Pure Pleasure Ch. 01

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As soon as she walked in the front door, Carol knew she was in for a special night. She smiled as she looked around the sparkling house and sniffed the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. She left her briefcase by the door, slipped off her sandals and walked barefoot into the kitchen, following the sounds of soft jazz accompanied by Mike’s deep voice.

Mike glanced up from the cutting board when she entered the room, a broad smile brightening his face. He walked over to her and gave her a deep kiss before drawing back to smile at her. “How was your day, babe?”

“Pretty good, actually. I met my sales target three days early, so that should keep the overseers happy.” Carol snuggled into him contentedly.

“Fantastic. I had no doubt you could do it.”

“So what’s all this?” she asked, her sweeping arm taking in the clean house, the bubbling pot on the stove, and the bottle of wine chilling on the counter.

“Oh nothing much. You’ve been working hard and I’ve had the last five days off, so I thought you deserved a little special treatment.” Mike ran his hands down her back, over the swell of her bottom, pulling her pelvis tight against him. He kissed the corner of her mouth as his eyes danced. “You like?”

Not sure if he was referring to all of his preparations or the growing bulge pressing into her abdomen, Carol nodded happily, “I like!” She reached up to kiss him again. “I like very, very much, thank you. Do I have time for a quick shower before dinner?”

“Of course. Here, why don’t you take this with you?” Mike said, pouring her a glass of wine. “You take your time and get nice and clean.” He ran his hands over her soft curves one more time and kissed her softly before pushing her towards their bedroom, which had a generous ensuite bathroom attached. “Dinner will be ready in about half an hour.”

Carol wasn’t sure what was prompting Mike’s special treatment, but she wasn’t about to complain. In fact, he’d been acting oddly secretive the last few days and more than once she’d caught him looking at her with a bemused smile on his face.

When she had asked him why he was being so mysterious, he told her that he was working on a special project in the basement, and made her promise not to go into the family room down there. Because of the way his shifts worked, he got a full seven days off in a row once a month and he often used that stretch of time to tackle a renovation or construction project. As she stripped to get ready for the shower, Carol wondered if he was building the library shelves that she had been asking for or, better yet, putting in the gas fireplace they’d always dreamed about.

Carol pinned her hair high on her head, turned on the shower, and then sipped her wine while she waited for the water to heat up. She stepped under the warm water and let it caress her back and shoulders, relaxing under the spray. She loaded a mesh sponge with her favorite Angel’s Mist body wash and slowly ran it over her soft curves as she reflected on the great relationship she had with Mike.

They had met five years ago when they were both in their early thirties, and within six months, they decided to move in together. They had many things in common, but enough separate interests to keep things interesting and maintain a comfortable level of independence.

Their sex life, passionate from the beginning, had only improved with time as they learned what the other liked, and what touches or strokes drove the other wild. The past few months, things had kicked up into an even higher gear as they began sharing their fantasies with each other; these shy confessions made while cuddled together on the couch always led to an explosive performance later in the bedroom.

Thinking about Mike’s ability to drive her insane with desire, Carol absently rubbed the sponge over her nipples, which had already puckered under the caress of the spraying water. She slid her hand down over her smooth abdomen, until it rested in the curls over her pubic bone, and she closer her eyes as a shiver rather through her. She stroked the soapy sponge between her thighs, shuddering as the mesh bumped and tugged her clit, which had begun to swell and peak out between her lips.

She was just about to slip a finger between those slippery lips when the door opened and Mike’s voice carried through the steam. “Are you almost done, honey? Dinner’s just about ready.”

Carol startled guiltily, glad that Mike couldn’t see her blushing furiously. “Umm….yes! Of course. I’ll be right there!”

She quickly rinsed the soap from her body, using all of her willpower to keep herself from directing the pulsating showerhead to where she most wanted to feel it. She rubbed herself briskly with a towel, and applied a generous amount of Angel’s Mist body lotion over her long limbs, flanks, abdomen and chest, lingering briefly on her tight nipples.

Deciding to forgo a bra and panties, she slipped into a simple short sundress that hugged her firm curves, with a skirt that flared and flounced high up around ankara escort bayan her long and limber thighs. Her face, flushed with the heat of the shower and her own arousal, didn’t need any makeup. A quick brush through her damp golden locks, a touch of lip-gloss, and she was ready.

