Pictures of Molly

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I’d been friends with Molly for a couple of years at least, mainly because our desks were situated close to each other at work. We got along very well, but that was it really. Despite my finding her incredibly attractive, she never really showed any interest in me, so we stayed “just friends”.

Once we’d gotten to know each other about as well as platonic friends can, we started to discuss ourselves in a little more intimate detail. It was nothing more than exciting conversations really—a little fun between us as we shared experiences and fantasies, never in too much detail, but enough to make us feel like we were confiding in each other and allowing “friendship” to become a little closer. I guess my hopes of furthering my relationship with Molly were revived at that time, but she still never really gave me any impression that she was interested in that.

One day, I idly mentioned that it was a fantasy of mine to take nude photographs of a woman. We’d been discussing my hobbies and I just kind of mentioned it. Molly was equally dismissive at first, and then she casually mentioned that she’d like to be photographed nude one day. However casual her comment was, there was no way I could ignore it. Just the thought of taking pictures of Molly’s wonderful body had me twitching in my pants and offering all too eagerly to oblige her.

I thought at first I’d been too eager with my offer as she laughed and shook her bushy hair in a playful no, but I also saw her mind turning over the possibilities… and then her eyes lit up in a way I’d never noticed before. I came to know that look so well in the next few days… her knowing look of impish fun and control.

“Hell, why not?” She looked back at me and smiled. “It’s harmless, just some naked pictures. You better be professional though. I want you to do a good job for me, if I’m prepared to strip off for you. And no trying to take advantage of your model… I’ve heard what you photographers can be like.”

I was ready to do a good job for her, no matter what that job entailed.


We agreed to do the shoot at my house, mainly because Molly thought her apartment was a little small, and that we would do it the following Friday evening. From then on I spent hours imagining what she would look like naked and I was constantly hard in anticipation of seeing her.

In the meantime, we discussed the details of our plan, how she would come around when she had been home, showered, and dressed, how she would be happy to pose any way I directed her, to get the best out of our first ever nude photo shoot. I planned how I would get her to pose, how to strip her clothes for the best effect and, though she didn’t know this, how I would long for her to ask me to join her in a few pictures.

I couldn’t eat that night. Anticipation tied my insides up as I tried hard to keep my imagination in check and my erection somewhat discrete in my jeans. The clock slowly rolled around towards eight and I paced up and down waiting for Molly.

“Well, are you ready?” She smiled when I answered the door at five minutes to eight.

I stared far too long at her black boots, tiny denim skirt, silky pink shirt, busy brown hair and wonderfully full chest, but as soon as I locked onto her distracting hazel eyes she finally motioned for me to unblock the doorway. “I’m ready. Let’s do this before I lose my nerve.” She bustled in, giving me the distinct impression that she was covering her nervousness with bravado.

I would’ve followed that perfect round and inviting ass to the ends of the world, but I only had to follow her as far as my lounge. Once there, she slipped out of her coat, draped it over a dining chair, and stood by the sofa. “Is this outfit okay, you think?” I nodded, still a little lost for words at the prospect of photographing her in all her considerable glory. Her face softened a little more, her eyes smiled, and I glimpsed her teeth through the silken sheen of her subtle red lipstick.

I offered her a drink while I positioned my camera and tripod but she dismissed the notion with a twitch from the corner of her mouth and a quick, “I’m fine.” She examined her fingernails, playing with each finger in turn, and I imagined those hands around me, easing me towards release. I wondered just how much of this torture I could take.

When it was time for the camera’s shutter to start firing, she stood beside the sofa for the first few shots, smiling at the lens, inclining her head and almost beckoning the camera to come closer. Then she pushed at the back of her hair, mussed it a little more and gave me a very hot look when I asked her to sit on the sofa.

She did and while I bent down to adjust the tripod she opened her legs and let me glimpse up her skirt. Nirvana was a wonderfully white g-string that, even in the shadows, showed off the contours of her pussy lips. I managed to snap that pose before she closed them again.

