Power of Persuasion

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Author’s note: I wrote this story overnight and didn’t really edit it much. Comments and questions are always welcome. All characters in this story are above 18 before they get sexually involved. I’ve tried to incorporate lots of reference material in there just because shit kept popping up in my head.


I have known this gorgeous Brunette for the past four years of my life, when she moved next door to my apartment. She was then only fifteen years old then and flew alone across the country from Vancouver to a city absolutely foreign to her, upon her old man’s command.

Her old man was practically nuts. First, he sent the kid to an all-girls Catholic boarding school when she was young. Then as Lucy returned years later, he sent her here to Toronto to attend middle school in downtown. Who the fuck sends their kid to another city for middle school? She claimed that he wanted her to build her own future, while he paid for her rent, food and all other expenses.

The man was a douchbag! Clearly he saw independent living as a way for Lucy to support herself, but the chances she had of doing so on her own at that age were worse than an ape evolving into a human in a day. Personally, I think he hoped to have a son instead of a daughter, and out of some retarded logic he sent her to live on her own to ‘make a man out of her’.

It was a week after I had seen Lucy move into her new apartment that I found her kneeling on the floor in front of her door, sobbing. She looked slender yet graceful even though her hair was a mess and her long yellow sundress was stained by her tears. The kid had her head in her hands resting on her knees.

The kind hearted man that I was back then, I took a knee next to her, to catch her attention. Sensing my presence, she suddenly looked up and almost scrambled to get up on her feet.

I was immediately captivated by her beer bottled colored green eyes. I have never seen a pair with a darker shade than hers! Her dilated pupils made her green orbs look larger and her tears created this 3D illusion that you were staring into a portal that opened into another world. Her eyes reminded me of the galaxy on Orion’s belt in the Men in Black movie.

I rested my hand on her shoulder urging her to keep sitting, before she could get up. Her lips quivered and her eyes closed as she started sobbing once again.

Even though I had an important meeting to attend shortly, I just sat on the ground next to her. I wanted to leave and get on with my work but I couldn’t. I am not great with kids and so words failed me for the first time as I didn’t know how to comfort her. The way she was crying, I dreaded something awful had happened; maybe someone died?

We sat in the hallway for hours. It was mostly quiet except for the traffic noise below. Occasionally, we heard ambulances heading towards the nearby hospitals or firetrucks rumble by but that was pretty much it. The corridor was much brighter as the sun headed south in the late afternoon. I had texted my secretary to reschedule my meetings and by now Lucy had finally stopped crying too.

I asked her if she was felt better to which she mumbled a yes. I almost laughed out when she told me that she was upset because her door was locked and she forgot her keys inside. It wasn’t that I was laughing bahis siteleri at her, but I just dreaded the worst. Unfortunately, no locksmith worked on a Sunday but I was glad that Lucy agreed to stay with me till we figured out her situation.

Now, I’m no pervert- wait! Let me rephrase that. I wasn’t a pervert then. I took the teenager to my room because I knew she wouldn’t stand a chance on her own at all and she had nowhere else to go. She was beautiful but that didn’t mean that I would just take advantage of her or rape her. Though, it was unsettling that I the thought did occur to me and I realized, somewhat subconsciously, that if I really wanted to have a locksmith over, I could’ve done so with a phone call.

You see, I’m a psychiatrist. A very well established one too. I practice near Lakeshore high up on the 30th floor. My office faces the south giving me a panorama view of Lake Ontario and the arrogantly standing CN tower. I’ve seen more than a hundred thousand patients in less than ten years of practice, pioneered psychiatry at the University of Toronto and been involved socially and politically throughout the city. It has only been through my hidden efforts that the crack smoking mayor of Toronto has stayed in office so far.

Anyway, back at my place, I skillfully used my craft to put Lucy at ease and learnt all about her that I could. People like to talk and especially about themselves. I find, its the easiest way to help them keep their mind off things.

As she carried the conversation telling me about her boarding school, I realized that I had never met anyone who was so innocent or so lost in the world. It occurred to me that as I had seen a hundred thousand patients and met countless number of people, so Lucy should literally be the ‘one in a hundred thousand’ girl on the planet – as described by my fellow redditors. They posted that generations of men pass away without meeting a girl this rare. Although, considering how young she was, I was actually surprised that child services or some other child protection group hadn’t shown up so far demanding her dad go to prison.

As cold as it may be, I am no father figure, nor would I like to be one. I enjoy my practice thoroughly and through my well connected network of friends, I meet enough people, attend parties and bring girls over regularly. Emphasis on the plural.

From that day on, I became Lucy’s mentor and her best friend. I taught her much about the city, its transit system (TTC) and places she can go explore. I pulled some strings and called in some favors so that she could have a tutor monitor her academics. I showed her how to cook, what to wear, where to go shopping, which friends to hang out with and how to take care of herself over the years as we got more comfortable with each other.

The shy girl I saw crying four years ago, existed no more. Now, the world saw a more confident, secure and self-made Lucy, who excelled at every task she put her mind to.

This was a persona that I built for everyone in the world to see, except me. I knew the real Lucy inside. The innocent Lucy who I had preserved under a veil of humor, wit and all things above. I was no father figure, but I was certainly the only one she looked up to and blindly trusted.

