Pay It Forward

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Chris walked into the house head down thinking, “Can life suck any more than this?” Her car had died a block from home on a hot day and she had no idea what was wrong with it. She walked to the refrigerator for a glass of cold water when she heard the noise.

“Oh shit, that hurts you bastard! Ahhh goddam. Fuck. You son of a bitch.”

Chris recognized her son’s girlfriend Cassie’s voice. She couldn’t believe he would hurt her, but headed back to his room. As she got to his door, she heard the tone change.

“OOH God! That feels good! Jesus, you big-dicked son of a bitch that feels so good!” She stopped short and didn’t know which way to turn. Then she heard her son’s girlfriend holler “Oh my God I’m cumming! Don’t stop you fucker, don’t stop! Ahhhh.” Then silence.

She retreated to the kitchen not knowing what to think. Ten minutes later her son Jeff walked into the kitchen and stopped up short seeing his mom. With an embarrassed look, he said, “Sorry mom, we thought you were at work, got to go.”

She watched him walk out the door and took him in. Twenty-one years old, dark hair, broad shoulders, trim hips. She knew he was good looking but had never thought of him as a sexual being. He was her son. She sat there for ten minutes listening to the shower run in Jeff’s bathroom. The water stopped and a few minutes later Jeff’s girlfriend Cassie walked into the kitchen. Cassie had been her daughter Allison’s best friend growing up, and now that she was away at college Jeff had obviously taken advantage. The nineteen-year-old was shaking out her damp shoulder length dark hair.

She saw Chris and grinned, “Hey Ms. Spanner. How are you doing?” No embarrassment whatsoever.

Chris looked at her and replied, “Well, apparently not as good as you,” expecting her to be embarrassed.

She grinned at Chris. “That’s too bad. Every woman deserves a day like I just had!” she giggled. Chris just looked at her. Cassie continued, “What, haven’t you ever had afternoon sex?”

Chris said, “Not in a hundred years or so it seems. and never like that sounded!”

Cassie just looked at her for a second, taking her in. Forty-two, tall, slender, pretty, medium length dark hair with small breasts and a slim tight ass.

“Why?”, she asked. “Surely you could get all the men you want?”

Chris sat at the kitchen table and looked at the girl and said with a sigh, “I haven’t been with a man since my husband, Greg, left fifteen years ago.”

Cassie’s eyebrows shot up and she looked at Chris totally stunned. She sat at the table and asked “Why not?”

Chris told her, “Jeff was six, Allison was four, and there didn’t seem to be any time for me. Besides Greg always said I was terrible in bed. I don’t think I ever had an orgasm the whole time we dated or were married. I must be damaged somehow.”

Cassy looked at her angrily and said, “That’s just bullshit. If you never had an orgasm, you were just with the wrong man. Every woman is capable if the right buttons are pushed. We just need to find you a button pusher.”

Chris looked at her slightly amused and replied “So, you are going to find me a man?”

“I’m going to help you find an orgasm!” Cassie replied. She looked at her for a moment and said, “I have an idea.”

Chris had to ask, “Just what is your idea?”

Well, the girl looked at her and said, “You know Jeff and I share sometimes.” Chris looked confused. Cassie went on, “Well I share Jeff I mean; he doesn’t share me.”

Chris looked at her and said, “What do you mean share?”

Cassie said, “Well, I’ve brought a few women to play with us.” As Chris’s eyes grew wider, Cassie went on, “To be honest, Jeff is an incredible lover and he is huge, if you know what I mean. I can’t keep up with him all by myself. I don’t mind sharing occasionally and on top of that I like women too.”

Chris couldn’t have been more stunned. She blushed kartal escort bayan and said, “Well, I’m sure that’s nice but what does that have to do with me?”

Cassie told her, “Jeff surely knows how to push a woman’s buttons.”

Chris said, “I know you think you are trying to help, but please tell me you aren’t suggesting I sleep with my son.”

Cassie said, “No sleeping involved, just pure sex followed by a great orgasm.”

Chris, exasperated, told her “Women don’t have sex with their children.”

Cassie kept on, “Who says?”

“The law,” Chris replied.

“Oh, crap!” the girl said. “Who’s to know? Who’s to tell? Jeff? He wouldn’t not, if he ever wanted either of us again. Me? Not at all. To be honest you’re his biggest fantasy. I’d never take that away from him. Believe me Ms. Spanner, it would be a life changing experience, and if you think parents and their kids don’t have sex, it happens more than you think.”

Chris said, “I can’t believe his own mother is his biggest fantasy. By the way, after this conversation, call me Chris.”

Cassie looked at her and said, “What if he didn’t know it was you?”

“Cassie I can’t.” Chris said.

The girl went on. “Ever wonder about me looking so much like you? Dark hair, small boobs but perky thank you very much!” as she grinned, “and a tight ass. I’m telling you, the man has a thing for mama.”

