Power Play Pt. 18

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“Fuck your bitch!”

These words changed everything. Love became pure lust, and debauchery took over from love-making. We exchanged looks, experiencing them to be long, but it would’ve been a split second in reality. My eyes filled with desire. By her arms, I pulled her closer to me into a rider’s upright position. She was gasping, practically meekly, my cock deep inside her now. I wrapped my palms around her thighs as far as they would go and she supported herself against my legs.

Her slavery began. We both knew she was surrendering and was now mine. She wanted to be.

First, I pushed her pelvis back and forth on me, instantly getting both her and me some serious friction. She moaned loudly. The cock was buried deep in her and her fleshy insides were pounding hard around me. Smoothly, we shifted into more vertical thrusting now, her pussy crashing yet and again on my throbbing wanton cock. Her back arched, pushing her tits to the front. She put her hands on her hips making the exercise into a workout. Keeping up with her tonal, high-pitched moans, she found my hands, intertwining her fingers with mine. Relentlessly torn through with my raging thick dick, her moans were taking on that pain-and-pleasure melody I so loved in women. She squeezed my hands, her oozing hole bobbing on my cock. The initially shorter thrusts were now morphing into longer, more forceful ones and she was easily matching my thrusts with her hip movements, landing down against my tight-skinned balls just as I was thrusting up inside her, ensuring tight and deep fucking. Each cramming into her came with a delightful ripple of flesh on her hot tight and tanned ass.

She briefly turned round towards me. “Your bitch,” she half-whispered, half-moaned. Her chin was dripping with her spit and she looked positively proud to be “my bitch”. This required a reward for good sex-slave behaviour and three consecutive fierce slaps landed on her ass cheeks, each fiercer than the one before. Her ass reddened in the punished spots; she only moaned harder, uttering a satisfied growl in response.

I rose towards her now, sitting up and pressing my chest against her back, snaking my arms around her, my hands finding her rock-hard nipples and squeezing and kneading her tits. Then, I lied back down again, spreading her thighs wide. The view of my dick in her cunt from here was amazing — the hard rod vanishing in her pink flesh, her tunnel pulsating around me all the time. She bent more forward, supporting herself on stretched out arms. I forced myself to stop moving for a few seconds. I knew what would happen next — surprised, devoid of thrusts, it was only a few seconds before she had to start moving. Soon enough, like a good slave of a bitch, her shapely firm ass began moving and I didn’t need to do a thing.

The view of her tight young willing ass was simply phenomenal. Each move resulted in those ripples running across her cheeks again; hot, drool-worthy vibrations. Her dark gaping asshole was just above where the dick entered her. Then there was her entire body — her slim, lean back with its gorgeous tiny muscles and the view of one of her tits (the other one being hidden from my view), hard-nippled and juggling erratically. All accompanied, of course, by the extreme head, tightening my balls all the time, with every fill of her tunnel I took sending jolts up my body to my head.

She started more shallow at first, but couldn’t contain herself, now lifting her ass higher up and dropping it down onto me in more rapid and aggressive way. At one time tight-lipped, at other with her teeth gritted, she worked that ass methodically, getting the pleasure she wanted, picking up speed. It was too fucking hot and she was too much of a fucking slut not to deserve some more slaps on her ass. I lied down again, getting a better view of her cum-heavy pussy folds ravished by my dick.

Squeezing one of her ass cheeks, watching the show and listening to her intensifying moaning, I felt myself hardening against the heat of her insides. It was, of course, impossible to contain myself and stay idle against the onslaught of heat. My hips jerked up and within seconds the cock was thrusting up into her — hard, demanding thrusts with the atrocity of a deprived one. Her moans stopped and growls replaced them as my balls slapped against her taut skin, punctuating every time I rammed into her. “Oh yeah, baby—” she wheezed, “fuck your bitch hard!”

She needed to be enslaved further. I now wanted her crawling and begging for mercy. Her sweating body was pushed forward. She lied down on her front, only ass up in the air, her legs bent. Her hands were on the sheets, dug into the material. Her entire figure looked innocent, helpless and powerless. Just the way I wanted her as I was approached her, upright on my knees, with the cock at right angle to her pussy, ready to fuck.

