Perfect Beauty

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I wrote this when I was in an arrangement. I am 60ish and she was 30ish. I wrote this for her when she felt decidedly un-beautiful. She got in some serious trouble with drinking and driving. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Her color mug shot was shown on a local news media internet outlet and then on the local TV news. She looked as bad as you would expect in a jail orange jumpsuit in the early morning hours under the harshest possible light.

She needed to be reminded how beautiful she is.


Imagine – I am walking along when I encounter half a dozen eminent philosophers. They are ‘debating’ a topic, yet it doesn’t seem like a debate because they are all in agreement. The topic is whether a woman could be perfectly beautiful? Could perfect beauty be embodied by a living woman? They all agree that it could not.

As I’m walking by I hear one of these ‘wise men’ guffaw and proclaim without equivocation that “a woman may be very beautiful, very stunning, but of course she cannot be perfectly beautiful. It is not possible!”

I stop to listen for a bit, to take in this normally argumentative group. One of them notices me listening just as the hint of an amused smile begins to show on my face. The smile grows as they all turn to look at me. Clearly, my evident amusement displeases them. One of them loudly challenges me: “What’s so amusing young man?”

***A brief aside at this point about him calling me “young man” – 1st, I’m telling ya, these philosophers were really old. 2nd, hell, it’s my daydream. 3rd, I don’t feel old.) ***

I reply “Well, the thing is, all of you are wrong.” My smile breaks into a grin. They glower at me and I explain: “Perfect beauty cannot be captured in a picture or a painting or a photograph. It cannot be adequately described by words or contained by a song or music or work of art. It cannot be seen or experienced by just one of our senses or even by several in combination. It is not static or frozen at a point in time.”

“Yet perfect beauty can be felt, it can be experienced. It exists. Perfect beauty is embodied by a living breathing woman who can be touched. I have touched her. More exciting, she has touched me. I have been studying her beauty for three years and my discovery of its depth continues. My surprise over its depth continues.”

“You need to find your way inside me to understand, to share what I experience. I watch her move in public and feel how she infuses a room. Her very presence adding a brilliance, a sparkle that wasn’t there before. As if she casts a beautiful light on everything she illuminates with her gaze, with her presence.”

“She moves through the room fluidly, gracefully, an exquisite wave. She doesn’t draw your attention with the stiff, stilted strut of some done up model on a fashion runway. Instead she captures your eyes with the naturalness of her movement like a gazelle effortlessly moving through her element. Dreamlike, yet real.”

“In private, experience me draw close to her. I bury my face in her glorious hair, discover her ear, and discover that sweet transition between the skin of her neck and her hair. Hair with a will of its own. Inhale the mix of skin and hair. I lightly nuzzle that perfect part of her neck and she reacts to my soft touch and this is essential to her beauty, this is key, this is the perfection of her beauty, the perfection of any beauty – perfect beauty is living beauty. It feels and experiences and is felt and touched and feels and touches. Perfect beauty must be living beauty.”

“Experience me as I kiss the small hollow of her neck below her chin, that delicate vulnerable place. It focuses me on a realization. This perfect beauty has a vulnerability that hides behind a protective exterior, her ‘skin’ to fend off all the things she needs to keep at arm’s length – and they are many and they are only too real.”

But pendik escort as I explore her neck I begin to feel, to realize, the softness of her vulnerability. A rough tough creampuff. Never has a vulnerability been so real, so soft, so felt, and so perfectly beautiful. When she wears her protective shell it is not a flaw. It creates anticipation. Creates a lightness of being when she lets it fall away for me, heart beat visible in her neck and chest, soft, exposed, choosing to be vulnerable, trusting and open. Touchable. Reachable. Real.”

“Feel the smoothness of her upper chest, that area that glows with a warm blush when she has been satisfied, across to her shoulders and upper arms. Beneath her flawless delicate skin you can feel the bone and muscle, her vibrant athleticism.”

My hands slide down her arms, over the curve of her biceps to the sensitive place on the inside of her elbows. Heartbeat visible in veins beneath the thinnest layer of skin, touchable life, kissable. Slide down her forearms to her wrists, strong yet somehow even more delicate than the inside of her elbows. Even more touchable, more easily caressed with my tongue and lips, a soft kiss.”

