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I grew up in a tight-knit family in a small town named Waverly. Mom and dad were big on what some might call “traditional values”. I was the youngest boy of three children. My sister, Traci, was three years older than me. Our older brother, Daryl, was seven years my senior. Growing up we were like the three amigos.

Growing up, I really looked up to Daryl. He educated me on things that I might have otherwise missed-out on, or only discovered years later. From sex to music, Daryl was my mentor and confidant. I knew that I could go to him with questions that our father could not answer, or that I did not dare ask him. I could seek Daryl’s advice without fear of either ridicule, or receiving misinformation. He really helped mould me into the person I am.

My sister helped shape me too, although she never became aware of it till much later. Being the only girl, Traci was a typical tomboy when she was young. She was always eager to join in a game of baseball or touch football with us and the other kids in the neighbourhood. Once our sister reached puberty all of that changed. She began spending more time with other girls and took on interests that were different from mine and Daryl’s. I was sad, thinking that Traci and I were growing apart. Ironically, the changes in both of us that transpired in the ensuing years ultimately drew us both back together once more years later.

Daryl and I shared a bedroom until he left for college. After that I only saw him a few times a year when he came home for holidays, spring break and summer vacation. Eventually Traci entered college too and her visits home became as infrequent as our brother’s. It was during Thanksgiving weekend one year that Daryl made a comment that changed my life and how I regarded our sister.

I was eighteen and had just begun my first year at Waverly Community College. I was taking a degree in Journalism and was still living at home with mom and dad. Daryl had graduated and was working as a veterinarian in Ceder Falls, about a two hour’s drive from home. Traci was in her second year of a Dentistry degree in Northridge, an hour away. Daryl and I were sharing our old bedroom that weekend. We had all gone to bed, although none of us were really tired. I was staring at the ceiling in the darkened room, wishing I could fall asleep, when my brother’s voice cut through the silence.

“Traci really looked hot in that blouse today, didn’t she?” Daryl said.

I thought for a moment until an image of our sister’s blouse came to mind. It was light pink, tapered along the sides with a square hem so it hung down over the top of her paisley skirt. Actually, it was rather plain looking.

“I guess. I never really noticed her blouse much,” I said.

“I don’t mean her blouse, Ian,” he said, laughing. “I meant how she looked in it. You could see her tits down the front of it when she bent over, and her nipples were hard when she came down from her room this morning.”

“I never noticed,” I repeated, trying to conjure mental images of what my brother was referring to.

“Well, check her out tomorrow. I wish she’d wear that blouse again — only without a bra. Watch how her tits bounce when she walks.”

“But, she’s my sister,” I said.

“She’s my sister too, but she’s still got the nicest tits in town,” Daryl replied with a lecherous chuckle.

I guess I should have been shocked, maybe even repulsed or disgusted by Daryl’s crude remarks about our sister, but for some reason I wasn’t. My older brother’s comment about our sister shifted the axis of my world. Never again could I regard Traci as simply my older sister. She had become a desirable young woman to me.

The next morning while I ate breakfast I was filled with an odd mixture of curiosity and arousal while I waited for Traci to join us downstairs. Daryl had already finished eating and was in the living room with dad. Mom was busy preparing the Thanksgiving turkey. When I heard Traci coming down the stairs my heart sped up. I stared at my bowl of Corn Flakes, trying to act disinterested.

Traci’s cheery voice greeted me and mom as she entered the kitchen. She gave mom a kiss on the cheek, then poured herself a bowl of cereal. She sat down at the kitchen table to my left and began eating.

I had looked at my sister thousands of times in my life — maybe a million. But now I felt guilty as hell about it because my thoughts and intentions were far less than chaste. It was only a few minutes later that I summoned the nerve to give her a sideways glance, and then only under the pretext of reaching for the sugar bowl to add more to my cereal.

Traci’s honey-blond hair was in a ponytail, which emphasized her high cheekbones and hazel eyes. She was wearing a green tank top and jeans, both of which clung to the curves of her body. The front of her top plunged a little so I could see some of her upper chest, just below her collarbones. I wondered how much more I’d see if she were to bend over.

