Party Preparation

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A finishing coat of mascara on long lashes and a slick of tinted lip gloss. I take a step back and look at the face reflected in the mirror. Smokey eye shadow, green eyes sparkling with excitement, hair pinned up. I’d do.

Walking naked into the bedroom, no sign of him, but he must be around somewhere, as the outfit that I’d hung out earlier had been changed. Instead of the green silk dress there was now a black satin sheath hanging on the door of the closet. A soft smile played around my lips, he had good taste.

Taking a seat on the edge of the bed I reach for the sheer black hold-ups, trailing their silkiness through my fingers. Rolling one down so that I could slip it over toes painted with a dark red polish. A movement out of the corner of my eye catches my attention and there you are. Clothed in black dress pants and a crisp white shirt, an intensity in your gaze that makes my nipples harden and my pussy tingle. You drop to your knees in front of me, your hands covering mine. Taking the silken fabric from my fingers you raise my foot, bending to kiss my toes, before easing the hold-up over my tingling toes, caressing the arch of my foot as you encase it in the sheer hosiery. Holding my gaze as your fingers stroke the fabric up over my calf, lingering as they set the satin band around my thigh, brushing the pale skin above. Your hand so temptingly close to my pussy, made moist by your touch.

I know I’m holding my breath, waiting for you to part my smooth pussy lips and feel the effect you have on me. You withdraw your hand and reach for the second hold-up, a soft sigh of disappointment passes my lips. Repeating the process on my other leg, this time you linger longer, one hand stroking my calf, the other teasing the pale skin of my upper thigh. Your fingers drifting closer to my heat. I know that you’re aware of how wet I am. I part my thighs a little to encourage your touch. The caressing bakırköy escort of your fingers ceases, your hand laying on my thigh, squeezing my flesh gently. I lift one hand, capturing your fingers with mine and drawing them between my legs, to press them against the hot, wet lips of my pussy. Your fingertips explore the pink inner folds, so slick with moisture. Tilting my hips to allow you greater access, I’m rewarded with one finger slipping inside me, your thumb rubbing over my engorged clit. My eyes shine with lust, I want you, want to feel you so deep inside, my hunger is palpable.

Your touch is fleeting, quickly withdrawn, your lift your fingers to your lips, sucking my juices from your skin. I pout at you, wanting so much more. Winking at me, a smile hovering around your lips, you reach for one of the black and silver strappy heels. Slipping my foot into it and tying the straps around my ankle with deft fingers. When both feet are encased in the delicate leather straps you rise to your feet, placing your hands on my naked shoulders. My head tips back so that I can look at you, meeting your gaze I see controlled lust. Your hands stroke up over my throat, cupping my face, a thumb drawn across my pouting lips. Bending to capture my lips with yours, your tongue tangling with mine, my hand lifts to grasp the back of your head, holding you into the kiss, deepening it.

As you straighten up, pulling away from me, your pants slide down your thighs, exposing a hard, throbbing cock. So you’re not as in control as you would have me believe. My hands reach for you, fingers wrapping around your hard shaft, leaning forwards to stroke you against my lips. I feel your fingers tangling in my hair, pulling out pins, letting the red tresses fall to my shoulders. Tightening your grip, you hold my head, your cock just out of reach of my lips. My fingers stroke beşiktaş escort up and down your cock, thumb rubbing over the tip, my other hand cupping your balls, squeezing gently. I look up at you, eyes demanding more, your response is to tighten your grip on my hair. I want your cock in my mouth, need to feel that. Flicking my tongue over my lower lip trying to entice you. Your hips thrust forwards, just far enough for the head of your cock to penetrate my mouth, no more. Fingers wrapped around the base of your hard flesh my tongue teasingly flicks over the tip, my hand dropping from your balls to slip between my thighs, two fingers thrusting into my pussy as I wank your cock, sucking at the tip. Tongue swirling around the head, tracing under the ridge, flicking against the underside, my fingers now circling my swollen clit. I want to cum with your cock filling my mouth, my kneck straining forwards to take more of you. Your hands holding my head still, then you thrust, filling my mouth, the tip of your cock hitting the back of my throat.

One hand untangles from my hair and grasps my arm, pulling my fingers away from my soaking pussy. My eyes lift to yours, lustful but questioning and my soft moan of protest is muffled by your cock. You respond by pulling my head back, the tip of your cock pushing into my throat. Feel how I moan and gag around your hard flesh, my throat tightening. You withdraw from my mouth, before pushing back between my lips again. My lips tight around your shaft as you thrust into the heat of my mouth. Loosening your grip on my hair, you allow my lips to slide down the length of your cock, taking all of you into my mouth, my tongue pressed tightly against your flesh. Sliding my lips back up your rigid shaft, my tongue licking at your throbbing flesh. My fingers grasp your saliva coated cock, my lips now pressed against your balls, my tongue beylikdüzü escort swirling against your skin, sucking one of your balls into my mouth, holding the weight on my tongue, as my fingers stroke you faster, gripping more tightly.

Your hands tug at my hair, yanking me away, before they drop to my waist and pull me up to stand in front of you. I feel your lips on the side of my neck, your hand cupping my breast, squeezing my flesh. Your mouth lowers to capture a darkening pink nipple, sucking on the hard tip, the edge of your teeth grazing against my skin, making me moan with pleasure. Before my hands can lift to cup your head, your mouth has released me, your hands turning my body. I know what you want, what I want too. Bending forwards and resting my hands on the bed, my thighs and ass pale above the black of the hold-ups. One of your hands strokes over my ass, delving between my thighs, two fingers thrusting into my hot, wet pussy. I glance back over my shoulder to see your other hand wrapped around your cock. I love watching you stroke your throbbing cockflesh, anticipating you thrusting into my wetness. Your fingers pull out of my pussy and I catch my breath, waiting to feel you enter me. Instead your finger probes the tightness of my ass, making me writhe against you, gasping with pleasure and hunger. I hear you groan and feel your hot spunk spurting over my ass cheeks. I’m aching , the sensation of your hot cum on my skin making me desperate to cum myself.

Withdrawing your finger from my ass you offer it to my mouth, I suck greedily, loving the taste of me on your skin. Reaching back, I scoop some of your spunk onto my fingers wanting to have that taste coating my tongue. Grasping my shoulders you pull me to face you, capturing my lips with yours, to share the taste of you. I reach back for more of the cum clinging to my skin but you still my hands. Pulling your pants back up, you walk to the closet and take the dress from its hanger, before helping me step into it, zipping the tight black sheath into place, your spunk drying on my skin. You slip your hand up the skirt of my dress, thrusting two fingers into my pussy.

Leaning forwards you whisper, “I want you wet and available all evening.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32