Pete Crueman Ch. 3

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Pete and Amanda actually did go for a run the next morning. Jimmy got very uncomfortable in Pete’s pants towards the end of the run. Afterwards when Jimmy was pounding up Amanda’s very tight almost virginal cunt, Pete stabbed his finger up her cherry asshole at the critical point. Amanda sure seemed to enjoy that. Pete had her get on her hands and knees and wave her butt in the air. Jimmy had to work hard to penetrate her anus but it was worth the effort in the end. He spurted cum deep into her bowels. Her cunt was still dripping so Pete lapped at her for a couple of minutes until she came again.

As she was leaving Amanda asked if Pete might be free to take her to the Prom the next weekend, since she had just dumped her boyfriend. With visions of a whole new batch of 12th grade lovelies in Prom dresses, Pete accepted. He’d always had very good luck on Prom night.

That afternoon Pete dropped by his mom’s place to say hello. When he got there Artie Masten was just leaving and he looked like he had been working out. Pete and Artie joked around a bit and Pete’s mom came out to join the discussion. She was 45 and still looked pretty good for a middle aged lady. It looked like Artie thought so too. Some people thought Artie was a real asshole but he was always friendly with Pete.

After Artie left, his mom’s best friend Nancy showed up. The three of them played cards and were having a good time. Pete had never really scoped out Nancy before but today she looked very doable. She was a widow of about 37 or 38 and all of the sudden he had the distinct desire to massage her large breasts which were shaking all over the place. Pete had an idea of how to solve his intermittent yanking problem.

Pete walked Nancy home and when they got to her place he made his move. Nancy was very enthusiastic in returning his kiss and didn’t mind at all when his hands started roaming. “I wondered when you would finally do that.” she said. After Pete and Nancy got to know each other better and Jimmy got to know the feeling of the valley between the mountains, Pete said “Don’t be too surprised if I show up the odd time at your place between 10 and 10:30 at night unannounced”. Nancy was willing to take whatever attention she could get from this young stud so she accepted readily. Now Pete had a backup plan if nothing better panned out through the days to come.

The next Friday morning Pete started off on his trip to Indiana to take Amanda to the Prom. After he had been driving along the interstate for a couple of hours he saw a car pulled off to the side and he also saw a flash of leg. He pulled over to see if he could help out the damsel in distress. When he got out of the car a smiling lady who looked to be in her 40’s asked if he could help her change a flat. Maggie was scantily dressed and seemed to be brushing up against Pete whenever she could. She looked pretty good for an old broad and she definitely seemed to be willing but it was still pretty early and Pete figured he could do better. After the tire was changed he headed back down the highway.

Jimmy was stirring a little and Pete was getting hungry so he exited at the next eryaman genç escort bayanlar town and headed towards the mall. When he arrived at the food court he got some Chinese food and sat down to eat his lunch. A gorgeous blonde walked by in a hurry. Her breasts were a sight to see. They were large and she didn’t seem to be wearing a bra. They bounced around a little bit but always stood up high and proud. Pete couldn’t take his eyes off her. She also was having Chinese.

When she had finished she headed back the way she had come and Pete got up to follow her. She had a very enticing wiggle to her walk and long platinum blonde hair. This girl definitely had the whole package. She turned into a men’s clothing shop and went behind the counter. Pete entered the shop as well and headed towards the formal wear. Maybe it was time he bought a tuxedo instead of always renting. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon and there was no one else in the store.

He was looking at the tuxes when he heard a throaty voice say “May I help you?” Pete turned around and tried not to drool. “You sure can, Tammy”. He said. He had taken his eyes away from her breasts long enough to read her nametag. “I like this tuxedo but I’m not really sure what my size is these days”. He said. “Let me go get a measuring tape” she said as she sashayed over towards the dressing room.

Pete followed her again and Jimmy started throbbing. She came back out smiling and Pete watched her breasts bounce some more. He was in love. She knelt down to touch the floor with one end of the tape and slid her fingers up his leg towards the crotch. “It looks like your inseam is about 34 inches” she said. Then she looked at the large lump in his pants. “That looks painful” she said as she unzipped his pants. Jimmy sprang out and Tammy quickly started licking up the outside of him. “Does that feel better?” she cooed. “We better move into the dressing room” she said and pulled Pete inside.

Pete took the opportunity to kiss her and they started frenching. Pete’s hands were busy checking out the titflesh. He removed her blouse and lowered his lips. Her nipples were rock hard. As he nibbled, she started to moan. This chick was driving him crazy. When he removed her pants and underwear he discovered she was completely bald down there. Probably not a natural blonde. He wasn’t complaining. Jimmy pounded into her for a short period and then Pete pulled out and spurted all over her tits.

When she started to get up Pete gently grabbed her head and introduced her to Jimmy formally. She happily lubed up Jimmy and then started raising and lowering her lips. She knew just how to wake him up again for another round. After they had worked out for another 10 minutes and Jimmy was slightly brown from another rear entry, they finished up their business. Pete ended up buying the tuxedo (at a large discount).

When he arrived at Amanda’s house, her mother answered the door. She invited Pete inside and said that Amanda was still getting ready. Amanda’s mom was dressed in a halter top and skimpy shorts. She was looking good enough to eat. Pete hadn’t really noticed her before ankara escort bayan but he was noticing now. She looked at Pete with a lusty smile and produced a pair of panties. “I rescued these from the laundry, look familiar?” She handed them to Pete. They were the panties that Amanda had worn the first night they met. They had a distinct odor as well as a bloody spot on one corner. “You must have done a good job, she doesn’t stop talking about you”. “I try” said Pete. “Maybe you can try on me sometime” she said and gave Jimmy a little squeeze through the pants of Pete’s tux.