I instructed her to start slipping her shirt off, slowly, shoulders first. She unbuttoned, pulled down, and smoldered at the lens until a white eryaman bayan escort silk bra was all she had on above the waist. I was taking pictures every few seconds, capturing every delicious moment. Still with the bra on, she held each breast in turn, then both, pushing upwards to maximize her cleavage and the camera approved.

Other than the timid directions I gave her, we didn’t talk much during the whole shoot, but I was almost incapable of words when she unclipped her bra and let it fall on the sofa. I’m sure I saw her smile directly at the bulge in my pants as she alternately tweaked her left and right nipples, holding up the left one for special attention. They were lovely, a little larger than I had imagined, nicely proportioned and already looking very excited, nipples perky and hard.

I took some more pictures as she seductively pulled off her boots one by one and then turned around so I got the best view of her ass as the skirt fell away from her hips. By now I was harder than I’d ever known, straining in my jeans and throbbing at the images playing out in front of me. That familiar smile of Molly’s was back as she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and inched them down. Again she turned away as her ass was bared, then she came back to face me and display a perfectly shaved pussy. This was beyond even my wildest dreams.

As she knelt on the sofa I asked her to touch herself. Obediently she placed one hand over her pussy and one hand cupping her breast. I had to reach down and adjust my hard on a little. I was struggling at lot with my excitement at that point. Molly noticed immediately. “Having a little trouble there?” she asked impishly.

I nodded. “Why don’t you take it out? Set it free. That’ll make you feel better, won’t it?” I nodded again, my imagination beginning to shut down as this reality put it to shame.

I reached down, unzipped my jeans and pulled out the largest hard on I’d ever owned. The head was red and engorged from all the recent action it had seen but the super-hard shaft thrust up and away from my jeans as though it had a nose for Molly’s pussy. I swear you could see it throb and twitch as she looked at it. “There, I’m sure that’s better.”

“Well, sort of,” I managed, knowing the only real solution was to blow me a wad of come as soon as possible.

“Right, back to work.” She kneeled away from me on all fours and offered the camera her pussy and ass for a close up. Next she turned around and used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart—displaying a nice shade of pink that almost matched the shade of her fingernails. As I closed in for another close up I noticed that she was very moist indeed and the sweet smell of her love juice was beginning to invade the air wonderfully.

We were almost finished with our pre-arranged routine for the shoot, but I decided to ask for one final little treat that we’d not discussed. “Can you put a finger in for me? The middle one would be great.” Molly smiled again and slowly buried her finger inside herself, closing her eyes in pleasure as it went in all the way. I watched as her finger slipped in and imagined my cock following the same path. I couldn’t help but think that was exactly where we were heading.

I took the last few shots moving the camera and tripod around the sofa while Molly played with herself and my cock stood on the outside of my jeans to rigorous attention. As if I needed any more arousal, it was an incredible rush to know that she could look over and see just what was waiting for her. Once or twice I just had to reach down and give myself a little consoling tug. Surely it wouldn’t be long now before she invited me to join her.

For the final shot Molly looked at the camera, plunged her finger into her mouth, slowly withdrew it and finished up with a couple of licks. It was the perfect finish to the shoot and I couldn’t wait to see the outcome.

“Right, I’ll just download these to my computer and cut you a disc.” I tried to sound as normal as possible, but my hard on, still springing around outside my jeans, was now straining my vocal chords.

I made every pretense at being professional, sat down at the computer and began the download. I didn’t know what to expect but was betting on either Molly starting to put her clothes back on, or her coming over to take care of the excited state I was in. All she needed to do was ask, I would’ve taken care of her, too. She did ask, but not the question I was expecting.

“I’m pretty horny after that. Do you mind if I bring myself off?”

I guess I must’ve nodded or something, my tongue being as tied as it was, for she lay back on the sofa and began massaging herself, one hand on her boob, another gently stroking her clit. Then, without the responsibility and distractions of photographing the action, I was treated to the most wonderfully sexy show I’d ever seen.

As the images from the memory cards made their way onto my hard drive I watched as Molly closed her eyes and continued to excite herself. When she took the hand away from her boob escort sincan and brought it down to insert a finger into her pussy I thought I was going to unload right there. Balls weren’t designed to take this sort of pressure.

