Peyton and Mark Pt. 01

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**Please forgive the length. This is my first venture into the genre and i do hope to make it a series. I hope you enjoy**


Peyton laughed as she pulled into her drive way, she was talking to her best friend Jen. They talked to each other about everything and always had. They had been friends since they were kids. They had gone to elementary school together and stared playing softball together. They had more in common than school and softball, they both had been trying for months to seduce their fathers.

Normally they would be at one or the others house, but Jen had to work. They continued to talk as Peyton walked into her house. The topic of conversation was the same as it always seemed to be here lately, how to get their dads to notice them as more than just their daughters. Today they were focused on Peyton.

“You should have seen him Jen. God, he looked so good.” Peyton was telling her about watching her father work in the back yard. “He was all sweaty muscles and in just basketball shorts. I swear, Jen I could have rubbed one out right there on the swing.” Peyton’s excitement was palpable.

“No, you wouldn’t have. You are to prim and proper to do something like that.” Jen laughed. She had been trying to get her to do something, anything since they had both admitted to having these thoughts and feelings.

“Get off my back Jen. I’m not like you. I can’t just put on some short shorts and bend over every five minutes like you do.” Peyton was getting annoyed. They had been going back and forth about this for weeks.

Peyton knew Jen was right. If she ever wanted something to happen, she was going to have to make it happen, but HOW? It had just been her and her Dad since she was 5. How did she go from loving her daddy to “loving” her daddy? She shook her head. Jen was on her soapbox, about how they were never going to get what they wanted this way. Peyton Uh Hud but wasn’t paying much attention.

She remembered the day it happened; they had gone shopping for new back yard furniture. He had put his hand on the small of her back, something he had done a million times, but that day it had sent shivers all over her body. Mark had even asked her if she was cold. Peyton had been anything but cold right then. How could something so simple as that cause the flood of heat and wetness she had felt when he had touched her? She had on a pair of shorts and a t shirt that was cut a little shorter than she normally wore so his hand had touched her bare skin. It felt as if she had been hit by lightning, every nerve had been humming. When they got home, she made an excuse to go to her room. That was the first time she had masturbated thinking about her father.

Peyton had masturbated before and had gotten off. It was natural at her age to have those feelings but not for her father and not to the point it had made her soak her panties. She barely had her shorts off before she was rubbing herself thru her panties. That wasn’t going to work for her, she pulled her panties off and laid down on the bed. When she had spread her legs, she thought of her Daddy doing it for her. She thought of her father’s hands on her body, how they would feel rough from work but would be gentle when he touched her. She thought of his fingers being the ones stroking her wet lips and sliding a finger inside her tight wet virgin opening. Peyton had cum hard and fast that afternoon, so much so she had soaked her hand and left a wet spot on the bed. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him since.

At 46, Mark Franklin was a damn good-looking man. The work he did kept him in shape, he owned his own construction company, and he made sure he took care of his health. He was 6’1 and weighed in at about 220 pounds. His arms were muscular and his lightly hair covered chest was broad. He didn’t have the classic washboard abs but he had a well-defined stomach. His legs and thighs were toned and lead to a natural round ass. Peyton had defiantly inherited that gene. He had a kind face with steel blue eyes. Peyton found herself getting lost in them a lot lately. He kept his brown hair short and only had a sprinkling of grey around the temples. He had a well-trimmed goatee that accented hid jaw line and surrounded his full lips, something else Peyton got from him. Peyton’s friends always commented that her dad must be pretty cool as he was also heavily tattooed. He was the definition of a sexy Dad. Peyton had noticed the single mom’s and the not so single mom’s checking him out at more than one school function.

Mark had been Peyton’s number one fan since the day she was born. Her mother told Mark she wasn’t cut out to be a mother and they tried to make it work for a while but in the end she left. Ever since he had gone above and beyond to make sure Peyton never felt unloved or unwanted. They were openly affectionate to each other, be it a hug or a swat to the bottom after a good ball game. They were best friends and Peyton never wanted that to change.

