Red Frosting

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“No, seriously. It’s weird I know, but I can’t pass up any dare. It’s this weird pride thing I have going on,” I was sitting on my now ex-boyfriend’s kitchen counter. It was a Tuesday morning, shortly before Valentine’s Day. We were both officially ditching our morning classes now. Our relationship had ended after about two days-and three weeks later we were still hanging out.

“Any dare, huh?” he asked grinning. We had come into the kitchen to get something to drink. The movie we were watching had gotten so boring that I just started making out with him.

“Well, I mean if someone dared me to eat my own feces or something I’d have to pass, but for the most part,” I shrugged. I was trying to look cute and innocent, but I just wasn’t pulling it off. I was nuts about this guy, even after he dumped me. All I really wanted to do was fuck him, but I was not quite brazen enough to make that first move (aside from kissing).

“Ok, what if I dared you to take that frosting over there and lick it off my chest,” he was smirking. I looked at the frosting he was talking about. It was red, and in one of those cans that looked like a cheese whiz container. His mother had probably bought it to decorate cookies or something. I bit my lip for a minute, thinking.

“Yeah, I’d have to take that one,” I sighed heavily, as if it would be a huge inconvenience.

“Well, do it.”

“Do what?”

“Lick frosting off me,” he crossed his arms and leaned back against the counter. He was tall and looked so lean and sexy. He had long hair, which always hung wild in his face. (Is there ever a guy so sexy as the one you lusted after in high school?) I bit my lip again.

“You didn’t dare me,” I said in a low voice. He leaned in toward me like he was escort sincan going to kiss me.

“I dare you,” he whispered.

“Fine,” I grabbed the frosting and headed to the living room, praying his parents wouldn’t come home. My heart was pounding and I was getting wet. God this was exciting! He stopped me in the middle of the room, pulled me into him and began kissing my neck. His hand reached around, began fondling my left breast. I moaned and turned around.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him, trying to sound angry.

“Just playing,” he shrugged and kissed me again. I gently pushed on his chest and he sat on the floor, taking off his shirt. I pressed the nozzle on the frosting and a thicker line than I expected came out. I tried to act nonchalant. I took a finger and spread as much as I could on his chest. The layer of frosting must have been about an inch thick. This was not going to be easy!

I bent over him and began to lick. He was moaning and squirming, so I knew I was doing something right. I nibbled a little on his nipples, and tried my best to get all the frosting off, but I was starting to get sick. I let my hand venture down to his pants, where I discovered he was hard as a rock. I giggled, this was my chance. I undid his pants with one hand, and used the other to wipe some of the red goo off his chest. He took up the cue, and pulled his pants down enough that his stiff cock flopped out. I smeared some frosting on the tip and began to lick and suck that off. His cock was the biggest I had had at that point, it was a little hard to keep it in my mouth since I was not used to the size. But I seemed to be managing ok. I rolled my tongue up and down the shaft. He reached down and grabbed my hair as I slid ankara escort him out of my mouth and began to suck his balls. I jerked him off while I rolled his sack around in my mouth. I felt him begin to swell, nearing his orgasm, so I started licking the tip of his dick. He arched his back and began breathing heavier as I took all of him back into my mouth. I sucked harder, and it wasn’t long before he exploded down my throat. I swallowed it all, mildly disappointed that he blew before we could fuck, but figuring there could be another time. He lay on the floor a moment, trying to catch his breath. I just sat there, only mildly aware that my skirt was not leaving anything to the imagination. He smiled at me.

“I’m going to shower,” he stood up.


“I need to wash this off,” he indicated his chest and laughed. I felt irritated until he asked me if I was coming with him. I said sure and followed him to the bathroom. He started the water, but instead of getting into the shower, he grabbed a washcloth and wiped himself off. He looked at me and smiled. Throwing the rag down, he pulled me in for another kiss. I pulled away before our bodies got too close, because of the frosting. I quickly removed my shirt and bra, and then leaned into him again. He kissed me deeply, his hands exploring my body. He began sucking my breast while one hand moved up under my skirt, and into my panties. I knew they were fairly wet at this point. He pulled on the top of them, so I helped him get them off me. I realized the frosting was rubbing off him and onto me, but I didn’t care. He began kissing me and fingering my pussy; his thumb playing with my clit. I was just about to cum, when he knelt and pushed his tongue against my clitoris, with his fingers still etimesgut escort bayan inside me. I had to sit on the sink for support. He buried his head in my pussy, his tongue working like crazy. Even after I came, he wouldn’t stop. Making me ride out the orgasm to the very end. When he was done, he kissed me again. I could taste myself all over his mouth. His fingers were still moving in and out of me.

“Dare you to fuck me,” he said with an evil grin. I just smiled back. I lowered myself off the sink, and then turned around so my ass was pointed at him. I hoisted my skirt up so everything was exposed to him, and then I felt his cock inside me. He immediately pressed against my G-spot as he entered me. I could feel how wet I was around him. He began pushing in and out of me, soft at first and then harder. It was obvious this was just fucking; it felt so dirty, and good. I was screaming from the pleasure of it. He stopped and lay down on the floor. I straddled him and began to ride; his cock pulsing inside me as I bopped and squeezed. He grabbed my hips and directed them so I was riding him harder. His hands explored my body, squeezing my breasts and my nipples. I leaned forward to kiss him, the frosting smearing even more as our bodies rubbed together. We flipped around so I was on my back. He threw my legs up onto his shoulders. I could feel him against my G-spot again. I reached down and fingered my clit as I came all over his cock. I squeezed my pussy around him as I came, so he would too. His look of surprise as he squirt inside me made me laugh. I had caught him off guard and made him finish long before he wanted to. He flopped down onto me as the bathroom continued to fill with steam.

“Well, this was fun,” I said and kissed him on top of the head. I stood up and put my clothes back on, aware the inside of my shirt would be stained but I didn’t care. I kissed him again and gave him a quick hug. I turned to leave the bathroom and waved behind me. “Call ya later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32