When Traci reached across ataşehir escort the table in front of me to reach for the sugar bowl I saw her right breast quiver and shake inside her top, less than a foot from my face. I had seen breasts before, but I had never wanted to see a girl topless as much as I did at that moment. Failing that, I would have gladly settled for the opportunity to get my hands on my older sister’s breasts. They were obviously much more than a good handful and strained the material of her tank top as she leaned over. Seconds later, I realized that I had a hard-on. It was the first of many caused by my big sister.

I finished my cereal, but I had lost my appetite — for food at least. I could feel my cock pushing at the front of my jeans. I needed to calm down before I could leave the table. I sipped my juice, trying to think the most un-erotic thoughts that I could imagine.

Once Traci finished eating she began helping mom peel potatoes, cut up a squash and chop carrots. I slunk off into the living room with dad and Daryl, hoping to get my mind off of my sister. They were watching a movie that dad had rented. It was one in the Godfather series, but I did not know which and cared less. I slumped down in a chair in a corner and pretended to be interested, while thoughts and images of Traci flooded my mind.

By the time mom announced that our Thanksgiving meal was ready my appetite had returned. It was late afternoon and I had been tormented by the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie for hours. Daryl was sitting next to me at the dining room table. Mom and dad sat at opposite ends and Traci was across from me and Daryl. This had been the seating arrangement for as long as I could remember. I was preoccupied with eating and paying little attention to the conversations around me.

It was when Traci asked Daryl to pass her a roll and he tossed one towards her that I looked up, laughing. The roll hit our sister in the head and bounced onto her plate. She flashed Daryl an indignant look. Mom was not very pleased either, but dad and I were grinning.

“I can see you’ve still got the manners of a pig, Daryl,” she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

“Yes, how rude of me. I should have offered you some butter too,” he replied.

Daryl scooped a dollop of soft butter on a spoon, then flicked it across the table at Traci. It splattered over her tank top. Actually, to be more precise, it landed on her left breast. She tilted her head down and frowned, then glared up at Daryl. Using her napkin, Traci wiped the butter off as best she could, but a noticeable stain remained on her tank top. It was just above her nipple. I could tell this because I was observing from the corner of my eye while my sister wiped the butter from her top. Her breast jiggled a bit as she rubbed the napkin over the greasy stain. Through the fabric the faint outline of her nipple appeared seconds later. I felt Daryl’s elbow jab my ribs. I shifted my eyes towards him and he gave me a sneaky grin.

My thoughts had returned to Traci once more and they were as taboo as before. I finished my meal in near silence, almost too nervous to look at her.

Once supper was finished dad and Daryl returned to the living room. I think that dad had rented all of the Godfather movies and was intent on watching each in succession. Mom was loading the dishwasher while Traci put leftovers away in the fridge.

While everyone was busy doing something I went upstairs to use the bathroom. I had to use it, but it also gave me an excuse to be alone for a little while. I splashed some cold water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror, trying to gauge whether or not I appeared any different. Satisfied that I looked as though I should, and not as horny and flustered as I was, I used the toilet.

As I left the bathroom I noticed some movement from the corner of my eye in Traci’s bedroom. I stopped and turned my head. Instantly my heart began to race and my cock began to swell. Standing there with her back to me was my sister. She was searching through an open suitcase that was on her bed. But what really caught my attention was that she was topless, except for a bra. I ran my eyes over her bare back, noticing the straps of her pale blue bra. Her silken hair hung down past her shoulders.

I stood there as though my feet were nailed to the floor, watching as Traci shifted through clothes in the suitcase. My cock throbbed and I felt light-headed. When my sister turned around and saw me she let out a startled gasp, then smiled as she exhaled. In her hands was a white blouse with a pleated front.

“I didn’t know anyone else was up here,” she said.

“I was in the bathroom,” I explained.

Traci was holding the blouse up towards her chin, trying to cover her nearly bare chest. Her piercing brown eyes met mine and she gave me a nervous smile, but did not move. If she felt uncomfortable with the situation it never showed. I had never even seen my sister kadıköy escort bayan in even a bikini before. This was the first time I had seen her not completely dressed.

