Pt. 04 – Sex By Referral Only

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Part 4 – My sexual schooling continues

Sex by Referral Only

This is my fourth “adults only” fiction sex story.

I strongly recommend you read Parts One, Two and Three before reading this story, which is Part Four of my continuing story of my transformation from nerd to stud. LOL.


It’s been an interesting time since I last posted a story so let me catch you up on what took place in my journey from shy, reserved and quiet accounting guy to being a ladies’ man.

Here is what happened in my life in a more or less chronological order following my third story.


When you last read about the two of us, she basically moved in with me after a serious weekend fuck fest. I had never had so much sex in all my life and it was all good, especially not having to wear a condom and knowing that my sexual partner wasn’t going to get pregnant because she was on the pill.

I know it wasn’t her plan, but she not only moved in with me, she stayed and never once mentioned finding her own place. We settled into a rhythm of daily life. She was my girlfriend, my first real one, and I did my best to take care of her.

Rylee ended up having to work long weekends at her parent’s restaurant up in Red Bluff (north of Sacramento a few hours) because her mom fell and broke her arm. She would leave my condo every Friday morning and return every Monday afternoon. Because she wasn’t working in Sacramento on the weekends doing hair, her salon client base disappeared quickly. I did hire her, and paid her, to get my photo studio and website up and running, and she did a great job at that.

She was also a great model for me, allowing me to take all kinds of pictures, both indoors and out; some of her fully clothed and some in some sort of state of undress. Rylee made me promise to keep those nude and semi-nude pics in a safe place as she had no desire to have her body on computer screens all over the world, forever.

She was a smart lady and learned a lot about photo shop and other software programs and she had me invest in a large color printer so I could process and print my own photos. The equipment, software, paper and ink weren’t cheap, but it was less expensive than paying a third party to print my work.

One of the companies in my industrial building was a wood working shop and they created very nice custom frames for me. I had to admit that what Rylee did was nothing short of spectacular when it came to decorating my studio and of course, she had plenty of pictures of herself up on the walls … marking me as her territory.

We also went out to my property in the Sierras, and she helped me improve the furnishings in my trailer (mobile home) so that the place looked nicer … cleaner … someplace I wouldn’t feel embarrassed to bring models to for an outdoor photo shoot.

Of course, having bought new furniture, new carpet, new appliances and fresh paint, Rylee and I had to break in the bed. We also fucked out of doors, in the woods, in the stream, by the stream, on a blanket under the stars below a mosquito net. Funny thing about sex outside … it was primal. I seemed to be larger, harder and according to Rylee, I tended to come a lot more. Not that she complained. About any of those things.

Okay, so we had the sex thing down and she was a hardworking, creative lady when she was doing my stuff, but I could already see that it wasn’t going to work long term. For one thing, who wants a girlfriend who is gone on the weekends? And when she was living with me, candidly, she was messy and to be blunt, a slob. She never picked up after herself and I spent a lot of time cleaning up after her.

I had several degrees and a CPA certification. Rylee was licensed to cut hair. Not quite on the same level. Her ambition was limited and mine wasn’t.

So, life was grand until one day it wasn’t. We had disagreements and they were never fully resolved. They were always just under the surface.

Rylee and I broke up; she moved home to Red Bluff and that was that. Except before she moved, she introduced me to someone that took my sexual level to the stars.

And, while she wasn’t still officially my girlfriend, she would visit me from time to time, mostly to get laid, and to get away from living at home. Those days and nights when she visited were special and filled with a lot of hot sex. I guess I was her booty call.


She was a beautiful early 40’s lady from Hungary and she sounded like Eva Gabor with that “Dahling … ” kind of talk. Don’t know who that is? You Tube Green Acres.

Just the day after Rylee split, for good (that is what I thought but she did return once in a while for a solid night of fucking), Natalie called me up and asked me if I could give her three massages over the next three days. Apparently, she was a make-up artist and was plying her trade at a very upscale wedding. Because it was so stressful for her, she wanted to know if I could give her three massages.

The first one was to take place late that afternoon, after escort ankara she finished her work but before the Rehearsal Dinner. The second was to be the next evening once the wedding was over and the bride was naked and getting pounded by her husband. And the third time after the Sunday Brunch was completed and everyone left for home.

