Playgirl’s Obsession Ch. 01

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Elizabeth is hanging out at her place with a bunch of other people from her school, hosting a party. The popular girl’s parents are out of town, which made the whole thing much easier to organize. She is now tapping her foot on the floor very nervously, waiting for her boyfriend Josh to arrive. It makes her feel edgy as she thinks about something important she is going to have to tell him, a thing that she has been trying hard to avoid thinking about and pretend never that it happened. If only she used her brain back then, she wouldn’t be in this deep shit right now, Elizabeth tells herself sullenly.

Suddenly, she can hear the sound of familiar footsteps. Turning around, she sees her childhood friend and smiles. Christine Brennason is walking to her, arms around two handsome male strippers from one of her mother’s new night clubs. The blonde lacrosse player is notorious for philandering, also banging waiters at the hotels that her family’s business acquired over the years. She even hired some male prostitutes. Christine doesn’t need to do that, of course, since she’s more than hot enough to get sex without paying for it, but she just likes the power trip it gives her, to be able to use the men and pay them, sending them away once she is done.

“Hey, Lizzie. What are you up to?” she asks her brooding best friend, using the affectionate nickname only Christine and Josh are allowed to address her with. They’ve all grown up together, along with Josh’s best friend Carter, who went on a trip around the world with his parents. Christine has always been the wild one, as seen by the presence of the two male strippers she is clearly planning to do the deed with later. It’s obvious from the look on her face that she is horny. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even have to look since Christine is turned on most of the times.

“Waiting for Josh to be here,” Elizabeth answers, making Christine frown. She doesn’t notice this though, still being preoccupied with her earlier thoughts of guilt and shame. Elizabeth then tries to distract herself by saying “I am just thinking of making him eat my pussy. What about you? Any plans with these two fine gentlemen?” She doesn’t know if they are waiters, strippers or hookers since she has never met these two lads before and doesn’t want to embarrass herself by guessing incorrectly, hence why she referred to them as gentlemen.

Christine smirks. “These two guys are strippers,” she tells her best friend who rolls her eyes. “I just thought you might want to know. Their names don’t really matter. Only their cocks do. One of them will be shafting my pussy while the other impales my ass. You know how much I enjoy double penetration.” Everyone in their friend group know that, not just Elizabeth. The amount of guys she brought to her suite at her family’s flagship hotel in New York is just staggering. Not even Christine’s mom who was said to have been very adventurous in her youth fucked around the much.

Elizabeth still shudders as she thinks about the time she walked in on her closest friend lying on the bed naked and letting seven guys ejaculate all over her bare tits. “Well, make sure the one who fucks your cunt wears a condom. I know you’ve got an IUD in but he could still be carrying diseases. How you managed to avoid herpes after fucking 100 guys I’ll never know.” The crazy bitch actually kept a tally record of the number of men she took to bed. 100 fucking guys. She is a playgirl like no one else.

As Christine walks off, Elizabeth thinks of the reason she is feeling so jittery at the moment. It was a terrible mistake that the girl made a month before her boyfriend’s best friend left on the trip. She and Carter got together and they had sex. Even worse, it was Elizabeth’s first time. So not only did she cheat on her boyfriend with his best friend but she also lost her virginity to him that night. It’s been on her mind ever since, filling her with guilt. She loves Josh so much and doesn’t want him to find out what she did, afraid that she would end up losing him.

Suddenly, the girl sees him turn up in his Mickey Mouse T-shirt and pants, looking very cute like he always does. “Hi, sweetie!” he says to her as he walks up to Elizabeth and they embrace. “You look wonderful today.” She leads him to her room where they sit on her bed together, making out. The dorky teen’s parents were school friends with Elizabeth’s father, and they met when they were little kids. Right now his mom and dad are executives in her parents’ large corporation. Everyone says that the two have been dating since kindergarten. It is why she feels extra guilty for cheating on him since they have so much history and attachment together.

Josh suddenly makes her lie down on her back and starts kissing her thighs, making a trail leading up to her short skirt. He then kisses her searing pussy through the cloth, making her very horny. “You don’t have to give me head so often,”she tells him, even though she enjoys it so much. “I’m more than happy enough with just a few times a week.” She feels yalova escort very guilty about getting oral so often especially after fucking his best friend behind his back.

