Perfect Little Sister Ch. 01

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I glared at my little sister as she came through the front door. “You’re late.”

Bianca ignored me for a while, waving at her friend as he made his way back down the old, creaking wooden steps. The only light bulb located in the cramped stairwell was broken but I knew who the dark figure was. My sister closed the front door and her smile quickly disappeared. She pulled a face at me.


She started to walk away, but I grabbed her wrist, and a heavy wave of fruity perfume hit me.

“I told you to come home by nine. What time is it now?”

“It’s half past nine, so what?” She tried to shake off my grip, but I held her tight.

“You are now barred from going out ever again.”

“Fuck off, you can’t do that.” Her voice was high pitched, shrill, and her efforts became more erratic. “You can’t keep doing this to me.”

“Language,” I growled at her, gritting my teeth as she clawed on my wrist. “And I can and will. I am locking all the doors and windows. If the friend of yours comes again, I am calling the police.”

“Please, Andrew.” She stopped her feeble attempts, her eyes shiny with tears. “I already texted you that I might be late. I just wanted to have fun on my birthday. Can’t you at least give me that?”

I sighed, raking a hand through my hair, the other still gripping her wrist tight. “This isn’t your first time coming back home late.”

“I won’t do it again. I promise.”

She looked at me, tears streaming down from her forest green eyes, and I knew I was going to give her another chance. I always did. I half nodded. “Okay.”

My sister beamed.

I eyed her. “And what are you wearing?”

It was a dark grey tank top that showed a bit too much cleavage — too much for my liking — and fitted skinny jeans that made the full curve of her ass achingly obvious.

My sister scoffed, looking down at her clothes. “This is crossing your boundaries? This is super tame compared to the stuff the women at the bar were-” She immediately clammed up, realising what she had just said.

I raised an eyebrow. “You went to a bar?”


I glared at her. Bianca held it for a few seconds, then dropped her gaze to her feet.

“Maybe. It was just for like, an hour, okay? I’m sorry.”

“Did you drink?”


I started to say something, but she spoke first. “Okay, I did, okay? I am eighteen now. Why can’t you give me more freedom?”

I raised her chin with my thumb and index finger. I was glad that she kept her eyes lowered; she knew she was in the wrong. “What if someone spiked your drink? What if a creep liked what you are wearing now and decided to follow you out, huh? Ever think of that?”

“José and Brian made sure I was safe, okay? Nothing was going to happen.”

“You know I don’t trust them, and neither should you. What if they decided to spike your drink? What can I do then?”

She stomped her foot, finally levelling her gaze at me, tears once again streaming out of her eyes. “You don’t know them. They aren’t like that.”

“That José guy is clearly into you.”

“Yeah, so what? Maybe I like him too. What are you going to do about that?” Her gaze was challenging again, more so than ever, and she was visibly shaking.

I let go of her hand, my temper flaring. “Go to your room. Now.”

That was a major mistake. I shouldn’t have raised my voice at her like that. It was one of her emotional triggers and I watched helplessly as she ran to her room. I knew she would be bawling her eyes out for the better part of an hour. I felt bad, but she did come back late, even though I reminded her a million times not to. Bianca had been disobeying me more and more ever since she met those two guy friends of hers.

My sister must have told them how controlling I was, because the first time I met them two months ago, I could immediately see the hatred in their eyes, the silent accusations shooting my way. They didn’t even bother greeting me or make any sort of small talk, so we just stood around awkwardly, waiting for Bianca to get ready. Once she did, the José guy quickly escorted her out, with his hand possessively on her ass. I was about to say something when he looked back over his shoulder and threw me a hateful glance.

I didn’t blame him. I would hate me too if I were him. They didn’t know what Bianca and I had been through. Even if she had told them about me, she certainly would never say a word about mom.

I needed to keep my little sister safe. She was extremely vulnerable, scarred even, both mentally and physically.

I was too, but I never let it show. Not to strangers, my friends, and especially, especially, not her. Never her. I only had my panic attacks and breakdowns alone, in my room, after making sure the door was locked and my trusty handkerchief in between my teeth — to silence the screams as much as possible.

It was almost the fifteen month mark since mom had left us, dying in her sleep. Very unfortunate, that. She didn’t deserve a peaceful death.