In retrospect, maybe Traci should have closed her bedroom door in my face, or at least turned around. She did neither. Maybe I should have turned and gone downstairs, but I stood there, transfixed. She smiled and I noticed her arms relax a little. It was as though this chance encounter had awakened something in her, just as Daryl’s comments about her had with me the night before.

“I wanted to change my top, since Daryl got butter on my other one — the little shit.”

That was the first time I had ever heard my sister use any sort of foul language. It surprised me, but paled in comparison to her standing there in just her skimpy bra and jeans.

“Good thing you asked him to pass you a roll and not the gravy,” I joked.

Traci let out a laugh and nodded. As she moved, her right arm shifted. From beneath it her breast appeared, held snugly within her bra. Seeing my sister’s breast, covered by just the thin pale blue cotton of her bra, made me realize that she was actually more buxom than I had surmised. I was used to seeing her wearing loose blouses, tank tops or dresses — never anything as revealing or tight as that bra. Above the flimsy blue material I could see the rounded mass of her breast, pushed up by the bra. Her alabaster skin looked soft. Through the cotton her nipple pushed outward. My eyes locked on it, surveying it’s length and thickness.

It was only a matter of seconds that I was afforded this glorious view, but it seemed far longer. If Traci noticed, or cared, that she had inadvertently flashed me she didn’t show it. Whats more, if she was bothered by me seeing her partially undressed she appeared unfazed by it. It was as though this was a common occurrence.

“I should be getting back downstairs,” I said, my eyes meeting hers once more.

“Okay, I’ll be down in a few minutes. As soon as I put this on.”

Traci did not wait for me to turn towards the steps. She slid her right arm into the sleeve of the blouse and began pulling it on. My heart lept. I paused a fraction of a second, just long enough to see her breasts being thrust outward from her bra as she slipped into her blouse.

I descended the steps, not quite able to believe what had just transpired. Dad and Daryl were engrossed in a movie, so I was able to sit quietly in a corner, alone with my taboo thoughts. I sat in a chair and gave a blank stare at the television.

A few minutes later I heard Traci coming down the stairs. She paused in the living room doorway to see what we were watching. The white blouse that she had changed into looked nice on her. It made her dark eyes and hair stand out. She was so pretty. I looked her way for a moment, but was concerned that she might find my looks too lingering. When she smiled at me I felt myself blush. It wasn’t just that she had smiled, but the sort of smile that she gave me that sent a jolt of excitement through me. It was a furtive, teasing smile — as though she was reading my mind. A second later she disappeared into the kitchen with mom.

That night, after going to bed, I did not tell Daryl about my encounter with our sister upstairs that afternoon. My instincts and better judgment told me not to trust him to be discrete with my secret. Were the roles reversed I knew he would have told me, but I wasn’t sure he would not mention it to Traci. I pretended to be asleep to avoid any conversation with my brother. Once he was asleep I jerked off, thinking about Traci

The rest of that weekend was uneventful. In fact, there was never another incident like that between me and my sister that I considered to be a turn-on, or what others might deem improper between siblings. Well, at least not during our visits back home over holidays.


One benefit about me and my siblings being raised by parents with conservative values is that they instilled in us the importance of family members remaining close. As the years passed and Daryl, Traci and I were living and working in separate parts of the country we all made a point of keeping in contact with one another. Not a week went by when I didn’t send or receive either an email or phone call to, or from, my siblings. It helped us remain close since we only got together infrequently for holidays.

Hearing from Daryl was always fun. He never changed a bit over the years. His sense of humor and interests remained much as they were when he was a teenager. It was that stability and common ground that I relied on. No matter what, Daryl was someone whom I could always enjoy a conversation with.

I was always equally as glad to hear from my sister too, although for a much different reason most of the time. One thing about Traci that I never really noticed much until we began exchanging regular phone calls was that she has a very sultry voice.

Womens’ voices escort maltepe were not something I had ever paid particular attention to — unless they were shouting at me, very sexy, or annoying. It’s ironic that it was only once we were living in different cities some years later that I came to find my sister’s voice arousing, after finding the rest of her as such for so long.

