Personal Day

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We all have those friends whom I refer to as “incidental friends.” They’re the kind of people you don’t mind hanging out with but you would never have them around if not for the group of friends of which you are both a part. Most of the time, these types of relationships evolve very little if at all. Sometimes, incidental friends become very real friends. Then, I suppose very rarely, circumstances align and, if that incidental friend happens to a sexy little brunette, you end up fucking the hell out of her and continue doing so to this day. You may even end up having sex with her sister too, but that’s another story and one I have already told.

Michelle was one such incidental friend. I had met her when she was 25, about two years before we started dating. She was a friend of a co-worker and periodically hung out with our group, which didn’t allow me to get to know her very well. I liked what I did know about her, and it was clear that she and I had some similarities in personality, humor and other such traits. Plus, I couldn’t help but notice that, even though she short and unassuming, seriously no taller than 5’2″, in my estimation, she had a nice toned body that she obviously took effort to maintain. She was just my type, too, with lightly tanned skin, bright brown eyes and long, beautiful brunette hair.

All that said, I spent very little time with Michelle and didn’t think too much about her whether she was around or not. To me, she was just my friend’s cute friend and nothing more. That mindset lasted for about a year and a half before I began to sense some attraction between us. Even then, I wasn’t around her enough to consider little else beside checking her out when she was nearby.

It was when my one friend asked me to help Michelle with something that everything changed. Michelle was throwing a party and needed as much help as she could get for the setup, and she had taken off work the day before the party to make preprations. Unfortunately for her, however, none of her friends were free during the day. I, on the other hand, just so happened to be taking that day off just for the sake of using up my personal time at work. My co-worker friend knew I would be off, of course, and subsequently asked if I would be willing to help Michelle.

Having grown more comfortable around Michelle in recent months and definitely noticing a growing attraction toward her, I was pretty eager to help her. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was the only one who would be helping her that day. What I feared would end up being an incredibly awkward several hours, though, ended up being some of the best time I had ever taken off from work.

I was a bit uncomfortable when I got to Michelle’s house that day and realized it was going to be just she and I for the majority of the time, at least until some of our other friends left work. I had never spent time alone with Michelle, not even incidentally, so it was one of those situations where you’re kind of forced to hang out with someone just because you have a mutual friend. Also, though, with nothing to distract me, I fully realized now how attractive I found her tight, petite body and those gorgeous eyes and hair.

The discomfort didn’t last long. I found out really quickly that there was a lot of chemistry between us. We didn’t even spend the first couple hours doing any setup. Instead, we grabbed some coffees and lunch first and then went for a short walk, just checking out different places in the village she lived near. It was a lot of fun to be with her, and I saw myself spending a lot of time with someone like Michelle.

Of course, naturally, the lust that had been just barely budding until now was beginning eryaman bayan escort to blossom as I grew more and more comfortable with Michelle. Her cutoff Jean shorts and tight pink tank top may have had something to do with it, in full disclosure. I noticed more than ever before that Michelle had a really nice ass and boobs that were honestly kind of unreal for a girl her size. The tank top ensured that I got a good look, too.

The more I interacted with Michelle that day, both in hanging out and then actually helping her set up, the more I suspected the growing attraction was mutual, just from the way she seemed to flirt with me and find excuses to touch me, like I was doing with her. By mid afternoon, it was difficult to obscure the bulge in my pants that was more than occasionally developing. I’d later find out she had noticed, despite how hard I tried to hide my erection.

We got a great deal of the work done by 3 pm, so we decided to take a break. It was still going to be at least an hour and a half before anyone else would be coming over, so we retreated into the house to escape the hot sun, get something to drink and relax in the living room. At that moment, I decided to seriously ask her out on a date sometime. Why the heck not? To my delight, she responded favorably for something that weekend. However, even the following day wasn’t soon enough for me.

“Why not do something right now?” I suggested, my lust really getting the better of me.

“Now?” she responded. “I’m a mess, and our friends will be here in a couple hours. There’s no time!”

