Reading In Bed

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Jane was reclining on the bed, ready. As instructed, she was completely nude. She had bathed, applied the sexiest combination of body wash and cologne. She had washed her hair and blow-dried it so that long curls of black tresses hung shoulder length around her neck, and curled forward so some of it lay against her full bosom. She had placed two pillows in the center of the mattress and three more against the headboard.

Jane lay semi-supine with her head propped up against the headboard pillows. Her ass was raised above the center puffs of goose down. Her legs were well spread so that a view from in front displayed her curly well-trimmed bush. Her outer lips were framed in her black pussy hair and gapped open. The inner lips were visible as a flat crease. Her clitoris was barely hidden beneath the exposed flesh.

“Hey, Mike. Where are you?”


Mike entered the bedroom. His face was flushed with excitement. His prick was erect. His cock was engorged and full. The shaft flared upward and jutted a bit to the left. He examined her naked body. The shaft twitched automatically in approval.

“I brought you a bedtime story.”

Jane was surprised. “What?”


In his hand was as sheaf of papers. Mike held it out to her.

“This is my favorite story on the Lit. I’d like you to read it.”

Jane took the papers from his hand and glanced at the front page. She immediately recognized the story. It involved a young woman trapped in a crowded train, who became sexually involved with nearby passengers. She knew he was especially excited with anonymous sex. But what was going on here? She opened her mouth to speak.

Mike raised his hand. “Just read. Please.”

Jane had promised to do earlier what he asked. She leaned back against the headboard, rested her elbows on the mattress and began to read. She was a bit self-conscious, to say the least. Did he think she could become aroused under these circumstances?

Mike ankara escort bayan knelt at the foot of the bed and laid his chest on the mattress. His face was against her pussy. He put his hands under her butt. He gave a lick the length of the crack. She was still dry.

“Be her for me.”

” I’ll try.”

Mike began a slow massage of Jane’s outer lips with his tongue. He prodded lightly against the inner lips as he moved up and down and then up again, slowly.

On the train the girl, Marie, was trapped between an anonymous male behind her, and a tiny, but well-endowed pretty lady in front. The man put his hand on her ass and ran a finger down the crack and forward between her thighs, reaching for her pussy. The lady in front pressed her crotch toward Marie’s sandwiching her between the two strangers, trapping her ass against the man’s hand.

Jane tried to bury her mind in the story. It really was a hot situation. She became interested in where it would lead. Her pussy began to respond. She was getting a little wet. Mike was using his tongue well. Its light caresses began working wonders deep within Jane’s honey pot. As she read the words of the strange hand on Marie’s pussy, she jerked her crotch up against Mike’s face. Mike could taste a new fluid in the mix with his saliva, Liz’s lubrication.

Mike pushed his tongue against Jane’s clit and included it in his maneuvering, touching it with his tongue tip occasionally. Jane began rocking her crotch against his mouth.

In the story, Marie’s vagina was now fully invaded by the stranger behind her; two of his fingers were slowly moving in and out of her pussy. The angle was a bit wrong for clit contact. Marie tried to angle her butt more advantageously for her own pleasure. The right hand of the lady leaning against her was undoing the front buttons of Marie’s dress. Her left hand was moving up Marie’s thighs toward her pussy.

Jane was now fully into the story. She was truly becoming elvankent escort Marie. As she read, she signaled Mike as to what she wanted from him. Mike felt an aggressive change in Jane’s movements. Gone was the hesitancy. She was now indicating what she wanted. Jane took one hand away from the papers she held and placed it on Mike’s head. She grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face deeper into her crotch. She was mouthing little groans, signaling her needs.

Mike’s tongue began a more earnest dance. He stayed closer to the clit and increased the pulsing movement of his tongue. Occasionally, he would suck on the button as if it was a nipple on Jane’s breast. Jane was rocking her hips, fucking Mike’s face. Knowing that Jane was enjoying the trip filled him with love for the body that surrounded his mouth.

On the train, the lady in front had two fingers on Marie’s clit and was rubbing and gently pinching it. The combined fingering from front and back gave Marie her first brief orgasm. She rolled her eyes toward the car roof and let out a little moan. The lady smiled. Marie lifted her hand toward the lady’s crotch.

Jane was now spiritually on the train with Marie. Mike felt the signs of the start of Jane’s first little orgasm as it welled up in his mouth in the form of squeezes and shudders from within Jane’s pussy. Jane’s hip rolling became more rapid. Mike dug his fingers into Jane’s ass cheeks and held on for the ride.

In the story, Marie was fingering the lady in front of her. The woman’s pussy was warm and moist. Marie watched the woman’s face. It was mere inches from hers. The woman was coming. Although their bodies were compressed in the crowded car, Marie felt her stiffen, then go limp against her body. For a moment, the two remained motionless, breast-to-breast.

The woman whispered, “Thank you.”

Marie felt a cock against her ass. The man had actually taken his prick out of his pants and etlik escort bayan was guiding it forward. Marie leaned her ass against his cock, and put her hands between her legs and guided it between her pussy lips and into her cunt. The man moved his hips forward and impaled Marie’s fuckhole.

Jane was now in the early throes of her Big “O”. She dropped the paper from between her fingers, took Mike’s head in both hands and pulled it into her crotch. Mike’s mouth worked its magic. His tongue never stopped. He reached as deeply as he could within her pussy. He played with her clit, sucking… pulling… then pressing. Jane was now bucking. One strong contraction followed another. Mike’s mouth was full of the taste and smell of his lover in heat. There was the vanilla body wash, the Joie cologne, the musky smell of her pussy, and the sweet and sour taste of her secretions.

On the train, Marie felt the minimal forward and backward motion of the man’s cock as it moved through her wet channel. Quarters were tight, but she reciprocated as best she could with backward pressure of her ass. The lady in front of her continued her tweaking of Marie’s pussy. Marie felt a sudden gush of warmth within her vagina. The man was coming inside her. This put her over the edge. She grasped the woman’s waist with clenched fingers and held tight on as waves of deep contractions pulsated through her body. She shuddered in total ecstasy as her orgasm was completed. It was now her turn to go limp against the slender body that supported her.

Matt looked between Jane’s legs above the small mound of her hairy bush and up at her face. She was experiencing Marie’s climax and augmenting it with her own. He watched lovingly as she went through all the stages of her orgasm. Her facial expressions changed with the high and low points of her inner pulsations and told their own private story to Matt. He was ecstatic.

Jane finally finished and her head collapsed back against the headboard pillows. She was done. He lifted his face from between Jane legs and smirked a little.

“How was that?”

Jane smiled wickedly.

“I could use a cock.”

Mike raised his body fully onto the bed and moved up between Jane’s legs and toward her waiting pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32