Piano Player

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It had been a dreary day and it was a dreary, steamy, rainy night. What few people were out were bundled up in soggy rain gear and scurrying here and there trying to get home or somewhere else dry.

It was that time of year in the fall in a resort town when the summer tourists had gone home and before the snowbirds came back for the winter. In a few weeks daylight savings time would be over but right now, it was still bright daylight at 7:30 in the evening. Many merchants took advantage of the slack season to remodel store areas or revamp merchandise offerings. The locals that were involved in the tourist industry often used this time to send themselves on vacation.

At 10:30 PM the piano bar, which was a part of the Western Prime Beef Restaurant, was still open but the restaurant had served its last meal before 9 and was empty of patrons and closed by 10:20 with only the clean up crew still inside.

During the season, the bar did a thriving business, catering to diners waiting to be seated in the restaurant and then as an after hours pick-up spot and a hang out for high-class prostitutes and singles on the prowl. Now, the door to the restaurant was closed but the door to the parking lot was still open, admitting late night customers.

Inside the dimly lit bar, the bored bartender, with the ever-present apron around his waist, polished drink glasses while he stood watch over the handful of patrons. A slave to custom, he wore a white, long sleeved shirt with a black vest and a black bow tie. The vest only went to accentuate his portly paunch. At the bar sat a casually dressed, 30 something, couple, most likely married from the looks of their body language and conversation. They were arguing over an after dinner glass of wine and paying no attention to the piano. Further down the bar was a drunk, a typical salesman away from home in a sloppy blue pinstriped suit, slouched over his drink and almost asleep. He probably had no other place to go except his hotel on an evening like this so, the barman let him sleep.

In the back, in a secluded booth, a young couple were making out. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her mini skirt was twisted around. His hands were all over her breasts and under her skirt. She leaned her head back against the cushions, opened her legs a little and took pleasure in the feeling of his hands and fingers as he invaded her most intimate spots. He kissed her neck as his index finger slid inside deep in her body. Her hand was just as busy rubbing the bulge in his crotch through the fabric of his trousers. At the rate they were going, they wouldn’t last long. The bartender wondered if they would try having sex in the booth.

At a table in the middle of the floor, an older couple, John and Vera, were seated at right angles to the main bar and listening to the soft sounds from the piano, humming along now and then when something they knew came up. The tie John originally wore with the tan blazer was carefully folded up in Vera’s purse and her pants suit, although a couple eryaman escort bayan of years old, was still in style. They had also come in from the restaurant, not to wait for the rain to let up, but to listen to the music as they did most Fridays. They liked the style and genre of Tim’s music. They had a copy of Tim’s only CD, which they played often at home.

The last person in the bar was the piano player, Tim. He loved playing but couldn’t make a living at it. He worked selling real estate during the day and played in the bar three nights a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7 to last call at 11:30 PM. The $200 bucks came in handy but just liked to play and he was pretty good at it. Sometimes he made a few extra bucks in tips but he didn’t count on it. He enjoyed it most when he had an audience that related to his music, like the couple at the table.

He was clad, as usual, in black trousers and shoes; a long sleeved white shirt with arm clips and a paisley vest with a matching bow tie. He often wore a “boater” style straw hat but because of the rain tonight it was tucked safely in his closet at home.

The piano its self, a very expensive, “Imperial Mitsubishi” full sized grand, was against the front wall of the barroom, on a small stage and surrounded by another bar. The bar was designed to conform to the shape of the instrument and it was the same height as the piano and the tall barstools would put people on the same eye level as the piano player. Unfortunately tonight, there was no one sitting at this bar.

The outer door opened, admitting a blast of wind driven debris, rain, and an attractive, slender woman in a raincoat carrying an umbrella. Shaking the water from the umbrella she collapsed it and parked it by the door, hoping she would remember it later when she left. She pushed back the hood of the raincoat and took it off, draping it over one of the barstools by the piano. She was a brunette and was wearing a simple black cocktail dress with a minimum of jewelry and black, spiked heel shoes. With the shoes, she was about 5 ft 10 in tall.

She called to the bartender, “Hey, Sam. Fix me a vodka tonic with a touch of lime, please.”

Then to Tim as she slid into the seat beside her coat, “Bet you’re surprised to see me.”

Tim was diddling with a nameless tune. “Sure am, on a night like this.”

Sam brought her a drink and a fresh one for Tim. “Here you go Sue, it’s good to see you, this one is on the house. You’ll have to come to the bar and get the next one.” He returned to his nameless duties behind the polished mahogany bar.

Sue turned her attention to Tim, “How’s it going?”

“Pretty slow. It’s this monotonous weather. There haven’t been 15 people in all night long. If it wasn’t for John and Vera I think I would have packed it in by now.”

“Yeah, I know. I would have gone straight home if I wasn’t so bored. Play me something nice, something John and Vera would like.”

Tim started “Blue Moon” and Sue began to croon the lyrics in a very soft etimesgut escort but pure alto register. Her voice was so low it was unlikely any one other than Tim could hear her. Vera had her head on John’s shoulder and both of them were dreamy eyed as they hummed along with the song.

