Party Pooper

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It was late at night, one of those parties that anyone and everyone is invited to. I spent most of the night wandering around, inside and outside, because I don’t smoke, and most people there did. I also don’t drink, so while most of the guests were getting wasted, I remained perfectly sober, all night.

I was wandering around because I was looking for someone I knew, or at least someone who wasn’t too far-gone. I know that trying to have an intelligent or even interesting conversation is not the reason that you go to a party like that, but that’s just me.

It was a large house and there were a shitload of people there, but by about midnight, half of them were unconscious. The other half separated into smaller groups, some of which turned into orgies, which I steered well clear of.

By about 1 a.m., most of the other half had either gone home, or fallen asleep. It was disgusting seeing piles of bodies scattered about the ground floor and the yard, reeking of alcohol and sweat. It was about that time that I figured I’d check to see if anyone was awake, then head home.

The only place where it wasn’t obvious if anyone was awake was upstairs, so I headed for the staircase. It was there that I bumped into the illustrious hostess, Melissa, coming out of the downstairs bathroom.

“Hi Mel,” I said to her. I don’t think she saw me because she seemed slightly startled at my voice. She looked a little dishevelled as if she had been cleaning up and re-doing her makeup. She also gave off a fresh, sweet smell, like maybe she’d been in the shower.

“Hi, howsit goin’?” she replied. She sounded more than a little tipsy, and she was unsteady on her feet.

“I’m fine. I was just about to check and see if anyone was upstairs. Would you like to accompany me?”

“Sure, soundsgood.” Her speech was definitely slurring.

“Okay,” I responded. I held out my hand and said, “ladies first.” She giggled lightly behind her hand and started up the stairs, very slowly. She gripped the handrail for support but she still was very measured in her steps.

As I was standing there behind güvenilir bahis her, I had time to notice the hot outfit she was wearing. She had on a tight, black cotton sleeveless top and a psychedelic ultra-mini skirt, both of which hugged her small frame very nicely. I also couldn’t help sneaking a look up her skirt as she climbed the stairs, she was wearing a black g-string.

Normally I’m a nice guy, and I know that checking out your half-drunk hostess is not exactly a nice thing to do, but I figured that she wanted to be looked at. I also noted to myself that despite her thin frame, her legs looked very well toned. Pulling my attention away from her body, I examined her beautiful bright red hair, and saw that it was wet. She must have been in the shower.

I had plenty of time to take in all this because Melissa was taking quite a while to mount the stairs. I decided that she needed a hand so I supported her under one arm and placed one hand on her lower back. We both made it to the top with only a few incidents in which my hand lightly brushed against her ass.

As I looked around the hall upstairs I noticed that all the doors were shut. While Melissa balanced herself against the wall I went from door to door checking to see if anyone was in any of the rooms. I couldn’t find one single person. I saw that Melissa was heading towards the other end of the hall so I decided to check that end as well.

“I said no one was allowed up here,” Melissa murmured, as she opened the last remaining door. “Welcome to my room,” she said and then she tumbled inside and landed on the floor. I quickly surveyed her abode. It was rather neat, except for the large amounts of clothing strewn about, primarily it seemed to be her underwear.

Melissa twisted onto her back on the floor. I knelt down beside her to assist, then I noticed that something was caught around her ankles. I untangled her feet before realising that it was a pair of her underwear. I sat there, staring at them not quite knowing what to do.

“Do ya like ’em?” Mel purred. I turned to her and saw that she had rolled onto one güvenilir bahis siteleri side and had bent one knee up and parted her legs. “You can keep ’em,” and she smiled devilishly. I couldn’t bring my eyes away from hers. They were glazed from her alcohol, but shining with some inner fire.

“You want me?” she cooed and she thrust her hips for emphasis. At that my eyes were drawn to her burning red pussy. I had taken in the sight of her swollen lips, engorged clit and her neatly trimmed red bush before I realised that she had no panties on. The knickers in my hand were the ones she’d been wearing. I couldn’t focus my thoughts, there was too much blood rushing into my cock for me to think.

“You want me, I know,” Melissa continued. “You want to get inside,” she was moving her leg up and down, twisting it in all different directions, stretching and contorting her pussy. Her lips mashed together, then parted to release her sweet juice. “You want in. You want to fuck me? Fuck me!” she ordered.

I couldn’t deny her drunken ravings. I leaped to my feet and worked feverishly to remove my pants. I only succeeded in getting them around my ankles. Mel giggled slightly at me. I have a slightly less than average sized dick so I had gotten used to getting that reaction on occasion.

She was still lying on her side, so I dropped to the floor and straddled her leg, and she bent her other leg up to allow me access. I couldn’t believe the speed at which this had all happened, I hesitated.

“C’mon, why the wait? Get in me!” Mel yelled at me, so I went right to it. I slid into her and started banging away. Despite her small stature, her cunt was loose and slippery, as if she had already had sex that night. At the time it didn’t bother me, I just enjoyed the sensuous feeling of her lovely cunt sliding around my cock.

Something that did bother me though was Mel’s talking.

“C’mon, harder, fuck me damnit!” she kept shouting at me. “You can do better than that you loser!” Mel seemed very belligerent when she was drunk, and it was distracting me from an otherwise pleasurable experience.

“More, iddaa siteleri harder, do me you fuck! I can barely feel you!” That was what pissed me off the most, and I pulled out and sat back catching my breath. “What the fuck? You chicken!” She just wouldn’t shut up so I stood and started to pull my pants up. “C’mon fuck me you dick!” I had my pants up but then she changed.

“Please?” she almost cried. I looked down at her and saw the plaintive look on her face and realised she was having fun, I was taking her game too seriously. I dropped my pants back down again, and the smile returned to her face. Then her talk resumed.

“You think you can get back in here so easily, huh?” She didn’t know that I wasn’t going back in there, I was headed somewhere else. I knelt down and rolled her onto her stomach. Then I reached down to pull up her skirt revealing her lovely ass globes. I lowered my head and kissed both cheeks before spreading them wide.

I beheld her little asshole in all it minute glory, and bent to kiss it as well. After leaving plenty of spit on her hole I placed my cock there and slowly worked it in. Melissa’s talk was interrupted, as she had to suck in a whining breath. After I had my meagre cock all the way up her tiny ass, I lay down on her back, slipping into her small contours.

As I thrust my dick up and down into her ass, her talk once again resumed.

“Oh, yeah. No your getting it right, fuck my ass!” Mel’s talk, which now gave me encouragement, combined with the scent of her hair and the piles of underwear heightened my arousal. Very soon I was shaking with orgasm and pouring my come into her tight ass.

I’m sure that Mel didn’t come, but she sighed contentedly, and drifted of to sleep. Trying not to wake her, I pulled myself out of her ass, which closed up immediately, sealing my come inside. I stood and dressed myself and, deciding to be the nice guy I thought I was, pulled Mel’s skirt back down and placed her in her bed.

I don’t know if Melissa remembered that night, but I wasn’t going to let her wake up on the floor with her butt exposed. I shut her door and went downstairs, to find that no one had been disturbed, they were still quite out of it.

I kept the panties that Mel gave me to remind me of that night, and that you can always have fun at parties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32