In a way, one could say that I was canlı bahis siteleri silently pulling her strings and transforming her into a person that I wanted her to be, but unlike others my power did not come from coercion or impeccable argumentation; it’s my power of persuasion. If Lucy thought she wanted to feel closer or distant to me then that was only because I wanted her to think that. I would sometimes chuckle how much my personality resembled that of Hannibal Lector.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that the blooming teenager had never explored her sexuality. To say that she was chaste would be an understatement, in fact, I could’ve pinned her picture next to the term ‘chaste’ in a dictionary, just to emphasize her purity. That was only thing that I give her father full props for.

Due to her looks and the persona she projected at the world, it wasn’t surprising that she was asked out by guys all the time. I knew it would happen eventually but there was some force in me that wanted to keep her away from other boys; keep her unaware, untrained and unskilled. For this reason, I presented her a tiny fraction of my skill by teaching her to act, respond and most of all how to influence people around her. The reason she was unaware that she was influencing people when she used my skills was because that is how I wanted it to be; to her ‘things just seemed to work out’. I knew from day one that all the work I had done would be lost if she succumbed to peer pressure or put herself in a position that closed her options and made her vulnerable to others.

In the end, the result was outstanding. I probably felt like the first man who had invented grilled cheese sandwich. Like the sandwich, Lucy was a work of art and genius. She had been to numerous coffee dates with members of the opposite sex, before and after she turned eighteen, yet she had mastered the ability to turn relationships platonic even before they had started. Her influence not only ran through her friends but also broke into my circles when I she occasionally accompanied me to my events.

There were a few instances where guys in her high school had tried to be physically forceful towards her, but I had prepared for that too. Though she was still slender, no one could have guessed that she was being trained by her fitness instructor – my client- in mixed martial arts. As she punched, kicked and sparred with others, she had cut her body fat down to 7% and replaced it with lean muscle. The guy who tried to shove her into the janitor’s closet one day after school, never saw it coming; within seconds, he had a broken nose and a case of broken nuts too as my girl ripped him apart and walked away without even a hair out of place.

Since Lucy turned eighteen a few months ago, it has dawned on me that I am slowly being consumed by a fire inside me that I cannot control. Gazing into those green orbs lights something up in me, driving me do things I wouldn’t have done a year ago. Thinking about her purity fuels the fire and ignites the lust with in me. The women I have been with recently have become less satisfying, as I imagine myself give into the lust for my neighbor.

Tonight, as I pump my cock into the moaning red head on my bed, I picture myself getting on top of the girl next door. I feel my heartbeat rise, canlı bahis my arteries constrict and the flow of my blood rushing to my already erect cock!

I grab the redhead by her hips more urgently and thrust my cock into her well lubricated pussy with more power, intensity and momentum. The girl is not moaning anymore. She is shocked by what she is feeling and is holding onto my sheets as if she is holding on to her dear life. I have felt her pussy clasp my dick and lubricate it countless times by now, but my cock refuses to give up the race.

She is on all fours, her head dug into my pillow like an ostrich’s head in the ground. My balls are not in sync with my cock- they have a phase difference of 180 degrees; as my cock pulls out, my balls strike the girl clit making her jump. She jumps again as I thrust in.

I think of those green orbs again and I can feel body my preparing itself for battle. Like the Spartans facing the Persian empire, proud, arrogant and strong, I can feel my muscles to be on the brink of contraction. I can literally feel my brain shoot a Sympathetic impulse down my body to my cock and I close my eyes giving into the impending doom. My back arches on its own volition, my abs coil and biceps pull the girls ass into my hips.

As if time slows down, I can sense my sperm erupt with unparalleled force from my balls. I can imagine them running through the tubules like a roller coaster ride. I gasp as my cock finally lurches and I sink myself deep into the redhead’s femininity.

Spurt after spurt after spurt is ejecting from tip. My penis was too erect, if that was even possible, and shoots my cum deeper inside the girl. Seconds of ecstasy pass as I begin to come down from my high. I have no energy left in me and I collapse onto the girl on the bed wtth a blissful afterthought; soon I would have the same way with my Lucy as I train her and skill her to please me.

I open my eyes as I feel my energy return. My dick is still swollen, though not at its peak anymore. I realized that the girl beneath me is passed out and probably was so before I came. I back up and plant my feet onto the floor, which I realized is wet with my cum too. I stand up and notice that I exploded so much cum that girl’s pussy could not take even half of it. The sheets are mess as usual but the floor scenario is a first.

I flipped the redhead onto her back and wipe her face with a washcloth . She is starting to wake up as I stand on the other side of the bed, than where I stood before. She is waking up and I am just standing above her face. My cock starts swelling once more as dirty thoughts cross my mind. I’m imagining her being good friends with Lucy as I grip my hard-on and guide it to her lips. I’m sure the girl opened her eyes in confusion at first, as I fed her my cock for the umpteenth time that night. I felt proud when she declared next morning that she couldn’t walk straight.


Want the next part? Type in comments about what you think about the story and what you think should happen with Lucy. I’m thinking of two possibilities;

1) Wham-bham

2) Slow seduction

I am open to suggestions as always and I again apologize that I haven’t edited the story much; sorry shit just takes too much time.

There is also something new I’d like to try; I’d really appreciate it if you told me which aspect of the story you liked (the references? The guy’s character? The girl’s background? etc.)and stuff that you would’ve changed had you written the story.


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