Chris sighed and said, “Thanks, but it’s a preposterous idea.”

Cassie replied, “It’s a great idea. You think about it and I’ll see you in the morning.” as she bounced out the door.

Chris didn’t sleep well that night. She couldn’t get Cassie’s words or the sounds of Cassie and her son out of her mind. Was it possible there wasn’t anything wrong with her? She wondered what it would be like to experience that passion one time in her life. Maybe if she had it one time, she would be satisfied that she was a complete woman and not simply broken. She was sitting at her kitchen table in the morning, lost in thought, Jeff having left for work early when Cassie tapped on the window.

Chris rose to let her in, then poured her a cup of coffee. As they sat, Cassie looked at her and simply said, “Life changing.”

Chris asked, “You said, what if he didn’t know? What did you mean?”

Cassie grinned and leaped up. “Leave that to me. First, I have a question. Are you shaved?”

Chris looked at her and said “What do you mean? Of course, I shave.”

Cassie said, “I mean your pussy?”

Chris turned bright red and said, “Ahh no.”

Cassie said, “We have to fix that but it’s not a problem.”

Chris asked, “Why do I have to be shaved?”

Cassie said, “Jeff likes to say he likes a clean plate, she laughed, “and so do I.” Cassie told Chris, “Go take a quick shower, get me a pair of scissors and some shaving cream and we’ll take care of step one.” Chris felt like she was being led to the slaughter despite the exuberance of the girl.

Ten minutes later she came back wrapped in a towel. Cassie was waiting with a bowl of warm water and said “This will go better in the bedroom.” Cassie led her back to Jeff’s bedroom and told her to sit on the bed. “Lay back and put the towel under your butt.” Cassie said.

Chris reluctantly dropped her towel. Cassie exclaimed, “Oh! You have puffies!” “They’re beautiful! Are they sensitive?” as she reached out and pinched Chris’ nipple. Chris had always been embarrassed by her nipples which were simply cones on her small breasts. She quickly crossed her arms over breasts and said “Yes.” Cassie grinned and said “Sorry.”, while not looking a bit sorry.

Cassie told Chris to lay back and took the scissors and started trimming Chris’ bush. Shortly, it was trimmed enough to apply shaving cream and Cassie began shaving Chris’s pussy. She finished, took a damp cloth and wiped away the cream. Chris felt so exposed, like escort maltepe at the doctor’s office. Cassie was so quiet. All of a sudden, she said, “You have a beautiful pussy Chris.”

Chris started to sit up when the girl said “Wait.” So, Chris laid back. “We are going to check something.” Cassie told her.

Chris said, “What?” Cassie said, “We are going to find out if you can have an orgasm.” and fastened her mouth to Chris’ pussy. Chris tried to rise but Cassie simply put her arms up on her stomach and held her in place. Her tongue began to explore. She nibbled and tasted, she sucked on the exposed lips, and as Chris grew wet, she tasted her. Chris began to grow warm and her hips began to shift. She was looking for something but she didn’t know what. Cassie became more forceful and started giving small licks around Chris’s clit then reached up and gently tweaked her nipples, and suddenly Chris cried out and came.

Cassie sat back smiled and said, “See. Buttons.”, Cassie leaned up and gave Chris a kiss as she started to weep.

Chris said, “No one ever did that to me.”

Cassie said, “Now you owe me one”, as she took off her clothes.

Chris told her, “Wait, I never expected this. I don’t have the faintest idea of what to do.”

Cassie told her, “I’m going to be there when Jeff really shows you how a man treats a woman. We will be naked so this is practice.”

Chris said, “What do you mean you will be there?”

Cassie said, “You don’t want him to know right?”

“No,” Chris said.

Cassie told her, “Leave it to me.” Cassie lay back, small and lovely, and held up her arms. Chris leaned in and Cassie took her head and gave her a deep kiss. “Kiss my nipples”, she told Chris. Chris lowered her head and took the berry-like tip in her mouth and suckled. Cassie moaned and Chris found she liked the sound, knowing she was giving pleasure. She moved to the other nipple feeling it harden in her mouth. Cassie began to apply pressure to the top of her head and she knew what was expected. She slowly kissed her way down to Cassie’s shaved pussy, smelling her arousal.

Cassie pulled the sheet over the two of them and the smell increased. Chris found it arousing. As Chris started to explore and taste another woman for the first time, she heard the door open. Cassie clamped her thighs on Chris’s head and Chris heard her say, “Hey sweetie! I found us a new playmate.”

Chris was terrified. She just knew Jeff was in the room. He said, “Holy crap! I almost got a speeding ticket after I got your message.” Chris felt betrayed but couldn’t say a word.

Jeff asked, “Who’s our friend?”

Cassie grinned and said, “It’s a secret.” She heard Cassie say, “Lift those hips sweetie.”

