Priya’s Prom

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Her bangles jingled as Priya walked down the stairs. She wore a new royal blue and black two piece formal sari that her aunt had bought her for the occasion. The top was black and highlighted in gold, showing deep cleavage and her athletic stomach, similar to how a sports bra fit. It had thick straps that ran over her shoulders and a strap running across her back which thinned at the middle, showing off her soft skin. It was made for her large bust to be worn without a bra. Her skirt was a rich royal blue, trimmed in gold, with a hemline that came to her ankles and a slit that came up to her left knee. He sheer depatta, hemmed in gold, but faded from black to royal blue and back again, was delicately thrown over her chest and shoulders.

Her aunt had insisted that she deck herself out in her and her aunt’s finest jewelry. Over a dozen gold and diamond bangles ran up from her wrists. And another half dozen went up from her ankles. Her jewelry included various diamond studs in her ears and nose, and an additional two large ornate dangling ear rings. She wore a gold necklace that had multiple diamonds hanging from it, falling into her cleavage. And lastly she had placed a thin gold belly chain around her waist.

And in true desi style, Priya and her aunt went crazy with the henna. The nearly black ink was drawn in delicate and intricate patterns running from her fingertips to her elbows and from her toes to her knees. The swirling patterns played softly against her brown skin.

In the morning she had gone with her friends Erika, Nicole, and Lisa to get her nails and hair done. They had tried to keep in good cheer as Erika was still heartbroken that her boyfriend had broken up with her earlier in the month and she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go to prom at all. Lisa and Nicole tried to clamp down on their excitement and Priya, in typical Priya style, stayed positive yet subdued. After the hair appointment her friends dropped her off at her aunts, where she had been staying for the last week while her parents were in India to deal with some family drama. Rather than disrupt her school work and force her to make up exams, they had allowed her to stay with her mom’s youngest sister.

Earlier, as she did her make-up with her aunt, they laughed about how much fun tonight would be. Her aunt, despite also growing up in the States, was like her in that she was never allowed to go to prom or homecoming or such events where boys and girls were expected to freely mingle. Despite this her aunt had still found her own man, desi of course, from a good family, so the love marriage was allowed. As they completed Priya’s make-up with the bright red lipstick, her aunt shared that she was getting excited, imaging herself at prom.

“Maybe if your uncle plays his cards right, I’ll be his prom queen tonight,” she joked refering to how Priya would be staying at Erika’s tonight. Despite being married for several years her aunt and uncle had yet to have kids and both families were getting impatient.

Priya slipped on her new black and blue high heels, but even with the three extra inches she was still only 5’4″. Priya’s aunt finished taking photos as the limo pulled up with her friends.

“When will uncle be home?” Priya asked.

“As soon as the match is over. Go! Have fun! See you tomorrow!”

Lisa and Nicole were already in the limo with their boyfriends, corsages already in place. Erika was there as well, bummed but trying to put on a happy face.

The girls screamed as they saw each other, giving hugs and kisses, complimenting each others attire. As the limo pulled away from the house Priya joked with her friends. As they came to a stop she thought they had reached the restaurant but instead they were in another neighborhood.

Lisa’s boyfriend said, “we knew you were both dateless so we thought we’d invite John and Bryan.”

“Not as dates but just stag too,” Nicole’s boyfriend said.

Priya looked to Lisa and Nicole. They knew about her long time crush on Bryan, but the also knew that she had gotten married per her parents wishes over the winter break. They both played innocent despite this knowledge and Priya’s glare.

As Bryan got in the limo Priya bit her lip unintentionally. He was still the hottest, coolest, funniest guy she had ever met. Despite that and wanting to have gone on a date with him for years, she knew all she could do was talk to this friend.

Erika was still in her own world and despite a ‘non’-date arriving for her, she wasn’t any happier. If anything she seemed more upset.

The group, except Erika, chatted happily during the limo ride and at dinner. Sometimes they laughed and talked as a group, sometimes they found themselves in smaller conversations, and despite herself, Priya continued to find herself in private conversation with Bryan, leaning closer than she would normally allow herself.

