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This is a true story from a few years ago. A few details have been changed, (mainly for privacy reasons), but the rest is true.


Anal is hot. Sorry girls, that’s just the way it is. Anal play, when done right, is really hot, and enjoyable. While it’s best when done with someone else, it can still be a lot of fun on your own.

Barely past noon and it’s already a hot Sunday. A really hot week in general, really, with today promising to be a bit of a scorcher, I seems. It’s times like that, I’m really, really happy I have AC. Otherwise, I’d probably melt, and not in the good ways.

A nice, long, hot shower really helps, warming the skin, so when I get out, the temperature doesn’t feel as bad. Living alone has certain advantages, even if my place is small. Being able to walk around naked is one; getting out of the shower, and then standing in the middle of the living room to let myself air-dry is a decadent luxury.

In the summer heat, shaving is not just good for being neat, clean and sexy, it helps to stay a little cooler, too. For that reason, I shave every day. It really helps to make the heat a little more bearable.

Then into the bedroom. It’s time to do something I’ve thought about doing for a while, and now I finally can. Set on the bed, a bottle of silicone lube, my brand new stainless steel buttplug, plus a couple of metal balls (that I found at some time ago at Home Depot, of all places. I forget what they were actually for, but I just repurposed them into very nice vaginal balls.)

How I put a plug in when I’m alone varies on mood and stuff. Sometimes I’ll lay on my side and pull my knees up to my chest, which is good for a bit of gentle, casual play. Other times, I’ll be all ‘head down, ass up’, which is a lot better if I just want to jill until I cum.

In this case, I was on my side. Silicone lube is wonderful with rubber, metal and glass toys. Pity it can’t be used on silicone toys, as most of mine are silicone. But the ones I’m using today are metal. It feels slick, not-quite frictionless, as there’s just enough to be easily felt.

First the plug. It’s a metal teardrop, with narrow rod connection to the ‘T’ shaped base. The tip of the now-slicked plug settling into position against my ass and then the slight push to start to enter, giving me the sensations of slow, delicious penetration. Feeling the tapered plug opening me up. bahis şirketleri It takes several seconds of slowly working the tip in and out of my ass before I push it in a bit more. Then the stretch starts. I’m no anal size-queen or anything, so almost all of my anal toys need a little warming up, first.

The feel of the plug starting to stretch me open a bit is when I go easy, taking my time. God, it feels good, though. In a little more, then letting it slide back not-quite-out. Then pushing it back in a little bit deeper. Working in a little deeper with each of the pushes that my fingers put on the base. I’m not sure how long it takes, maybe two or three minutes? Then I can feel the thickest part of the plug starting to stretch me open as it starts to go in. Letting it slide out and then pushing back on it once more.

It just doesn’t want to go in, though. Another minute or so of working it and I’m getting a little frustrated, as well as very wet, I can feel a bit of wetness running down the back of my thigh, and I’m pretty sure it’s not lube. Finally, I just push it in the last bit with a firm shove. There’s that moment of pleasure and pain mixing as my ass is spread wider around the fattest part of it, which I hiss in a gasp of air. Then the dizzying wave of relief and pleasure when it sinks in fully, with my ass closing on the narrow rod and ‘T’ base. I can’t help but moan out loud at the rush of sensations.

Next, the metal balls. They’re about the diameter of a quarter, brass or copper, I think? I’m wet enough by this point that slipping the two balls in up to my knuckle takes very little effort. Then I can wipe up the excess lube and my natural lube before sitting up.

Sitting up. That’s a bit of an experience all to it’s own when you’re plugged, the way the plug pushes in a bit more when I’m sitting on it. And not for the first time I’m having second thoughts about what I’m about to do.

I’m going with one of my yoga shorts for this one. I love the feel of it cupping my pussy, that and the back rides right up, as it’s tailored to perfectly fit the curves of your ass and cradles them nicely. In short, it makes my ass look amazing. It also pushes the ‘T’ base of the plug in fully.

Then I stand up and take a few steps. Yeah, it’s… Interesting. Each step kind of pushes the neck of plug out just a tiny bit, from my muscles around it, I guess? Then the shorts helps to fully seat it bahis firmaları once more. I’m wondering if the tight, molded fit of these shorts is going to make the plug visible. It’s hard to tell by looking in the mirror, but if I run my finger along the valley of my ass, I can certainly feel it.

