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Public Sex

Being a huge fan of the late, great American artist Bill Ward and his gorgeous girlie art, I decided to pay homage to him by interpreting a few of his suggestive cartoons onto paper.

Therefore, the following filth below is what I’d like to imagine occurred before the punchline of the cartoon. For best results, please don’t skip to the end!

* * *

Her fingers slid beneath her silky pink panties, deftly parting her wet slit, and, staring deep into his hazel eyes Heather slowly explored her dripping, hot pussy. How utterly wet she was, her fingers probing, sliding within her slick valley, dipping into her honey pot, swirling her fingertip in the pool of sweetened excitement which oozed there. In heated breaths, her free hand cupped her right breast through her tight, red blouse, feeling the taut nipple harden through the material of her matching pink bra. She moaned softly, and not for the first time did she think herself a horny slut.

“You are truly gorgeous, Heather,” he said, his eyes feasting upon her from across the room. He sat facing her in an armchair, his legs crossed, dressed in a dark, matching suit and tie minus his jacket. He sipped a brandy, gazing at the masturbating Heather who slouched in the leatherette sofa, her skirt raised above her hips, her stocking legs and high heels spread, revealing her busy fingers.

“Thank you, Mr. Anderson,” Heather replied, softly. She grazed off her clit, forcing her to moan aloud through closed eyes, swirling the digit across the silky wet button.

“Taste your pussy for me,” he told her, and obeying willingly Heather brought her pussy-slick fingers to her red lips. She seductively licked them, imagining licking his great, big cock, before drawing two fingers into her mouth, sucking on them, tasting her honey.

“Describe it for me,” he said, passively.

After a pause, Heather said, “Like heaven.”

“And ..?”

“Sweet,” she replied, sucking her fingers clean. “Sweet and warm …”

“Allow me,” he said, getting to his feet, placing the brandy glass down on a table next to the armchair. He approached her, feasting his eyes upon the sprawled Heather, she a picture of utter womanhood; sensuous, sexy, beautiful and very, very fuckable. Nearing her he slowly sunk to his knees, lightly placing his hands on her stocking knees, his fingertips running up the inside of her thighs. Caressing the fabric of her sheer, silk black stockings, grazing softly the creamy smooth tops of her naked thighs, she shuddered at his touch.

“Lick me, Mr. Anderson,” Heather purred, feeling his fingers tug at her panties, slipping them from under her ass, down over her thighs. He left them dangling from her high heels, a captured flag flying in triumph.

Planting soft yet passionate kisses upon her warm inner flesh, he suddenly lashed out with his tongue at Heather’s glistening lips. Immediately her body shook, wracked by a jolt of electric pleasure, she feeling his tongue wriggle and worm its way inside her, like a miniature wet cock, drilling its way into her sopping wet puss.

“Oh God,” she moaned, lifting her hips to meet his lavish tongue, it lapping and licking her puffy wet lips, savoring the honey that seemingly pumped from her coozy puss. With one swift movement her clit was scooped into his mouth, he peeling it from behind its velvet curtain, stabbing it, jabbing it, before delicately sucking the slippery nipple. This caused Heather to release a powerful groan, she now clawing the leatherette, twisting her head back and forth like kızılay escort a woman possessed, her voluptuous body afire.

As Mr. Anderson sucked on the sleek, wet clit, he introduced his middle finger into her oozing cunt, slowly thrusting back and forth. Heather moaned, her stocking legs squirming together, trapping Mr. Anderson in their grip. He grunted a gurgled response, stepping up his oral attack on her puss, inserting two fingers, frigging the moaning woman, sucking, stabbing her clit that throbbed in his mouth.

“Make me cum, Mr. Anderson!” Heather cried out, her painted fingernails reaching down to claw his shaved head, grasping him into her. She felt his nose lodged within her dripping flesh, felt his two cheeks pressed against her tensing thighs, and most of all, felt his lips suck upon her clit, his tongue drumming it rhythmically, and her imminent orgasm rapidly approach.

“Fuck yes, oh fuck, yes!” she cried, her climax ripping through her, igniting her body, sending her over the edge in an earth-shattering orgy of pleasure. Her face flushed, tears welled in her eyes as her orgasm overwhelmed her, and all the while his tongue lapped and licked at her pulsating puss.

