Paul and Susan Go to College

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By twelve thirty, Paul and Susan Ward were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch. They heard a car door slam in the driveway. Paul said, “Maybe I should help them with their bags.” He went out the door and greeted his parents. They hadn’t packed much for their trip so Paul and his father were able to bring everything in one load.

After insuring that everything had been placed in her bedroom, Mrs. Ward sat at the kitchen table and said, “My vacation is over; let’s see those term papers. The sooner that I can go over them, the sooner you two can get your corrections done. You don’t need to be staying up until two in the morning finishing up.” Paul and Susan scurried off to their rooms to retrieve the papers.

While their mother was reviewing their work, Paul asked his father, “How was the graduation?”

“It was nice. As usual, the speeches were too long. We enjoyed going out to dinner with John. He has a new girl friend, you know.”

“No, I didn’t know. What’s she like?”

“A real nice girl. Nice looking.” Then attempting to whisper to Paul, he added, “Big knockers, too.”

Susan, somewhat shocked by her father’s blunt comment, indignantly said, “Is that all you guys think about — the size of a woman’s chest.”

From the kitchen, they heard their mother say, “He couldn’t keep his eyes off of them all week-end.”

Wanting to change the subject, Paul said, “When is John moving to Indianapolis?”

Mr. Ward answered, “He was going to leave Chicago at about the same time that we did. He changed his mind about coming home for a few days this week. He said that he wanted to get set up in his apartment as soon as possible. He said that he would try to come home for a day or so on Memorial Day weekend. I think that Kathy, that’s his girl friend’s name, is going with him. They are planning to get married late this summer or early in the fall.”

Susan squealed, “A wedding! Great. Where is it going to be?”

Mr. Ward said, “The details are a little sketchy right now, but it probably will be in Naperville. That’s where she is from. We met her parents this weekend. I think that this decision has just been made. John said that he would call later in the week with more details.”

The three of them sat around the family room taking while Mrs. Ward finished reviewing their papers. She found a minimal number of errors on each one and the teenagers had their corrections completed before supper. Everyone went to bed early that evening. As Susan lay in bed trying to go to sleep, she thought about the events of the weekend. At the beginning of the week, she had been afraid to even talk about sexual acts or parts of the anatomy. By now a penis was a cock and a vagina was a pussy and instead of talking about sexual acts, she was doing them. Then today, her dad was actually talking about John’s girlfriend’s anatomy. Before today, the only reason that she knew that her parents had any knowledge of sex, was the fact that they were the parents of four children.

During the ensuing week, the two of them had a fairly easy week at school. They turned their term papers in on Monday and were relieved that the final pressure of school before finals was gone. On Wednesday evening, their parents had gone to some friends to play bridge. They were able to spend about an hour and a half together in Susan’s bed enjoying each other. The other nights they were unable to get together. They each had uneventful dates on Friday night. When Susan came home, she went to Paul’s room to talk with him.

Susan asked, “You’re not as sexually frustrated tonight as I am; are you?”

Paul pulled back the covers to expose the hard cock straining at his briefs; Susan noticed that there was a wet spot on his briefs right at the end of his cock. He answered, “Does this show you how frustrating of a night that it was for me.”

“You poor baby. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad are still up. I can’t do much for you tonight. They’re leaving early in the morning for Fairchild to bring Becky back from school. As soon as the car heads down the street, we can be in bed together.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me.”

“Just make sure that you get up early so that Mom can fix you a good breakfast. You are going to need all of the energy that you can muster tomorrow.”

Susan kissed her brother good night and walked out of the room. The twins each got a restless night of sleep.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward were awake at six o’clock on Saturday morning. Mr. Ward loaded two small suitcases in Mrs. Ward’s station wagon for the trip to Fairchild. They intended to drive down there this morning and leave for home early on Sunday morning. They were taking the station wagon so that they would have enough room for Becky’s belongings. Becky had to be out of the dormitory by five so she would also stay in the motel with them this evening. Paul and Susan awoke and went to the kitchen in time for their mother to fix a good breakfast for them. The four of them kartal escort bayan ate breakfast and then the parents prepared to leave for Indiana.