As she pushed and pulled her middle finger in and out of her pussy she worked her clit with little circular motions and before long I heard a couple of small moans come from the part of her throat I wanted to examine with the head of my cock. I held my hard on tightly as she moaned some more and watched intently as she held her breath, increased her hand movements, tensed her whole body across the sofa and then let out a long sigh of relief. She opened her eyes, just to make sure I had watched every move. “That’s better.”

For her, maybe! I could’ve powered a locomotive with the steam I was creating by then. Still, without an invite I would never touch her—that was not part of our agreement.

As I burned the photographs onto a CD for her, Molly slowly got dressed, at one point bending over to pull on her g-string, giving me one final look at that wonderful pussy between her ass cheeks. The disc popped out of the drive right on cue as she walked towards me fully clothed again. With a softer smile than I’d seen before, Molly took the disc from my hand and said, “Thanks.”

I watched incredulously as she turned towards the door, leaving me and my still-exposed hard on stunned that she could walk away from us in this state. She almost got as far as the door when she turned back. “Oh, I almost forgot.” She walked back to me, reached up to offer me a peck on the cheek, and let her hand wander the length of my hard on with the lightest of touch. “You were great.”

She turned away again, but this time I caught just a hint of a smirk, and almost expected her to pause at the door… and she did!

She was looking directly at my crotch when she turned around this time. “Are you going to… you know?” She nodded in the direction of my throbbing flagpole of a cock.

I looked down at the engorged head, then back to her gorgeous face. “I am. It’s not like I have any choice really, after watching you…”

“Nice.” She nodded in slow approval. “I hope you enjoy.” She turned away again, slower this time.

“Although, I guess…” Molly turned back to face me one more time, smiling a little now and with a definite air of mischief in her eyes, “maybe you should let me watch? After all, I did let you watch me.”

Any hesitation in my voice was a result of relief, not doubt. “Okay.”

I stepped back towards the sofa instinctively as she came back into the room, not quite knowing what to do next, but recognizing the intense excitement that had suddenly gripped my whole body. While she took her coat off again and made herself comfortable in a chair, I slipped out of my clothes and stepped up to kneel on the sofa.

“Okay, then.” She rubbed her hands together in anticipation. “This’ll be a treat, seeing you come. Relax. I hear it’s hard to do if you’re nervous, I hope you don’t struggle too much, I’ve never watched a man jerk off close up before.”

I grabbed myself and started stroking. Even after the first few tugs I knew this is easier said than done. By the time she smirked and said, “Are you going to be okay,” I was sure my hard on was deflating. I tried to divert my mind from Molly’s presence and the pressure it put on me as she watched my most personal of actions, but that was never going to work—ignore the beautiful girl in the same room when you’ve got a hard on, yeah, right. Oh God, I really was deflating. I pleaded with myself, come on cock, don’t fail me now, not after all those times I thought about being so intimate with her.

My savior came when Molly sat back in her chair and let her legs slide open a little, just enough to show off the lines of her white panties again. Instantly I felt a twitch in the right direction. She noticed too. “Mmmm, looks like you’re getting into this now. I do like your technique, fingers rather than palm, much more delicate and sensitive I always find. I almost wish I could lick your shaft, slowly, from the balls up. Then I’d pop the head into my mouth. I think you’d like that.”

I nodded in time with my wrist, which was now moving faster than I wanted but slower than I needed. I was almost back to full strength when Molly reached down with her hand, hitched her skirt and traced the front of her panties with a finger. She was getting into this too.

Feeling more confident and less pressured, I managed to slow my strokes and start to enjoy Molly as she continued to stroke herself and now cup her breasts through her top and bra. “Keep your mind on the job now,” she warned, “no slacking.” She deftly slipped a hand up her top and inside her bra, briefly closing her eyes as she played with her nipples. All consciousness of what I was doing was disappearing as I watched her pull the top off and loosen the bra. Now it was more than my hardness that had returned, and I started to feel those first tingles of a climax-to-come elvankent escort bayan run up and down from my cock to my tightening balls.

These now familiar boobs came into view as the clothing was whipped away and Molly tweaked her own nipples while staring at my hand and hard on. She wasted no time at all pulling down her skirt and panties in one movement, then settling back into the chair to rub herself.