She padded across the thick carpet of the hallway and eased her way into the kitchen, sliding her arms around Mike from behind as he worked at the counter.

“Oh my,” he said, leaning into her. “You feel” he wiggled back, “and smell” he sniffed, “and look” he said as he turned in her arms “absolutely amazing!” He kissed her warmly before taking her hand and leading her to the table, where he held out a chair for her.

“Mademoiselle, please have a seat,” he said with a mock flourish, and Carol gracefully slid into her chair. Mike tucked a napkin over her lap, ‘accidentally’ brushing against her breast as he did so, and he smiled when he saw her nipple harden in immediate response. Then he presented her with the wine bottle before dramatically pouring a full glass for her.

Carol laughed at his pompousness, and took a generous sip of wine as he scurried about, serving both of them: grilled salmon, baby roasted potatoes done to melt-in-your mouth perfection, maple-glazed carrots, fresh crusty bread with creamy butter.

They savored their meal, chatting companionably about nothing in particular, but Carol kept catching Mike gazing at her intently, that peculiar smile around the corners of his mouth. She chose not to say anything, just enjoying the moment. Mike kept her wine glass filled, and soon she sat back flushed with the effects of the great food and drink.

“Mike, you really outdid yourself!” She sighed, sated and content.

“Why thank you, my dear lady — I’m glad you enjoyed it.” He topped up her glass once again and kissed her on the cheek. “Mmmmm. You’ve got a bit of butter on your chin” he licked it off lasciviously. “Why don’t you go clean that up a bit while I clear the table?”

“But let me help you…” Carol started to say, intending to clear the table.

“Shush! Do as you’re told and run along,” he turned her towards the bathroom and patted her bum. Carol rolled her eyes but obediently made her way to the facilities, taking time to brush her teeth and wash has her face before returning.

When she opened the bathroom door and stepped back into the hallway, she was greeted by darkness, except for a solitary candle flickering in the dining room. She turned off the bathroom light and slowly made her way forward, one hand sliding along the wall.

“Mike? Hun? What are you up…”. Just at that moment, the candle was extinguished, and she was plunged into pitch darkness. She chuckled. “Mike, come on now. This is getting sil-…OHHH!” She squeaked as she felt him brush up behind her, her heart thumping even though she had half-expected him.

He turned her towards him, and gently kissed her eyes, then her nose, then her mouth. “Carol, do you trust me?”

“What? Of course, I trust you. What kind of question is that?”

“Good. Because I wouldn’t ever let anything or anyone hurt you, I hope you know that. You’re so precious, Carol, and I love you very much.” He was speaking very softly, but urgently.

Carol smiled through her confusion. “And I love you, Mike, you know that.”

“Uh huh, I do. And so tonight…I want tonight to be very special for you,” his voice had dropped to a whisper.

Carol heard a soft rustling noise in the dark before she felt the blindfold lower over her eyes, and she stiffened slightly. Mike tightened the blindfold and fastened it behind her head. “Does that feel OK? Not too tight?”

Carol’s voice cracked with nervousness and anticipation as she whispered “It’s fine. But what…”

“Sssshhhh. Just relax. And enjoy.” Mike took her hand and slowly led her forward across the floor.

“Careful now. We’re at the top of the basement stairs. Hold my hand and we’ll go down one step at a time.”

Carol, feeling a bit light-headed and giddy from all the wine, gripped his fingers with one hand and the handrail with the other, feeling her way down the stairs. She relaxed her grip only when her toes sunk into the plush carpet of the family room.

“Come this way.” Mike took both of her hands and led her further into the room, before placing his hands on her shoulders to halt her movements. “Now stay right there,” he ordered, as he brushed her lips with his.

Carol stood still before him, shivering, but not from cold. She felt his hands slide up her bare thighs, and heard him chuckle as they rose higher under her dress and he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. “You minx, you! No wonder your ass looked so delectable in that dress.” He let his fingers trail up between her thighs, but stopped just short of their joining, and she let out a small gasp of disappointment.

