Pawn Shop Gets Lovely Young Couple

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Penny walked into the Pawn Shop, “Hello!” she called out. Penny had never been into a situation like this.

“Howdy,” Fred the shop owner responded from the back counter. “Come on in. It is almost closing time.”

She and her husband Allan, had maxed out their credit cards trying to keep up the payments on their expensive house and cars.

“I have never been in a Pawn Shop before,” stammered Penny as she looked around somewhat wide eyed. She could see furniture, appliances, tools, and household goods. “I don’t know how all this works.”

“It is pretty simple, you have something to hock for a loan, and we consider the value and we might loan you money until you can pay the loan and pick up your item.” Fred was direct. “It is closing time.” Fred picked up his keys and headed toward the door.

Penny said, “I don’t have anything to hock.”

Fred said, “I bet you do.”

Penny with a hurt look of desperation said, “Can’t we just talk for a few minutes?”

“Sure, let me lock this door, and we can talk in my office.”

Penny followed Fred to his office in the back. She watched as Fred locked the door, took his seat, and left Penny standing by his desk. It was as if he would only tolerate her while she stood ready for his next words. She was afraid he would tell her to leave.

Fred had a video security camera running. He looked over her profile as she stood there obediently. “Let’s see what you have to trade in, what you have to offer.” He took out a note pad.

“Well I don’t have anything; that is why I came here to see if there is anything I haven’t thought of, that maybe I could trade in.” Penny talked haltingly as if she might get a new idea while talking.

“What about your car?” Fred asked.

“It is about to be repossessed,” Penny responded.

In a business like manner, Fred wrote down the word car on the top line of the list, and wrote zero in the column on the right, “What about the house?”

“They are starting foreclosure processes,” she answered.

Fred wrote house, and put another zero in the column. “Any appliances?”

“We already sold them.” Penny was getting fidgety, and was starting to get tears in her eyes.

“Do you have anything else you want to talk about?” Fred was patient.

“Well I don’t know.”

“Calm down, and let’s go through the possibilities one by one, okay?” Fred had control. “First, let me ask about those rings. What is the value of that one?” He pointed at her wedding band.

“About $2000.00”

“Here, lay it right here and we will start a stack and list the value.” Fred pointed to the end of the table next to them.

Penny took the ring off and laid it there where he pointed.

“Any more jewelry, like nipple rings, clit rings?” Fred demanded.

Penny didn’t have a clit ring but shuddered that he would be forward enough to ask.

“Let’s see those shoes,” Fred held his hand out impatiently.

Penny bent over and took her shoes off one at a time.

Fred looked at the young ladies body as she bent over and lifted her feet. He could see some of her firm breasts.

She put the shoes on the table.

Fred marked the list for the ring, and for the shoes. “How much are the shoes?”

“About $25, they are almost new.”

“Turn around for me, and show me your dress. Step closer.”

Penny was shy but always desired attention to her looks. She obediently turned as instructed.

Fred said, Let me feel the texture. It tells a lot about the quality and the value.” He let his hand touch her side feeling the dress material. “The seams also give away the value.” He let his hand drift up and down her side coming close enough to her breast to give her a little thrill sensation. He trailed his finger down her zipper from her neck to the small of her back and the top of her ass crack, and traced it back up to the top where he unfastened the loop hook at the top. “How the clothes fasten is part of the value.”

Penny felt more free about all this because she had already taken off her shoes.

Now Fred let his finger trace the zipper seam down to her bra strap. He traced the path of the bra strap back and forth going to the underside of her breast in the front, this time putting a tiny amount of pressure on the side of her boob to feel the firmness. Now he traced his finger down the side until he felt the band of her panties. “You are wearing panties?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Are they pretty?”

“Yes,” she said.

He traced the panties band under her dress with his finger tip, around the side and across the top crack of her ass, and then down her hip and around her bottom. He reached around her front and traced her panty band down her hip and along the side her pussy mound. Next to her clit he pushed the finger toward her clit just enough to judge the firmness.