“Earth to Peyton!!” Jen yelled into the phone when she hadn’t responded to her question. ataşehir escort

“I’m sorry, what did you say.” There she was day dreaming about her father yet again. Not a surprise given the context of the conversation.

“I said it’s time to make your move or admit defeat. I mean do something, anything to get the ball rolling. I’ve caught a couple of more glimpses of mine in the shower and once when he fell asleep on the couch in his boxers.” They had talked for hours the first time Jen had seen her father’s penis. She had even gone so far as to take a picture on her phone.

“What if he doesn’t think or feel like that about me, what then? I will just look stupid and our whole relationship could change for nothing.” Peyton wasn’t sure it was worth the risk.

While they were talking Peyton got a notification on her phone. She still had her ear buds in from driving so she opened her messages while they continued to talk.

“Shit, dads on his way home early. I haven’t started my homework or even looked to see what to make for dinner. I better go.” She said she needed to go more to give herself time to think then anything.

“OOOrrrr you could do something naughty. Have you responded to his text yet?’ There was a wicked little tone in her voice as she asked.

“No, but what do you mean something naughty. What do you want me to do go stand in the yard naked holding a sign?” Peyton rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh.

“I mean if you feel up to it, but the neighbors might not like it. Actually, what I have in mind is much simpler.” Jen began to tell Peyton her plan.


Mark wasn’t usually done this early in the day. He and his crew worked well together and had finished this job rather quickly. Since he had an early day maybe he and Peyton could have an early dinner and head to the batting cages before dark. He knew she didn’t have practice that afternoon and it would give him a reason to see her in the leggings she like to wear when they went. He had to stop thinking like that about her, but here lately he just couldn’t help but notice her body and how it made him feel. His member getting hard now just thinking about her soft round ass as she wiggled into her batting stance.

“Damn It, stop!!” Mark yelled at himself as he drove.

This was his sweet baby girl, the one he held when she was sick. Not some hot young thing he hadn’t help bring into the world. This was wrong on so many levels, but still the thoughts persisted. More than once he had had to make excesses to leave the room, they were in so he could get his erection under control. Peyton wasn’t one to run around half naked like some of her friends did, thank God. That didn’t seem to matter, she could be wearing sweats and a ratty ‘ol t shirt and he would get aroused. The only time he really saw her body was when they were out on the lake in the boat, or when she would come to kiss him goodnight in her pajamas. The way her tank tops clung to her large breasts and her shorts just covered her ass was making it a hard ritual to keep. He had managed to keep himself together around her though so he was sure she had no idea, but something was up with her. She had started acting shy around him and not hugging him as often as she used to. He also noticed she seemed to be spending more time in her room then she normally did. They usually found something to watch together on tv after dinner if she didn’t have to study. Maybe she seen him looking at her while she loaded the dishwasher or while she was stretching at practice? No, he was very careful not to get caught. He didn’t even jack off if he knew she was home for fear she might walk in and catch him.

Mark shook his head and looked at his watch again. He knew she was home from school but he hadn’t gotten a text letting him know. He knew he didn’t have to worry about her she was a good kid. She kept her grades up, she was respectful and she had a decent group of friends. Mark had also took her to self-defense classes when she started driving and would be able to go off on her own with boys. He had a thought maybe that is why she is acting so different. He didn’t like to think of her dating and some young punk putting his hands all over his princess. The thought had actually made him a little jealous. Pulling up to a stop light he texted her letting her know he was coming home early. Tonight, he would find out what was up with her. This had gone on long enough. They had always been able to talk openly to one another he wanted to know what had hanged.

He was a couple of blocks from home and hadn’t gotten a response from her yet. Normally that wouldn’t bother him but given how she had been acting lately he was a little worried. If she wasn’t home when he got there, he would call her. He might rub out a quick one too. His semi hard cock jerked at the thought. He ran his hand over the budge beginning to grow in his pants. His mind drifting again to the sight of her curvy body in her work kadıköy escort bayan out clothes. He was almost fully hard when he made the left turn onto their street. He smiled and groaned when he saw her car in the drive way. He wouldn’t be jacking off anytime soon. He gave himself one last squeeze as he pulled in beside her car. He took a few minutes to collect himself before getting out and going in the house.