“I’m sure we could think of something fun we could do right here, right now, and you wouldn’t even have to get dressed,” I said slyly. Our group of friends made enough innuendo that, worst case, Michelle would laugh and think I was funny. Best case . . . .

“Oh!” Michelle said with a grin. “I think I actually can give you something to do here.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like me,” Michelle answered, her voice noticeably excited.

At that point, Michelle showed me to her bedroom. Once we were inside, she grinned anf let her hair down, which had been put up in a bun while we were working. She looked incredibly sexy as she shook her hair in that moment as it shone in the sunlight that filled the room. My heart began to pound as it came to grips with what was actually transpiring here.

Next, Michelle pulled her top off and then, without missing a beat, pulled her shorts off too, throwing both garments aside. Stepping over her discarded clothing, Michelle strutted over to the bed in her frilly underwear. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought she was expecting some kind of action today with underwear like that!

I followed right behind her, disrobing myself as I joined her in the bed. Once I was naked, Michelle took notice of my throbbing cock and smiled with eager anticipation. After another moment, she had pulled off her panties, revealing her shaven pussy, and then her bra, which confirmed to me just how firm and lovely her boobs were. As soon as Michelle bared her breasts to me, I couldn’t help but touch them, finally igniting the sexual tension that had been building up between us without our even knowing it for most of the time.

In a blur of limbs, our naked bodies seemed to find the 69 position all on their own, I on the bottom, head on the pillow, and Michelle on top of me, her knees on either side of my head and her hand on my cock as she lowered her mouth on it. Before I could really wrap my mind around what was happening, the short brunette was stroking the base of my cock while sucking on the tip.

I moaned loudly and, at first, just allowed Michelle to escort sincan pleasure me for a moment until I came back to my senses and wanted to please my new lover as well. While Michelle’s head started to bob up and down on my cock, my eyes focused on that glistening pussy, to which I raised my finger and poked into it, using my other hand to keep Michelle spread for me as my finger worked deeper and deeper into the tan beauty.

Michelle moaned around my cock as I began to finger her. While my digit pumped in and out of her, I lifted my head to lick her clit too, which action she seemed to really like, judging by her squirming against me. We continued to suck and lick each other like that until I could settle for oral sex no longer. As good as my cock felt in Michelle’s mouth, it needed to reach the ultimate step.

Still fingering Michelle feverishly, I moaned, “I want to fuck you so bad.” Michelle’s hair was flying back and forth as she sucked me good and hard for just another few seconds until she pulled back, took a inhaled deeply and then turned her whole body to face me, pulling her legs away from my head.

“Is that right?” Michelle said, grinning as she was now on her feet, squatting over me, her pussy hovering just over my cock, which ached for her. I nodded my head, at the same time that I grabbed my prick and held it in place for Michelle as she looked down and guided her pussy right onto it.

I cursed as my tip touched those wet folds where my finger and tongue had just been. Once she had about an inch of me inside her, Michelle tilted her head back toward me, looking right at me with those big brown eyes as she slowly sank further and further onto my shaft. Before I even knew it, her taint was resting gently on my balls, all of my cock now sheathed inside her tight, wet pussy.

“Holy shit,” I groaned. “You’re so fucking tight!” Michelle just grinned, flashing her teeth as she slowly lifted herself up and then just as slowly lowered herself back down, her wonderfully tight and wet cunt sending all manner of pleasure shooting through my cock and, from there, my entire body. As she began to ride me, I held onto her ankles and watched the pretty girl slide up and down me, over and over, increasing her pace as she did so.

Once Michelle started going faster, I enjoyed watching her hair and boobs shift up and down with her body. The faster Michelle went, the tighter I fastened my hands around her ankles and the more rigid my body became as I adjusted to the pleasure I was experiencing. I had always kind of suspected this girl’s body would make for a fantastic fuck, and early indications were proving my inkling correct.