He brought his hand back around her bottom, and traced up the dress and panty covered ass crack all the way up her spine to the base of her neck, caressing gently on her neck and behind her ear. He moved kurtköy escort close to her ear and whispered, “You are doing fine.” He licked and kissed behind her ear, turned her head and licked toward the front of her neck, then up to the fine hairs at the base of her neck, while discreetly unzipping her dress all the way down exposing her back skin. He also smoothly unfastened her bra, and pulled her bra straps down over her shoulders, loosening her bra.

Fred kissed and licked down her spine lifting and unfastening her bra, and continued to lick all the way down to the top of her ass crack. He could see the band of her panties, and down her ass crack. He licked and wetted the skin at the top of her ass crack, and blew on it. He wetted and blew on her spine up past where her bra strap had been.

Fred sat in his chair and beckoned Penny to stand in front of him. “Now let’s take off those leggings.”

Penny sat on the edge of his desk as he motioned. She had her knees together, but Fred helped her pull down the leggings which opened her knees and he got a wonderful squirrel shot. He pulled off both leggings, and listed those as $2.00, used. He looked directly at her panties now at eye level and said, “Those are pretty. They look soft.”

Penny asked, “Is this like modeling?”

“Yes, I was going to get to that. Right now though let’s continue. Here lift up, you are sitting on the back of your dress. Modeling it is, I might be able to sell some pictures, and video clips. This may help you financially.”

Penny placed her hands on the sides and pushed her bottom up, as Fred traced the side of her dress on her hips and pulled the back of it free. He pulled the dress up above her stomach. He could see her panties and they were pretty.

As Penny made herself comfortable again with her arms down on either side stabilizing herself, Fred suddenly pulled her dress and bra down her arms revealing the nakedness of her entire front.

“Very pretty,” said Fred.

Penny had let herself into this but she was somewhat shocked.

“Don’t worry. It is just skin. We are both adults aren’t we? Here let me get this.” Fred took her bra and laid it in the pile.

“Now stand in front of me and lift the front of your dress above your stomach. I want to see your tummy.” Penny did this, and of course her pussy was still at his eye level. “Now keep the dress pulled up above your tummy front and back and turn around so I can see the back.” He waited and watched. “Now bend over the desk.”

Fred traced the ass crack over the top of her panties all the way down until he felt the tip of her spine, her hot pouting asshole rim, and the crease at her vagina. Fred traced the crease of her vagina feeling the outer edge, the heat and a little moisture through the material. He kept sensuously caressing her pussy opening through her panties. He felt more and more heat.

He took the liberty to cup, fondle, and caress her firm rounded butt cheeks through her panties.

Once again Fred had Penny stand in front of him, and he pulled her dress up and over her head, laid it in the pile, and marked the list again. He watched her boobies jiggle as he pulled up the dress.

Penny stood in front of him.

“Relax,” Fred said as he once again traced the panty bands but this time pushing more on the firm sides of her vulva. He traced the fine line of hair from her belly button down to her panty band and continued down the front of her panties. He gently rubbed up and down the sides of her clit tunnel, and pushed it from side to side before touching the tip of her clit through her panties. It was a knob with a pointy tip, as he could feel through the panties.

Penny clinched and humped involuntarily as he played with her clit and teased her clit tunnel. She could feel her own heat as he started tracing the outer edges of her pussy lips.

Fred traced her glorious hard clit and began caressing her pussy lips though her panties, tracing her lips, pussy crack, and the insides of her pussy lips through the material, until finally he was massaging her clasping vagina opening begging for a touch of the G-spot.

Fred traced his tongue on the line of fine hair from her panties up her tummy and to the undersides of her breasts. He licked and wetted the undersides of her breasts, and blew on them. He licked the sides of her breasts, and wetted the entire breasts one at a time. He licked and teased her nipples with his mouth, tongue, and teeth, sucking them in and twisting them in his mouth. He licked from breast to breast then up the middle to her neck, and licked her neck, kissing, and wetting it blowing. He licked to her ear lobe, and then behind her ear. He could feel her body heat getting very hot. As he was licking he also had reached around behind and was sensuously caressing her spine from the neck where he licked all the way down to her butt crack and down into her panties feeling her butt crack all the way to her asshole, and the edge of her pussy. He caressed the edge of her vagina, tracing the edge feeling malatya escort the moisture build up.

He turned her around again smoothly removing her panties to her elegant ankles and she daintily stepped out of the panties while he held them, and put them in the pile.