I was twenty-five and working as a news reporter for the Waverly Times. I had an apartment across town from mom and dad. Traci was twenty-eight and was living in Denver. She had just begun a small dentistry practice there.

It was one night when I was especially tired and had gone to bed early that I came to find just how arousing my sister’s voice could be. I was asleep, or well on my way, when the phone rang. My voice must have sounded groggy when I answered. The caller laughed and asked if she had woken me up. It took me several seconds to realize it was my sister.

“Oh… hi, Traci,” I groaned into the phone.

“Were you asleep or are you drunk?” she asked, laughing louder.

“Asleep… well, almost,” I said.

“Want me to let you go back to sleep?” she asked.

I sat up and leaned back on the headboard of my bed. I cleared my throat and ran my hands through my hair. “No, it’s okay,” I said. “I’m awake and don’t have to get up too early tomorrow.”

“I just wanted to call and see how things are with you.”

“I’m doing good,” I told her.

As my sister and I talked I realized I was paying more attention to the sound of her voice than to what she was saying. Over the phone her voice seemed to have a breathy quality. It was soft and sensual, although I knew that was far from her intention. It wasn’t long before I felt my cock begin to stiffen. Being as quiet as possible, I slid my hand inside my underwear and began to slowly stroke it and fondle by balls. Soon my shaft swelled and grew. I stroked it slowly, listening to my sister and trying to keep up with the conversation.

After about ten minutes or so of conversation Traci decided she had better let me get back to sleep. I was disappointed because I would have been able to make myself cum had we kept talking a while longer. But I realized it was for the best that we rang-off when we did — before Traci realized just how horny I was. I was not able to find sleep until after stroking my cock to orgasm while thinking about my sister and listening to her soft voice echo in my head. This began a trend that continued during subsequent phone calls, and lead to an intimacy between me and my sister that to this day no one else knows about.


Phone calls from Traci were not out of the ordinary, but I began looking forward to them more than ever. If a week or so had gone by without us talking I would sometimes lie in bed, wishing the phone would ring, or I would call her myself. But I did not want her to suspect that my motives might be less than pure, so I did not call too often, for fear of raising suspicion in her. That was probably paranoia on my part though.

Over the weeks I grew increasingly turned-on during conversations with my sister. I found myself having to try to hide my arousal and make sure my voice did not give me away. Invariably, my hand always found it’s way inside my underwear to my hard cock. I could feel my heart pounding as I spoke with and listened to Traci.

Maybe I had gotten too complacent or self-assured after so many phone calls with Traci that I grew careless. Maybe I assumed that she would never suspect that her little brother was capable of getting horny while we spoke. Regardless, one night my sister surprised me.

I had been in bed almost an hour one night when Traci called. I was not tired, so was reading a novel I had bought a few days before. When the phone rang my heart lept, hoping it was her.

“Hey, little brother, how was your day?” This was usually how Traci began her phone calls. As usual, she sounded chipper and friendly.

I was already sitting up in bed before I answered the phone. I had gotten in the habit of sleeping without underwear, which made stroking my cock much easier. That night, as soon as the phone rang my cock twitched in anticipation.

“I had a crappy day,” she sighed. “I’m glad that it’s over so I can relax.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, growing worried.

“Oh, nothing’s wrong,” she said. “I’m just tired and a little frustrated, that’s all.”

I heard a loud clatter on the other end of the line, like the sound of something falling. I wondered what it was.

“What was that?” I asked.

“My shoes sliding across the hardwood floor,” she said. “I’m getting comfortable.”

“Oh,” was all I dared say, although images of my sister getting undressed came to mind, making my cock spring to life.

“You’re probably already in bed, so I may as well get ready too, right?” she said.

“Sure, go ahead,” I told her, trying not to sound excited.

I could hear the sound of movement over the phone. This lasted for the better part of a minute. In my already aroused state I was easily able to imagine Traci in just a bra — much like I had seen her that Thanksgiving weekend. Slowly, I drew in a deep breath as my hand slid down over my stomach towards my cock.

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