“It is my duty as your boyfriend to help you get your rocks off,” he informs her, rubbing her genitals through the skirt, teasing her first to get her more turned on. Reaching underneath, he raises his eyebrows in surprise. “Had no idea you are not wearing underwear today,” he notes, feeling her shaved vulva on his hand. He removes her fingers from on her womanhood, returning to kiss the skirt. She feels so aroused now from how he is worshipping her, despite the earlier guilt still nagging at the back of her mind.

Elizabeth sighs as he lifts her buttocks and slides her skirt down her legs. She kisses him when he moves up so that they are face to face. Josh is doing what he always does, fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit to make sure she is so aroused that by when he actually eats her out, her pussy juices would be gushing all over her face. “You are way too good for me,” she mutters. “I really don’t deserve you.” Josh believes she is only saying stuff like that from being so horny, not knowing that the girl really means it.

“But you do deserve me,” he whispers to her as he thrusts his fingers in and out of her box. He is kissing her on her shoulder and therefore can’t see just how embarrassed she is when he says “You’ve been the perfect girlfriend, always there for me and caring about me so much. This is the least I can do for you.” She highly doubts that he would be such a caring lover if he finds out she cuckolded him with Carter, whom he trust. It would devastate him and she would certainly lose all the oral privilege she gets from dating Josh.

“Thank you so much for this, sweetie,” she exhales as he finger bangs her and kisses all over her face tenderly, and then removes his fingers from inside her pussy. Bringing them to his lips, he licks each finger clean, sucking them and withdrawing with a pop, giving her a seductive look that almost makes her squirt. It is getting her very close now when he decides to stop and moves back down her body again, bringing his face back into her crotch. He smiles up at her cutely.

“Let me make you feel really good, my love,” he tells Elizabeth before kissing her clitoris. Using his tongue to lick it, he sucks her clitoris. She moans and he repeats. Her hands grasp his hair and he hums, using the vibration to help stimulate her. Taking a pause to take a breath, he says “Baby, just relax. When you are happy I am happy. So let me make you cum on my face, okay?” She nods, feeling a bit less selfish now, knowing that he also enjoys this, just as much as she does. She moans as Josh resumes servicing her cunt.

The girl can’t believe how lucky she is to have a boyfriend who is such an eager cunt-licker. It makes Elizabeth question why she was so dumb as to risk losing the sweet boy by cheating on him. Sure, Carter’s really hot, but the guy isn’t kind and caring the way Josh is. Her mind returns to her boyfriend as he switches things up and moves his mouth over to suck her vagina, with his tongue probing inside the warm tunnel. Josh’s tongue is going where Carter’s large cock already went, but she can’t let him know about that.

Josh vociferously gives his girlfriend head for the next several seconds and sucks harder until her throbbing pussy spasms. She cries as her cunt squirts a lot of the clear, sticky liquid out all over his face. “That is really delicious, baby. But there’s an even tastier hole on your body.” Elizabeth now feels guilty again. It’s one thing to let him eat her pussy after her infidelity. But to let Josh go as far as rimming her without coming clean to him first? She can’t use him like that. Her hormones doesn’t listen though and she finds herself nodding along to his considerate offer.

She flips over, now lying on her toned stomach. Her ass is small and round. Josh licks his lips as he spreads her pale buttcheeks. Pressing his lips to her sphincter, he kisses the brown hole. It feels so depraved and turns her on so much she feels her already soaked pussy getting even wetter. Elizabeth lifts her ass, making his tongue that was tracing circles around her anus slip inside the dirty backdoor. He begins to fully give her a rimjob, knowing how much she loves it.

As Josh eats her nasty asshole, she uses her own fingers to stroke her clit, as she wants to orgasm with Josh’s face buried in her ass. It feels so good and she is gushing all over the sheets from the attention she is receiving from him. Pretty soon Elizabeth is screaming and having another climax, her asshole now clenching around his tongue, making him moan appreciatively before Josh withdraws his mouth and smiles at her. He would kiss her on the lips but he doesn’t think that she would want to taste her own ass without having had any discussion on the matter.