When dinner was over they headed out to the limo, and the friends wrapped up in their dates and non-date did not notice that kızılay escort Erika had been drinking from John’s flask. A pattern that would continue for the next several hours.

When the party arrived at the prom they chatted with friends and checked out the decor. Nicole and Lisa and their boyfriends went to dance, while Priya and Bryan sat at the table and talked more, and Erika and John went to get punch.

After what seemed like no time at all the dancers returned to the table to take a rest. Priya and Bryan were still in conversation while Erika was beginning to show that she was drunk. Together they went to take photos, some as a group and some as couples. After Erika took a few photos with John, the friends cajoled Priya into taking some with Bryan.

The first picture was with them facing each other, holding hands, him looking down at her from his 5’11”, her looking up at him from her high heeled 5’4″. She didn’t realize the camera caught it but she was glowing. The next photo they took was the traditional prom pic, him standing behind her, arms around her. The feel of him pressed against her excited her and comforted her at the same time. His hands were against her bare belly, her hands holding them in place. Both their hearts raced. They parted slowly after the photo, saved from additional embarrassment when their friends rushed them to the dance floor.

Upbeat, poppy music blared over the speakers. The friends danced together as a group before Lisa and Nicole found themselves grinding against their boyfriends. Priya danced with Erika while John and Bryan went to get more punch. Erika seemed to be feeling better and was getting into dancing with Priya, losing herself in the music. Priya was having a blast, prom night turning out to be everything that she hoped it would be.

Then Erika saw her ex.

He had shown up with a date, some girl from a nearby school. His date was dressed scandalously and was grinding against him. Erika took the spiked punch, ran over to her ex, and threw it in his face. She yelled at him and his date as Bryan and Priya pulled her away.

As Erika’s friends helped her outside they attempted to console her. Bryan and the boyfriends talked as the girls sat on the curb by the limo. They tried to calm her down, but she was inconsolable.

Priya sat with Erika to help calm her down as Bryan got an Uber. Lisa and Nicole finally relented and went with their boyfriends to the hotel in the limo once the Uber arrived and Priya insisted that everything would be okay. John was no where to be found.

The Uber driver took the trio to Bryan’s house as it was on the way to Erika’s, allowing them to switch to his car. With Priya and a distraught and drunk Erika in the back, Bryan drove the twenty minutes to Erika’s.

When they arrived to Erika’s house she was showing how drunk she was as she stumbled from the car. Bryan waited in the car while Priya helped her friend to the door. Erika was unable to locate her keys, so Priya rang the door bell. As Erika’s parents opened the door, Erika vomited and became inconsolable again.

As Erika’s mom helped her inside, her father, anger exuding from him, said to Priya, “I don’t think tonight is a good night for you to stay over.”

“I understand,” she said, before he closed the door and she headed back to Byan’s car.

“Thank you for waiting,” she told Bryan as she got in the passenger seat.

“Where to now?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “Can you take me home?”

“Of course,” Bryan said. As he pulled away she started to give him directions and they once again settled into comfortable and fun conversation.

On the drive his laugh and the way he talked to her made her swoon. She had a really great time and imagined this is what dates must be like, allowing herself to imagine what it might be like to date him. The conversation grew more intimate as the minutes flew by until Bryan admitted that he had had a long time crush on her. Blushing and shy, Priya admitted that she too had had a crush on him for quite a while.

When they got to her house it was very late, as she lived on the other side of the school district from Erika, nearly an hour. Bryan, attempting to be the gentleman, walked her to the door.

Knowing she shouldn’t but not wanting the magical night to end, she offered to make him chai to help him stay awake for the drive home. Bryan smilingly accepted.

Standing in the kitchen, admiring her smooth movements as she prepared their drinks, Bryan said, “Well, I hope that you got at least most of the prom you wanted.”

“It was mostly great. Thank you for that. You didn’t have to do any of this,” Priya said graciously.

“It was my pleasure,” he said. “I just wish we had had the opportunity to slow dance.”

“Really?” Priya asked.

“Of course.” Bryan put on a slow song that had played earlier in the evening on his phone, put out his hand and said, “may I have this dance?”