The catch was that the wedding was at a very plush, expensive resort in the Napa Valley and that if I was interested, I needed to leave in less than an hour. I had no idea what to charge or what Natalie would pay, so I hemmed and hawed and finally she broke my indecision by telling me “I’ll pay you $900 for the massages. You pay for your gas, bring your massage table and your lotions and oils. I have a two-bedroom suite; you can stay in the second bedroom for free. As for the meals, the wedding party is paying for mine and they won’t have a problem paying for yours. And, I heard from Rylee that you are a photographer, so bring your camera too along with all your equipment. And, dress to impress.”

I’m going to cut to the chase and just tell you that I found later that Natalie was on social media and her moniker was “The Busty Make-Up Artist.”

As I drove over from Sacramento, Natalie sent me some text messages.

The first was a head shot and she looked gorgeous staring at the camera.

The second one was her in a tiny two-piece swimsuit, the tiny strips of cloth barely covering her more than ample breasts.

The third was an “over the shoulder” shot of her looking back at the camera, and she was nude, giving me a nice shot of a very nice ass with some excellent tan lines.

The fourth one was of her from behind; her head was down, and her ass was up as she was on her knees, swollen wet lower lips looking like she just got plowed and her rosebud was fully visible.

The last message was short: “I do everything. Nothing is out of bounds for you Rick. We’re going to have a great time this weekend.”

What did that mean?


She didn’t have a two-bedroom suite. Her room did have an extra-large king size bed which came in handy, along with an oversized bathroom that had a Roman tub and a very large shower stall. Not that it mattered but there was room, barely, for my massage table. She got her three massages, and that table got a workout a few times.

I’d never had sex with an older woman before, and it was almost better than sex with a younger lady.

What made it special was how open Natalie was to anything I wanted.

Natalie and I fucked and sucked our way through the wedding when we weren’t attending the various events. Early on the bride picked up that I was a photographer and hired me on the spot to take candid shots at all the events.

On Friday afternoon, before the Rehearsal Dinner but after she finished her last make-up appointment, she made it to “our room.”

Greeting me by kissing me lightly on the lips, Natalie said “I saw you in the salon and number of times and asked about you. I held off approaching you until I knew things were over between you and Rylee.”

I smiled, I was quite flattered that someone of this … shall we say, caliber, was interested in me.

She smiled back and said, “I’m beat but before you give me my first massage, I need for you to please do a few things for me.”

I nodded, “Anything.”

Her eyes sparkling, she said, “Undress me Rick.”

I knew Natalie wasn’t shy, but she did turn her so that I was facing her back and had me start by removing her pants, which were really skintight gold yoga things.

They might as well have been painted on, because it took me a long time to get them off, and to do it without tearing them I had to get up on my knees behind her.

She finally stepped out of them leaving her wearing the tiniest thong panties I’d ever seen on a woman … the string was hidden between her two taut butt cheeks.

Her ass was magnificent. World class. An ass I could worship. It truly was a sight to behold.

Natalie laughed because she knew I was staring at it.

“Cat got your tongue?” she asked me softly.

She wiggled her ass a few times and then she looked back and down at me and said “I like to get my ass kissed Rick. I like it when men take their time worshipping my ass because if they will do that for me, I know that they will be great lovers.”

I subconsciously licked my lips and replied, “I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

Which was true because I had a huge hard on in my pants and I had made a decision that my days of whacking off over.

The next time I came it was going to be with this hot MILF.

Natalie responded with, “Are you sure Rick?”

I nodded, silently and heard her say “You didn’t answer me. If you don’t want to, that’s okay, but it will mean that you’ll have to find another place to sleep this weekend.”

That got my attention!

I replied, “I’m all in” loud enough so she could hear and to emphasize the point, I bent forward and kissed her right ass cheek!

It was a loud etlik evi olan escortlar smacking kiss; one you could hear, and I made damn sure Natalie could feel my lips on that soft skin.

I even opened my lips a bit and did a bit of frenching.

Natalie laughed and said, “Good boy, now lower my panties.”