Peyton couldn’t believe she had let Jen talk her into this.

“If he has a heart attack it’s on you!” Peyton told Jen as she took off the clothes she had worn to school.

She stood in her bedroom in nothing but her bra and panties. At least they were cute she thought. They were light pink cotton with a darker pink lace trim. The color was complementary on her pale skin. He auburn hair hung down her back as she turned side to side to look at herself. Her skin was flushed and she was throbbing thinking about what she was fixing to do.

“Don’t over think it, just take a deep breath and close your eyes.” Jen was cheering her on as much for herself as for Peyton. She had thought of doing this herself and if it worked for Peyton, she was going to try it too.

“Ok, Ok!! I’ll call you back and let you know how it goes.” Peyton was excited and a little annoyed because Jen wouldn’t let it go.

“Nope proof or it didn’t happen. Those are the rules remember. Keep me on the phone one because I want to hear and two so you can’t chicken out.” She was relentless and hoped she hadn’t pushed her sweet friend to far.

“You really are a bitch sometimes you know that!!” Peyton laughed but she was kind of glad her friend would be there with her. “Fine but no talking and no making me laugh.” Her voice starting to shake a little as she talked.

“Yes, but you love me and I won’t say a word I swear.” Jen laughed with her. She was almost as excited and nervous as her friend.

Peyton saw her father’s truck pull in the drive and told Jen he was home.

“Oh my God am I really doing this?!” Peyton said to herself, forgetting Jen was on the phone, as she crossed to her room.

She closed her door slightly and got into position on her bed. She laid on her back with her feet facing the door, like they had discussed. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Things could change forever in a few minutes but as much as that scared her what if she got what she wanted. The though sent a deep ache thru her body and exploded in her pelvis. She heard the door open and her father announce he was home. She didn’t reply but slid her hand into her panties and began to run her finger tips over her naked mound.

“Baby girl, where are you?” Mark called out again for his daughter and didn’t get a response. He started to climb the stair when he heard a moan come from the direction of her room. Thinking she may be hurt he tore up the stairs.

Peyton heard her father call out for her again as she ran a finger down her puffy lips. She hadn’t realized how wet she had gotten. She could it seeping thru her lips as she slipped her finger down parting them. She felt her nipples harden as she began to rub a little faster. Taking her free hand, she slides it in her bra over her large breast and across her hard nipple, hearing her father reach the top of the stairs she slid her finger up her wet slit and circled her clit.

“Ooohhh Daddy!” Peyton called out the same time Mark walked into his daughters’ room.

He stood there looking down at her shocked and so turned on. He had thought she was hurt but what he found was more then he planned for. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her beautiful curvy body as she played with herself. Should he just walk out and pretend he hadn’t seen her or should he say something. Hell, he wanted to give her a hand more then he wanted to do either of those things if he was being honest but he couldn’t, wouldn’t do that. He had heard her say Daddy, he knew he had but he had to be hearing things. There was no way she was thinking about him till he heard her moan again.

“Oooh Daddy that feels so good!” Peyton whimpered as she continued to rub her pussy, well aware her father was standing in her room watching.

Mark had to do something. “Ummm Oh God I’m sorry baby!” he said loudly.

Peyton sat up with a jerk and tried to act like she had been caught. “Oh my God!! I didn’t know you were going to be home this early. ” I am so Sorry!” even as she said the words, she still had her hands in her panties.

“I sent you a text. I guess you were busy and didn’t get it.” Mark’s brain wasn’t working right all he could focus on was his daughter’s hand in her panties. “I guess I should have called.” He didn’t know what else to say.

Peyton knew where he was looking, she ran he fingers up and down once more getting them good and wet before pulling her hand out and laying it on her thigh. She knew he would see how wet she was. Mark had put his hands in his pockets to hid his erection escort maltepe but Peyton had seen it and knew that he was aroused looking at her.