My sport bra and a light t-shirt round out today outfit. Shoes, keys, wallet and phone, then a deep breath for courage, and I’m out the door.

I can certainly feel the plug and balls inside me. The balls on their own aren’t THAT big of a deal. I’ve gone about with them in me before, lots of times. But with the plug added in? I think the plug’s compressing my pussy a bit, because the balls feel HUGE, rubbing inside me with each step. I think one or the other would be just fine, but both? We’ll see what happens. It certainly seems like my ass has significantly more wiggle in it when I’m walking.

I’ve barely gotten a block from my building and my nipples are already rock hard and so tight that even rubbing the inside of my sport bra is sending additional shocks to my pussy. Speaking of that, I’m wet. I can feel it from the crotch of my shorts adhering to my skin.

This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

Ok, a few blocks from home and I duck into the bookstore. I was going to keep going, to the market, then loop back around, stop by the bakery and go home, but I think I’ll cut this walk short, I’m already feeling flushed in the face, and not from exertion.

Aaaaaand just my luck. I’m in the SF/Fantasy corner of the store when Kellie comes up. She’s a really cute black girl, Nigerian, I think? Dark skin that’s like silk to the touch, (and I know from experience she’s naturally totally smooth. All over.) 20-something, (I forget her age). Small, super sensitive breasts. And she can suck cock or lick clit like she was born to do it.

Not shocking that I’d bump into her here, since she works here part-time. This is where I first met her, after all. The problem is that she’s really hot, we’ve played a number of times, and I know how much she loves playing with my ass.

Barely a hello spoken before her hand slides along my butt. “I love these shorts, hun. How come I’ve never seen you wear them before?”

“Well, I just got them a little…” Then a slight inhale from my when her fingers slide up against the base of the plug. Ok, NOW I’m blushing. She just gets this wicked grin on kaçak bahis siteleri her face as her fingers play with the base of the plug through my shorts. “Ohhhh, I know what this is…” is what she whispers.

“Well, yeah.” I tried to laugh it off, but she’s having none of that. Before I even realize it, we’re breast to breast, with her having one hand on the small of my back and the other hand is down the back of my shorts. I’m really glad this is a really quiet corner of the bookstore, and out of the way.

When her fingers grab the base of the plug and pull, all I can really do is bite her on the side of the neck to muffle my moan. Thank god for the radio playing somewhere, broadcasting some sports game. I can feel the plug threatening to pull out of my ass, thanks to her fingers. “I would really love to replace this with my tongue. I know how much that makes you squirm and moan. Too bad I have work to do.”

With the plug threatening to be pulled out of my ass, she just let go and my own muscles pulled it back in fully. That made me moan, both from that and the fact that I just pushed the balls out of my pussy when the plug went back in. And Kellie felt them hit her fingers. “Oh, and what have we here?” That hand coming out with the balls in her hand, looking at how embarrassingly wet they are. “I guess I should put them back in, hmm?”

It’s all I can do to just nod and watch her slip that hand back down into the front of my shorts. With some added caresses of her finger against the hood of my clit. That was making my knees tremble. One ball getting popped into me made me bite her neck by reflex. The second ball made me moan.

A pat on the rump and then I was on my way. Fuck, I want to cum. Badly. It’s only four blocks to my building, but it felt like an eternity. I was sure my juice was running down my thigh by the time I got into my apartment.

I stripped my shorts down and off and left them hanging around one ankle as I pulled out my vibrating wand. Head down, ass up. A mouthful of my comforter to avoid disturbing the neighbours, and then the Magic WAnd right on my clit. It probably only took a couple of seconds for my to cum. And it was a hard one. I could feel the waves of pleasure shoot up my spine. The pleasure of my muscles contracting around the balls and plug. I was seeing starbursts.

I don’t remember squirting that time. I don’t remember flopping on the bed. I don;t remember rolling onto my back and laying there, legs spread wide. I don’t remember falling asleep, just waking up an hour later. And realizing that my ass is aching a little from the plug.

Next time, I’ll just use the plug, I think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32