True to her word, their parents were barely out of the driveway when Susan was rushing her brother to her bedroom. The door was not yet closed and Susan was out of her clothes. Paul quickly stripped and joined her in the bed. They began kissing each other and Paul felt her soft breasts. Soon he had two fingers sluicing in and out of her fur-covered portal. After spending a considerable time sucking and chewing on her boobs, Paul began to move his head toward her pussy. As Paul began to nibble on her pussy lips and then inserted his tongue, Susan urged Paul’s hips toward her head. When she had him in the position that she wanted him she began to suck on his hard cock. Soon, they were both cumming. Paul then moved to begin kissing his sister again. She loved tasting her own juices on his lips. Paul’s cock was now hard again and he began to move between her legs and slid his swollen member between those waiting cuntal lips. As he continued to slide his cock in and out of that slippery twat, he became harder than he had been when he entered her. He was able to last an incredibly long time before he began to explode within her. As he was cumming, Susan began to moan and scream.

As his limp cock began to slide from between those tender folds, Paul kissed Susan and said, “If we could only quiet you down, we could do this when Mom and Dad are at home.”

Susan sighed and said, “Yeah. But it wouldn’t be as enjoyable. We had better enjoy today and tonight though. This will be the last time in a long while that we will be able to use this bed. Becky gets back tomorrow and we leave for school in the fall a week before she does.”

“We can use my bedroom when we think that the house is empty. Mom and Dad play bridge once a week and Becky always went out as many nights as she could before. I doubt that that will change this summer. I am sure that we will be alone some days during the summer.”

“As long it is more than once a week. I don’t think that we are going to get any more of these weekends alone this summer.”

The two youths rested for a while and then resumed their sexual activity. They spent most of the day in bed and then ordered supper from one of the delivery restaurants. The sex had been so enjoyable and time consuming that they had neglected to eat lunch. They ate their food and watched a little television and then went back to bed for the rest of the evening. At about nine o’clock, exhaustion set in and they went to sleep. Sunday morning came and Paul woke Susan by nibbling between her thighs. When she was completely awake, they got serious again about having sex. They stayed in bed until it was nearly ten o’clock. They then took a shower together and had sex one more time before they had finished their shower. They dressed and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat while they waited for the return of Becky and their parents.

On the following Monday, they began their final exams at school and then graduated on Friday. Their parents’ bridge game had been at their house that week, so the two of them were unable to have sex since Becky returned from school. On graduation night, they went out for dinner with their parents after the ceremony. After they ate, Paul asked to use their mother’s car saying that they had a couple of graduation parties that they wanted to attend. Their parents had no objections to them celebrating a little, but cautioned them to avoid parties that served alcohol. Paul assured them that alcohol would not be involved in any way.

As Susan was getting settled in her seat, she asked, “Do you know of some parties that I don’t know about?”

“I know about a lot of parties. I just don’t intend to go to any of them. I figured that you and I haven’t been alone for quite some time and I know a place where we can go that is private.”

“Oh, you plan to have sex in the back seat of the car.”

“Yeah. If you want to. Otherwise we can just goof around for a while and then go home frustrated again.”

“It was becoming so comfortable at home in a bed; but I guess that the back seat is better than going without.

Paul drove to a secluded parking lot at the edge of town. The two of them quickly moved to the back seat and began removing their clothes. The long period of abstinence that they had both endured eliminated any need for a long warm up period. They were out of their clothes fairly quickly and had a fast but satisfying session. Almost as quickly as they undressed, they were dressed again. They drove off and arrived at home before midnight. Their parents were just getting ready for bed when they arrived. Paul and Susan were still wide-awake. It was a combination of euphoria of the sex that they had just had and the exhilaration of having finally graduated from high school. Neither of them was giving any thought to the idea escort maltepe of going to sleep.

Susan and Paul were sitting next to each other on the couch when Susan placed her hand on his crotch and began to rub. Paul squirmed a little and said, “Are you trying to get caught?”