“I’m so sorry Daddy.” she said sweetly. “I should have checked my message or better yet shut my door.” She didn’t think he was mad, shocked maybe but not mad.

“It’s ok sweetie. Umm I should have knocked anyway. You’re not a little girl anymore…far from it…” Mark stopped talking before he said something he shouldn’t. He had to get out of her room. “Besides its your house too. I want you to be comfortable.” Yep time to leave.

Mark began backing out of her room, he just couldn’t stop looking at her. Damn she was a sight, her face flushed and her chest rising and falling fast as she breathed.

“I’m ugh gonna go take a shower and change clothes. I’ll shut your door for you.” He backed into the wall as he spoke. He turned without another word and shut her door behind him.


Holy shit was all Mark could think as he walked down the hall to his room and shut his door. He was in shock. Not only had he just caught his daughter masturbating she had been thinking about him. He hadn’t been able to see anymore then he would have had she been in a bathing suit but he wasn’t a moron he knew what she was touching. He had thought about it many times. He went in his bathroom and took off his clothes and started the shower. He looked down at his cock and saw what he already knew, he was leaking pre cum and was harder than he had ever been. He closed his eyes and found all he could see was her hand going in and out thru the pink cotton, he groaned. Looks like he would be breaking the no jacking off rule in the house today.

“Why not she was doing it.” He said to himself as he got in the shower.

Mark stepped under the spray of the hot water and all he could think about was Peyton and the way she had been rubbing herself. His cock throbbed and stuck straight out. He took his cock in his hand and began to stroke. Slowly thinking about what her tight little pussy would feel like wrapped around his thick shaft. These thoughts made his body jerk and he had to put his free hand against the wall to hold himself up.


“Oh my God Jen he stood there and watched and was hard. I could tell by the way he put his hands in his pants.” Peyton was so turned on and excited she just kept jabbering.

“Girl, you know he is in the shower jerking off you should see if you can sneak a peek. Put me on video call so I can watch, too!!” Jen was so turned on by what she had heard she was rubbing herself thru her panties.

The girls talked a few more minutes and finally Peyton couldn’t stand it she agreed to see if she could get in his room and watch. She took her bra and panties off and quietly walked down the hall. She knew her dad’s door would be shut but would he have shut the bathroom door? She hoped he hadn’t. Peyton slowly opened his door and slipped into his room. He had thick soft carpet so her footsteps wouldn’t be heard. She was in luck in his haste to get in the shower he left the door open slightly. She crept to the door and saw her father standing under the water stroking his hard cock. Peyton let out a soft moan as she watched him. She looked at him longingly, why had these feelings started and why wasn’t she ashamed for having them? She could try to act as if the sight of him running his large hand up and down his well-shaped shaft wasn’t making her ache, but unfortunately her throbbing wet center told the truth. She forgot Jen was on the phone as she sat down on the soft carpet and began to rub her wet slit while she watched him. She didn’t care if he caught her, in fact she hoped he did.


At the touch of her fingers she let out another moan. Mark stopped stroking for a moment, was that a moan? He opened his eyes and slightly turned his head towards the door. The steam was covering the glass but he could just make out a shape, was Peyton watching him…was she doing more than watching? The thought almost pushed him over the edge.

He wanted her to see. Mark knew this was wrong and he also knew there was no one he loved more than his daughter. Should he allow this to happen, probably not but he couldn’t help how he was feeling and Peyton obviously felt the same. He turned his body so he could give her a better show.

“Oh God Peyton you feel so good on Daddy’s cock!!” He called out more for her benefit but his words had an effect on him as well.

Mark wanted no, needed to see her touch herself again. Maybe if they got this out if their system, they could move past it and things could stay the same. Just once he thought…just once. He pushed the door open and left the water running, not wanting anything to make her stop. He was only going to watch he told himself that was all. What he saw when he stepped out of the shower changed all that. Cock still in hand he looked down at her, his beautiful baby girl, legs spread, head back and her fingers buried in her bald pussy. He could hear her moan now that the door was open. He wrapped his hand tighter around his throbbing member and began to stroke again.

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