Peggy Sanford and Friends Ch. 04

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Kat gets a massage and Annette watches.

Resume. Peggy had her massage and it was even better than she could dream of. She told Kathryn (Kat) and Annette about it. Both Kat and Annette are sexually active women. Well that’s an understatement, they both love sex, men, gangbangs, cum and all the pleasure that a good and active sex life can give. Like Peggy, both Kat and Annette wanted more. Even being with many men at the same time did not give them the experience they wanted. Sex became dull and it was just the same, men cumming inside them, giving them orgasm after orgasm. They realized that they both needed something different, something they never had experienced before. When Peggy told them about her visit to masseur Henrik, they immediately knew that this was different, as soon as Peggy described in detail about her two hour encounter with Henrik. They both came hearing Peggy’s words, which was something they never experienced before. They both wanted to meet this man with the big hands, who apparently could do magical things to them. Bonnie had told Peggy earlier about her own encounter, but had been vague about only referring to a shy friend who had told her that it was “nice”. So here we are getting ready for the next installment.

The women in this story are all authors at this site, and have approved that I could use their names and characters. I am grateful for that.

My thanks goes to my editor Translucent Girl, for giving valuable input and straightening out my many mistakes. You have made my story better. I hope that the readers also like it.


After spending the night together cuddling with Peggy, Kat and Annette talked it over in the morning and decided that Kat should book her massage and ask if Annette could join her as a silent observer. Kat would ask if that was possible and shortly she called the number given by Peggy.

Henrik was quick to answer, so Kat booked her massage the next day at noon. Henrik told her that he had only one client per day and that she didn’t have to be punctual, but that he had some private matters to take care of later in the afternoon. Kat replied that she would be there at 12 o’clock and then asked if she could bring a girlfriend along to observe the massage. She said that her friend Annette had been with her at Peggy’s place when she returned to her home yesterday and had been captivated by Peggy’s story about the massage.

Henrik replied that he had enjoyed Peggy’s response to his treatment, so even though he never had an observer before, he did not see any problem in having Annette there.

He also stressed that the key to having a good result was that an uninterrupted connection between his client and him was established. If she made any noise or talked during the treatment it would probably spoil the mood and the result would in worst case be devastating.

Kat told him that she was sure that Annette would be quiet the whole time, so it was agreed that both women would be at Henrik’s place next day at noon.

Annette, who had followed the conversation, smiled and nodded approvingly. She could take the afternoon off.

Peggy, who had been in the room as well, told the two younger women to come to her place after the Kat’s massage, so she also could hear how both women had reacted.

Kat was already getting nervous. Would she, like Peggy and Bonnie, have a mind blowing experience? She hoped so.

Peggy looked so happy when she returned yesterday and still did this morning. She was smiling a lot for no apparent reason.

Peggy would be home the next day so they all agreed to meet there before going to Henrik’s place just a short drive down the road.

The girls split up and started doing what was needed; Kat had a booking next weekend and needed some new clothes and Annette had a business meeting starting at noon that would last most of the day, so she did some shopping. Being a high ranking business woman took its toll on her private time and having the next afternoon off was just a stroke of good luck.

Kat went to her usual place to get her new outfits. They knew her and knew what she needed. The owner was a very close friend and took personal care of her whenever she came in. Usually they had some time to get together intimately, bursa escort but this time Kat declined and told her friend that she had a lot on her mind, but promised to make it up to him. Maybe a night in town and later a hotel room for some mutual pleasure. Kat just loves men and their cocks, in fact she loves everything that has to do with sex.

Kat returned to her home and finalized planning for the weekend show, laying out her clothes and checking that everything was in order. The venue had been booked by her client. She knew the place from previous engagements, but consulted her notes to be sure that everything was taken care of for her customer’s satisfaction.

It was late afternoon before she had everything in place.

During the whole day she had been feeling restless. She was really looking forward to her appointment with Henrik. He had such a nice voice, with this accent that is so typical for the people from Scandinavia. She could not help smiling. His accent was cute. But she was restless and maybe nervous. She could not tell, but her normally controlled self what not controlled at all.

Kathryn never got stressed meeting men, but this time she was. Something had to be done. What better than a dip in the bathtub, grooming herself.

Kat knew that she would be naked during the massage. She knew that her body would be the focus of Henrik’s hands. She also knew that her pussy would be the focus in the end of the massage, so she decided that a thorough waxing would be in order. Her legs and pussy were smooth as a baby’s skin when she was finished. She soaked in the bath and tried to calm down. Henrik had told Bonnie and Peggy that his massage would focus on releasing stress. She really needed that now, she really wanted to smile and be at ease like Peggy had been.

