Paying the Fine

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You were traveling down the road, foot to the floor as your car whipped round corners when my flashing lights materialized behind you… your cursed softly under your breath and slowed, pulling into a deserted lay by … You waited in your car as slowly walk towards you, straightening my uniform as I walk…

Its early summer and you are on your way from a party, trying to get home, annoyed with some friends at the party and not really paying attention to your speed…. you realize you must have been doing at least 20 over and realize this time it will mean your license.

You step out of the car and my breath catches in my throat, a curvy figure with a light summer dress on the cool night air makes your nipples harden immediately under your dress till the press firmly showing their outline through the wavy material.

“License and registration please miss…” You smile at me … gabbling an apology about how fast you were going and that it was only a mistake and you will never do it again … all things I have heard before … I take your arm and lead you round to the halkalı escort front of the car…. “Hands on the bonnet please miss … and spread your legs … I need to search you…. my tongue sliding over my lips as I anticipate what’s going to happen next….

Your looking a bit nervous as my hands start at the top of your neck, checking under your hair as they slide gently down over your shoulders then over your bare arms…. you shiver and its not that cold…. my hands slowly moving down over your back and stomach gently pressing the area just under your breasts, as I lean over to search lower down you feel my breath hot on the back of your neck, my hands slowly sliding down over your legs….

I press your legs a little further apart, forcing you to lean over a little more, your ass sticking back as my hands caress the outsides then insides of your legs, sliding up and down over your soft skin … I hear you softly moan as my firm fingers slide over you…. this time my hands slide up your legs and lift olgun escort your skirt … you don’t complain as I bunch it up around your waist….

You lean over fully, your upper body resting against the warm bonnet as I slowly hook my fingers into your panties and draw them down your legs … all alone on this deserted country lane you feel my finger slowly press into your slit… I am delighted to find that you are dripping wet…. all the frustration with your friends vanishing as my fingers slowly slide in and out of your wet lips, my thumb softly rubbing over your clit as your legs are pushed even wider … you hear my zip go and staring at the glass on the front of your car you can just make out the reflection of me behind you … my hard shaft in my hand as I move between your legs, pressing the hot throbbing head to your soaked opening.

I press harder leaning over you as my hard cock sinks into you … forcing a guttural grunt from your body as you are entered şişli escort roughly … the shaft stretching you open…. splitting you wide as it thrusts deep inside you, my hands gripping your curvy hips as I slowly draw myself back out…. thrusting deep inside you I begin building up a rhythmical thrusting deep inside you…

I push you further up the body, your gasps and cries coming louder and faster now as my shaft pounds you, pushing you down onto the car shaking it as I thrust myself deeper and deeper with hard fast thrusts into your wet cunt.

I suddenly pull out and lift you spinning you round and lying back on the bonnet of the car facing up, lifting your dress higher till your fantastic breasts are exposed I lean down and take one of them in my mouth, my hard cock once more seeking your soft opening and burying itself deep in you.

I push myself into you over and over, your cries echoing around the dark, moonlit road, till finally your cries reach a peak and you scream your ecstasy to the silent stars … with a groan I feel your tight hole clamp down as your muscles flex and it pulls the cum from me, my hot seed blasting into your tight little pussy, my lips still around your nipple as we collapse together on top of the car…. our breathing slowly returning to normal as I gently slide out of you….

“I take it the party did not go well?” You lean up and kiss me, a twinkle in your eye…. “I’ll see you at home Hun … with a special surprise.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32