“No. But I know that the quickie in the car wasn’t enough for you. I could stand a little more.”

“What about Mom and Dad? As loud as you are, they would surely hear us. Then there is the chance that Becky will come home.”

“I am not that worried about Becky. She was home last night. I don’t think that she would come home two nights in a row. As far as Mom and Dad go — we could just have oral sex. It’s hard to scream with a dick in your mouth. Unless you want to go to bed and jack-off again tonight?”

“That is not what I had planned on doing. Do you want to go to my room or your room?”

“We have got to use your room just in case Becky comes home. Ready?”

Paul contemplated for a moment and then stood up, saying, “Let’s go.” They walked to Paul’s room and once inside, locked the door. They were out of their clothes in a flash and began kissing and fondling each other. It didn’t take too long for them to maneuver into a sixty-nine position. When Susan took her brother’s cock into her mouth, she could still taste her juices mixed with his cum on that hard shaft. Paul did not mind the taste of his own cum that was still clinging to the walls of her pussy. He attacked that slit, striving to make her cum before he popped his load. He wanted her to cum while his hard cock was still stifling her ability to scream. When he was able to bring her to climax before he shot, she nearly swallowed his whole cock. For the first time she had taken the end of his cock down her throat. When he finally came, she nearly gagged; but was thoroughly enthralled by the excitement of taking his cum directly into her throat. The two of them stayed together until nearly two in the morning. Susan quickly dressed and returned to her own room. She was not surprised that Becky was still not home.

During the remainder of the summer, they did manage to get together for sex at least twice a week. Paul continued to date Karen and by the end of the summer he was regularly allowed to play with her bare tits. She was still resistant when Paul attempted to guide one of her hands to his crotch. Susan and Bill went out once or twice a week and she enjoyed it when he fondled and sucked her boobs. Once, Susan had gotten her hand beneath the waistband of his pants and for a very short time felt his hard pulsing member. Usually Bill tried to resist after she rubbed his crotch through his pants. They each desired more from their relationships. Paul and Susan were each content to move at the pace dictated by Karen and Bill. The fact that they were regularly having sex with each other made this easier.

Paul and Susan had enrolled at Mr. Assisi College in Joliet. Bill and Karen were also going to attend the same school. The four of them lived in the same dormitory. There were six floors of student rooms in the building. Three of them housed women and two housed men. The fourth floor of the building was co-ed. Men and women, although segregated by room, were intermingled on this floor. That was the floor on which Paul and Susan resided. Paul’s room was on the opposite side of the hallway from Susan’s and about four doors away. Bill was housed two floors above them and Karen was on the floor just below them. They began classes during the last full week of August.

On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, their brother, John, and Kathy Anderson were being married in Naperville. Friday afternoon, their parents picked them up from school. They had been to Fairchild earlier in the day to pick-up Becky. There were five of them cramped in the car for the twenty-five minute drive to the motel where they would be staying. They would be staying in a motel on Friday and Saturday evenings. Mr. And Mrs. Ward had one room and they had rented two other rooms directly across the hall from them. Susan and Becky would share one room. On Friday evening, Paul and John would share the other room.

Of course, Bill and Karen had been invited to the wedding. They would drive up on Saturday morning and planned to arrive about an hour or so before the wedding. On Saturday evening, Karen would share the room occupied by Susan and Becky and Bill would share the room that Paul was in. Understandably, John did not plan to use that room on Saturday evening. There was something about Kathy having other plans for him that evening. In fact, the only reason that John had stayed in the motel on Friday was the insistence of both sets of parents. It appeared that he and Kathy were not the most traditional couple. Many of the aspects of the wedding ceremony were accepted by them only to appease the two sets of parents. Kathy’s parents seemed to be just as old-fashioned and traditional as the Wards were.