“Your ass is so delicious, baby,” Josh tells her sweetly as he lies next to her on the bed, neglecting his own erection. As yalova escort bayan long as she is pleasured, that is all that matters to him. He can take care of hisself later. “I love you, Lizzie. Always have. Always will.” It makes her feel the waves of shame again to hear him so candidly profess his love to her after her actions but she can’t reveal it to him now. She will tell him all about it later, but not right after he just gave her oral. It would be too much. She’ll have to find a way to tell him and get him to forgive her.

“Thank you so much, baby. I love you too,” she says to Josh, meaning every word of it. She does love him very much and wants to spend the rest of her life with Josh. As they cuddle and he falls asleep, she sighs, looking at his peaceful face and thinking about how on earth she is going to tell him about her affair. She wishes she didn’t do it in the first place but it is way too late for regret now.


Carter arrives at the party, feeling very nervous. He hasn’t been back in New York in so many weeks, and for good reason. Going on a holiday with his father was a good experience since they got to travel all over the world, but even the extended vacation couldn’t take him away from his guilty. He is still plagued by the haunting memory of how he betrayed his best friend by fucking Elizabeth. It was the lowest point of his life when he gave in to lust and allowed the seductress to lure him into her bed. They agreed afterwards to never tell anyone about this, but he can tell that Elizabeth wanted to come clean, so that she can stop feeling ashamed of herself.

He too thinks about telling Josh the truth but couldn’t bear the thought of losing his best friend. It was only after withdrawing his cock from the insides of his best friend’s girlfriend’s pussy that he realizes what he did. It is a lucky thing she didn’t get pregnant because if she did, then they would have already been caught by now. Good thing that the morning after pill worked. She has approached him a few times after that to ask for a repeat performance, despite her feeling as bad about it as he does, but he said no.

Right now he is at her place because he knows that this is where Josh will be and she wants to see him again. The person he wants to see the least shows up in front of him first though. “You’ve got some nerve coming back here,” Christine says, the top of her shirt sullied with semen. “I gave two guys blowjobs after we had a threesome in a guest bedroom,” she informs him after noticing him stare at the area where some of their cum landed. “Tried to get all of it on my face but their aims aren’t good. Not too surprising, since they’re strippers and not prostitutes, so not as much experience.”

Carter cringes. He has always been disgusted by how casually the perverted blonde always discuss having fuckfests. It’s gross that she would bang any guy in sight like that. “I didn’t need to know that,” he replies. “I’m just here looking for Josh. What did you mean anyway? Why would I not have the nerve to come back here. I didn’t do anything wrong.” She smirks at this part and he suddenly feels very nervous, sweating all over. It’s very rare for the six feet three wrestler to feel this way.

“Oh, are you sure?” Christine asks him with a mocking smile on her beautiful face. “How about the fact that you had sex with your best friend’s girlfriend and took her virginity?” Carter rapidly pales, gulping as she stares hardly at him, making him flinch. He shouldn’t have done it. He really shouldn’t have. “Yes, that’s what you did. You fucked Josh’s girl and now you are here. How shameless are you? Do you think he’ll still want to be friends with you if he finds out about this? Planning to keep take the secret with you to the grave?”

“Please, you can’t tell anyone about this,” he begs her. He is desperate to keep it a secret forever, hoping that no one would find out until the day he dies. Carter couldn’t live with it if they all know about how he did such a horrible thing. This is all going wrong so incredibly fast and he has no idea how he is going to deal with it. “I’ll give you some money.” The moment these words leave his mouth he knows it won’t work. His family has a lot of money, being worth around a five million dollars like Josh’s, but Christine’s got a trust fund of ten billion dollars.

Suddenly, someone taps him on his shoulder and he turns around. His heart almost stop. Behind him is Josh. Carter desperate hopes that his friend didn’t hear everything. Fortunately, Josh gives him a smile and the boys embrace. “Hey! Good to see you back, man. You’ll have to tell me about all the stuff you did while you were away,” Josh says to him. It makes Carter flinches as he thinks about he definitely can’t tell him about all the stuff he did. He did do his friend’s girlfriend, after all.

“I’m not sure that you would like hearing all of it, Josh,” Christine pipes in with a mischievous glow in her eyes, making Josh confused and Carter panicked. Carter desperately pleads with her through escort yalova eye contact to not say anything. “Our dear friend here did many questionable things. You wouldn’t want to hear all about his escapades.” Then she saunters away, cackling, her large, firm ass swaying from side to side as she walks, giving everyone around a great view of her ample derriere. Josh looks away, not wanting to be tempted by another girl.