She felt the skirt of her dress being lifted over her hips, and then the whole dress crept higher. “Lift your arms” he instructed, and she complied elvankent escort as he slipped the dress up and off of her body. “My goodness, no bra either, you naughty girl!” She heard the grin in his voice just as she felt his fingers grace the sides of her breasts briefly. She groaned as his touch stopped.

“Now back up slowly” his voice came at her from the left, and he held her hand as she shuffled backwards. “That’s it, careful!” he cautioned, when she bumped up against something that pressed against her backside.

“Now sit up” Mike lifted her by the waist until she was sitting on some sort of padded seat, covered with a vinyl-type fabric that was cool against her skin. “Now turn sideways” he instructed, helping her straddle what now felt like a bench, her legs hanging down either side.

“Mike, what is…” she started to ask.

“Sssshhhh. No questions!” he said sharply. “Just trust me. Now I want you to lie back slowly.” He held one arm behind her back and took her hand in his other hand, guiding her back until she was laying with her spine flat on the surface.

He gently lifted her right leg until it was fully supported by an angled extension of the bench she had straddled. He repeated this with her other leg. By rolling her legs from side to side, Carol was able to determine that the platforms, or bench extensions, were just as wide as her thigh, but no more. They gave her legs full support, as long as she kept her legs in that position, spread wide. The large V between her legs was completely open, fully exposing her intimate centre.

Carol shivered when she realized that Mike’s secret construction project was a re-creation of something he had heard her describe as one of her longest-standing fantasies, something she had never seen herself in real life but had only imagined — an X-shaped table on which she could be displayed comfortably but fully for the pleasure of those around her. She felt a flush of warmth move through her groin at the thought.

Sure enough, Mike next positioned her arms along two upper angled bench extensions, so that she was spread in a large but comfortable X. There was even a comfortable pillow supporting the back of her neck. Her breathing became shallow as she imagined what she must look like.

“Are you OK, Carol” Mike’s voice came from the side. “Are you comfortable; because if you aren’t, say so now…because you might be there a while.” She could almost hear the grin in his voice. She couldn’t find her voice and merely nodded.

“Good.” She felt his lips brush gently over hers, before he whispered in her ear. “Now remember, trust me. And if you ever want things to stop, just say ‘Mike, stop’, OK?”

Again, Carol nodded, and shivered as she wondered what exactly he meant by ‘things’. She heard the sounds of Velcro tearing, and a strap held her right wrist snuggly against the table. Her lips parted in a silent ‘O’ and her heart started to race in her chest at the images she conjured up in her mind.

She remained silent as Mike moved around the table, tying down her other wrist and both ankles. She gasped when she felt another restraint pass snuggly across her ribcage, just under her full breasts. Wiggle as she might, she couldn’t move her hands or legs more than an inch in any direction or even lift her shoulders off the table. She could raise her hips about six inches off the table if she arched her back and flexed her pelvis, and she heard Mike chuckle as she tested her range of motion.

Mike’s whisper reached her again, “God, Carol, you look incredible.” She was aching to feel his touch, but he denied her.

“Now, I want you to relax.” He put a foam earplug in her left ear, and his voice became muffled.

“I have to go upstairs for a bit, to greet our guests,” he murmured in her right ear, just before slipping the other earplug in place and cutting off all sound.

Carol tried to bolt upright at his words. “MIKE?”


“Mike! MIKE? What do you mean, guests? What guests? WHAT GUESTS?” she shouted.

More silence.

Carol struggled for a moment, until she accepted that she was really and truly stuck and that he had left her alone.

The enormity of her predicament hit her as she realized that Mike intended to fulfill the fantasy that she had whispered to him a few weeks before, an image that had haunted her since her late teens, and that she had never shared with anyone. She had no idea where that image had come from, and it had taken all of her courage just to whisper it to him during a night of shared passion. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it would ever be more than fantasy, and she shivered when she realized what was in store for her.

She strained to hear any sounds that might give her a clue as to what was happening, but to no avail. She had no choice but to lay there, naked, exposed, and waiting for whatever Mike had planned. Lulled by the wine and her trust in Mike, her initial fear began to recede and she decided to enjoy the experience.