The sight of that wonderful neatly shaved pussy was just too much and with a grunt I felt myself overtaken by a huge, shattering orgasm. As I spurted several streams of white come onto the carpet Molly smiled, inserted a finger all the way up her lovely pussy and closed her eyes. Unable to move, my legs too weak to stand yet, I watched as she rubbed vigorously, screwed up her features, held her breath and eventually relax as she came. Her finger stayed right inside her pussy.

“Mmmm, that was lovely,” she smiled when her eyes opened. “You did so well. That was so hot to watch.” Molly stood up from the seat and moved towards the sofa like a cat on the prowl. “And you’re still hard too. I like that.”

She crawled onto the sofa in front of me, dipped her head and took my cock in her mouth, deftly licking off the last drop of come from the end as she closed her lips over me. It was my turn to close my eyes and enjoy as she expertly worked her tongue and sucked. Soon her hand came up to lightly trace across my balls with an exquisite touch.

At first there was little I could do but kneel there and enjoy the sensation of her working my cock around her mouth, running her tongue all over the head and pulling it to the back of her throat and into her cheeks. She took control of the shaft firmly and with expert strokes guided me exactly where she wanted. She slowly pulled back her head and looked up to me, a silvery string of saliva connecting the corner of her mouth and my cock. Then she eagerly went back to work.

I managed to reach over and run my hand over her ass cheeks, feeling their roundness, resisting the temptation to slip my fingers between them and down to her wet pussy. I ended my exploration with a sharp slap of hand on ass that I felt in her mouth as she caught her breath and tightened her lips around my shaft. Thankfully she didn’t stop working the length of my hard on and running the head of my cock around and around in her mouth.

Next I reached down and took her boobs in my hands, weighing them and twisting the already excited nipples. She looked up at me again, one hand still gently working my shaft, the other tightening on my balls. “Eat my pussy. Now.”

I expected her to lie back on the sofa but instead she stayed on all fours and I approached her from behind, the sight of her wet and engorged pussy lips encouraging me as I prepared for my first taste of Molly. I paused just before licking her for the first time, savoring the smell of her and thinking of all the times I’d thought about how I’d lick her inside and out. Then I ran my tongue down the length of her slit, tasting that sweet juice and feeling her softness eager to part for me.

Without further hesitation, I twisted my head a little sideways and plunged my tongue as far as it would go. Molly tasted soft and sweet. I worked my tongue around and felt her body want to writhe in pleasure. This made my cock twitch and stiffen even further despite being out of her reach. As I withdrew my tongue, I gently eased the tip towards the top of her slit and onto her clit, excited and easy to find. As I played my tongue over her clit, I managed to work a finger into her pussy and I felt her tremble again. Now I knew she’d given up any control she had. My time had finally come, Molly could no longer tease and resist.

I stood away from her and savored the moment as I positioned her ass on the end of the sofa. There was no sign of anything but complete acquiescence as I took a final lingering look at the pussy I was about to enjoy to the very fullest. I stood one foot on the floor, another on the sofa and guided my cock to her pussy. My turn to tease came as I took it in my hand and slapped her playfully a couple of times on the ass with it. “Please,” was all she could whimper right then.

I eased up to her and managed one final tease as I rubbed my hard on up and down her slit a couple of times, watching as the sheen of her juices started to run down and around the rim of the head. Then I eased my length into her, slowly and deliberately, all the way. “Oh God that feels so good,” she hissed. She wasn’t wrong, she felt soft, wet, and tight, and as I started to move in and out gently, I felt her tighten her ass cheeks and pussy muscles, increasing my pleasure.

It was never going to last long for either of us. There was too much pent up tension after such a supercharged evening. As I kept my thrusts slow and deliberate, I felt her hand come up towards my balls. As I moved in and out of her, Molly let her fingers brush against my balls every time I moved out, not touching them on the way back in. She knew what she was doing and my balls started to tighten almost immediately. I reached down and took hold of her left boob with my hand. I pulled hard on the nipple, hard enough that Molly began a soft regular moaning in time to my strokes. I tried to hold back, but it was never going to work.

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