He now watches his friend’s fidgety expression, curious. Something really seems off about the way Carter is acting. Josh tries to understand why his best friend might be so nervous but he couldn’t figure it out. It is all very perplexing to him. “What was she talking about?” he asks the much stronger teen. “Did you, like, got a little wild with someone?” If only he knew who that someone is, their friendship would fall apart right then and there. Carter knows he has to be very convincing to avoid this from going tits up.

“Nothing! It was nothing, Josh,” he says, trying to sound like he’s not hiding anything, failing. Fortunately, someone else shows up. Unfortunately, it’s Elizabeth, who becomes horny for him again right after seeing his face. She loves only Josh but seeing Carter again makes the guilty feeling goes away, replaced by arousal. Adjusting the hem of his shirt, he tries to think of a way to avoid a clusterfuck. “Um, hi Elizabeth. Nice to see you again,” he murmurs, hoping Josh wouldn’t notice his immediate reaction. Damn his penis for being so unruly and getting hard when it’s most inconvenient! Josh turns to kiss his girlfriend’s cheek, making her beam before turning back to smile at Carter.

“Good to see you, Carter,” she says to him in a friendly, conversational tone. She then says to Josh “Can I borrow him for a moment, baby? There’s something I want to talk to you about.” Josh nods and she walks towards Carter. “Come on, buddy. Let’s go talk somewhere else.” It’s good that Josh is not a jealous boy. Otherwise, he’d definitely notice that something is going on between them. Instead, he just strolls around to try to find someone he can talk to. He doesn’t really like social events very much and only turned up for his girlfriend. No other reason for it.

Once they are outside and out of anyone’s earshot, Elizabeth begins eye-fucking Carter, looking up and down his stocky frame. “How have you been, handsome?” she asks him. “Did you enjoy your holiday?” He nods uncomfortable, wanting to leave but wishing to avoid causing a scene and drawing attention to themselves. “Bet it must have been very fun to travel about. Wish I could do the same sometimes, but my parents wouldn’t let me.” It doesn’t help that she is so pretty, being one of the two most beautiful girls at their school, the other being Christine.

“It was pretty fun,” he finally manages to say. The boy looks down at the ground, taking deep, calming breaths and wishing the ground would open up and swallow him whole right now. She is staring at his handsome face very intently and he wishes she would stop. Not that he doesn’t enjoy the affection of a hot girl, but the fact that she is his friend’s girlfriend really ruins it. “My dad complained that I spent too much money though, which was a fair point, since I really did over-indulge myself.” He scratches the back of his neck with a nervous laugh.

She walks up towards his powerful body, feeling his strong arms with her dainty hands. “Did you fuck any hot European chicks while you were there?” Elizabeth asks him, making his eyes go as wide as saucers. “You can be honest about it. You fucked many, did you?” In point of fact he did. “And I bet you thought about me a lot too. You thought about my face and body when you fucked them. Did you picture my tits in your mind when you cummed deep inside their cunts?”

As much as Carter is getting turned on by this conversation, he has to be the mature, responsible one and pull away. “Yes, I fucked a bunch of Europeans on holiday and I thought about you while balls deep inside of them. But we can’t do what we did again. I already feel bad enough after just one time. Please just go back to the party, okay?” Elizabeth pouts cutely, trying to work him over with her allure, knowing how much boys are affected by it.

“Aw! Why not?” she asks him in a very cutesy tone, biting her lower lip and fluttering her eyelashes at him. The girl reaches over to touch his strong, broad shoulders, feeling herself get wet from how muscular they are. “Don’t you remember how good it felt to stick your cock all the way up my pussy, baby? It felt so good to ride you, bouncing up and down on your lap. Then you took me from behind, pounding my ass and stretching my asshole open, gaping it. You must have dumped gallons of cum inside my holes that night. And it was just one night too. We could do it again several times.”

“No, we can never do it again. I’m very serious about this Elizabeth,” he says to her, surprising the girl by his adamant rejection. She thought he would be all over her like he was on that fateful day. “Josh is my best friend. He is like my brother and you are his girlfriend. We can never betray him again.” His words bring sense back to her and she feels so ashamed of what she did but she still can’t stop being horny for Carter.

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