Smiling back, Priya took his hand and let him pull her etlik escort in close. As he held her tight she felt her body melt into his. They moved around the spacious room, bodies held close together, both growing more excited. Priya knew she should stop but loved the feel of him holding her. Bryan was growing quite excited as well. He could feel himself growing harder and harder as they swayed. As she felt him press against her stomach her breath caught and she looked up at him. He was looking down at her and when her eyes made contact he leaned down to her, their lips locking together.

As their kisses moved from pecks to open mouth and tongues, Bryan’s hands moved down her backside, squeezing her ass and pulling her toward him.

“No, I can’t,” she said, pulling away.

The space they had just been sharing was now a void they were each very aware of.

“I.. I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to…”

“No,” she cut him off, as she turned the stove off. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let it happen. I’m married.”

“I didn’t know,” he said surprised by the wholly unexpected confession.

“Let’s talk in the living room,” she said carrying the tray with the chai past him.

As they sat on the couch she told him about her arranged marriage and her mixed emotions. He listened to her trying to be understanding. As they talked they some how continued to slide closer and closer, until their knees were touching.

“Again, I’m sorry,” she said laying her hand on his knee.

“It’s okay,” he responded, looking into her beautiful eyes.

And then it was her turn to kiss him. She couldn’t help it. She had to. He was too great, too amazing and she had to do this.

Bryan did not protest as she leaned into him kissing deep and passionately. His hands moving to her legs and then her hips.

They continued to kiss as he held her face in his hand, her arms wrapping around him. Their kisses the result of long simmering passion and long denied pleasure. The feel as their tongues rubbed against each other, the feel of their lips parting only to close together again, absorbed each of them. Her hands ran across his chest and around his back, her fingers finding their way into his hair. He kissed down to her neck as his fingers ran through his hair pulling him into her. He continued to lean onto her helping her lie down and he found himself on top of her, their bodies pressed together. Priya’s skirt worked its way up her legs, helped by Bryan’s gentle yet insistent tugging. She could feel his hard cock through his pants again as they pressed themselves against each other. Their bodies pushed into each other, each desperate to encompass the other as their mutual desire grew like a wild fire. Her bangles jingled as she rocked up and against him, her hands running down his back.

Their passionate kisses were interrupted when Priya started to pull on Bryan’s suit jacket. The two of them clumsily pulled off his jacket leading to a round of laughs that were finally squelched when their smiling lips met as Bryan put his weight upon her again. Her large breasts, still encapsulated in her top, were pressed against him, allowing Priya another sensation to spur her on. His hands and lips, his weight upon her, his insistent thrusting, the feel of his hips between her thighs filled her every thought. Her senses were overwhelmed by this tantalizing pleasure, pleasure she had only ever imagined before.

She took her hands and slid them up from his hips and across his chest and began to undue his tie. Hungrily their mouths were on each other but his hands joined hers, struggling to remove the ridiculous but expected piece of formal wear. Bryan leaned back pulling the bow tie from his outfit as his other hand found its way to her bare waist. He thrust into her again causing her to moan and lift her head, exposing her beautiful neck and causing her chest to thrust up. The bow tie escaped from his hand as he reached for her scarf, tossing it away finally exposing her cleavage. He thrust into her again causing her boobs to jiggle accompanied by the near constant music of her bangles. Her eyes, catching sight of his gaze, caused her to squeeze her arms together, further accentuating her deep cleavage.

He thrust into Priya again and leaned down into her, kissing her exposed neck and down to her collar. Taking advantage of her recently exposed cleavage his lips and tongue worked their way down to her exposed breast, kissing from one to the other. His hands worked up her bare midriff and pushed her breast up to meet his kisses. Her hands pulled his face in tighter to her bosom as she experienced hither to unknown pleasures.