“To her amazing hands. It seems impossible that each new part of her I explore could be more perfect than the last, yet that is what I find. Wondrously beautiful hands with long, surprisingly graceful fingers. Her fingers seem almost too delicate which makes it all the more startling when our fingers entwine and our hands lock together and just this embrace of our hands is more powerful and exciting and sensual than I could have imagined. Hands that send an almost shocking jolt of pleasure through me when they lightly touch my chest or are on my back or sides pulling me deeper inside her.”

“Return to her chest and smooth resilient skin to see and feel her heart beating within. Watch her chest rise and fall with her breathing, revealing her level of excitement. Wonder at the perfect shape of her breasts. Firm and supple, they compel me to cup them in my hands, to squeeze them.”

“Her flawless nipples grow taut from touch and kiss, from being tongued and sucked as they draw me to do now. I suck on them as they stiffen, kissing, sucking, swirling my tongue around each protruding tip. They reveal her excitement and later her satisfaction.”

“Drift down to the smooth softness of her abdomen, a delicate flat plain defined by the angled ridges of her pelvic bones, their proud shape starkly evident beneath supple skin when she moves.”

“I circle her waist with my hands to the expanse of her back and I’m startled anew by her lovely shapeliness, the beauty of her shoulders, her ribs beneath soft warm skin, her breathtakingly perfect back, her muscle, all drawing to her slim waist and then the curve of her hips and butt. It is inescapable now – the realization that her combination of slim and supple, of firm and soft, of flat and round and angles and curves is perfection. She is a complex symphony of beauty beyond my ability to have imagined. She is a perfectly beautiful woman.”

“There is more. I squeeze and appreciate the round curve of her butt. Then my hands encircle and massage and squeeze and feel each of her lithe strong legs in turn, from thigh to calf. They are the origin of her limber graceful movement through a room. They are about a mile long… Massaging her legs with my hands I feel their toned strength, their perfection. Working my way back up to where they come together my fingers feel the increasing warmth and moistness between her legs.”

“She rolls over with a soft anticipatory smile on her lovely face. Where the ridges of her pelvic bones lead, where her abdomen slopes, where those long legs join – now parted slightly – is her pussy. Being a man I have more than a passing interest in this part of a woman but never kağıthane escort have I thought a pussy could be so delicately lovely, so beautiful, so delicious, and so perfect. Unable to resist, I lower my mouth to lightly brush her now glistening labia with my lips.”

“I inhale her scent and feel her moistness as I begin to slide my tongue up and down along the inside of her lips. They are like the petals on a pink rose but warm and wet, alive with arousal, with passion. I lick them and circle them with my tongue, kiss and gently suck them. They open with her desire for me to be deeper. Her desire to be touched and licked and loved begins to flow like a fresh pure stream sparkling in the sun.”

“I begin to softly suck at her glistening clit as my tongue moves more deeply inside her. My finger joins this dance of pleasure, slowly probing the inside of her, marveling at her slick smoothness, startled by her heat, the glow of desire. As I probe for her most sensitive spots I am surprised again by how incredibly tight she is, by how tightly she can squeeze something as thin as my finger. I find ‘that’ spot and the tempo quickens.”

“The flow of her desire grows to an irresistible current carrying us towards an inevitability. Her heartbeat quickens with our dance of passion. My sucking and licking and probing becomes more frenzied as her breath increases in sound and intensity, the passion of our bodies coming together is exposed souls touching, flames dancing wildly above a fire, licking at the air.”

“We continue with abandon, in delirium as she draws towards her release. Her desire and passion grow into a surging river sweeping us helplessly along in its powerful current as it nears a roaring waterfall. Inevitable. Unstoppable.”

“Her expression is the sweet agony of desire and need, building until it overpowers, building until it is almost more than she can stand. I feel the muscles of her inner thighs, and her abdominal muscles pull taut as need possesses her. She arches her back and seeks yet resists, a resistant slave to her own wanton passion.”

“She struggles for control, grasps for some shred of control, even while she wants to let go, needs to give in to the searing desire within. Finally releasing her last tenuous shred of reserve she grips me with her hand, tightly, desperately, squeezing, fighting, wanting to surrender completely, needing to surrender fully, and then it is there, a powerful hot wave that flushes through her body and soul, shakes her like a rag doll in the jaws of a beast.”

“Consumed, helpless, freed, she shudders as the orgasm courses in waves through every fiber of her being, I feel the spasms rack the sinewy muscle in her legs, a tidal wave of irresistible unrelenting release that convulses through her body. To her toes, to her fingertips, the flush of burning consuming pleasure reaches her very scalp as her head goes back and she involuntarily gasps a wild sound and grips me tighter and her intense undeniable passion carries us over the falls.”