Now her beautiful pussy was in his face. She was a blond, but had black pubic hair. This turned him on. Fred said, “Now I want you to let me bring you to orgasm. I want you to participate, and I want to see you squeeze your pussy cum out when you orgasm. I need to get this on video cam so if necessary we can use it to help you make money.”

Fred kissed her pussy for a few minutes, teasing her clit tunnel, licking her clit, and licking the pussy lips.

“Now lay back on your back with your ass at the edge of the table here and spread your legs. I want your pussy in my face.”

He flicked her clit with his tongue for a minute, then kissed her pussy lips open, licking the insides of her pussy lips sucking on them, and teasing the vestibule and pee hole. He had his tongue frenulum cut and his long tongue easily sank in and teased her G-spot so unexpectedly that she started to clinch her pussy on his tongue. Her pussy was pulling on his tongue, pulling it inward undulating, and stretching it until the end of his tongue wrapped up around her G-spot.

Penny humped his face and lips. She twisted and humped trying for that ultimate sensation. She pulled his head into her pussy increasing the pressure of his face on her pussy. She lifted her hips arching her back in agony for the orgasm. Her pussy juice was making his face wet, as she humped and lifted her hips his finger pushed into her asshole aided by her twisting and humping movements. His other fingers on that hand were in her ass crack, and were squeezed tightly by her ass cheeks. With the finger in her ass he could feel his tongue in her pussy through her membranes. He could feel the rippling of her vagina pulling and gripping on his tongue.

She began to tremble, lifting her hips further until her muscles strained. Her pussy clamped hard on his tongue. Her asshole clinched and trapped his finger. He could feel the hardness of her straining ass cheeks, and with his other hand he felt her tummy tighten hard.

She grunted, gasped, and sort of screamed like a loud sigh.

Fred pulled his tongue out covered in her cum. Her ass released his finger, and he could see her pushing out thick creamy white cum, dripping slowly like white molasses down to her ass crack over her asshole. The camera captured his tongue cleaning it from her ass crack, and asshole, and sucking it out from her pussy hole. He licked around the edges, and stuck his tongue in for more. She pushed out more.

He gave her entire pussy a tongue bath from her asshole to her clit. He sucked on her pussy lips. He licked up all the pussy cum he could get.

While she was still in ecstasy he stood up, and plunged his cock into her still wet pussy. He fucked and twisted his dick around in her until he felt her pussy juices dripping on his balls. Just before he was ready to cum, he climbed over the top of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked her own juices of his cock until he came in her mouth. She played with the cum for a few minutes, painting it on the head of his cock with her tongue, and swirling it all through her mouth until finally swallowing it. She looked up at him with a smile in her eyes. She cleaned his cock off sucking every last strand of sex juice, and when he brought his balls to her mouth, she sucked them clean and dry also. She would dream of this sex session for years to come.

It had been glamorous sex of the kind she never had with Allan her husband. It was the first time a tongue had actually licked her G-spot, and the first time anyone had ever fingered her asshole.

Keeping his cock in her mouth momentarily, Fred turned around.

Penny enjoyed the view of his ass and reached up to feel it. She could see his asshole and his balls up close. She always wanted a close up view of a man’s crotch and ass cheeks joining the top of the legs.

Fred leaned over her and started licking her clit. He wanted to get his cock hard again.

Penny was enjoying the cock in her mouth and wanted to keep it there. Soon her pleasure started to get him hard again.

Fred got off the office desk, and had Penny change positions to laying on her stomach over the desk top. He reached in a drawer and took out some muscle relaxer anal lube. He coated his finger and started working the lube into her asshole. He worked slowly like caressing and massaging her asshole. “Relax,” he said. He slid his finger all the way in and worked it around. He watched as he manipulated her asshole to move around. He spiraled his finger in and out, added more lube, and added another finger.

Penny realized he had paused but now felt a knob at her butthole.

Fred lubed his cock, held her asshole open pushing her cheeks apart on both sides until he could actually pour the lube into her anal opening.

He kayseri escort pushed his cockhead onto her asshole. “It is just the head. Let’s see if it fits. Don’t worry it is just the head.”

