Please Swipe Right Pt. 02

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John was sitting with a cup of coffee and a smile. I started to tell him all about my time with Claire. The most important moments. When she kissed my cheek at the art gallery. The way she moaned in my ear as I came inside her. He could see I was smiling from ear to ear. As I finished talking he asked me the all too important question.

“Are you going to see her again? It sounds like you’re in love.”

He was right, of course. John had a nasty habit of saying exactly the right thing in just the wrong way. I was falling in love. But falling never stopped somebody from getting back up.

After the date Claire and I both went home. We texted smiley faces and the all too important purple hearts (That’s my favorite color). But all the while my finger kept swiping right in-between message.

I still wanted to see Claire. I was certain about that. But I also wanted to see the next girl who would come knocking. The ratio hadn’t changed but my confidence was soaring. Why settle for one girl when the next was around the bend?

After saying goodnight to Claire. A match came up for Camilla. A college student on her second year at the local community college. Her profile told me she was Italian. It also showed me that she was a blonde with wonderfully pale skin. And wonderfully thick thighs. She had a real hour glass figure with an ass to match. She had a gif of her in a bikini doing a 360. More than anything I wanted her ass in my face.

To say I was hungry would be an understatement. I was desperate to feel her against me. Even as I had just cum inside of the angelic Claire… I couldn’t help but imagine what she would feel like. How she would react to getting to know me.

Our messages eryaman bayan escort shot back and forth and one thing was clear. Camilla wanted to fuck. She wanted a relationship.

Oh every girl did. None of them ever just wanted a hook up. And that wasn’t because they didn’t want to just have sex. It was because wanting to just have sex was unfashionable for a women. A sort of puritanical hangover. Even Camilla was beholden to it.

We texted back and forth and two days later she was riding over to my house.

When she arrived a text from Claire popped up in my notifications.

“Are you free this weekend?” I was. But Claire would have to wait. I dismissed the notification.

The first thing I noticed was Camilla’s pale complexion. Her face was covered in a sky of lovely freckles. Her red lipstick contrasting the rest of her face.

There were finer details she had paid attention to. Her wing eye liner made her eyes pop. Even knowing very little about makeup I could see she put a lot of time into it. Camilla not only looked good, but she did it on purpose.

Walking into the house I took a look at her shorts. They hugged her ass. I could already imagine my cock slamming into her.

We sat together on sofa. She started telling me about her day and how stressful it been to deal with customers. The way they had yelled at her and how she didn’t deserve that. I told her she was right. Nobody deserved that.

I leaned in closer to her. She put her hand on my forearm. Our eyes connected. If I can be honest with you? My heart stopped. Was this the moment?

Her body rolled into mine. Her face landed on my stomach. My arms wrapped around her. She let her hair down. She rubbed escort sincan her neck and asked me,

“Do you give massages?”

The truth? I did not. But the words that came out of my mouth were,

“I love them.”

She laid on my bed. I jumped on top of her and straddled her ass. The soft fabric of my sweats was the only thing between my cock and her bare legs. It took everything in my not hump against her. I knew that If I just continued I would be rewarded with something better. If I could just keep composure. Just a little longer.

She removed her crop top and bra. All she had on now were her shorts. Beginning at her neck I gently rubbed. Moving downward into her shoulders and down the length of her back. She was mostly silent beneath me. The occasional moan would escape as I hit a sore spot.

I lowered myself to her ear.

“Do you want me to massage your legs?”

She got up removing her shorts. All that was left was her purple (my favorite color) underwear.

My hands wrapped around her thighs. As close to her pussy as I could possibly get. Her breathing was becoming deeper. She wanted me. Had to. Because my dick was getting hard and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could wait.

Camilla turned over without prompting me. We made eye contact as I continued rubbing her thighs. She reached and grabbed me by my hair. Pushing my face into her crotch. It made me feel like an animal. I tore her panties off. Plunging my tongue inside her. Taking my time to enjoy the taste of her. The feeling of her ass cupped in my hands.

She continued moaning and groping my head. Her soft pussy rubbing continuously against my mouth. Eating her Out helped the hunger. elvankent escort bayan But i still needed more. I needed to be inside her.

I lifted myself onto the bed. Started teasing her pussy lips. Her hips were pushing closer to me. She wanted to capture my cock inside her. I wasn’t going to deny it to her. Because I was dying to try her tight pussy. The first thrust was slow. It sent tension through my body. It felt like the completion of a goal. Something important.

Each thrust seemed to only excite her more. She was gliding her hands over my forearms. Pushing her pussy against my every stroke. Her arms had risen to meet my torso. she was enjoying the look of my body as it fucked her.

her head was directly against mine. We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed.

I pulled myself next to her. She turned her head back to kiss me. I rubbed my cock against her ass before sliding into her pussy from behind. Her moans grew louder. Her ass felt good as it bumped into my cock.

Camilla began to cum on my cock. Our bodies seemed to melt together.. And I continued fucking her.

She laid me onto my back and began to Suck me off. She was wrapping her soft red lips around my cock. Her tongue swirled and helped spread a feeling of pure joy.

I came into her mouth. She swallowed all of it.

We cuddled up together. For the moment. The itch in my stomach is gone.

And as we laid together I got another text from Claire.

“Never mind. Maybe next weekend.”

Why did that make my heart stop beating?

I wanted to respond then. To beg her to find time for me. But I didn’t. Instead I put the phone back on my beside table and wrapped my arms around Camilla. For the moment she was real. There was no next girl. Not yet. No matter how hard I tried. then she fell asleep. The all too familiar pattern showing up. An incessant droning phrase continued to grow.

“Please Swipe Right.”

It was followed by another softer, “Please.”

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