I did as she asked, slowly, savoring the time, her scent, and the view, and when I got them down to her ankles, she lifted one foot, then the other to help me get the tiny thong off.

Now, naked from the waist down, she whispered to me with a smile, “Get going lover.”


Natalie went bat shit crazy as my hands, mouth, lips, fingers, teeth, and tongue delivered like no one else.

My eyes zoned in on her crack; my hands separated her taut, glorious cheeks, and my tongue, fully extended, explored her canyon from top to bottom, slowly, sensuously, earning gasps and sighs as I did my best to keep my hands, mouth, lips and tongue in nonstop contact with that fantastic MILF ass.

Then I found her rosebud.

Tiny, unassuming.

Just ready for my attention.

She groaned as I teased and explored her exit hole.

My tongue did some cave diving, my fingers spread her sphincter and then I gently probed her asshole, first with one finger and soon after, with two, earning a big groan of approval as Natalie responded by pushing back on her ass driving my digits deeper into her.

I pulled out my finger and returned my tongue to the place she really wanted it.

While I was eating her asshole, my right hand sought out her pussy to play with.

It was lightly covered with a peach fuzz and her clit rose to the occasion as I teased and rubbed and soon penetrated her lower lips in search of her g spot.

I was fully engrossed by task and failed to notice that my massive hard on was now leaking precum through my underwear and staining through my pants.

But I was all in on taking care of this Teutonic Twat so she could take care of my throbbing member.


She came twice in quick succession once I started finger fucking her wet hot pussy.

Her knees buckled the second time, and she would have fallen over on the carpet had I not had my hands and my head supporting her midsection.

Panting, she pushed at me to let her go … then turned around so that I could see her beautiful and damp pussy for the first time.

Her eyes danced “I just knew you would be a world class ass kisser Rick.”

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse as my eyes ate up her body.

Tossing her blouse to the floor like it was trash she shared her body with me.

Her skin was smooth, unblemished, with a soft golden tan, flat belly, and her pubes were soft and wispy.

That would be a nice pussy to shave and a better one to eat.

And didn’t we both know it.

She reached behind to unhook her bra, knowing full well I wanted to see what she was smuggling.

Then, she stopped and said, “Before I finished getting undressed, I want to be clear about what your tasks will be before we head to the Rehearsal Dinner.”

I nodded and her eyes left mine and wandered to my crotch.

Seeing the spots of wetness on my slacks, she smiled and whispered, “I like to know that I can still turn a young man on.”

I replied, “You sure can.”

Then she was back to business.

“First, you’re going to bathe me. Second, you’re going to shave me. Then you’re going to eat me with that amazing tongue of yours just to make sure you got all the hair off of me. Fourth, you’re going to give me that massage that Rylee was always bragging about.”

My face clouded over in disappointment and I responded with “Am I going to get any relief?” and Natalie smiled and nodded, saying to me “I have a special gift for you a little later on that. But yes, you will get some relief, soon baby, very soon.”


Natalie had me take her bra off and she stood there, completely naked, with her hands up high, lifting her large, firm breasts up and out away from her beautiful body.

I guess I had always been a tit man, but at that moment, when she unleashed those magnificent breasts, I became a believer.

A believer in the gift of plastic surgery, of breast enhancements.

My cock throbbed still trapped in my underwear and slacks.

She hummed in happiness while I quickly got undressed in front of her.

Her eyes widened as I awkwardly pulled my underwear off over my large and pulsating cock.

“Rylee said that you were blessed. I’ll put that beautiful cock to good use.”

Taking my hand, my hard cock tight against my belly, we walked to the bathroom for Natalie’s bath, shaving, and orgasm.

Or two.


I’m not going to go into details of our time in the bathtub, but I had my soapy hands all over her and Natalie purred as I touched her in all the right places in all the right ways.

She shared with me that “Men all love me, they desire me. One look at me and they want to fuck demetevler genç escortlar me. Women, on the other hand, hate me. Wives and girlfriends think I am a slut and do everything they can to keep their men away from me. I’ve even been known to steal a lady away from her man for some extra special fun in bed.”