“Come here,” he said as he sat up pulling her with him. He sat down on the couch as she sat down on him. Their eyes were closed as their lips danced and she lowered himself onto his lap, her skirt fully pulled up to her waist and over her ass now. She rocked onto him as he thrust up to her, despite their clothes, his pants demetevler escort and her panties, the feeling of him rubbing his erect cock against her wet pussy was driving each of them mad. Slowing her rocking she kissed him deeply and leaned back, smiling mischievously and hungrily. As his hands rested on her hips, she reached up and slowly started to unbutton his dress shirt. As each button came undone she would follow it with a rock and then lean in for a kiss. Each time Bryan would have to catch his breath as he pulled her down to him. When she reached the last button she pulled what remained of his shirt tucked in, out of his pants. His shirt fell open, exposing his white t-shirt and he leaned into her wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tight. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she threw herself into the kiss with all of her body. As their tongues danced, her entire body rolled and rocked against him, finally putting to use all those dance moves the heroines used in Bollywood films.

“Come to my room,” Priya whispered in his ear as he kissed her neck their bodies wrapped around one another. She stopped to push the formal shirt down his arms, letting it slip down to the couch behind him. She leaned in giving him another eyeful of her beautiful brown cleavage before kissing him once more. She giggled as she stood allowing her skirt to fall back down her thighs where Bryan’s hands had found their way to. Giggling again she pulled away playfully allowing her skirt to follow, her bangles jingling.

Bryan stood to follow her, as she left the room, sexily swinging her hips. He bit his lip as he watched her guide him to the stairs and as she took the first step he turned her about wrapping his arms around her back and pulling her in for another kiss.

“I can’t keep my hands off of you,” he said as she moaned, pulling away.

“Come on,” she said, her hand reaching back and taking his.

He looked at her ass sway as she lead him upstairs, his mind imaging her with much less on, hers imaging what he would feel like when he finally slides inside her, the smiling pictures of her family hanging on the wall looking on, thoughts of how aghast they would be not entering either of their minds.

As they entered through the open door he looked around as she turned on her three way lamp on the dimmest setting. Decorations and pictures from her desi life and her many years in this house were strewn across the room. Her platform bed with its princess style curtains tied back sat in the center of the space. Bryan noticed a mirror at a small desk and larger one next to her closet door. He saw his disheveled hair and her brown mocha skin, his half formal state and her sexy dress, and knew this was the only place he wanted to be right now.

“Sit,” she said, pointing to the bed. He released her hand and moved to the bed, sitting down on the edge of it, admiring her as she lit the many candles in the room. As she would pass by he would take her hand kissing it, allowing his other hand to rub her bare belly. Priya turned off the lamp allowing the room to be lit only by the flickering candles.

She walked toward him in a sultry fashion and placed her hand on his chest and leaned in for a kiss. As they kissed his hands found their way to her hips and then her ass, squeezing it. Her hands found their way down and tugged on his t-shirt pulling it up, exposing his athletic abs and chest. He pulled it over his head, tossing it aside as she admired his athletic frame. Her hands ran across his muscular chest and down his abs, finding their way to his belt. She could hear his breathing speed up as she tugged on his buckle. She looked at him winking and biting her lip. Her hand slipped down from his belt and her palm rubbed against his hard cock. The thin material of his pants tenting at the erotic play of the evening.

His hands played at her waist as they kissed and he found the series of clasps holding her skirt in place. Tantalizingly slowly, as their kissing reintensified and as Priya stroked him over his pants, he undid clasp after clasp. As the fifth one came undone the skirt slipped down her silky smooth legs revealing her black thong panties. She had not imagined in a million years that anyone would see her like this tonight but she made sure to shave and wear her sexiest panties just to feel as hot as possible. If she asked Bryan if she had succeeded he would leave no doubt in her mind.

He broke their kiss leaning back to take in the sight of her. The black panties intricate design was played with by the flickering light causing him to become more and more intrigued by this beauty.

Bryan scooted back on the bed further, inviting her to join him. She climbed on to the bed, once again straddling him, this time though, as she lay upon him, gyrating her hips against him, his hands grabbed her bare ass checks, pulling them apart, squeezing them together, and then pulling her against his hard cock. She could feel his cock pressed against her through his pants, as it jumped rubbing her clit through the material that separated them. She felt herself grow wetter in anticipation. Both of them, despite an urge to skip ahead, let this play out unsure if, or when, they would have the chance to enjoy each other again.

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