She was still covered and hoped that she could remain hidden. She obeyed the girl and got up on her knees with her face held captive between Cassie’s thighs. She felt the sheet begin to slide up her ass and hoped she wouldn’t be found out.

As it cleared her ass, she heard Jeff say, “Oh my god, she’s gorgeous.”

Cassie said, “You have no idea. She’s the best playmate yet. Take off your clothes.” Chris heard him disrobing and knew she had no choice but to remain silent. Cassie said, “Taste her sweetie, she’s delicious.”

Jeff said, “You mean you started without me, you naughty girl.”

Cassie just giggled, “I was just getting her ready for my big man.”

Chris felt Jeff’s wide tongue swipe up from her clit all the way to her asshole. She yelped, not expecting it. “MMMM. Tasty. Cassie you were right.”

Cassie asked, “Is she wet enough baby?” Chris felt Jeff probe her pussy with a finger and say, “She’s soaked.”

Cassie said, “C’mon sugar, you owe me an orgasm. Start licking.” Chris was afraid Cassie would completely expose her so she resumed licking Cassie’s pussy.

Cassie said, “I told her she’d get a life pendik escort changing experience, so give her your best.”

Chris felt Jeff rise behind her and then felt the head of his penis touch the spread lips of her pussy. She knew, like it or not, she was going to get fucked by her son. She felt him slowly work the head of his penis up and down spreading moisture and preparing her. Then she felt this invasion. Oh my god, it was huge. So wide. He was barely in but she felt so spread.

“Jesus, Cassie, she’s so tight!” Jeff said.

“I know baby, she hasn’t had sex in a long time, so go slow.” He started making small in and out motions a little at a time and slowly worked about four inches into her.

Cassie’s pussy was completely forgotten. She felt full and had no idea how much was left to go. Jeff bucked and fed her three more inches causing her to exclaim, “Oh My God.”

She heard him exclaim, “Mom!?” As he leaned forward to see, he thrust three more inches into her already full pussy causing her to groan. He jerked the sheet aside and saw her there impaled on his cock.

Cassie giggled and said, “Surprise!”

Chris couldn’t move. She wailed, “You said he wouldn’t know!”

Cassie said, “You gave it away not me, and he was always going to know because once won’t be enough.”

Chris tried to get up but was pinned. Cassie told her, “You know, you are in bed being fucked by your son, you can’t be unfucked, so enjoy.” She collapsed. She felt Jeff withdraw leaving her empty then she was rolled onto her back.

She heard Jeff say, “Cassie, thank you so much!” and heard her laugh. Then she felt him between her thighs and felt that spreading sensation again. She felt him slowly penetrate her. She couldn’t look him in the eye but she looked down at his cock. Her eyes widened. It won’t fit she thought. He slowly started thrusting a little at a time. She watched more and more disappear. She felt so full it was hard to breathe.

She couldn’t take her eyes off as he slowly worked the whole massive cock into her. Finally, she felt his pubic bone meet hers. She heard him groan and heard Cassie say, “Now, change her life baby.” He pulled about four inches out and started slowly feeding it in and out.

She was having trouble simply breathing and couldn’t speak. She was just making guttural animalistic noises. She felt as though she was riding a huge ocean wave carrying her somewhere. The wave kept getting heavier and heavier rushing her towards the shore.

She vaguely heard Cassie say, “it’s time baby.” and he withdrew his cock as far as the head and started fucking the whole length into her. It seemed without end. The wave grew and grew until all of a sudden it and she crashed into the shore She heard him groan and felt him empty himself into her and she screamed and it all went black.

She drifted back into consciousness feeling someone gently lapping at her pussy. “So tasty”, Cassie said. “I do so love Jeff’s cream pies” as she smiled up at Chris.

Chris started crying and said, “I never knew.”

Jeff was gone. Cassie said, “You are so welcome. Now you have to pay it forward.”

Chris said, “What do you mean?”

Cassie said, “The first time is with me, the second time you have to bring in your own friend that needs help.”

Chris said, “Oh no, Cassie, no one can know.”

Cassie continued to lap at her then stopped and said, “Life changing, right?”

“Yes, oh my god yes, but no one can know. Me and my son.”

Cassie said “Shhh, it’s not as hard as you think, and I’ll help. I’m very good at it aren’t I?”

“What if I can’t find someone?” Chris said.

Cassie said, “That would disappoint Jeff. He very much wants to have sex with you again.”

Chris said, “But I’m his mom, surely, he can make an exception.”

Cassie said, “I’m sure he would but I won’t. He knows if he wants me to continue the pay it forward game, he has to stay strong.” Chris looked at her and knew two things. One her life had changed irrevocably, and two, once was definitely never going to be enough. She thought to herself she would do whatever Cassie said to get that feeling again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32