The vision of Natalie and another hot chick taking care of each other, nude, got my cock even harder than before.

Natalie could feel me as she was sitting between my legs, leaning back into me as I washed her front, paying extra special care to her large firm nipples.

She chuckled softly and said, “I think you would enjoy watching another lady eat me, wouldn’t you Rick?”

With that my fingers gripped her nipples and pulled them out, away from her tits and I kissed the side of her face sharing, “I can’t wait to see you naked with another woman.”

I ground my cock into her lower back, and she softly laughed.

Once she was clean, I got the razor and shaving cream out.

I’d only shaved one lady before Natalie, and Rylee told me that I had done a very good job.

Such a good job I did it for her every other day, followed by me dining at the Y, which Rylee could never get enough of.

The same was true with Natalie.

Her now bare pussy was delicious to taste, and she loved the attention I paid to her every crack and crevice with my tongue, lips, mouth, and fingers.

She particularly enjoyed my tongue on her hard clit and a long finger pumping deep and out of her tight asshole.

The time was well spent in the bath and shortly after that I had her naked on the massage table, my hands roving all over her soft skin.

I took my time; there was still about 90 minutes before we had to walk to where the Rehearsal Dinner was being held.

My cock had gone from hard to soft to hard again but fortunately I wasn’t dripping precum.

I still needed a release and I wondered when Natalie was going to do something about my male condition.

It appeared to me that she had zoned out on me because she had been quiet except for an occasional groan of pain as I worked on the knots in her shoulders and back.

Unprofessionally, I dripped some oil down her crack and she giggled and moved her ass around a bit, teasing me.

I didn’t take but a few wiggles of that ass and I was hard again.

Natalie’s hand found my cock as I started in on her ass and she whispered to me “Rick?”

I replied “Yes?” and Natalie said, “It’s time honey.”

She was slowly stroking me. It felt great.

“Time for what?”

“For my special gift to you.”

“And what would that be?” thinking she wanted to whack me off.

“For you to fuck me.”


“Yes, Rick, now.”

“Okay …” I muttered, not sure what to do next.

“Rick, I need for you to put it in.”

Again, I muttered “Okay …”

She stopped stroking me and quickly squeezed my cock until it was hurting.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Trying to get your attention!”

“You have it, now what?” I was getting pissed.

“I want you to fuck me, Rick. Right now, right here. In my ass.”


I quickly coated my hard cock with massage oil and got up on the table to take her from behind.

Natalie reached behind and pulled her cheeks apart.

I had high expectations.

But no man lasts long his first time in a new hole.

Particularly the very tight asshole of a female that wants your hard cock in her backside.

I’d never had the opportunity before for butt sex, and I wasn’t going to pass on it.

After all, I’d done everything possible to Natalie’s ass except fuck it, so hell, why not?

Natalie was no stranger to anal sex, and she said she loved it despite her groans and whimpers as I pushed into her tight hole and slowly thrust in until I was balls deep.

She didn’t ask for more lube, she never asked me to pull out or to stop.

I came that first time very quickly, so fast that I was embarrassed.

You know, burning red cheeks and I couldn’t look at her face kind of embarrassment.

But Natalie was patient and understanding and in just a few minutes I was able to mount her a second time and this time I last much longer, coming deep inside of her after bringing her to a nice orgasm as I thrust in and out, fully enjoying the new sensations on my cock.


I spent the weekend with this Hungarian Hottie.

She knew I would do anything once I got to fuck her ass, simply because the idea that I could get to fuck her ass again.

Natalie was my first three-hole woman, and not my last, thank God.

Since she was so friendly with all the bridesmaids, she actually convinced one to join us the night of the wedding.

It was my first threesome and the best part for me wasn’t fucking the bride’s cousin, it was watching Natalie and her go at it.

Natalie was the dominant one, of course, and it was amazing to watch Natalie being eaten by the young blonde from Chicago.

Lucky for me, the blonde was open to me taking her tight hot wet pussy from behind while she licked Natalie to heaven a few times.

Miss Chicago had a semi-trimmed bush, a dark, maybe dirty blonde in color. Combined with her tan lines on her ass, her pussy was framed very nicely for me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32