Just then Amanda appeared at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a long black dress and she looked exquisite. When she came down the stairs she did a little pirouette. “How do I look?” she asked. Her hair was long and shining black. The material of her dress clung lovingly to her butt cheeks and the outlines of a skimpy pair of panties were clearly visible. Pete said, “You look divine my dear”. In the driveway they embraced and Pete grabbed onto her ass. Jimmy was throbbing but he would just have to wait.

When they arrived at the prom another young lady in a black dress rushed up to meet them. “This is my best friend, LeeAnn” said Amanda. LeeAnn had a big smile on her face. “So here’s the famous Pete from Ohio”. LeeAnn was very well put together as well. She also had long shiny black hair but wasn’t as tall as Amanda. She had a tiny waist and her hips flared out wonderfully. Her ass was definitely her best feature. If Pete had to choose which lady was more desirable he’d have a hard time choosing, but since he’d already given Amanda a couple of workouts he would have to choose LeeAnn!

When the fast dancing got going the girls jumped up and grabbed Pete as well. The girls were not paying any attention to anyone else but Pete. As various guys came up and tried to talk to Amanda or LeeAnn the girls would just brush them off. The girls headed off to the bathroom and Pete headed to get a refreshment.

Pete scoped out the room. He noticed that he was receiving a lot of attention from everyone there. The guys were trying to figure out how one strange guy had managed to hook two of the hottest girls in the school at once. The girls were also very curious. As he waited in the lineup one girl in particular came up behind him. She sure did fill out the top of her dress! She had to have a least a 40 inch bust and there didn’t seem to be much sagging going on. “Hi, I’m Lynda”, she said. Pete chatted with her while they were waiting in line and told her he was from Ohio. He wasn’t shy about staring at her breasts, but she didn’t seem to mind too much. Just as he was getting to the counter, Amanda and LeeAnn showed up. They gave Lynda a dirty look, and then asked if he could get them each a drink as well.

When the first slow dance came and Pete danced with Amanda, LeeAnn just sat at the table. She refused two different guys that asked her to dance. As that song ended Amanda said to Pete. “When the next slow song comes, you should ask LeeAnn.” When the next song came, Pete did just that. LeeAnn pressed right up against etimesgut escort him. Pete looked over at Amanda and she just smiled. Pete started massaging LeeAnn’s butt. All she said was “Hmmmmmm”. Pete looked over at Amanda again. She was smiling even wider. Pete had a feeling this would be a night to remember! LeeAnn whispered in his ear, “Let’s grab Amanda and get out of here.” Neither Pete nor Jimmy were about to disagree.

As they were leaving, Lynda with the large tits caught Pete’s eye. She motioned towards a piece of paper on the table next to her, and then walked away. Pete slipped the paper into his pocket on the way out.

Pete, Amanda and LeeAnn hailed a cab and headed off towards Pete’s room at the Holiday Inn. In the back of the cab Pete sat in between the two girls. It didn’t take long before they were rubbing Jimmy through Pete’s pants. Pete hiked up LeeAnn’s dress and started massaging her thighs. The cabbie was having a hard time concentrating on the road and almost got into an accident. Nobody in the back seat even noticed!

When they got to the hotel they rushed up to Pete’s room, Pete dove right in and started lapping at LeeAnn’s cunny. Amanda got Jimmy out and started licking and blowing. LeeAnn must never have had anyone lick her cunt before. She kept on screaming “O my God that feels good.” Before long there was a waterfall of pungent juice coming out of her cunt. After LeeAnn recovered she joined Amanda and they gave Jimmy quite a working over. Pete couldn’t hold it any longer and he spewed cum all over both girls faces.

Now Amanda was all worked up, but Jimmy needed a rest. Pete suggested that LeeAnn give Amanda a lick or two. Both girls looked surprised at the idea, but LeeAnn jumped right in and started tongueing her. It didn’t take long for Amanda to start her own moaning and groaning. As LeeAnn lapped at Amanda’s cunt her shapely butt was waving in the air. Pete started to knead her ass like it was bread dough. He spread her cheeks apart as wide as they would go and kept on kneading. Jimmy had recovered now and was raring for action. Pete inserted Jimmy into LeeAnn’s cunthole and started pumping slowly. LeeAnn was all lubed up and Jimmy needed more friction. Pete inserted his thumb up LeeAnn’s butt. LeeAnn looked back and she was afraid. Please don’t fuck my ass. It will hurt too much.”

Pete pulled out of her cunt and motioned for Amanda to get on her hands and knees. He started off pumping in Amanda’s cunthole . He worked over Amanda’s ass pretty hard with his hands and inserted his thumb up Amanda’s asshole. Amanda moaned loudly and started cumming and cumming. Pete pulled out of her cunt. He positioned Jimmy at the entrance to Amanda’s butthole and then looked over at LeeAnn. Her eyes were glued to the action and three fingers were up her cunt. Jimmy started thrusting up Amanda’s rectum and Amanda was in ecstasy. Jimmy and Pete were also feeling pretty darn good! Jimmy was in it for the long haul this time. After Amanda went limp, Jimmy was still rock hard. Pete pulled out and Jimmy was pointing straight to the sky.

LeeAnn positioned herself with her ass in the air and said. “Give it to me. Please fuck my ass.” Pete and Jimmy were only too happy to oblige. They gave it to her hard for at least another 10 minutes. When Pete finally came, he tried to spew all over LeeAnn’s fine cheeks, but not a drop came out. It sure did feel good though!

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