But now the devil was gone, leaving us with nothing but memories and numerous scars. escort kartal They say time is the best healer. Not to horribly disfiguring scars. They never seemed to heal, no matter how long it took.

I could hear Bianca sobbing through the thin walls that separated us. I would comfort her soon, apologise. She was already so fragile, and it was a major mistake to scold her like that. But she should have listened. I was worried sick, calling her non stop when I got the text informing me that she would be late, my mind giving me visions of her in a car accident, her limp cold body sprawled in the car seat, limbs all bent the wrong way, or if not that, she would be lying on the road, a pool of her blood surrounding her and growing larger by the second, or maybe she could be raped in a dark alleyway, screaming out my name in vain, begging for me when I would be miles away, helpless.

Shit. I could feel bile rising in my throat, and I tried my best to hold it back. My breaths were getting heavy and rapid, and I shakily made my way to the dining room table, placing a hand on the wood to steady myself, whispering the words that always made me calm down. They didn’t now.

“I am okay. I am okay. I am okay.”

Fuck, I am not.

My vision was getting blurry and I doubled over, the remembered words dying on my lips.

Not again, not again. Not with her in the house.

But I couldn’t keep it at bay any longer. I let the demons out.


An hour later, I was in front of Bianca’s door. It was locked as per my rules. I had the keys in my pocket, in case she didn’t open for me.

I knocked softly, in a secret rhythm only her and I knew, and soon after, she opened the door, red-eyed, and with makeup running down her face.

“Hey,” I said, forcing a small smile, my hands clasped behind my back.

“If you want to continue scolding me, you can do it later,” she sniffed. “I want to be left alone.”

“I’m here to apologise,” I replied, my voice soft and smooth, a wonder considering the state I was in just moments ago. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that.” I looked over her shoulder. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, sure,” she said softly, and I strode past her, trying my best to keep my front aimed towards my sister.

She noticed the weird movements. “What’s that behind your back?”

My smile widened and I showed her the small gift-wrapped box. “Here.”

Bianca gasped, seizing it out of my hands, excitedly unwrapping the box. She gasped again.

“It’s a necklace!” she exclaimed, her eyes wide in surprise, as if she’d never seen a necklace before.


She put the box on her table, holding up the pendant to the light. “It’s so beautiful…”

The next thing I knew, she had her hands wrapped around me in a tight embrace, tears streaming down her cheeks for the tenth time that day. “Thank you.”

I smiled. “No problems, love.”

The hug was short because she suddenly took a step back. “How much did it cost?”

I shrugged.

“Andrew, was it expensive?” she pressed, her palms tightening around my gift.

I shrugged again. “Maybe.”

“I knew it. You have to return it. I can’t accept this. Hell, we can barely even afford rent.”

“It’s your birthday,” I said simply.


“Hey,” I caught her by the hips and wrapped her in a tight hug. “Keep it. I can afford this month’s rent. Don’t worry.”

I didn’t know how long I held her, but when she drew back, her tears had stopped and her cheeks were dry.

I took the necklace from her hands, the cold, silver chains holding a small sapphire that glowed a deep blue.

“Turn around.”

She did, pulling her warm brown hair up into a ponytail as my hands went over her head and I slipped the pendant around her neck. It clasped with a soft ‘click’.

Bianca faced me again, practically jumping with glee. I leaned down to kiss the top of her head.

She held the stone with delicate fingers. The look on her face was definitely worth ten times what I paid for it. “It’s so beautiful.”


She looked up at me, her smile genuine. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

My sister shifted her feet. “So… are you going to hypnotise me now? I won’t be available later on. Have assignments to work on.”

I nodded, and she took position on the edge of her bed, swinging her feet back and forth as I retrieved a wooden stool, placing it a few feet in front of her.

I took out another pendant, this one holding a cheap quartz crystal but shone as brightly as hers.

Hypnosis. I taught myself the skill a year ago. It was for her benefit, of course. She suffered from way more anxiety attacks than I did, oftentimes becoming sleep deprived from the daily nightmares that woke her up in cold sweat.

Eventually, it got so bad that she wouldn’t step a foot outside of my room, and became extremely thin due to the lack of food, no matter how much I urged her to eat. She didn’t trust therapists, and neither did I. So, I took it upon myself to help her.

