myself. It was soft and gentle, unlike our other, more aggressive pairings.

Carrie rolled over onto her back and held my softening cock inside her with her hand.

I was about to reveal my absolute true feelings to this man. Somehow, it seemed important that his dick be inside my pussy when I did it.

“I have something to tell you.” She stroked my balls and held my dick inside her pussy. “You may not want me anymore after I tell you, but at least I’ll have you inside me when I do.”

I started to speak, but she silenced me. “My broken home made me feel like their dysfunction was my fault. My step-dad had lots of affairs and didn’t make them a secret. Mom felt impotent in the face of that. So, when he did come back, she couldn’t be what he wanted. He even tried to be that with me, but I wouldn’t let him. So he left again. You know my dad and his wife took me in when my mom fell apart. Her family was great to me. But sometimes I felt inadequate in the face of that large, overwhelming family. I sought refuge in men. I thought sex meant love and caring. I was wrong.”

And I told him everything, while I held him in my pussy. It is as if it was the only way I could liberate myself from what came before. He began to grow hard again inside me. I told him how much I appreciated how he wined and dined me, how much a gentleman he was with me. I also told him how sometimes I wanted him to be a jerk, to just take me and fuck me, then dump me like the others. And I told him how bad that made me feel about myself. But he still wanted me, every time we were together.

We slept together, and he would touch my breasts, even rub my pussy, but I would push him away even though that was what I wanted more than anything. I tried to explain why.

But now, now he was deep within my pussy, and I did not see the need to let him go.

She told me everything about her life and how it had screwed her up while she held my cock inside her. When she finished, I only had a few questions left.

“Why did you leave after we finally made love? It was so amazing and we were so much a part of one another.”

“I had convinced myself at that point that the temple life was for me. I knew if I stayed another day, another minute, I would never go back to the church. I thought I would lose my soul. Little did I know, I had already found it.”

I held her tightly, pushing myself slowly further into her and kissed her gently; her eyelids, her ear lobes, her neck. I touched her face lightly. By then, she was reassured I wouldn’t leave her because of her revelations. We began to fuck. We were curled up like spoons with my hard dick inside her. She wrapped her arms around her knees and opened her pussy. I fucked her hard over and over. I pushed myself into her depths as far as I could, and she pulled me in farther. We were part of each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32