Susan pendik escort and Paul had an opportunity to meet the bride-to-be at the rehearsal dinner on Friday evening. Paul’s first glance at Kathy told him that his father had not overstated the size of her breasts. The blond woman was only five foot tall and weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds. That small frame managed to carry a well-formed set of 36DD tits that Paul had difficulty keeping his eyes off. Susan chastised him for his intense interest in them. Paul informed her that it was just like women going window-shopping; they always paid attention to the items that they knew they could not have. Susan was not in agreement with his analogy. She wondered if Bill, when he arrived for the wedding on Saturday, would also show such an intense interest in Kathy’s anatomy.

Susan took an immediate liking to Kathy and she was very sure that her brother had made a fine selection when choosing a bride. Susan hoped that her brother and his bride would visit Madrid fairly soon. She felt that she probably would be able to develop a fairly close bond with Kathy if they had an opportunity to spend a little more time together.

In spite of the fact that they knew so few people, Paul and Susan enjoyed the wedding and the reception that followed. There were about fifteen or twenty of their relatives in attendance. The remainder of the guests were either relatives of Kathy or people that John or Kathy knew from school. On Sunday, they returned to school after attending their brother’s wedding and quickly got back into the regimen of their class schedule.

On this Friday night, Susan had a date with Bill. They had gone to a concert on campus and then returned to his room. They were sitting on his bed kissing and Bill’s hands were fondling her breasts through her clothes. Although he was still somewhat timid about sexual activity, he had progressed far enough that he didn’t hesitate to play with her boobs. She was still leaving her bra at home when she went on dates with him, though, because he always gave up trying when he encountered the barrier of a bra. He had worked her blouse out of her pants and was playing with her bare tits. He finally dropped his head to her chest and was sucking on a tit while he played with the other one with his hand. Susan continued to kiss him and grabbed the wrist of his free hand and guided it between her legs. She placed his palm against her crotch and he began to rub lightly. When he started to increase the pressure of his hand on her pussy, she began to feel his crotch. A pleasant smile crossed her face when she realized that his cock was as hard as a rock. He was so intent on sucking her tits and rubbing per pussy that he was unaware that she had opened his zipper and she slid her hand into his shorts. That thick member easily popped through the opening in his boxer shorts and tonight she had gotten her first view of Bill’s cock. She was just beginning to stroke it when they heard a key being inserted into the lock on the door. Bill quickly removed his mouth from her tit and reached to zip his pants up. When Bill’s roommate entered the room, Susan asked Bill if he wanted to come down to her room. He told her that he thought that he should get to bed because he had an early class in the morning. Bill was the only one of the four that had a Saturday class. Dejectedly, Susan went down the stairs to her own room.

Susan went in to her room and started to undress. She was totally frustrated. She had finally gotten Bill to start playing with her pussy and she had had his cock in her hands and then that fucking roommate had come in and ruined the whole mood. She had now stripped down to her panties and had pulled the covers on her bed back, when the bathroom door opened. There stood her roommate, Andrea, fresh from the shower, still naked with a towel in her hand. Andrea said, “Another frustrating night with the boyfriend, huh?”

Susan said, “Why would you think that?”

“You’re getting ready to go to bed in just your panties.”

“What does that have to do with it?”

“Whenever you go to bed without a nightgown or a T-shirt on, I can hear you playing with yourself for hours.”

“Am I that transparent?”

“No. You’re just horny and apparently someone is not taking care of your needs.”

Tears started coming to Susan’s eyes and she said, “Yes, I am horny, dammit. Tonight was looking so promising. He was playing with my pussy and I had his cock out of his pants and was just starting to play with it …”

“Sounds good so far. And then what happened.”

“His fucking roommate came home.”

“Oh shit. What a bummer. So now you have to come home and use your fingers.

Now Susan was crying as she said, “I’m tired of using my fingers all of the time. I want a hard cock.”

Andrea moved across the room and took her roommate in her arms and said, “I know, honey. I’ve been there.”

Susan was enjoying the feel of Andrea’s large tits against her chest. She could feel her own nipples beginning to harden and could feel that familiar tingle between her legs. Andrea said, “You sure do feel good pressed up against me. I can feel your nipples hardening. Is your pussy as wet as mine.”

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