It was easier than maltepe escort I initially thought. Maybe Bianca was just a really good trance subject or something. She fell into trances super easy and responded well to suggestions and commands.

After numerous sessions and multiple suggestions, she could now sleep back in her own room, return to classes, and only received two nightmares a week, instead of the usual seven. She eventually took her health more seriously, eating a very strict diet and working out in the gym.

It was crazy, the progress she had made, and I wasn’t going to stop here. The end goal was to make her a completely normal person. Like me, she had major problems finding friends, and the only ones she knew were those two boys that were way too touchy for my liking.

José was handsome, big, strong, confident and clearly crazy into her. Brian was more of the shy type, and I could tell he was into her too, but never had the courage to show it, so I suspect he was the third wheel.

I wasn’t really surprised. Bianca had always been pretty, even when she was skinny. Rich brown hair that cascaded beautifully down to her mid back and framed a petite, gentle face. Her body had drastically changed over the years. She had curves now, so natural and smooth, combined with full, teardrop breasts and an ass that could rival an Instagram model’s, she was an exotic vision, attracting long, lustful stares wherever she went.

Bianca was clueless about men’s newfound attention to her. She once enquired why people treated her so much better now, laughing at every single joke she made, no matter how lame it was. I didn’t have the heart to tell her. My little sister was growing up, and I would eventually have to accept it.

I knew that she was still a virgin. Considering her past, she would no doubt shy away from sex, something that José person must already be pressuring her into having.

I was planning to question her and ask if my suspicions were right. And if they were, well, I wasn’t much of a fighter, and he was a lot bigger than me, but I could think of something.

Bianca’s gaze immediately locked onto the quartz crystal, her eyes already glazed and dull. Within a minute of swinging the pendulum, and a few hypnotic trigger words that I implanted in her, she was already deep in trance, her eyes half closed, and a dreamy smile on her pretty features. My sister once told me that she liked being hypnotised; it made her forget her problems and go into ‘dreamland’ as she’d called it.

My job today was to inquire her about her most recent nightmare and implement suggestions for her to cope with it, hopefully banishing that nuisance, never to disturb her again.

That can come later.



I blew out a breath of frustration at my growing erection. She was my sister, damn it. I wish there was a ‘switch off’ button for my dick, because without fail, it would get hard every single time I hypnotised her. In my defence, it was hard not to. With an attractive woman completely under my control, I was bound to have some stray, sinful thoughts. I’d managed to ignore most of them so far, but the main turn on was her voice.

She was basically purring out replies, layering her voice with a soft, seductive growl, uncomfortably sensual, as if she were talking dirty to me. Despite my numerous attempts at removing it, it had stayed, adding to my growing frustrations.

I cleared my throat and willed my erection away like I had tried a million times before. It didn’t go. Apparently forcing thoughts of not having sex with your own sister while she was right in front of you only made it worse. I could already feel my underwear staining. She was my sister! Bianca was more than just green eyes and gorgeous curves.

I cleared my throat, deciding to start with something simple. “So, how was your day?”


I waited for her to say more, but she stayed silent. Sometimes she would go on a ramble, and sometimes she would reply with one word.

“Why was it good?”

“I had the best birthday ever.” Her smile widened, revealing perfect white teeth. “Strawberry cake, lots of alcohol, crazy sex, playing board games, my brother giving me an awesome necklace.”

I almost dropped the pendulum. Had I heard that right?


“Yeah. Lots of it today. Hardcore shit.” Bianca giggled at that. “I give suuuuuuuch good blowjobs. The best, Daddy always says.”



She frowned at that question.

I took a few deep breaths. My sister, having sex? Impossible.

“Tell me about the sex,” I finally said, my tone wild and high pitched. I couldn’t believe it.

“I like riding Daddy,” she giggled. “I would ride him till-“

“Who’s this ‘Daddy’?”

It couldn’t be our Dad because we didn’t know a thing about him.

She giggled. “José.”

Of course.

“Bianca,” I said slowly, “did José pressure you into sex?


I frowned. “Then who did?”

Another giggle. “Me.”

My heart stopped.

“…why?” was all I could manage pendik escort bayan out, completely flabbergasted.

“Because I love it. Sex helps me forget my problems, about my nightmares. It makes me feel loved and I feel like I am a completely different person.”