Without etlik escort bayan sight or sound, she became hyper aware of the feelings coursing throughout her body. It wasn’t cold in the basement, in fact it was pleasantly warm, but Mike had turned on an oscillating fan before he left. The periodic sweeping of air over her nude body felt almost like a silky stroke against her skin, and she began to tingle. The faint breeze caressed her thighs and heightened her awareness of the wetness that was beginning to form between her legs.

She felt the vibrations of footsteps coming down the stairs before she heard anything, and she immediately tensed. Who was coming? How many were coming? Mike had said ‘guests’, what did that mean? What would they think when they saw her this way? These questions and others raced around her mind, but she admitted to herself that the unknown excited her beyond measure.

While she couldn’t hear distinct voices or specific words because of the earplugs, she could hear a general rumble of voices, punctuated by bursts of laughter. The sounds seemed to be coming from all sides of her. “My God,” Carol thought to herself, “How many people are in the room with me?” A shiver ran through her body and she felt her nipples tighten at the thought of them all being able to see her.

The muffled sound changed somewhat, and she realized that Mike must have turned on the stereo. A waft of something rich and spicy floated past her. He was serving food! He was actually throwing a party of sorts, and the guests were all milling around her!

Carol had no idea how much time had passed since she first sensed that people had entered the room. She kept turning her head this way and that, trying to determine exactly where the sounds were coming from. As she squirmed on the table, she realized that she was unconsciously trying to squeeze her thighs together in response to the constant tingle there, and that only served to increase the moisture seeping from her. By now there was a small puddle forming underneath her.

She felt a shock reverberate through the table as someone bumped into it and she gasped, her back arching instinctively. Her face flushed hot red as she realized how quickly her body had responded to the slightest hint of stimulation. Her response obviously wasn’t missed by the other guests because she heard several loud hoots of laughter.

She tensed as she sensed all eyes in the room turn towards her, and then ambient noise grew quieter. The mood in the room had shifted, and her heart began to beat wildly in her chest.

She was holding her breath when she felt the first feather-light touch on her right breast. Two fingers (or was it three?) traced a wavy line down the slope of her breast, circling widely once around her nipple before trailing off of to the side. She exhaled sharply.

It seemed like her entire being was stretching out to try to follow that single touch, when another caress began to move up her left leg. Starting at her ankle, something moved slowly, gently, but insistently up her inner leg, past her knee, along the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Her hips trembled as the touch moved higher, and she felt another drop of moisture ooze from her pussy. She cried out loud when the touch suddenly disappeared and she tried to raise her hips to resume the contact, but she was restrained by the strap across her body.

She felt something warm and wet envelope her right index finger (a mouth?), just as a tongue begin to circle her left nipple. At the same time, soft lips melted against her mouth and she felt someone begin to nibble on her toes. It felt like another mouth was kissing its way along her right hipbone. In between, she felt trails of fire as fingers stroked her skin. Carol tried to identify the separate types of contact and count the number of people, but the sensations overwhelmed her and she lost herself to their touch.

Her nipples ached as fingers and tongues stroked and tugged, urging them erect. Her hips danced on the table as hands trailed up and down her thighs, across her soft stomach, and even beneath her round buttocks. Every nerve ending was on fire, waiting for the next touch, and not knowing where it would be was driving her crazy. Low moans began deep in her throat as her body responded to each touch.

She fell silent when a sudden rush of warm moist air fluttered against her groin. She felt arms reaching from either side of her, resting on her hips. Fingers dipped between her thighs to touch her labia, pulling the lips to either side. She trembled as the warm breath now flowed against her slit, wet and slippery with her own juices, and her clit twitched in anticipation. Her hands clenched and unclenched and her toes curled as she waited breathlessly for a touch at her very centre.

She didn’t have to wait long. Hands caressed her breasts and stroked her arms just as a tongue slid its way between her folds, squirming its way upwards along one side of her pussy. The tongue came to a firm point and it moved up and around her clit, passing wide, before sliding down the other side. Carol moaned in frustration, and tried to raise her hips higher. Still her clit was ignored, but she gasped in pleasure as she felt the tongue press into her opening, sinking into her pussy.

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