Sprawled in front of me, her lips parted in expectation, her ass lifted for my pleasure, she was trembling and moaning already. The hard, rigid dick snuck in easily, eryaman genç escort bayanlar greeted by the lava-hot flesh. I groaned, instantly unable to stay still. The contrast between my rough, veiny cock and the smoothness of her shapely ass could not be greater. Panting and moaning loudly, she was only spurring me on; I tried to alternate between longer and shorter thrusts, but the sensations were too strong and view too delicious to keep any form of composure. I grabbed her ass, collecting her tight flesh into my clenching fingers as much as I could, pulling her closer to me. She wheezed back in satisfaction.

I wanted a taste of her before going further. I slipped out of her and lied on my stomach sticking my tongue into her, putting it into fast vibration against her clit. Licked and sucked all over it — she collapsed fully onto the bed, shifting her ass closer towards me. “You taste good,” I congratulated her, to which she laughed lightly through her groans.

The break was over, though — that was how long I was willing to wait before sticking that cock in her cunt again. The cock felt larger, somehow, thicker, harder and more on fire. I came in at a different angle this time — kneeling behind her on my right knee but bending the left, thus from just above her ass; entering her was like going through butter — her flesh easily accepting me. I started slowly, going deep, pulling out almost all of it, enjoying the furnace-hot sensation of her insides pointlessly striving to pulsate me out of her. She had easily discernible goosebumps across her back; I massaged the silk-like skin along her spine, allowing my hips to speed up, thrusts growing in speed.

She close to another one. She hands found her tits squashed against the sheets and gripped them as though in some powerful vice. The thrusts kept coming, and with them growing waves of hot around my cock, only resulting in harsher, more brutal cramming into her. I was now supporting myself on the bed on my two hands, using press-ups to ram into her. She was moaning louder and louder, now beginning to growl — seconds later, she crushed her face into the sheets, spit frothing from her mouth. The sensations becoming unbearable for her, her body instructed her to instinctively try and crawl away from me, trying to grab on the headboard. I caught her hand in time and stopped her. “Oh no you don’t, bitch!” I shouted at her. “Come back here to what you deserve!” Doubling the viciousness of the thrusts, I went back to the previous knee-bending position, grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up in hazy frenzy. “Oh yeah!—” she grunted. “Fuck me—fuck me—fuck—fu—” she then lost her voice and just moaned in a continuous high-pitched sound.

Suddenly, I slowed down, and it was this suddenness that pushed her over. Well, that, and those two fingers pushed into her right next to the cock. Groaning — a sound like a creak of doors opening slowly — as the orgasm was tearing through her, like it was genuinely ripping her apparent — she looked back at it, suddenly reverting from the slave-and-master-I’m-your-bitch roleplay to her affectionate ways — she turned her neck and head towards me like a swan, insistent for a kiss. She fell apart into pieces forcing her tongue into my mouth the second her lips touched mine. Trying to shout into my mouth, waves of pleasure crashed through her, her body trembling, writhing and convulsing. I couldn’t possibly hold her — when fell back down onto the bed, she howled, releasing a call of the wild. I kept at it, keeping the fucking coming, never letting that cunt a moment’s peace, watching — overrun with desire and sensation of control — her lewd body writhing and thrashing feverishly in front of me.

Consumed by the upsurge of desire, now that she’s been satisfied, I became agonisingly aware of my cock and its own desire for release. In the gutter, not waiting any longer for the orgasm to wash over her, I dragged her off the bed onto her knees, making her crawl and then kneel in front of my throbbing cock. Standing now next to the bed, looking down towards her sweaty, shaking body and wide-open aroused eyes, I saw a wild animal now, satisfied and willing to please. Purring, she wrapped her hands round the cock and began sucking hastily. I wanted release, but I also wanted her face as my toy, and she was clearly willing to used for the purpose.

Within seconds, the cock was thrusting harder and faster into her mouth. She pressed her tongue tight against its girth. “Oh fuck—” I yelled, overwhelmed from the get-go. With every plunge, her mouth and throat relaxed just a little, allowing a deeper, hotter entry. Watching her soon take it all in, hitting the back of her throat, and getting her to gag, was awesome — she’s turned from a shy little creature to a confident (but submissive!) slut!