“Falling, weightless, letting go and then floating in the calm pool below. Our breathing slows as we float, released. Her pussy still squeezing my finger with the beating of her heart. Feeling her pulse. I soften my kisses as she drifts tensionless. Softly I brush my mouth against her pussy as I did at the beginning. My tongue gently lapping and tasting her warm nectar, flowing, freed, deliciously sweet. My hand slides up to her chest, to feel the strong heartbeat within.”

The philosophers are all staring at me, mouths agape. Finally one of them stammers, “Why are you telling us about making love with her? We were discussing beauty.”

I respond “As I said at the start, I am not talking about a picture or a painting. I am talking about a living, breathing, feeling woman. Not maltepe escort just a female but a woman in full with passion and needs. It is in the natural way of things that a woman be desirable, and this perfectly beautiful woman be the most desirable of all.”

“Her sensuality, her sexuality, is at the essential core of her desirability. Her sexuality flows easily and naturally throughout who she is like blood pumps through her body, from major veins and arteries to the tiniest, feeding a skin cell or hair follicle, infusing even them with her desire, her desirability, and her sexual need.”

“To see her stretched naked on the crisp clean sheets of a bed – sensual, sexual, needing – stirs a feeling in me, a burning all-consuming need in me, that is beyond words. It is also in the way of things that a man satisfy a woman. It completes him as a man. Satisfying this goddess, bringing her to orgasm, having this perfectly beautiful woman cum for me, confirms my essential masculinity in a way that it had not been before, yet is again every time I am with her. Her responsiveness is an essential part of her perfection and beauty that confirms my very life blood.”

“I slide up the smooth warm length of her body, feeling the soft ripples of afterglow in her breathing and in her heartbeat. I feel it across the perfect curve of her breasts still heaving lightly, her nipples still taut and sensitive. I pause to give each a quick sharp suck. A soft gasped intake comes from her still open mouth. I continue to the incredibly smooth perfection of her upper chest, glowing warm to the touch. To her exquisitely lovely face.”

“Sliding up to her face after satisfying her with my mouth is always incredible. The peaceful beauty of her lovely expression means all is well with the world. Her eyes reveal a deep warm glow. Her lips glisten. I gently raise her chin with my finger, bring my mouth to hers. It is a mystery how her lips, her tongue, can always be so sweet. But then, the very perfection of this woman is a mystery. How can she be so perfectly beautiful? We softly kiss, taste of each other as our tongues delicately slide together. We share the taste and smell of her satisfaction still fresh on my lips and tongue. It stirs us. Lovers.”

“I gently trace the line of her perfect jaw with my fingertips, to where it curves up ‘just so’ near her ear. The line of her jaw, her smooth cheeks and high cheekbones, the fine angle of her nose, her eyebrows and kissable forehead, those lips, those eyes, together they are a tableau of lovely perfection.”

“Sometimes she uses makeup as young women do. It changes her appearance but doesn’t make her more beautiful. Like her body, the natural beauty of her lovely face is perfect. I softly touch her cheek to gently steady my soul as I look in her eyes, feeling myself falling into their endless depth, into her soul.”

“Her eyes are deep as the infinity of the night sky yet warm and light with a bright star-like twinkle. Eyes that dance and sparkle when she smiles or laughs. Eyes that are hot – smoking hot. Eyes that can reveal a searing desire to be taken. A wanton need to be touched and caressed and licked and tongued and sucked, held and penetrated savagely, to be fucked bucking with her arms and long legs wrapped tightly around me, pulling me deeper into her burning need.”

“Eyes that reveal a desire to feel my stiff cock moving inside her, stretching her, thrusting while her pussy squeezes, while her tight slick pussy strokes me, milking my cock until we release together, gripping each other so tightly it’s as if we are pulling ourselves within the other, until salty cum gushes from the tip of my cock to mix with her sweet ejaculate nectar, together hotly filling her pussy and bathing my cock and dripping out even while we are still tightly embraced.”

“Souls completely entwined in the moment. One soul.”

“Eyes that smolder…afterwards. Eyes that I literally feel when they are looking at me. Eyes that make me feel as if I have never been seen before.”

“Her beauty, her sexuality, her sensuality, her desirability, her soul, her absolute lovely perfection…take my breath away.”

“Her name is…

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