After a light meal, Kat decided to go to bed. She topped her glass with a nice Zinfandel and went upstairs to her bedroom. She took off her nightgown and stood in front of the large mirror watching her nude body. Her hair was wild, curly, natural, dark red. She always had trouble controlling it, but it fitted her blue eyes. Her breasts had always been perky, and still at the age of 41 they sat high like they did when she was a teenager. The nipples were hard, maybe because she was thinking about tomorrow and Henrik’s hands, maybe it was just the temperature she preferred in her bedroom. The fact is that they are highly sensitive. The thought of having them massaged tomorrow sent shivers down her spine and the nipples hardened even more. The aureoles were small and dark red, matching the color of her hair. Her body had a typical hour glass shape. Kat worked out a lot; she needed a fit body in her job, so her butt sat high and firm. Her pussy was already swollen and opened like a rose. The lips were glistening in the light of her bedroom.

She needed to calm down, opened the drawer beside her bed and pulled out her faithful Magic Wand.

Within minutes she orgasmed and felt much better. Drinking her wine and watching the late night news she finally lay down to sleep.

Sleep quickly took over her body, but it was a restless night. She woke up several times having the most erotic dreams which included big cocks and hands moving all over her body. Finally in the early morning she fell asleep and woke up a 9 when the alarm went off.

She showered, had a coffee and a light breakfast. She was not hungry but forced herself to eat, knowing that she would need her strength.

Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, she left for Peggy’s place at 11 where she met Annette by the door. They both entered and found Peggy in the kitchen making a pot of herbal tea.

“You nervous?” Peggy asked.

“I have had the worst sleep ever, but knowing you were nervous too makes it easier for me.” Kat replied.

We just sat there drinking the tea; it was as if the mind of us all was somewhere else. The difference was that Peggy was smiling the whole time while Annette and I were just miserable.

We left in Annette’s car at a quarter to 12, knowing from Peggy’s experience that I would probably not be able to drive back after Henrik’s massage.

We entered his place. The small bell rang and Henrik met us. My first impression bursa escort bayan was that he was a man at ease, a very handsome man in a quiet way. When we shook hands I could not help thinking that his strong hands would be all over my body in a few minutes.

We sat down in some comfortable chairs in his office. He served another cup of tea and then explained us what the purpose of the massage was to relieve stress from both body and mind. Peggy had had already given most of the details few days ago, but the way he did it made so much sense. I felt I could trust this man, I knew he would take care of me and make me feel safe. It was as if the nervousness and tension I had been carrying since I made my appointment disappeared in thin air.

He talked to Annette and told her to be quiet during the session, explaining to her that he wanted to bring me to a place where only he and I would be. Any disturbance would make that task impossible.

Annette agreed that she would just be the fly on the wall. Later I learned that flies can have strong orgasms too.

We went into to his very nice massage room. The ease I felt in Henrik’s office was enhanced by this room. He told me to undress and then left the room.

Going commando since morning made it quick. I got onto the couch not bothering with any towels knowing that he needed me naked. Once on the couch I called him and shortly after he entered with a bottle of oil. Henrik had changed too, and now he was dressed in comfortable, white pants and a t-shirt. Annette sat on a chair, some six feet from the couch closest to my feet. I would not be able to see her during the massage.

I remembered Peggy’s story, so it seemed like he was following the same procedure every time.

The warm oil had a fragrance of almond and lavender and he spread it generously over my body. Soon I was in this world of bliss that Peggy had talked about.

Annette was sitting quietly in her comfortable soft chair. She had a blanket over her to make her feel warm and nice. Her head was resting against a big soft pillow.

Below is the story about how she experienced the massage of Kathryn.

I sat down in this very nice chair, Is was big so I could stretch out. I wrapped myself in a big soft blanket, and leaned back relaxing but still anxious to absorb all the details of Kat’s massage.

The couch was very wide so a assumed that Henrik would have to be on the couch as well in order to do the massage.

Kat got naked quickly and lay down on the couch stark naked. She has such a beautiful body. Lying head down with legs spread a little, I had an uninterrupted view of her well formed butt and her bald pussy. I know I was sitting were I was because I should be out of sight from Kat, but that gave me full view of her treasures. I really felt the urge to caress her and to do wonderful things to her pretty pussy. Kat loves being naked. It turns her on to be naked. Her pussy lips were swollen and even some 6 feet away I could smell her fragrance. So sweet and lovely. I know it also tastes so good, but that would have to wait. I had promised to be quiet.