She licked her lips in the rare break from the face-fucking, pulling out a thread of my cum into her mouth, swirling it in her mouth and lazily spitting it back on the cock for lube in scrumptious, whorish fashion. ankara escort bayan I gasped. The needy cock went back in in the next second and its demanding rhythmical forceful thrusts choked her for a while — only doubling her sucking back efforts, it seemed! Her throat seemed to be going forever and the back of her throat where the gagging reflexes were the sauciest was so fucking narrow. I would stop there for a second or two occasionally, my thick pulsating rod filling her entire fiery mouth, just my balls pressed against her thin lips stretched round around my girth.

The more she was thrust into and deep-throated, the more cum she collected, and the more she collected the more she spread with her tongue back onto the dick, getting it to rage even more — it was a vicious circle. Her eyes were now akin to a tiger — untamed and feral — and just saw her mouth as the end for my release. The drive and the sex was all that mattered — humans were now just bodies to fuck and be fucked by — dick, cock, tits, pussy and cum.

She pushed her mouth down on it again, wrapping her hands at its base now, with the express purpose to take it all the day in now. Deep-throated, fighting the gag reflex, she kept it in for a good few seconds, sucking and licking around it hard, pursing her lips. I arched my back. “Oh YEAHH!! You’re such a slut!” She pulled out, a good amount of my cum dripping off her tongue, lips and chin, looking incredibly dirty, smiling with those cum-covered lips at me. Next time was even harder — I went in deeper and held it in; sucking it hard, her throat got flooded over by my cum and her spit. Gagging and muffled, she gargled, but it was a few seconds more before I was satisfied and showed her some mercy. On exit, her pink shiny lips and glistening chin were now drenched in cum and the dick was oozing out even more off it. She was gasping for air, and I slapped the cock against her lips, which she instantly licked over greedily. “Back in, bitch!” I barked, and the shaft was back in. She was fucking good! — loud wet deep-throating noises followed, with her taking it all in repeatedly. “Oh SHIT!” I shouted and instinctively found the back of her head shoving her onto me. With long lunges and strong back-and-forth hip movements, I was delivering forceful, brutal stabs into her blazing hot mouth. She was shouting stifled cries against the raging dick, her chin dripping cum, which trickled down to the floor. Her servility and enslavement was almost complete — and she clearly loved it as the vigour with which she was meeting my thrusts was, well, quite impressive.

But to serve me fully, she needed to do something more. I drew back rather rapidly and issued a series of commands.

“On your back.

“Spread your thighs wide.

“One hand on the clit. That’s right. Good girl.

“Head over the edge. Now what do you say to your master?”

“Please fuck my face upside down!” she said breathing heavily. That’s right — she was on her back, head hanging over the edge of the bed, with the rest of the body sprawled across the bed. I bent my legs down, standing over her.

“Open!” was my last command. I didn’t need to tell her to stick her tongue out — she did so herself just as the cock lowered to her face, like a drill going down into the ground, with my cum-covered balls above it.

There was prelude. She was throttled instantly, her mouth filled to the brim with dick. Holy fuck, this felt GOOD! She was yelling, gagging from the first second. I just pumped up and down. Each thrust meant strings of cum flying through the air and her face and hair beginning to now get properly sticky.

With the first session over, I pulled the dick out of her wet mouth, cum dripping down into her face — in this superb, nasty position, I could see all the way down into her throat as the cum trickled all the way down there.

“Am I being a good girl?” she gasped.

“No talking,” I responded, shutting her up with cock again. Just before re-entering her, she breathed out heavily and the cum in her mouth blew up into a bubble; I swept that back in on my way in. More relentless face-fucking followed with more helpless gagging sounds. She was in a full-whore mode now, something I had not seen coming just 20 minutes earlier: opening her mouth wide, looking up at what would look like an enormous dick from down below and my cum-sticky balls, now getting her cheeks smeared with cum, her eyes wide open. The liquid fire that was her mouth just spurred me on to keep delivering more and more stabs — it was impossible to stop moving. And the filth was just too intoxicating – the gorgeous girl that she was had vanished somewhere, although on some level I still registered that, but mostly it was the thrill of humiliating the face of this young sultry vixen, and that buzz of control and her submitting fully.