Penny felt the push, and a little widening. She thought he just kept it there because it wouldn’t go in. She felt proud it was so tight. Except for the fingering, her asshole was a virgin.

She didn’t realize the head had already slipped in, but very slowly. Soon she began to feel full back there.

Fred kept pushing slowly, massaging her ass crack thoroughly as he did this. He loved the feel of her butt cheeks, and perfect tight asshole.

His second orgasm would come more slowly so he took his time moving his cock in all the way giving plenty of time for her asshole to adapt. Soon he started to pull it out, but making very small pumping motions to let the lube work in and her asshole to adjust.

Penny was having a revelation that she had swallowed cum for the first time loving it, but now had a cock in her ass. She could feel his pubic hair come against her ass and crotch. His balls were smacking her pussy. His stomach was starting to slap her ass, and soon sounded like a spanking.

Soon Fred was pumping in and out with rhythm. He spanked her bottom and watched it jiggle firmly. He rubbed her back all the way from her asshole, up her crack, and spine to her neckline. He reached under and cupped her boobs as he fucked her ass. He squeezed them enjoying the feel and firmness. He grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and grabbed her neck with the other while pounding her asshole. “Hump your clit on the desk honey.”

Penny loved it when someone called her honey or hun. She fucked back, humping her ass on his cock while at the same time humping her clit and her pussy mound on the desk top.

Fred let his hand drape down from her neck between her boobs to her tummy. He enjoyed the feel of her clinching tight tummy as they humped together. He let his hand drift down further until he was exploring the jungle of her pubic hair. As he let a finger drift toward her clit all of a sudden she humped harder bringing her clit to his finger and she clinched her ass on his cock.

This was the moment his cock exploded with a volley of cum in her ass. They were both out of breath, and he let his cock stay in her ass until it softened and slid out on its own.

Fred was by now naked, and they stood by the desk face to face. His hand was cupping and fondling her pussy, and she had a hand running all the way up and down his crotch all the way to his ass crack. She could see his ass in an office mirror, and she loved the sight, loved his ass crack, and his tight end.

He kept his hand cupping her pussy and she hugged him. She never had anyone hold her pussy like that, and she loved it. She wished she could hold his cock and balls all night, but she had to go home.

She started to walk toward the door, but Fred broke the spell. “You can put your clothes back on. He watched as she put on the sheer cotton print panties with small colorful butterflies and flowers. He liked how they form fitted her camel toe, and accentuated her pretty butt. He liked her tiny brown nipples that stood out. He helped her fasten her bra, zip her dress, and hook the top. “Come back tomorrow at the same time, and we will work out some more things to get you money.”

Fred re-locked the front door after she left.

Penny was practically skipping down the sidewalk. She couldn’t explain that because she was still broke, and still couldn’t make payments.

The next morning, Allan had been out looking for a job. He was passing by the Pawn Shop and decided to try there. He met Fred.

“Hi, how can I help you?” Fred was behind the counter.

“I am looking for a job,” Allan stammered.

“I am not hiring, but maybe you have something to trade.”

“I have nothing and about to lose everything.” Allan looked at the floor.

“Closing for lunch,” Fred said as he locked the door. “We can talk about it in my office. You can rest your feet for a few minutes.”

When they walked back there, Allan noticed the room had a nice plush carpet. He failed to notice the cameras.

“Why don’t you take off your shoes for a minute? It looks like you have been walking a lot.”

He gave a strong wine cooler to Allan. “Here have one on me while we talk.”

Allan liked Fred already. He cherished the drink, as he couldn’t afford any like that, especially now.

After the third drink, Allan was getting tipsy. These did have a high alcohol content, and he was on an empty stomach.

Fred was talking conversationally, “I have seen guys do many things to make money, mow lawns, rake leaves, give hand jobs, suck off cocks, …” He paused as he watched Allan’s eyebrows rise at the mention of sucking cocks. “Not that you would be into that but it is quick cash.”

Fred was standing in front of Allan. Allan was sitting in a chair, and Fred casually rubbed his cock, as if it were starting to get hard.

Allan couldn’t help but stare at the outline of cock and balls in the pants. He was not mesmerized but couldn’t say anything, drawing a blank. Allan was in all these money situations, and could not think of a response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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