Henrik came into the room carrying a canister with a clear light green fluid. He went to the end of the couch where Kat had her head and poured the oily fluid along her spine. The oil started flowing down her sides, but Henrik quickly spread the fluid all over her back all the way the the top of her thighs. He also covered her arms in oil It was a beautiful sight seeing Kat’s body all shiny. She looked so sexy.

The Henrik moved to her feet and spread the oil over her legs and feet. So there was this sex goddess all shiny. I felt my breathing got harder. I must admit that my pussy at that time was very wet. The whole situation was so erotic.

I studied Henrik for a while. He moved with grace like a dancer in full control. He had like a shy smile on his face. He looked so manly, but I sensed that he did without knowing it.

His hands slowly moved all over Kat’s body. I sense that he wanted to know Kat’s body in detail. He repeated the slow movements over and over and over again, but with time his movements changed and sometimes stopped in a certain place. I wonder if that was what Peggy talked about, bursa bayan escort that he found her tension and relieved them from her. Kat was lying dead still. I was wondering how she was feeling. I would have loved to be on that table in her place, but I knew my time would come.

The slow movements choreographed like a dance was mesmerizing, almost hypnotic. I can imaging how Kat must have felt. It even affected me. I had this feeling of peace surrounding me. Henrik had his eyes closed, still with the small smile on his face. I think he was in that zone too.

After having massaged Kat’s back for a long time. He gently turned her around and applied the oil all over he front in the same way he did her back.

Her breasts looked so inviting all oiled up. Her nipples were very hard.

Henrik then went to her head and started a slow, sensuous massage of her face. With his fingers he made small circular movements. A few times his hand stopped and I could see he applied pressure with one finger. I noted especially the point between her eyebrows just where her nose started. That was the only time I heard Kat. She sighted deeply, like a lot of tension left her. Having taken a long time to massage her face his hands moved down the top of her body. Again these slow movements. He moved on and found new places to stimulate. Eventually he moved downward from her face to her upper body. Then he concentrated on her breasts. It was the most erotic thing I ever seen. It was like he worshiped her breasts with slow gentle strokes of his big hands. They both moved in sync. Kat’s nipple were rock hard. In the end of his breast massage he opened his hands, spread his fingers wide and the moved the finger from the base of her breast towards the nipples, closing his fingers as he came closer to the nipples. I was such a loving way he did it. I wanted him to do it to me just there and now.

Then he spend some time doing a thorough massage of her legs. Henrik was blocking my view with his lean strong body. He had this small but firm butt. Just like I like butts to be.

Then he moved on top of the couch between Kat’s legs. He spread them wide and supported the knees on both side with wedges. Since I couldn’t see either Kat’s pussy or Henriks hands I could only imagine what he did, but after quite some time. (I must say I lost track of time totally) I saw Kat convulse in the most impressive way. It went on for minutes. When she started convulsing Henrik quickly moved the her head and held her tight. He strokes her hair lovingly and whispered words in her ear, so low I could not hear what he said. But gradually she relaxed.

He then looked at me and whispered that I could speak now. I got up went to him, grabbed his face and kissed him soft and long. When he responded to me kissing me back I couldn’t help myself. My hands moved all over him and quickly found his groin. His cock was rock hard, but confined in some very tight panties. I whispered to him. “Make love to me please” He nodded and told to wait a little. He then placed Kat comfortably on the couch, Covered her with a blanket.

He then turn to me and walked me to the chair I had been sitting in. He undressed me slowly. Place me on my back and moved straight to my very wet pussy. I came in seconds. It was so good after this long torture. He undressed lifted me without effort and asked me to ride him. His cock was so hard, and warm and wonderful. I impaled myself. I moved down and starting kissing him again. It felt so good. I picked up speed. I was so aroused again. Much to quick I came and almost at the same time Henrik exploded inside me.

“Thanks Annette, I really needed that, Kat was so wonderful, and knowing you were sitting here watching us made me full of need. You did just the right thing.”

“You were so beautiful together” we heard Kat say. She looked so at ease and had a big smile on her face.

Before we left. I booked a massage for myself. Kat asked if she could join. Then with a flirtatious look at Henrik she said “Maybe I can help you the next time?”

Henrik laughed and said “I would love that. You two are wonderful women, like Peggy you can come, and I would love to massage you for my own pleasure.”

We left. I drove even if I was shaky too. We reached Peggys house, and told her everything.

We stayed overnight and did a lot more than cuddling.

The body of a woman is so soft and responsive. Life is good.

When asked Kat if it was the big one. Kat just replied. “Yeah it was pretty good” and then laughed.

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