And it was getting filthier and nastier: next time we took a short break, she gasped out a larger blob of cum, which now trickled down her face down her etimesgut escort nose, then eyes, forehead and in her hair. She was rewarded with the next session of savage thrusts, this time coupled with my hands rubbing her clit, which I was able to easily reach. She would’ve moaned harder, but of course there was no way to do so, but she just gargled more desperately against the ferocious dick in her mouth. Each thrust was now easy as she now relaxed her mouth entirely as though her body instinctively surrendered any kind of a fight. Each cram into her was up to my balls, and each would hit the back of her narrow, tight throat. Most times, I would pull it out to my glans and then rush it back in resulting in long, harsh thrusts, but when I wanted to fully feel that back of her throat, I’d slow down and keep it in deep, squeezing the cum-dripping balls against her face, savouring that throbbing feeling of her throat against me, as if she tried to push me out but knew it was futile. She was at my mercy.

Each session left more cum on her face, trickling down her cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead: she was getting filthier and smuttier. I knew — sensed, rather — that I had only so much time before blowing my loud on her and into her; the question was only when. Just now, I pulled out and used the thick dick to spread the cum around her face like a painter uses their paintbrush. “Fuck, yes!” she moaned. “This is so dirty!! I LOVE IT!”

Just before she was plugged up again, she asked again, “Am I a good girl?” and yet again she got no answer. She only heard, “Shut up bitch and take the cock!” in response. The next series of thrusts was faster, harder, but more shallow, meaning more cum spilling out in bubbles from her mouth and now completely coating her chin and cheeks and streaming down both her eyes. Ramming even harder into her throat now, I also held up her head trapping her against the insistent aggressive dick. Cum was now flowing freely down her face, her no longer being able to drink it or even hold it in her mouth.

So much cum and spit lube, so much filth and face fucking! I was very close and ached now for blowing it all on her. I climbed back on the bed, gesturing to her join me for a 69, her on top of me. “Just suck, don’t talk!” I reminded her.

Her make-up running from the cum covering her face, she went down on it with energy of one who hasn’t eaten for 2 days. I stuck my face in her cunt, sucking on her and darting my tongue into her. The tiny slut was so young and so light that I was able to lift her by her thighs into the air into a somewhat acrobatic position I’d not know I was capable of. She sucked hard, bobbing her head and swirling her tongue around the glans while always deep-throating. With every flick of her tongue, with every vibration of her throat and every thrust of mine against her face now, I was rapidly getting close to a point of no return.

The time for the final part has come. “You want to be a good girl?” I finally addressed her question.

“U-huh,” she chuckled, spitting my cum out and licking her lips.

I sat now in front of her, kneeling. “Alright then. Lie on your stomach in front of me.” My voice was commanding, not suffering disobedience.

More instructions followed. Lying down, first flat, on her stomach, she was told to raise her head towards me, bend up her knees (thus raising her feet up) and stretch her arms back to hold her legs by her ankles. “Now open your mouth!” She obeyed. She was now completely powerless and defenceless, just waiting to be face-fucked, only able to swing. She gazed up at me, consumed with arousal and anticipation.

I just filled her mouth with cock, and then held her by the hair. Didn’t even move the cock inside her mouth yet, but she was already gagging, completely powerless to move her head. Now I put my hands on her head and started thrusting into the receptacle. Muffled, she was soon choking and spitting out cum, already wetting the sheets. I bent over her, kneading her ass, and fucking her mouth, now on the way to my release — I felt the tingling in my balls growing and my balls tightening. It was coming on faster because face-fucking Jill like this was so fucking hot — it was like having a human sex toy or a sex doll, willing to do anything I wanted. But this one was now growling, howling and clearly loving it, spreading the cum around, using it as lube, swirling her tongue round me and being a real human bitch. That young salacious body was simply phenomenal to fuck!

I was now delivering thrust after thrust into her mouth, as she swung in rhythm with the my movements, powerless to do anything other than open her mouth, take it in and moan, groan and gag; my thrusts were rhythmical, methodical and insistent, with a purpose in the end — of cumming. Groaning and gasping loudly now, I sensed her sucking mouth curl slightly into a series of smiles; she knew what was coming and was loving it.

“Tits!” I yelled, feeling there were literally seconds left for me. I pushed her harshly so that she’d roll onto her back and straddled her, grabbing the cock and putting it in between her firm tight tits. With my eyes now dark with desire and knowing my orgasm was coming, I grabbed her both tits with my hands, kneading them to trap the cock in between them. “Oh YEAH! Oh — YEAH!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32