“Thank you, Mr. Anderson,” she purred dreamily, watching him stretch on his knees, his mouth and lips glistening with her honey. “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

“Now that you mention it,” he said, reaching for her hands and helping her to her feet. His hand cupped her buttocks as her skirt creased in his grip, he then pulling it down her stocking thighs. “I have an urge to fuck you in the ass,” he told her, matter-of-factly.

“My pleasure,” she replied, saucily, her hands reaching for his erection which hardened to her playing fingers. “Would you like me to suck your cock first?”

“That would be nice,” he said, as Heather stepped out of her skirt which had fallen around her ankles. She kicked her panties to one side too, leaving her standing before him in just her blouse, stockings and high heels.

“Allow me,” he said, taking hold of each side of her blouse and, without warning, ripped it apart, buttons popping and flying in every direction. The material had torn, he now sliding it from her shoulders down her arms, revealing her matching pink bra.

“I love a man who knows what he wants,” she said, as he reached for her breasts and uncapped them over her bra. Her nipples were hardened and rubber-like, they peeking over the edges of the lacy material, he pinching them between his fingers. Once he released her globular breasts Heather sunk to her knees, feeling incredibly sexy and ravenous for cock. Coming face to face with the erection that pressed through the material of his pants she licked her lips, eager to feel his cock in her mouth.

Her fingers gently ran over his impressive bulge, squeezing him, kneading the throbbing lump of man-meat before she tugged his zipper, her will now impatient. Reaching inside, she felt him hiding behind his briefs, and fingering under grasped the hot, rigid flesh, and carefully pulled him from the restraining hiding place of his pants.

“Mr. Anderson!” Heather cooed, shafting the enormous, circumcised prick in her hand. “What a very big cock you have!” Bending her head forward, Heather drew the iron-hard erection into her mouth, using her tongue as a soft pillow, wrapping her lips tightly around his fiery shaft. He tasted gorgeous; his big cock pulsated graciously in her mouth as her saliva soaked the thick man-meat. Drawing him from her etlik escort mouth Heather gripped the shaft and ran her tongue across the bulbous knob before kissing the purple tip, once more sucking upon him.

“That’s it, Heather,” he wheezed, thrusting gently, she allowing him to fuck her mouth, she then taking over, fucking him as she bobbed her head back and forth, her red lips slurping his fat flesh, pools of pre-cum oozing from his tip onto her waiting tongue.

“Fuck my mouth!” she gasped, he thrusting forward again, almost bashing off the back of her throat as she gagged and choked upon him. She felt his hands in her hair, gripping her tightly, pulling her towards him, her mouth stuffed with swollen cock. He felt so hot, so fucking hard. She wondered what it would be like to have him spurt his cum into the back of her throat.

“Goddamn …!” he groaned, taking him in hand and slapping his purple dome off her exposed tongue. She wrestled with his cock, successfully drawing him into her mouth once more, increasing her attack with her mouth. This time she held fast, sucking greedily, hard, her hand gripping the base of his erection and pulling frantically upon him, determined not to let him escape. She swallowed him whole, choking on his knob, her cheeks puffed, she gasping for air until she was forced to spit him out. His cock sprung from her lips with slivers of saliva.

“Your ass,” he reminded her, helping her to her feet. They kissed, he sucking on her tongue, his hand clasping her ass. She smiled as she broke away from him, slowly turning round, kneeling on the couch, presenting her ass. He, meanwhile, quickly stepped out of his pants and briefs, and as he unbuttoned his shirt he rubbed his great erection off her buttocks, smearing pre-cum along her smooth, firm flesh.

“A little lubricant first,” he said, positioning his bulbous knob to her pussy lips, letting her back into him. He aided her by thrusting a little, before burying himself to the hilt, feeling the hot, wet grip of her cunt around his rigid member. Letting Heather slide her puss back and forth on his cock, he stood motionless as she fucked him, his slick cock disappearing in and out of her tight puss.

“Oh yes, Mr. Anderson,” she purred delightfully, “your cock is so fucking big!”

Taking hold of her hips, he thrust into the horny Heather, unable to remain still. His cock now plummeted into her, his pelvis a blur, fucking the moaning Heather with long, hard strokes. She gasped and cried out, lost to sexual abandon, one of her hands reaching under her legs between her thighs, fingering her engorged clit.

