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The opinions expressed in this story may not be those of the author.


Have you noticed that beautiful girls often surround themselves with less attractive ones? You rarely see two stunning girls out together, without a third one as a sort of foil to highlight their superior looks. That was the case in the club that night – in the quiet room, where we go because it’s impossible to chat up anyone with 100 decibels of drum and bass in your ears – there was a group of five females, looked to be 19 or younger, dressed to the nines – or rather undressed, as they all had minute skirts and tops that exposed more than they concealed. But that’s the fashion, and I for one am very grateful. What you see is what you get – usually.

One of the girls was model-standard – long blonde hair, perfect body, and lips that cried out for a cock to be stuck between them. Three were better than average, but the fifth was a bit of a let-down. Her figure was OK – slim and small – but her hair was mousy, her face sallow and she had a squint under her thick glasses. She did however have the shortest skirt of the lot – barely a belt – and a thin top through which her nipples showed plainly. I was sitting opposite her and saw that she kept crossing her legs and trying vainly to pull her skirt down, which only drew attention to the fact that her pussy and thin brown pubic hair was visible when bursa escort she hadn’t got her thighs squeezed tightly together.

Oho, I thought. I don’t really care what girls’ faces are like – as they say, you don’t look at the mantelpiece while you’re poking the fire. It’s the body that counts, and this girl had a slender, pale figure that looked vulnerable and gave me an instant erection as I imagined plunging my cock into it. I moved over to sit next to her.

‘Hi, what’s your name? I’m Mick.’ I have some great chat-up lines.

‘Um, Emma,’ she said in a quiet voice.

‘Well, Um Emma, I couldn’t help noticing that you aren’t wearing any panties. Or a bra, for that matter.’ From my vantage, her breasts, though small, jutted out nicely.

She blushed. ‘It was a dare,’ she whispered. ‘We all dared each other to wear our shortest skirt and go without knickers. But they just did it to get me. God I’m so embarrassed. Could you see everything?’

‘Not everything, by any means. But I hope to rectify that later. I could see enough to know that you’re got a very beautiful little pussy.’

‘Oh do you think so?’ This girl was so naïve.

‘I do. I’ve seen a lot of pussies and yours is one of the very best. You should be very proud of it. I hope it brings you a lot of pleasure.’

I prattled on like this to distract her from the fact that my fingers were bursa merkez escort slowly walking their way up her slim upper thigh. The thing about unattractive girls is that they’re so used to being rejected, as soon as a guy pays some attention to them, they’re just putty in his hands. And because they don’t get much sex, they’re gagging for it. That’s my theory anyway.

‘I don’t think you should be doing this. People can see.’ She was referring to the fact that my fingers had now reached the hem of her skirt and were within an inch of her puss. She looked at me pleadingly, but her eyes were smoky and her lips had swollen with excitement. I leaned forward and kissed her, and her tongue shot out and began to swab my tonsils. My hand reached its goal and I felt her thighs part. Her pussy was hot and wet and admitted my fingers. I circled the little button of her clit. Emma grabbed my head in her hands and snogged me desperately. I plunged two fingers into her tight hole and curled them up to locate her G-spot.

You must remember that all this was taking place in a crowded club with Emma’s friends and mine all around us, watching. At least they might have been watching, I didn’t care and neither did she, it seemed. I massaged the front of her cavity and she began to tremble and jerk. Then her cunt squeezed my fingers painfully and a jet of hot fluid shot bursa sınırsız escort out into my palm. Her orgasm pulsed strongly and juices dripped down through my fingers. She released my mouth and gasped for breath. I heard whoops and clapping from the rest of the table.

‘Hey, Emmy’s getting it on!’

I held up my dripping hand. ‘She squirted!’ I licked my hand appreciatively. ‘Mmm, tasty.’

The girl was blushing red but looked at me adoringly. Well, it happens.

‘Come on, Emma, let’s go and screw in the bog.’ I pulled her up and dragged her after me, tottering on her heels. We found an empty stall and I turned her to face the wall – the view was better that way. I didn’t even need to lift her skirt up, it was so short that my rubber-clad cock slipped into her cunt without touching the hem. She gave a little scream as I reamed her tight hole, but she wasn’t a virgin (as my fingers had already ascertained) and took my whole length without fainting. I plumbed her steadily and she gasped every time I hit bottom.

She was so tight that I felt my sap rising quickly. I didn’t want to waste it so I pulled out, ripped the condom off, bent her head downwards and released my load into her face. Good job she was wearing glasses otherwise she would have got spunk in her eyes, and it stings. I left her trying to get the stuff out of her hair and top. By the time she reappeared I was chatting up one of her friends. She sat opposite me and flashed her pussy, the lips now pink and puffy from the unaccustomed friction. Her look of adoration put me off my stride for a moment. Maybe I would give her another go later. This girl would probably do *anything*.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32