One tune followed another until about 11 pm, the young couple from the back booth lurched by the piano on the way to the parking lot. His shirttail was out of his slacks and her entire demeanor was disheveled. She was hanging around his neck and there was a large wet spot in the back on her mini skirt. He still had the lump in his trousers. He was very agitated and in a hurry to get her to his car.

Sue smiled and said to Tim, “Sam shouldn’t allow that and should have put a stop to it in here.”

Tim’s fingers were drifting over the keys, just touching one now and then. “Not really much he can do unless they really get vulgar or there is a complaint. Anyway, they are gone now so no problem.”

Sue was watching the departing couple over her shoulder. “I’ll bet they are going to do it in his car, right there in the parking lot.”

Tim let it die and started a soft country song, “The Tennessee Waltz” and Sue sang, just loud enough for Tim to hear. He progressed on through tune after tune until Sam proclaimed “Last Call.” To Sam’s relief, the drunk left without an argument and John and Vera drank up and began putting their rain gear on. They bid Tim and Sue goodbye and were gone in just a couple of minutes after depositing a five-dollar bill in Tim’s tip brandy snifter.

Sue stood up and began putting her raincoat on. She looked at Tim and said “Well?”

“Well, what?”

“Are you coming home with me or not.”

“I would like that. I’ll follow you.”

“No you won’t. I came by cab, I’ll ride with you.”

“Pretty sure of yourself aren’t you.”

Sue laughed, “Not really, I just know you’re a push over and can be had.”

The bucket seats in the car kept them from sitting very close to each other but Sue kept her hand on Tim’s leg most of he way. The ride was in silence as the car CD player issued the same soft, contemporary music that Tim played and they both loved.

When they got to the house, Sue unlocked the door and turned to Tim. Without any thought, he scooped her slender body into his arms and kissed her.

Sue looked around to see if any of the neighbors were watching before she whispered, “Come on, I want you to go to bed with me.”

“You certainly are brazen”

“I don’t care, I’m horny and I think you have just what I need”.

“You think? I have always had it in the past, haven’t I?”

She grabbed him by the bow tie and pulled him into the foyer. Her nose was against his when she growled, “Don’t be a smart ass. Get in here and take your clothes off.”

By the time they got to the bedroom, he had his vest and tie off and she had already shucked her shoes and the sleek cocktail dress. In the bedroom, his shoes, socks, escort elvankent shirt and trousers followed, leaving him in only his boxers.

With her back to him she shed everything except the gold pennant around her neck and turned to him. She put her arms around his neck and ground her body against his. Her breasts were soft as she rubbed them into his chest. She moved one hand down to caress his penis, still trapped in his boxers. Tim quickly dropped them to free his rapidly hardening member and take advantage of her soft hand massages.

With the lights still on, he backed her up to the bed and sat her on the edge. He sank to his knees and buried his face into her breasts, nuzzling the soft tissue and sucking the firm swelling between his lips. His tongue danced with the little acorn-sized nipples, bringing gasps of thrill and excitement from Sue.

He pushed her over backwards and put her legs on his shoulders, baring her vulva to him. Carefully, so that she could not misinterpret his intentions, he licked his lips and slowly lowered his head into the “Y” at the meeting of her legs. She let out a noticeable sigh when his tongue forced it’s way between the lips of her pussy and invaded her vagina. Slowly and softly, he licked up and down, stopping at the very top of the stroke to use his lips to nibble on her protruding clitoris. Each movement from him caused her to writhe in pleasure and brought little gasps of enjoyment.

He could tell she was getting close when her body began to arch up off the bed and she pushed herself hard against his mouth. Quickly, he disengaged his face from her pussy and replaced it with his swollen dick. He put the engorged head between the lubricated lips of her vagina and, with a massive shove and a grunt, drove it deep into her.

She cried out in ecstasy as the hard cock plunged into her soft sleeve of love, time and again. Her legs were wrapped around his middle and his testicles were slapping against her ass as he thrust his hard cock to the depths of her pussy. Now, her cries were one continuous wail as she was elated with the euphoria of a series of almost nonstop climaxes.

Finally, he held her body tight against his as he spewed pulse after pulse of his seed into her welcoming vagina. When, at long last, the final squirt of semen drizzled out of his already softening dick, he slowly lowered himself to lie alongside of her.

She nuzzled up close to him and said, “Thank you. You know I love that and you always come through for me, you never let me down. Now you just lay there and I will give you the kind of blowjob you like, one where you start off soft.”

He lay there and she started by crouching over him, his soft penis in her mouth. She caressed it with her tongue and gently sucked on it, the rich flavor of his cum and her pussy juice a blend of enjoyable nectar. Her hands, fondling his testicles, were soft as clouds.

As she worked her magic on him, he couldn’t help but to think, “How lucky I am to have married her 39 years ago.”


Copyright © 12-12-2007 by E. J. Sheeran. All rights reserved. This work, in part, or whole, is not to be distributed, reproduced, transmitted or posted, in any manner, without the express written permission of the author.

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