“Don’t stop!” Heather groaned, “Fuck me, oh God, fuck me!”

His balls slapping against her ass Mr. Anderson pounded his cock into the slippery, tight pussy of Heather, fucking this horny slut for all he was worth. His hands slapped her buttocks, causing her to squeal, he swirling his erection within her, grinding it over her clit. He could feel her fingers desperately searching for his swinging balls.

“Fuck my ass!” she pleaded with him, her body shaking from the violent fucking he gave her. “I want to feel your cock in my ass!”

Reluctantly withdrawing from the gorgeously snug nest of her honey-dripping pussy, Mr. Anderson presented his mushroomed shaped knob to the pert brown rose of Heather’s asshole, and pressed home. She let out a cry but he carried on regardless, centimeter by centimeter of his glistening prick sliding into the elastic-tight mouth of her anus.

“Oh yeah, demetevler escort baby,” he grumbled, taking hold her hips, feeling her asshole grip his pulsating cock. He withdrew slightly, before pressing forward once more, more and more of his thick cock penetrating her delicate little asshole.

Heather, meantime, had fallen face-first into the cushions of the leatherette, her ass raised and now pounded by the big-pricked Mr. Anderson. Her fingernails tore at the coverings, her mouth dribbled saliva as her teeth bit down hard on the seam of a cushion. All she could feel and imagine was his cock fucking her asshole, his open palms slapping her exposed cheeks, leaving a burning sensation where they hit her, and hear him grunting and bellowing like an animal behind her. She could feel his cock swell within her, feel his heavy balls slam into her raised ass, feel the awesome power of his hips thrusting mercilessly into her. Her whole being was consumed by cock; she was dominated, treated as a fuck-thing, a common gutter-whore. Heather was powerless to stop him yet wouldn’t even if she could. With her fingers rubbing her poor, sensitive clit, feeling her honey drip in pools from her open slit Heather came again, moaning into the couch, feeling him grip her pink bra strap and draw her upwards, her breasts lifting as he did so. She could feel his cock swell within her, and from his quickening pants she knew he was going to cum.

Where once his cock was, now he was gone, a strange sensation, to be sure. She could hear him grunting and growling behind her, she picturing him pulling on his big, sticky shaft before she saw him. As Heather turned round and sat on the edge of the couch, she saw him standing over her, pulling on his beautiful man-meat. He was going to cum, oh yes, and his cum was hers.

“Lemme cum on your titties,” he panted, stepping into her. Heather pressed her round breasts together between her arms, the pressure forcing her cleavage to swell before him. She tweaked her nipples, and waited for the creamy deluge to come.

“Yes, Mr. Anderson,” Heather cooed, as her gentleman caller gritted his teeth through closed eyes, his climax almost upon him, “cum on my tits, oh yeah, let me feel you spurt your hot load on my – “

She never got to finish the rest of the sentence. Without warning Mr. Anderson exploded, splattering her swollen breasts with three, four powerful blasts of thick, hot cum, hitting her cleavage with savage force. His orgasm rolled down the smooth valley, pooling between her breasts, coming to a sticky halt near the boarder of her bra. She could smell the saltiness of his orgasm, and for a brief second was disappointed he didn’t cum in her mouth. She longed to taste him, but figured that after this, there’d definitely be a next time.

“Fuck, oh fuck, Heather,” he gasped, she letting her breasts pop free, they glistening with semen as she reached for his spent prick, sucking him into her mouth to lap at the dribbling cum which oozed there. Creamy and salty, she decided, and a man who took charge of his diet –

Then, without warning, she heard the front door open, and someone stepping inside. Her husband? Her husband! What the fuck was he doing home so early?

Rendered powerless, unable to move, staring up into Mr. Anderson’s bleary hazel eyes, she heard her husband remove his coat before calling her from the hallway.

“Guess what, honey, for some unexplained reason, Mr. Anderson gave me a raise today – “

Heather’s husband walked into his living room to see his wife, half naked, sitting on the couch with Mr. Anderson standing over her, his cock in her mouth, his cum clearly shining on her breasts, they both looking at him guiltily and red faced.

“Er, hi boss …” was all he could muster to say …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32