Before long, Michelle, unable to contain herself, rode me faster and faster, her body rocking up and down hard and fast as she lost control and simply fucked my brains out. Her hair was all over and in her face as she panted, beads of sweat dripping down between her heaving boobs, her bed creaking louder and louder as we had wild, hot sex in her bedroom. I could smell her sweat and the odor of sex emanating from our crotches as Michelle and I came closer and closer to orgasm.

Just before I had decided I would cum in Michelle’s pussy, Michelle slowed down and then, breathlessly, said to me, “Now fuck me as hard as I fucked you.” I was happy to comply, and, within a minute, Michelle and I had traded places, she on her back, legs spread and lifted up and I, on my knees, slid in between them and aimed my cock back at that tight twat.

Michelle lowered her legs so that her heels were on my shoulders, and I pushed myself into her cunt with one hand before putting both of my hands on her boobs and sinking all elvankent escort bayan the way back into her hot body. Once I was back balls-deep inside Michelle, her right leg fell from my shoulder and curled around my waist as she closed her eyes and cooed from the feeling of my cock’s being all the way in her. I wrapped both of my arms around her other leg, keeping it pinned to my chest, and immediately began to thrust in and out of her. I exhaled happily each time I bottomed out in Michelle’s kitty, and Michelle groaned with pleasure as my flesh slowly and steadily slapped against hers.

As soon as I was in a good rhythm, I began to slide in and out of her faster. After working myself up to a good pace fucking Michelle, I let go of her leg and leaned forward, folding her up and hanging onto her perfect boobs again as I plowed her. My face neared hers to the point where I could feel her warm breath on my forehead as she panted from my hard, consistent thrusts into her tight, toned body. Upon looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes, she smiled at me, and I grinned back, not letting up as my balls slapped against her taint over and over again as I fucked her hard and fast.

At last, I let Michelle’s leg slip out from under me, and she wrapped both her legs around my waist, her arms now clutching my back, as I came down on her, my flesh now pressed against hers and our sweat mingling together as I held her in place and pumped my cock in and out of her body as hard as I could. In that moment, we shared our first kiss – a little backward, sure, but I wouldn’t change anything about the way it all happened. As Michelle clung tightly to me as we made out and fucked like animals on that creaking bed, the bitch finally reached her limit.

Michelle threw her head back into the pillow and cried out as she came. Her body went rigid, her fingernails and heels digging into my skin as she held on as if for her life, cumming hard on my thrusting cock as her pussy grew even tighter. As Michelle came, I entertained thoughts of cumming with her, but after one more brief look at those big browns of hers, I decided to go with my favorite way to finish for our first time.

I held off my orgasm just long enough to allow Michelle to enjoy the full extent of hers, and then I pulled out, breaking free from the cage of limbs in which Michelle had enclosed me. Michelle’s boobs heaved up and down as she recovered from her orgasm, and she looked on intently as I beat off, my cock pointed right at her.

“Are you going to cum on my tits?” Michelle said between labored breaths.

“Your face,” I said and then let loose before the girl could protest.

“Hey!” she cried, but it was too late, as the first shot of my seman plastered her right between her pretty eyes, streaking down the left side of her nose and down to her upper lip. She then giggled as I proceded to cover her face with quite a big load, dousing her cheeks, nose and chin with my glaze before it tapered off. I unleashed the last couple spurts on her boobs, just like she had originally suggested.

Both of us now satisfied, we smiled at each other as we caught our breath, and then I helped Michelle get cleaned up in relative silence. It’s not every day that incidental friends like Michelle and I had their relationship escalate so quickly and suddenly! As we got dressed, we solidified plans for dinner for Sunday night, the day after her party, and we kissed quickly before heading downstairs to find that one of her friends had just pulled in, arriving a little earlier than expected.

It would be a couple weeks before Michelle and I would tell our friends that we were hooking up, although we had nothing to hide, really. For the time being, all I could think about was how lucky I was to have taken this one day off of all days with nothing originally planned for it! It was a well-used personal day, indeed, that would lead to many more days off spend with my new sexy brunette friend.

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