I had to put a stop to this. Now.

“Tell me about José,” I said, not even bothering to hide the anger in my tone. Somehow it was all his fault. My sister was so vulnerable, he must have taken advantage of it. That son of a bitch.

“Daddy’s great.” She paused, the smile still fixed on her face. Finally, she let out a long exhale, her chest falling. “Handsome, kind, understanding. Daddy makes me feel wanted. Though I regretted telling him about my brother. Daddy hates him now even though I know Andrew wants the best for me.”

I could feel myself burning up as she spoke.

“Why do you call him Daddy?”

“Because he is,” she giggled like I had asked a stupid question.


“What is a Daddy?” I asked instead.

“Someone who I give complete control to, someone who I can completely trust, someone who I listen to, whose opinion I will value the most.”

Someone Bianca would finally listen to…opinions she would value the most… I visualised her finally obeying my rules. They were strict and crazy to some, yes. But it maximised her safety and allowed me to sleep at night.

“Can your brother, Andrew, be your, uh, Daddy?”

God, it felt so weird saying that word.

Her reply was immediate.



“Because he’s my brother,” she said matter-of-factly, the purr in her voice gone.


I coughed, rephrasing my question. “Why can’t your brother be your Daddy? He keeps you safe, you trust him.”

She cringed. “Because incest is disgusting.”

Incest? Who said anything about sex? As sexy as she was, I wouldn’t fuck my sister.

“José. Do you listen to him?”

“Yeah. I do whatever he says.” Bianca bit her lower lip, her voice growing softer. “Although I have been disobeying him recently.”


“He wants me to move into his place. I said no. But today, I was really considering it, Andrew made a huge fuss of me coming back late even though I texted him, but then he gave me this necklace.” Her hand went up to the pendant, her fingers rubbing the sapphire delicately. “Sometimes I hate my brother, and sometimes I love him so much.”

Move out? She was considering moving out?! That was a death sentence for her. This José fucker didn’t know any of her triggers. What if she had an episode? I wouldn’t be there to help.

I had to put an end to this. I knew it was wrong to tinker with free will, but if there was an exception, this was it.

“Bianca,” I began. “What’s the worst, most disgusting thing you could think of?”

I paused to let her think. People in a trance usually process thoughts like a drunk, but my sister was smart, sharp. So she usually answered quickly.

“Umm… Poo.” She giggled at the word. My frown stayed etched in place.

“You will think of poo whenever you think of José,” I said simply. There. Her mind will fill up the rest.

There was a pause, her smile turned into a thin line, then a frown. “That doesn’t make sense.”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that easy. I started to brainstorm ways that could make Bianca disgusted with José, but I came up with… nothing.

Why? Her mind was totally dull, in a trance, there must be a million wa-

A lightbulb moment.



“Who am I?”

My sister clearly didn’t associate my voice with me while in trance because she talks about ‘Andrew’ in third person, and I never put much thought into it till now.

“The voice,” she said simply.

“The voice?”


“Who’s voice?”



I leaned close to her, putting my idea to action. “What does José sound like?”

“Cool, confident,” she exhaled, “sexy.”

“Imagine you’re outside of class, in the hallway.” I paused. “You just got out of physics class.”


“You’re standing in front of José. He is leaning on the locker with one shoulder, facing you.”

She smiled. “Daddy.”

“You can hear him now, can you?”


“My voice is fading, and as it does, I want you to hear his voice getting louder, the vision around you getting clearer. You can make out the lockers numbers, hear the surrounding mummers. The bell rings, a crowd of students wheeze by, heading to class. You need to go too, but you stick around, talking with him.”

She stayed silent, but judging by her expression, she was concentrating.

“I want you to count to five. Every number that goes by, his voice will become louder, filling your head. I want you to concentrate on his voice now, only his. You don’t care about what the others are saying. Do you understand?”


“And when you finish counting, you will hear nothing but his voice, this voice.”

She nodded.

The idea just popped into my head. I was going to be ‘José’ for a few minutes. I have seen it done before, in a stage show. The hypnotist made a woman believe that a chair was her husband. Hilarity ensued when she made conversation with the furniture, and people were rolling on the floor with laughter when she tried making out with the furniture.

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